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Nidia's Monday Night
by Jay Memphis

It was 7:00, a few hours before RAW was set to start, and Nidia was horny
as hell. She hadn't had sex for a number of weeks,and she going mad with
lust. She decided to go take a shower to relieve some stress. The shower,
however, had the opposite effect. She got in and immediately began to soap
up her breasts, getting her nipples rock hard.She moved down over her stomach
and her hands dropped the washcloth she had been using and went immediately
to her needy pussy. She slowly inserted two fingers into her aching snatch
and began to rub her clit with her thumb. She began to moan, softly at first,
but progressively louder. She began to pinch and tweak her nipples with her
other hand while she explored her pussy.

"Oh, Jamie, that feels so good.." she moaned. She had had a crush on Jamie
Noble since she first met him, and being so close to him on TV made her lack
of sex intolerable. Her fingers increased their pace as she began to think
about Jamie going down on her, or pounding her tight little pussy. Just
before she came, however, there was a knock on the door. She turned off the
shower and put on a towel.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me, Jamie!" exclaimed the voice.

"Come on in then!" She yelled back. She had been waiting for this moment
for a long time.

Noble walked through the door and stopped suddenly. Nidia grinned wickedly
and asked him what he wanted. He said they had the night off and he wondered
if she'd like to go get a few drinks or something with him. She smiled and
said of course she would. She suddenly dropped her towel.

"Nidia, what are you doing?" asked a shocked Noble.

"Relax, I've just gotta change, sugar." She responded.

Nidia bent over to retrieve her clothes and heard a sharp intake of
breath. He must be looking at my ass she thought to herself. Oh well, he'll
get a much nicer view of it later on tonight.

She finished dressing and turned around to see a very impressive bulge
in Jamie's jeans. Damn, I never would've expected him to be that big! She
thought of being pounded from behind with that huge thing, but she stopped
herself. Don't count your chickens before they hatch girl, she chided

They stepped out of the dressing room and into the cozy confines of
Noble's pickup truck. As they backed out Nidia began to stroke the stick

"There's nothing I like better than driving a stick," she purred sexily,
to which Jamie responded with a gulp.

They stopped at a reputable local bar and had a few drinks. Well, Jamie
had a few drinks, Nidia had a lot. She finally drank up the courage to ask him
back to her hotel room, to which he responded in the affirmative. They left

They arrived back at the hotel and Jamie jokingly carried Nidia over the
threshold. Nidia laughed, but her pussy got wet from the simple touch of
Jamie's hands on her jean-shorts-clad ass. She wanted him so bad, right then
and there. As soon as Jamie shut the door and turned around Nidia was on her
knees and pulling down Jamie's zipper.

"What are you doing?" asked a shocked, yet pleased, Jamie.

"I'm doing what I wanted to do for a long time, honey. I saw that bulge in
your pants today, and I know you want my lips wrapped around your thick cock.
Just give in."

Jamie did the sensible thing and agreed. Nidia, unsurprisingly, turned out
to be a master at deepthroating. She stuffed as much of his 9-inch monster
down her throat as possible before going back to the head and flicking her
tongue over his glans while stroking his shaft and playing with his balls.
Jamie lasted mere minutes. Nidia smiled.

"My turn, big boy." she said with a smirk, as she tore off her jean
shorts, revealing a completely shaven pussy and no panties. Jamie wasted no
time in throwing her on the bed and stripping off the rest of his clothes.
He started at her feet and licked his way up slowly, making his way to her
left inner thing before stopping.

"C'mon, lover. I need your tongue in my tight cunt!" she demanded.

Jamie switched over to her right inner thigh and began to suckle on it
tenderly. Nidia mewed and whimpered before grabbing his head and forcing it
onto her pussy.

"I need your tongue on my clit right now!" She whined. Jamie obliged.

He flicked his tongue over her hard clitoris as he pushed 2 fingers into
her steamy cunt.She moaned in approval. He commenced by giving her "St.
Bernard licks" from her ass to her clit and then went crazy on her clit,
licking it, sucking it up into his mouth, and playing with it. She howled
in pleasure. Her cunt was sopping wet,she probably wouldn't be able to
withstand much more of this.

"Holy fuck, your tongue feels so good on my clit, and your fingers are so
nice in my cunt. Yeah, fuck me with those fingers, harder. C'mon, fucking
jackhammer those things in and out of my snatch! YEAH! UNGHH!" she moaned as
he attacked her clit.

He could tell she was close to cumming so he went into overdrive. His
thumb replaced his tongue on her clit, to which Nidia offered a quizzical
"huh?" before his tongue made it's way to her virgin asshole. Her eyes
crossed and her head shot up.

"Holy fuck yes! Rim me! Yeah, push your tongue into my asshole, treat me
like a dirty slut!Make my tight little slut pussy explode with cum! Yes,
fucking lick my dirty asshole, eat my butt, yeah! Give me MORE!!! I'M
CUMMING!!" she screamed as she soaked Jamie's hand with her juices.

Nidia moved down on the bed and gave Jamie a long, passionate kiss.

"I need your dick so bad, lover. Fuck me, right now!"

Jamie flipped her over so he could see her beautiful ass while he fucked
her. He licked her pussy up and down a few times, getting the remaining
juices and enjoying the view of her plump asscheeks wiggling as she moaned.
He positioned himself behind her as he lined his cock up with her cunt and
slowly brushed it up against it. Nidia let out a whine like a dog in heat.
He did it a few more times, and Nidia shoved herself back on him, but he
moved out of the may.

Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast, little lady. "He said while grabbing at her tits
from behind, pinching her nipples.

He finally thrust himself into her quickly, and Nidia emitted a low,
guttural moan and frantically humped her ass back on his cock.

"Oh yeah, lover. C'mon fuck me hard. Pound my tight little cunny with your
huge tool. C'mon fuck me like a slut. Treat me like your dirty little whore
and make me beg for it!"

Jamie quickened his pace and Nidia responded by slamming her ass back on
his cock and staying there, her ass pressed against his pelvis as she wiggled
her hips.

"Jamie, can you do me a favor and spank my beautiful little ass? I love
getting my ass spanked while a guy does me from behind."

Jamie obliged. *SMACK!* "Oooh, harder," she begged. *SMACK!* "Oh yeah,
that's the way, leave handprints on my tanned, perfect fucking ass!"

He spanked a few more times before letting his fingers dip down into
her ass crack. Nidia was too far gone to notice at this point, frantically
tweaking her nipples and slamming herself back on his cock. While Jamie
fucked her and frigged her clit. He get his finger lubed up with her pussy
juice before bringing it to her asshole. He slowly slid it in and she cooed.
He quickened the pace and she howled in pleasure and rocked herself back and
forth, putting her hands down for leverage as she pounded her ass back and
forth against his pelvis.

"OH FUCK YEAH! Yes, that's it, bury your fingers in my ass, yeah.
Finger-fuck my asshole while my slut pussy cums for yoUNNNHH YEAH!!! So
fucking good! Oh, that's it. Forget it. Just stick in up there. Just fuck
my butt. C'mon just pound my ass now!"

Jamie pulled out and lubed up his dick. He slid it in nice and slow and
began to hump away.He was going faster than ever,and he was gonna blow his
load soon.

"Oh, fucking god. Yeah, fuck yeah, c'mon you fucking stud, ream my
goddamned ass with your huge prick while I sink two fingers into my fucking
cunt! YESSSSSS!!! GAWDDD it feels so fucking awesome, cum inside me, just
blow your load in my asshole, please. I need your fucking cum inside my
butt!" she howled as she slammed 2 fingers in and out of her pussy and rocked
back and forth on Jamie's dick.

Jamie blew his load inside of her buttery asshole and she moaned deeply.
As he pulled out she sighed and said she was gonna go take a shower, and
would he mind staying the night?


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