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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Nikki's Back on the Road
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades in with a caption reading 'September 10, 2016, WWE Live' showing Nikki Bella returning from the ring area following her first non-televised match since returning at SummerSlam, defeating Carmella. With less than 24 hours until Backlash where she will attempt to win a six-pack elimination challenge, the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history heads to the locker room area where she sees Jason Jordan, one half of American Alpha. Licking her lips, Nikki approaches him, "Hey, looking good... bet when your partner gets back you'll make a fine tag team champion..." Nikki says.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Jason asks with an angry tone considering his tag team partner Chad Gable was injured a few days prior on SmackDown at the hands of the Usos.

"Nope... just saying it'll be great to see a couple of hunks as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions..." Nikki says, "Nothing against The Usos... or Slater and Rhyno... but I kind of like seeing hot guys as champions... but you know, I wonder are you planning to just being a tag team guy you're entire career?"

Jason raises an eyebrow, "No why?"

"Well..." Nikki licks her lips, "You look like you'd be great one on one... and normally I'd go one on one with my boyfriend, you know, John Cena... but you like you could possible step up if given the chance... if you wanted it..." The busty Bella says as she proceeds to cup her breasts through the material of her wrestling top.

Jason stares at Nikki for a moment, "I can step up when given the chance if you're presenting one..."

Nikki grins, "I am... first night back on the road... and I need someone to step up..."

The scene transitions to that of one of the arena locker rooms where Nikki Bella is on her knees in front of Jason Jordan with her right hand moving back and forth a long the length of his long, thick black cock. "Mmmmm the best thing about black guys is you all have big dicks like John..." Nikki says as she smiles up at Jason before she takes his cock into her mouth, wrapping her pouty lips around his manhood and begins to bob her head at a confident, controlling pace, instantly drawing a moan out from the athletic stud.

"Ahhhh..." Jason groans as he looks down in amazement as one of the WWE's most popular women bobs her head smoothly on his cock, easily taking his fuck pole deeper into her oral hole. Nikki glances up at him and smiles with her mouth full of cock as she sucks and slurps on his dick. She slaps her tongue up against the under-side of his dick while she places both hands on his waist .

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Nikki moans as she rocks on her knees as she sucks and slurps on Jason Jordan's stiff black pole. She turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around his cock before increasing the tempo of her head's movement as she deep throats one of lucky few that got drafted from NXT during the WWE Draft two months prior. Saliva drips out of her mouth as she fully deep throats Jason's cock, and proving she's no stranger to large cocks as she doesn't gag once.

The scene cuts to show Nikki Bella on a couch with her legs spread as Jason steps between her legs and guides his long, thick black cock into her tight wet pussy, "Mmmmm ohhhhh...." Nikki moans and licks her lips as she squeezes her tits as Jason begins to thrust his cock in and out of her love tunnel. She looks up at the athletic wrestler and bites her bottom lip as he rocks his hips back and forth, firmly driving his cock forward into her cunt as she leans back against the backrest of the couch.

"Ahhh... ohhh..." Jason groans as he grabs Nikki's right leg with his right hand, lifting it up near his waist as he works his cock in and out of her pussy while she raises her left leg and drapes it over the edge of the couch's left arm rest. The former NXT Tag Team Champion clenches his teeth as he pumps his cock repeatedly into her pussy while watching her play with her large, juicy and perfect enhanced tits.

"Mmmm oooo ohhh yeah... fuck me... give me that black cock mmmm..." Nikki squeals with delight as she flicks her tongue against her upper teeth as she rocks and moves on the couch in response to Jason's firm thrusts. Since she was already sweating from her match with Carmella, Nikki's gorgeous body shines perfectly under the lights of the locker room as Jason pumps every inch of his cock into her twat, feeling his heavy balls smacking against her skin.

The scene transitions to show Jason sitting on the couch as Nikki straddles his lap, facing away from him and lowering her tight wet pussy down onto his cock, resulting in her juicy thick ass resting down on his lap. "Ooooo mmmm yeah..." Nikki moans as she grinds her pussy down on Jason's cock as she places her left hand on Jason's left knee and gropes her right breast. She moves back and forth on his dick until he places his hands on her waist, at which time she starts to lift herself up and down on his cock, bouncing flawlessly on his impressive black dick.

"Awww shit.... Ahhh..." Jason Jordan groans as Nikki rides his cock and watches her ass cheeks jiggle when they smack down against his lap. Nikki tosses her hair back and leans back against his muscular chest as she continues to move up and down on his pole before he begins to thrust his cock upward into her.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ohhhh... ohhhh shit... mmmm fuck..." Nikki licks her lips as Jason propels his cock sharply up into her snatch. She grabs both of her large breasts and pulls on her stiff erect nipples as she feels Jason's manhood pumping repeatedly upward into her as she does her part in continuing to move on his cock. She moves her left hand down along her toned stomach and between her own and Jason's legs, so that she and rub his balls and his cock as he drives it upward into her twat. Turning her head to the left, Nikki glances back over her shoulder at Jason and licks her lips, "Oooo yeah... mmmm fuck... ohhhhh fuck I love a big dick!"

The scene transitions to show Nikki on all fours on the couch with her hands placed on the armrest while Jason is behind her as he works his thick black cock in and out of her thick, juicy ass. "Ohhhh fuck... ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Nikki bites her bottom lip as she moves on her knees in rhythm with Jason's thrusts as he grabs hold of her hips as he works his cock deeper into her ass with each one of his thrusts. Jason has his hands on her hips and guides her back towards himself while he plows his cock forward into her anal passage, causing her to rock forward , "Mmmm yeah... ohhhh fuck my ass! Fuck it like John does! Strong deep thrusts! Ohhh mmmm that's it! Ohhhh fuck!" Nikki moans as the stud behind her easily complies with her lustful demand as he rams his cock firmly into her backside repeatedly.

"Awww... ahhhh ohhh... mmmm... awww.... Ohhh..." Jason grunts with the effort he's using to drive his shaft balls deep into Nikki's backside. Sweat drips down his body as he plunges his manhood into the ass of the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time while she rocks back against him. Nikki's ass cheeks jiggle when they come into contact with the former NXT Tag Team Champion's waist.

"Ahh! Mmmmm fuck! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhh ooooo fuck!" Nikki gasps and breathes heavily as Jason hammers her ass with deep thrusts. She throws herself back against him with her ass smacking louder against his torso. Jason shifts his position so that he's squatting behind the busty Bella and moves his hands to her shoulder as he continues to slam his cock into her rear end, much to her lustful delight.

The transitions to show Nikki on her back with her legs raised up onto Jason's shoulder so that he can slam his cock repeatedly into her asshole while her head is resting on the armrest of the couch. "Ohhh! Mmmm yeah! Ohhhh fuck!" Nikke moans as she hugs her tits with her arms squeezing them with her left arm angled beneath them while she reaches with her right hand to play with her pussy as Jason continues to drill her rear end.

"Awww.... Ahhh ohhh..." Jason groans as his bucks his hips back and forth, continuously propelling his cock fully into Nikki's anal cavity. Sweat pours off of his face as he shows that even though he's in a tag team, he can handle one on one action with the top Superstars of the WWE with how he's fucking the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

"Ooooo! Ohhhhh fuck! Mmmmm yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck it! Ohhhh ahhh!" Nikki cries out with out shame as she enjoys ever single one of the impressive thrusts that Jason Jordan is performing, making her first night back on the road at WWE Live Event quite memorable. She rapidly moves her right hand clockwise as she rubs her clit and her eyes start to roll back as she starts to cum while Jason keeps blitzing her ass with firm, deep thrusts of his large black dick. "Ohhh ohhh fuck! Ohhh yeah mmm!" Nikki moans and breathes heavily as she gets herself off as Jason continues to pound her ass with his dick starting to twitch and throb.

The scene cuts one last time to show Nikki on her knees stroking Jason's throbbing black dick, "Mmmmm come on... cum for me... cum all over my face the way John does..." Nikki says as she lets go of Jason's cock, which allows him to grip his manhood to start rapidly jerking off. Within a few moments, he starts to cum, and the first several burst of jizz splash onto Nikki's forehead and nose before he aims his cock down to shoot the remainder of his load down into her mouth when she opens it to catch some of his spunk. By the time he's spent, Nikki has has a mouth filed and her face dripping with Jason's spunk. She swallows the cum in her mouth and grins, up at him, "Mmmm might have to try you out with your partner... if when's ready... willing and..."

"Gable will be up for it... take my word for it..." Jason says.

"He better..." Nikki licks her lips, "Cause I'm more than able to take on future Tag Team Champions..." She adds as she scene fades to black.


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