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Ninja Of The Night
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a run down hotel somewhere in Louisiana, Raven and his mysterious female
accomplice enter the room. Raven throws his ragged travel bag and his WWF
Hardcore title down on the floor instantly before he sits on the single bed
the room has. He looks at his associate and smirks, "You did well tonight...
once again Al Snow did not foresee your interference..." Raven is dressed in
a worn-out leather jacket, jeans shorts and a faded sleeveless shirt.

Raven's mysterious female ninja, steps around to face Raven once she closes
the hotel room door. The mysterious female ninja, is dressed on black pants
and black turtleneck top, her face covered by a black ski-mask. The woman
laughs softly "You know I always have your back..."

Raven smirks as he starts to slip out of his leather jacket, which he drops
down in front of the bed. "That much is very true... you have truly become
very valuable..."

The mysterious black ninja nods her head slowly "I know...without me, you
wouldn't still be the Hardcore Champion..." The mysterious female says as
she places her hands on top of her ski-mask.

Raven laughs slightly, "That is also true... your assistance has been much
appreciated... it's too bad your previous associates didn't see your
value..." Raven looks at the mysterious female's ski-mask covered face as
he folds his arms.

The mysterious female shakes her head as she starts to slowly lift the black
ski-mask off of her head, uncovering her face. "Nobody ever saw value in
me...they never appreciated me.." The woman says as she shakes her now
short-medium length blonde-brown hair, revealing herself as Tori, the former
girlfriend of Kane and the former member of D-Generation X. Tori smirks
"Kane didn't...X-Pac didn't...DX didn't...they didnít value my assets to
them." Tori laughs a bit "But now...I've found someone who finds me very

Raven laughs lightly, "Tori... I have a history of seeing the true value of
people... you are no different than the other strays I've found..." Raven
takes a step towards her, "But you have proven yourself to be the best of
those I have valued..."

Tori smirks as she places her hands on her slender hips "Now...there's still
the matter of...."

"Payment... yes I am aware of that..." Raven locks eyes with her, "We have
not yet fully discussed it... although I can offer you something you would
adore more than money... for your services..."

Tori raises her eyebrow slightly "Oh really?" Tori presses her lips together
"And...what would that be?"

Raven doesn't blink once as he continues to look into Tori's eyes, "Pure...
pleasure... the likes of which you have never experienced..."

Tori laughs as she removes her hands from her hips and folds them over her
chest "And what makes you think, that payment is justified?" Tori asks as she
looks directly back at Raven, locking her eyes with his eyes.

Raven takes one step towards her, "Because I know your past... Kane...
X-Pac... D-Generation X... none of them gave you something... truly worthy
of your abilities..." Raven smiles slightly, "But then... none of them
valued you as much as I do."

Tori bites down on her bottom lip with a smirk "I'll give it a chance...if I
don't like it, you still owe me..."

"But of course..." Raven smirks as he steps towards her once more, so
that now, they are face to face and can hear each other breathing. Raven
continues to look into Tori's eyes too keep her from seeing him raises his
hands towards Tori's hips.

Tori smirks a bit "Before you...make your payment, you should know...I'm not
some gentle chick..." Tori laughs "I like things rough and hardcore..."

Raven laughs, "Hardcore... you think... you're hardcore... my little
ninja..." Raven raises his hands higher. He brings his right hand up to
Tori's cheek, where he slides the back of it against her face. "Then...
that's what you're payment... will be..." Raven says as he lowers his
right hand and he grabs the neck of her black turtleneck shirt to jerk
her towards him where he roughly forces a kiss onto her lips. Raven
quickly moves his hands around to the back of Tori's turtleneck, grabbing
the back of neck and proceeds to pull and rip it apart. The sounds of the
fabric ripping echo a bit in the low-scale hotel room.

Tori breaks the kiss and takes a step back looking down at her black
turtleneck top, ripped to the point of the material of her bra is visible.
Tori smirks a bit as she removes the ripped turtleneck completely off of
her gorgeous toned body. Tori laughs a little "I see you like things I did.." Tori says as she places her hands on the straps of
her black bra. Raven's black ninja proceeds to pull on her bra-straps and
rips the bra off of her fairly large chest. Tori smirks and licks her lips
as she lets the bra drop down onto the floor.

"I am the hardcore champion after all..." Raven smirks as he places his
large strong hands on Tori's chest, pressing his palms down hard against
her hardening nipples. Raven then digs his fingers tips into the skin of
Tori's chest, not scratching her with his finger nails, but instead firmly
moving the tips of his fingers around in small circles against her breasts.
Tori bites down on her bottom lip as she reaches down and begins to unbutton
his torn-up jeans shorts as slowly steps away from Raven. Raven moves his
hands down from Tori's breasts towards the button of her black pants.
Instead of taking the time to unbutton them, Raven jerks on the front of the
waistband, snapping the button off as well as breaking the zipper. Tori
smirks as Raven lowers her black pants down her smooth legs, she gradually
steps out of her black pants as she stands in a black thong. Tori locks her
eyes with Raven as she steps away him again and walks over towards the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Raven as he reaches forward and grabs
Tori's right wrist. Slightly twisting it as he steps in close to her, Raven
pulls her back towards him, causing her chest to collide with his shirt
covered upper body. Raven licks his upper lip slightly as he reaches down
with his left hand to grab hold of Tori's black thong. He starts to yank on
it, and after two attempts, Raven causes the material of Tori's thong to
snap as he roughly strips it from her body.

Tori smirks " don't like doing bed work?" Tori nods her head "Very
kinky there...master.." Tori laughs as she presses her hands against the
crotch area of Raven's opened up, torn jean shorts.

Raven grins a bit as his long unkempt brown hair hangs down over his face a
bit, "Bed work is just fine..." Raven lifts his faded black sleeveless shirt
up over his head and removes it from his body. He drops it to the floor and
smirks, "Now... let the fun begin..." Raven says as he reaches his arms
around Tori's body to squeeze her asscheeks before moving his hands up her
body to shove Tori down to her knees. Tori drops down onto her knees after
being roughly shoved down by Raven. Tori licks her lips with a smirk as she
eagerly holds her mouth open.

Raven lowers his ripped jeans shorts down, and his dark gray colored boxers
to grant freedom to his thirteen-inch fully hard throbbing cock. After
stepping out of the remains of his clothes, Raven grabs a hand full of Tori's
hair with his left hand and grips his thick cock with his right hand. "Let's
get hardcore..." Raven smirks as he shoves his cock into Tori's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Tori moans around Raven's cock as she wraps her lips tightly
around his cock. The former DX Vixen begins to gradually bob her head on
and against Raven's large, hard, throbbing cock. Tori's head bobs gradually
increases in speed as she gets more into giving Raven one hell of a hot

"That ain't hardcore..." Raven yanks on Tori's hair before roughly pushing
her head down all the way on his shaft. Placing his right hand on her head
as well, the Hardcore champion begins bucking his hips to ram his cock in
and out past Tori's lips. Tori begins to gag on Raven's cock as he roughly
thrusts his cock in and out of his hot ninja's mouth. Saliva drips out of
Tori's mouth as her head rams all the way down on Raven's large cock. Tori
lets out a loud moan, however her moan is mouth as despite the gagging, the
former DX Diva loves the roughness of Raven. Raven's large balls slap hard
against Tori's chin as relentlessly rams his cock into her face. "Choke on
it..." Raven grunts as he suddenly stops thrusting into her mouth and just
holds her head down all the way on his cock, causing her nose to press down
against his crotch.

Tori's warm saliva drips down his cock as her head is held completely down
on his cock. The mysterious ninja, Tori, gags as tears rolls down her cheeks
from the lack of air with Raven's entire cock stuffed in her mouth, however
seductive vixen loves it! Raven grits his teeth together as he holds her
head down on his dick, before ripping her head off of his cock. Raven smirks
down at Tori as she gasps to get air into lungs after he's nearly choked her

Tori places her left hand over her chest as her lowers her head down and
begins breathing in air. Tori swallows a bit before she looks up at Raven
and wipes the saliva dripping out of her mouth with her right hand. Tori
smirks up at Raven "I don't know about you...but that was a good blowjob..."

Raven smirks, "Yes it was.... but let's... get down and dirty shall we?"
Raven bends down to grab hold of Tori's arms to pull her up to her feet and
smirks at her.

Tori smirks and licks her lips "Oh...I'm cool with that...let's get
HARDCORE!" Tori slightly yells with an eager look on her face. Raven licks
his lips and grabs her arms to turn her around. Instead of pushing her right
on the bed. Raven bends her over it and shoves his big hard thirteen inch
cock into her already soaking wet pussy.

Tori jerks her head back, feeling the sudden ramming of Raven's cock into her
pussy "Ohhhhh damn it!" Tori yells as bends over completely and grabs a hold
of her ankles with her hands as Raven begins to plow his cock into her wet

Raven gets a vicious look on his face as his hair swings back and forth as he
fucks Tori's cunt. "How... do you like... that!" Raven grunts as drills her
pussy with a great deal off force. Keeping his hands on Tori's waist, Raven
pulls her back towards him with every thrust so that her firm buttocks smack
against his waist.

Tori grits her teeth as her body slams back against Raven's thick, throbbing
cock "Awww...I fucking love it!" Tori bites down on her bottom lip as she
manages to thrust her body back against Raven's cock. Raven licks his teeth
and he hoists Tori up enough in order to shove her onto the bed, causing his
cock to fall out of her pussy. Raven almost laughs at how Tori flips head
over heels on the bed, resulting her laying flay on her back on the squeaky

Tori licks her lips as she watches the sex craving Raven position himself on
the bed. Tori watches him like a lion stalking its prey as she slowly opens
her legs showing off her perfect, soaking wet pussy. Tori's eye narrow
lustfully "Mmmm Raven...Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Raven licks his lips and
nods his head as he moves smoothly on the bed to where he's on top of the
lust crazed Tori. Without using his hands, Raven forces his cock into Tori's
tight, damp pussy, driving it in so that it becomes balls deep. Before he
begins to thrust into her, Raven slams his hands down on the mattress and
clutches the musty bed sheets and finally resumes fucking Tori. His thrusts
are immediately swift and rough causing his cock to violently slam in and out
of her cunt.

Tori arches her body a bit as Raven drives his cock deeply in her wet pussy
"Awwww... ohhhh fuck yessss!" Tori moans and groans as she wraps her legs
around Raven's sweaty waist and begins to slam herself violently back against
Raven's torpedoing cock.

Raven laughs a bit as sweat drips off of his body down on to Tori's. "You
think... this... is everything... I got?" Raven says, slightly mocking
Tori as he jackhammers her cunt with his powerful cock with such force the
headboard of the bed slams repeatedly against the wall behind it.

Tori grits her teeth as her body shakes roughly and violently due to Raven's
roughness that he's fucking her tight, wet pussy with "Ohhhhhh awww fuck
me...I'm a hardcore whore!" Tori moans as she loves every minute of her
encounter with Raven, sweat flies and saliva is dripping from her mouth as
she breaths heavily, grinding her pussy against Raven's cock. Raven smirks
as his hair hangs down covering his face for a moment, when he flips his
head back, sweat flies from his hair. Taking a moment to break the leg lock
Tori has on his waist, Raven extracts his tool from Tori's pussy. Raven then
gets off of the bed and grabs Tori's legs to pull her towards him. The
hardcore wrestler then lifts Tori off of the bed and slams her up against a
wall. Raven licks his lips as he hoists Tori up high enough to where he can
lower her onto his cock with her spreading her legs.

Tori tilts her head back against the wall as her body starts to grind and
slide against the side wall of the hotel room as Raven fuck-slams her
against the wall bouncing her quickly on his hard cock "Ohhhhh ahhhh uhhh
ohhhh yesss!" Tori moans as she wraps her legs around Raven's waist as her
bounces on her own momentum while he stands.

Raven leans his head forward and starts to rake his teeth against Tori's
sweaty skin. All of his thrusts causes Tori's ass to buck backward against
the wall, and with ever thrust from Raven, Tori's firm ass starts to put a
dent in the cheaply made hotel room wall. "Uhhhh ahhh you... are... a
hardcore... whore!" Raven grunts as his presses his slick and sweaty body
against Tori's while he breathes fast and heavy.

"Ohhhh mmmm...yesss.." Tori groans as she violently slams down on Raven's
cock and her pussy erupts with cum as sweat flies off of her toned body.

Raven smirks as he feels Tori's cum pouring all over his cock like a river
and he laughs, "I thought you were hardcore..." Raven pulls out of Tori's
pussy and throws her back on the bed, acting disappointed in her.

Tori licks her lips "I're just too hardcore for me." Tori says with
a smirk.

Raven shakes his head and laughs, "The only thing hardcore about you... is
that mouth of yours.... so come here... and show me how hardcore your mouth
really is."

Tori shakes her head and smirks " come to me..."

Tori laughs as she places her sweaty-palmed hands around Raven's cock and
begins to pump his cock with both of her hands "That's no way to talk to
your mystery ninja.."

"Oh shut up and give me... a hardcore blow job..." Raven smirks as he flips
his sweat dampen hair back as he thrusts his cock against Tori's hands.

Tori smirks "Sure thing...master.." Tori laughs as she removes her hands from
Raven's hard, throbbing cock and opens her warm, hot and soothing mouth. The
former DX Vixen takes his cock into her mouth and wraps her lips tightly
around his shaft. Tori begins to quickly bob her head on Raven's cock as she
grates her teeth against his shaft.

Raven grits his teeth and groans, "Yeah... c'mon... show me something here...
do something extreme..." Raven clutches two handfuls of Tori's hair and pulls
on it. Tori smirks around Raven's cock before she starts to bob her head
roughly on his cock. Tori reaches around Raven and points her two thumbs up
into the air, right below Raven's asshole. Suddenly as Tori takes Raven's
entire cock into her mouth, deep throating his throbbing tool, she rams her
two thumbs up into Raven's asshole. Raven grunts as he shoots his hips
forward when Tori jams her thumbs into his asshole. The sudden entry catches
the ECW Alumnus so far off guard that he instantly starts blow his load
inside of Tori's mouth, giving her a hot head load of his cum. Tori moans and
twirls her tongue against Raven's cock lapping up all of his warm, gooey cum.
Tori lifts her head up from his cock, causing some of the cum to drip out of
her mouth and onto her chin.

"Ohhh... damn..." Raven shakes his head and starts laughing for apparently
no reason. Tori licks her lips cleaning of Raven's cum with a smirk of joy
on her face. Raven scoops the bit of cum that is on Tori's chin off with
his finger, then he slides his finger into her mouth, "That was fairly
hardcore..." Raven smirks, "And I trust... you find your payment

Tori nods her head as she licks Raven's cum covered finger. "Mmmm... full.." Tori groans as she closes her eyes "Raven...when's your
next Hardcore defense?"

"When ever someone wants my title..." Raven answers, "Why do you ask?" He
asks with a smirk as he gets on the bed.

Tori laughs a little as she flicks her tongue "Well...I have to watch your
back, you know."

Raven smirks, "That you do... my little ninja of the night..."


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