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The events in this story never occurred and never will they are purely of
the imagination. If your not 18 or easily offended by sexual material please
stop reading.

No Mercy!
by Superman1

It was time for the WWE PPV No Mercy most anticipated match: Torrie Wilson
Vs. Sable. Both ladies entered the ring in the most slutiest and tiniest
bikinis. They left a little for the imagination. And so the bell rang and
the hot divas started to battle a match to settle the on-going feud between
the two. As the match was poor on wrestling it gained most of the crowd
reaction from all the hot and steamy spots. WWE, of course, showing the fans
their new lesbian angles (what ever attracts them).in one point Torrie licked
Sable's face before making a pin, in another Sable got Torrie in a power bomb
position. Which means her head was stuck between Sable's legs and her perfect
ass was pointing to the air so sable pulled on Torrie's thong a bit for the
fans arousal (although not only). In the hottest point of the match Torrie
gave Sable a stink face! She rubbed her ass on Sable's face. Sable could not
help being stimulated a bit fron this action and so was torrie. The match was
over and Torrie got he win.

After the match was over Torrie went to Sable's locker room for some chatting
(still in her tiny bikini). "Great match," said Torrie to Rena Mero.

"Ya you were great. And itís about fucking time we get some real good matches
and not some fucking bikini contest." replied Rena, who came aware that
Torrie was still in her wrestling gear as well was Rena still in her bikini.

"Actually," said Torrie, "I came to see if you used the shower already cause
the one in my room is runnig cold water so I thought..."

"No ,Iím still showerless as well...but we are adults," Rena said slowly
while following every curve on Torrie's body with her eyes. "There is no
reason why we can't shower together."

Torrie kind of liked the idea, she didnít know why but some way she became
very aware of Rena's sexuality, of course everyone is, but she became to
think of her in a different more disturbing way. Torrie felt thar Sable had
the same feelings. And so Torrie entered the room closing the door behind
her. They both without saying a word entered the shower room.

"Lets check the water," said Rena as she let the water splash on her hand.
"Nice and warm," she said with a smile.

Now was the unpleasant stage of getting undressed. Rena showed she wasnít
embarrassed as she immediately took of her bikini top exposing her luscious
tits to the eyes of Wilson. Then with a quick motion she slipped off her
bikini bottoms as she was now completely nude. Torrie was embarrassed to
stare, but she couldnít help it. Renaís pussy looked so succulent and her
tities were so perfect. Now it was her turn. Without hesitating to much she
undead her bra to let the bikini top to fall on the floor, she lowered her
bikini bottoms to her ankles and she was now completely nude.

Rena looked at her. "God I'd like to fuck that ass," she said catching Wilson
by surprise.

"What?" said the surprised Torrie.

"I said if I was a man I would fuck your ass until your cheeks split open.
Come on you know you have a great ass," said Rena.

"Thanks, I guess," said Wilson while trying to catch a breath.

"Also great tits, so round lovely and a beautiful pussy, can I smell it?"

"Ok," said the enthused Torrie.

Sable dropped to her knees and pushed her nose till it was an inch before the
pussy and took one long whiff of pussy-aroma. "Haaa nice... can I kiss it?"

"No," said Torrie, "EAT IT!!!" And she grabbed the head of the 35 years old
diva and slammed it on her pussy.

Torrie immediately collapsed to the floor has her knees wouldnít give, but
the frenzied pussy licking of Sable didnít stop. "OOOOOOOOOOOO GOD!!!"
screamed Torrie.

Rena moved her tongue in-out-in-out in quick motions making her tongue as
fast as lightning. Torrie held her head so tight that even if she wanted to
take a breath she couldnít.

screamed Torrie as she released her hold on Rena as well as big load od of
hot fem-cum right to Renaís waiting hungry mouth.

"Now Fuck MY ASS!!" yelled Wilson.

Torrie turned and showed Rena what a real hot ass looks like. Rena
immediately got wet from looking at that apple ass, she spat at Torrie's
asshole and like an horny animal she began to thrust her fingers in the
tight anus.

"HHHAAA YEAAAAA!!!" Torrie started to scream.


The sexual frenzy was in the air as both lesbians were screaming the top of
their lungs and then once again Torrie came-BIG TIME!. "Ass fucking is
goooood," said Torrie, "NOW YOU LICK ME!!"

Sable took Torrie's face and slammed it on her pussy. Torrie ate her good.
"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" it didnít took long to Sable to cum
as well.

Both lesbians kissed and showered as they knew it isnít over between them.

The End

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