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No Pain, No Fame: The Ultraviolent Life Of Nick Blade
by Julio "The Juggalo Zombie" Cantu

The Ultraviolent Icon, Nick Blade was born in the small unknown city of
Brownsville,Texas. In a gang filled neighborhood full of hatred, violence
and murder. Most of his friends were in gangs and some of them were in
prison or dead. The two baddest gangs were the 12th Street Gang and the
13th Street Gang. Everynight there were fights and killings. The streets
were always a bloodbath every single night. The sad part was that the ones
that would get killed the most were innocent bystanders, sometimes even
young children would get killed. Nick's whole family was in the 13th Street
Gang and wanted him to join it. But he always refused to join and they had
to hurt him like they had his two best friends killed for no good reason.
They jumped them, pulled them into a dark ally and beat them to death. But
still he did not want to join, so they had him jumped and beat up real bad.
They almost killed him. Then,he finally gave it up and joined the gang.

Then at the age of 14 he started watching wrestling. He watched shows by
WWF, WCW, ECW, XPW, NWA and many others, including CZW and IWA. His favorite
wrestlers were Nick Mondo, and Rick Blade, (By the way his real name is not
Nick Blade, it was Kevin Martinez.) Anyways, he was becoming a big wrestling
fan. He never missed a show no matter what. His friends and family kept
making fun of him and saying that wrestling was a joke, all fake, all nothing
but bullshit. The blood was nothing but ketchup and some other stuff. But he
did't care. He wanted to be a wrestler, but everytime he found someone that
would help him to live his dream his gangmates would attack him or her.

Then when he was 16 he had enough money to go train with Dory Funk and he
left in secret without anyone knowing he had left. When he got there he was
easily accepted by the other students and he made lots of REAL friends. He
trained very hard for almost a year before getting signed by CZW an
ultraviolen promotion. He wrestled every week and was becoming a major star,
in the indy circuit. He also did shows for IWA. He held the CZW/IWA Iron Man
titles at the same time. He feuded with Jimmy Rave and Trent Acid.

Then at the age of 20 he was already a major star in the indy circuit and was
known world wide by fans everywhere. Nick Blade had held the World title in
every promotion he wrestled in. The indy scene had released a video about his
life: No Pain,No Fame. It had everything that happened to him and it was
very, very, VERY Ultrafuckingviolent. The sickest part of the tape is the up
close shot of Nick's bloody elbow with his skin hanging and the muscle and
bone. When he landed on top of his hand and his middle finger snapped back or
when he lost his thumb and when he was handcuffed to the inside of a cage and
was with the weedwhacker in the stomach four times and all his skin and blood
flying everywhere. Anyways,there was a shitload of blood.

Then,at the age of 22 he made his dream debut in the WWE. Since he was a high
flyer he was signed to SmackDown and he started a feud with WWE Cruierweight
Champion Billy Kidmen. Plus he also had a major crush on SmackDown GM,
Stephanie McMahon. But he was more intrested in winning the WWE Cruiserweight
title. Then after six months of trying and feuding he finally won the title.
Then he he went on to try to get Stephanie to like him. Nick tried
everything he even challenged Undertaker to a No Disqualificatation, No Holds
Barred match. He won the Undertaker's respect, but not Stephanie's respect.

Then one day he called out WWE World Champion, Brock Lesner, and challenged
him. This brought out Stephanie, who tried to ask him to change his mind,
but out came Lesner and accepted the challenge. Then it was signed for
SmackDown's next Pay Per View, No Mercy. It was gonna be, an Elimination
Chamber match. Nick and Stephanie were becoming good friends and went to the
ring together and Nick Blade became Co-GM of SmackDown.

Then the day of his title shot came and it was a very long match and very
bloody. And in the end Nick won the match and became a double champion, WWE
Cruiserweight champion,and WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Then the Thursday after No Mercy, Nick and Stephanie were in their office
talking over the show when Stephanie stood up and started kissing Nick and
stuck her tongue into his mouth and licked his tongue. Then she got on her
knees and started sucking his dick and jerking him off. She sucked him off
for several moments before she stood up, pulled her skirt up and pulled her
thong down and bent over as he inserted his dick into her ass and started
pushing. Then he started pushing harder and faster.

Stephanie was letting out grunts and moans as she was being penitrated. He
pushed so hard, that his ballswere slapping against her clit, and making a
slapping sound. Nick was on one knee as he ass fucked Stephanie, whom was on
her hands and knees trying not to scream, but letting out loud grunts, gasps,
and squeaks. Then Nick laid on his back and Stephanie got on top of him and
started riding him as he felt her up, nd down her thighs and massaged her
boobs and squeezed her butt cheeks. Then when they both came, they could not
hold it. They both let out loud screams. Luckily for them nobody heard them
or they would be in big trouble.

Finally ,after a long, painful life of being alone Nick finally found someone
who loves him. He and Stephanie have 2 kids and are still working together as
co-GM's, but currently feuding with each other. But that's just part of the
show. In real life they love each other more than life itself. Nick finally
had a loving family, that were not in a gang.


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