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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Noelle Foley (Hostess of Ringside Collectables, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley), Dean Ambrose (WWE)

Noelle Gets Mastered
A women of wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the 11th annual Ringside Fest, held at Carolines on Broadway in Times Square, New York City, the former United States Champion and member of the stable known as The Shield, the resident Lunatic Fringe of the WWE known as Dean Ambrose is leaning against a wall in a corridor having finished up the last media commitments for the event. Clad in jeans and a black, leather-like jacket with a black T-shirt underneath, he's checking over his cellphone with one hand, while holding a carrier bag in the other that's holding some of the gifts the WWE Universe brought him during the signing he took part in.

"Can't fucking believe my man Roman bailed on me because of this "hernia" bullshit..." Ambrose murmurs to himself as he stuffs the phone away into a pocket. "For sure I thought me and him were gonna get thrown out of a couple of New York bars tonight..."

Just as he's thinking aloud, his attention gets drawn to the sound of high heels approaching his direction, and glancing over he sees an extremely easy on the eyes sight that makes him smirk. None other than the hostess and interviewer for Ringside Collectables, and the daughter of Hardcore Legend and WWE Hall of Fame enductee Mick Foley - Noelle Foley. The self-confessed WWE fangirl and proud (not to mention gorgeous) member of the WWE Universe is clad in a stylish blue top with black see-through material on the armsthat shows off her ripe, shapely breasts, and black pants that hug to the hot, young blonde's nicely rounded ass.

"I was hoping you'd still be around!" Noelle beams with a grin as she comes to a stop in front of one of the many WWE Superstars she openly gushes over on social media. "You are not going to believe this, but the camera guy says the interview we did has gotten corrupted or something! Most of the footage isn't going to be recovered!" She says with a shake of her head but still smiles.

"Tough luck there honey..." Ambrose shrugs his shoulders. "No more than what it deserves when you snuck in that question about my damn dance moves." He adds with a smirk.

"Oh come on, that was funny! And I dug that little wiggle you did..." The beautiful daughter of a three-time former WWE Champion says. "Besides, it's not like I asked you about whether you'd "mastered" any, you know whats, lately..."

"The last thing I need sweetheart is you and your little growing Internet following promoting that dumb "nickname" around any further." Dean says, narrowing his eyes slightly even as she smirks back. "Besides, does your old man know you're drooling all over WWE Superstars all the time when a show goes on the air?"

"Hey! I'm no little girl Dean. That's why I've got my own T-shirt for sale, and why I'm getting to do interviews for awesome events like this!" She replies, placing her hands on her hips. "Sounds to me like the Titty Master is getting defensive all of sudden! Maybe you haven't gotten to Master any Titties for a while?" She questions with a hint of a flirty tone.

"There we go, that damn Titty Master name..." He grumbles for a moment, glancing away for a moment to mumble to himself but out of the corner of his eye, he sees her taking the chance to check him out with a look over and a bite of her lip. Looking back, Dean smirks. "It looks to me like a certain Baby Girl of Mrs Foley's Baby Boy wants me to do a whole lot more than just "master" her damn titties." He says, calling her out.

Knowing she's been caught, she smiles and raises her hands up. "Busted!" Noelle laughs. "Can you blame me? What woman in the WWE Universe wouldn't want to hook up with the Lunatic Fringe? I know I'd love to!" She happily admits.

Taking a moment to now check the young blonde out, he nods his head approvingly and licks the tip of his thumb. "That so huh? Well... Just so happens that my schedule for the rest of the night is clean... How about we see if the fan girl is just all talk, or if she can really hang with a real deal WWE Superstar instead of posting about?"

Her eyes widening for a moment as the offer hits her, a broad, sexy smile forms on her pretty face. "I'd say lead the fucking way Titty Master! No way I'm gonna say no to hooking up with The Lunatic Fringe!" She states with an energetic nod.

Smirking back in pleasant surprise, he gives her another look over. "Well shit, let's get the fuck out of here and see what you can handle..."

* * *

Minutes later in the hotel room of Deam Ambrose, said naked Superstar is laying on his back, his face buried deep into the snatch of the gorgeous Noelle Foley as she's also completely naked, her curvy body on top of his desirable frame as she groans and grinds back, her hand firmly pumping his rock hard and mouth-wateringly long cock.

"Mmmmm! Fuck Dean! You're a... Ahhhhh... Pussy Master as well as Titty..." Noelle moans out with a laugh, looking back and pushing her pussy back against his mouth as he eats her out, sucking and kissing over her already wet snatch with his hands resting on her nicely rounded ass, only slightly spreading them so he can get full access to that tasty hole.

"Mmmm... Fuck! I knew taking this job was a good idea..." She moans out, referring to the fact that just a couple of hours ago she was interviewing at a convention, and now was engaged in a sixty-nine with a WWE hunk as she turns her attention forward, lowering her blonde-haired head down so she can take his cock into her mouth, groaning again as her lips press down against and around that meat with her hand still stroking over the base.

"Mmmmmph... Mmmmm..." Even with his face right up into that hot twat, the Lunatic Fringe still smirks as he feels his manhood getting worked over now with the combo of sucking and stroking, feeling her nicely soft lips moving up and down over his rod as she begins to play her part in this position, but still able to rock her hips back to work her snatch against his rugged, handsome face.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmmph!! Mmmm..." He moans into her pussy as he slides his tongue up and down her slit, tasting the forming juices of the stunning young woman on top of him and having no problem in drinking that sweet nectar down, especially as in response she's bobbing her head onto his shaft at an already firm and steady pace, a sign perhaps that this is far from her first time sucking someone off.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmphh!! Mmmmph..." The sexy daughter of a WWE Hall of Fame member groans around the dick she's taking in and out of her damp and warm mouth, making sure to keep her lips pressed around that man meat as she does what many of her fellow female members of the WWE Universe would love to do. That's sucking on the big, lengthy cock of one of the hottest rising Superstars in recent sports entertainment history, working her head back and forth along his size while getting expertly eaten out by the very same hunk at the same time.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm GAAAAAAH!!" Showing just how much her infamous "fan girl" social media posts aren't just for show, she's not holding back in delivering this blowjob, pushing her pretty face down further onto Ambrose's cock and making herself gag in the process, a clear sign that she's never handled a cock quite of this size before but in her obviously lustful state she's not going to stop as she continues sucking away.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmphhh... Mmmm..." The former United States Champion certainly isn't objecting to her work, moaning himself as he keeps himself more than busy with the task of dining on her wet snatch, flicking his tongue out across her folds and even giving her rounded backside a spank for good measure, making himself smirk again when he hears her groan from the blow.

"Mmmmph... Mmmmph!! Mmmm..." Drinking down her juices as they form, he's showing off an obvious talent with his hungry tongue that's far removed from his ranting promos he's known for, and that's to her moaning delight as Noelle keeps pushing back against his face to ensure his tongue is stuck up deep into her box as he licks away into and over her snatch.

"MMMM!! Mmmmphhh!! GAHHHHH!! Mmmmm!!" Another lusty, deep gag escapes the Ringside Collectables hostess as she continues to make the most of this opportunity, moving her mouth down as far as she can onto the shaft of the unpredictable stud she's on top off, causing the head of his cock to smack into the back of her mouth when she takes him in deep.

"MMMMPH!! Mmmmm!! MMMMPH..." Her saliva trickles down to coat his rod, making her own fingers sticky as she continues to stroke away at the inches she's can't take past her lips that are fighting to stay wrapped around his pole from how often she's gagging, but impressively she's still blowing him with an energetic pace, letting her fan girl nature go wild as she slobbers away over one of her open objects of lust to keep him moaning while he eats her out.

After another loud gagging around his cock, she lifts her head away and spits a large amount of saliva down onto his already sensually coated member, using her hand to stroke that spit all over his tool. "Holy fuck!! I nearly choked myself on that dick!" Noelle says with a laugh, tossing her hair back as she lets out a groan of disappointment when she feels the tongue being pulled back from her wet snatch.

"Hey, it felt like you were having fun, so I wasn't gonna stop you..." Dean says with a smirk, giving her ass another sharp spank before he pushes her off from the sixty nine they'd been doing.

"The fun is far from over yet, Titty Master..." Noelle Foley grins, rolling over onto her side on the hotel bed and raising a leg up, holding it up with her arm. "You going to fuck me now, or what?" She asks, her gaze locked onto the dick she'd just been sucking on as he moves up to approach her.

"Some young blonde hottie wanting to get banged like some damn groupie? Yeah, I can work with that..." Ambrose says with a sly smile as he gets into position behind her, lining his dick up and then pushing it up into her snatch with a firm thrust.

"MMMMM!! Oh fuck Dean!! Mmmmm... That's good..." The beautiful daughter of the Hardcore Legend moans, tilting her head back for a moment as she feels her tight, wet pussy getting filled up with the long cock that a minute ago she'd been gagging all over, and now is starting to slide in and out of her snatch and already make her rock slightly as she lays on her side.

"Ahhhhh... Just some young hottie? Mmmm... That's all I am to you?" She teases with a sexy smile, looking back over her shoulder at the WWE Superstar giving it to her in this missionary position, feeling his rod plunging back and forth right forward into her snatch, making them both moan as her tightness is made to stretch to accomidate such a size, and he feels her pussy all around his manhood when he pumps into her.

"Ahhhh... Damn straight you are honey... Mmmm!!" The former member of the dominate trio known as The Shield states with another smirk and a moan, slipping a hand around her young, tanned frame so he can give her breast a firm squeeze, a touch that alone makes noticeably moan out louder in perhaps a sign that there's some truth to his Internet-given nickname. For the moment though his focus is on giving to perhaps the WWE's hottest female fan as his slides his shaft in and out of her snatch with a series of stiff and swift strokes, sending his fuck-stick deep into her tight and wet cunt.

"Mmmmm!! A whole lot hotter than the usual ring rats I've got... Ahhhh... To avoid, that's for fucking sure..." Ambrose adds between grunts, using a piston-like motion to send his member right up into the blonde's pussy that's remaining nice and pleasurably tight all around his length, the motion smooth thanks to both how wet she currently is and his clear sexual ability in using the perfect kind of pace to nail her and still be able to cup and grope her sexy, rounded tits at the same time.

"Ooooooooh shit!! MMMM!! And here I thought... Ahhhhh... We could be on to something, you and me..." She groans with a big smile, sounding far from disappointed as she more than enjoys the way he's fucking her on her side from behind, starting to feel his crotch connect with her ass as he drives his dick right up into her to really fill her up, causing them both to moan out in shameless delight as her curvaceous, young body continues to rock slightly on the bed sheets from the force and pace of his thrusts.

"Mmmmm!! Come on Titty Master!! Ahhhhh... Really give it to me!" Noelle Foley commands, a glance back with a lick of her lips as she grips his hand, squeezing it to make him grope her sizable breast harder and making her moan out, on top of the pleasure she's getting from his rod stuffing her pussy full as the WWE hunk firmly drives in and out of her wetness with another series of forceful pumps.

"Mmmmm!! Shit... Looks like Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's Baby Girl... Ahhhh!! Is a dirty little whore after all..." The former deathmatch wrestler in the indies is showing a far more erotic kind of Hardcore here as he continues to drive his big cock deep into the young blonde beauty in front of him, more than happy to grip and play with her slightly bouncing tits as he fucks her in her tight snatch time and time again with controlled but forceful thrusts.

"Yeah... Mmmmm!! I bet you fucking finger yourself at night... Ahhhhh... Dreaming of taking my fucking dick like this..." He groans the dirty talk out, letting his fingers slightly dig into her ample tit flesh as he uses the free hand to roughly grab a handful of her long blonde hair, pulling her head back towards his to make her groan while he fires off a series of harder thrusts balls deep into her snatch, making her curvy frame noticeable jolt forward when their desirable bodies connect.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! Mmmmm!! Oh yeah Titty Master! I'm your fucking slut tonight..." The host of the Ringside or Riot online show moans with desire in her eyes as she gazes back with gritted teeth, doing nothing to object to the forceful turn this sex has taken as she lives out a clear fantasy to be fucked by the handsome WWE Superstar, especially in such a rough, commanding way which only further makes her wet in her filled up snatch.

"AHHHH!!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Yes!! Like that Dean!!"She moans her approval with a lick of her lips, those balls deep pumps continuing to come and make her rock sharply along the bed she's laying on while her head is made to tilt back by a handful of hair, and her luscious boobs are being "mastered" and groped by the same stud who's moaning himself as he bangs her from behind missionary style time and time again.

"Mmmm!! Yeah, I fucking bet you wanted to be used..." Dean groans as he pulls his dick out from her tight hole, letting go of both her hair and her tit at the same time. "You'd be a fucking gangbang slut if you ever got into a WWE locker room." He taunts to continue the dirty talk as he starts to move up from her.

However, she surprised him with almost a pounce, knocking him back to lay on the bed as she known straddles his muscular waist. "Come on Dean... We both know we're using each other right now..." Noelle states in a lusty tone, shifting back to grind her pussy against his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm... Well don't just sit there looking all pretty and shit... Show me how Hardcore you can be... And I don't mean the kind your old man used to do..." Ambrose says with a smirk as he slides his hands up and gropes both her gorgeous, rounded tits.

"MMMM!! Yes Sir!" She moans out with a big smile, reaching down to line his dick up with her snatch, taking him deep in and making them both groan when she eases down all the way to the hilt. "Ahhhhh!! Like I said... I'm the Titty Master's slut for the night!!" She states before proving the point as she starts to bounce herself sharply on his rod.

"MMMM!! Awwwww shit!! Yeah... Ride me like a damn whore..." The former Jon Moxley in the indies orders with a moan, his gaze switching from down at his crotch to watch his cock vanishing right up into her still pleasurably snug and very wet snatch before soon reappearing as she bounces away onto him, and up to get a long look at her sexy tits as he does little to disprove his infamous online nickname from the expert way he's playing and squeezing those boobs.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm!! Hot little blonde slut... Fucking ride that dick Noelle!" He groans out, unable to conceal his delight at the way she's briskly riding his long shaft with her tight hole, showing her own sexual skill with the already smooth and steady way in which she's handling his rod, her own moans mixing with his as she continues to get off on not just fucking a top sports entertainer but the way he's "mastering" her jiggling breasts with his educated hands.

"MMMM!! Oh yes Dean!! MMMM... Fuck!! I know you fucking love that pussy!!" The stunning daughter of the WWE Hall of Famer moans as she sharply drops her curvy and tanned body down onto the lengthy shaft of the WWE Superstar she's mounted on, quickly raising up a few inches before she can repeat the motion and make the smack of skin hitting skin ring out around the hotel room they're banging in.

"AHHHHH!! Holy shit!! Mmmmm!! Feels so... UHHHHH!! Fucking good taking that cock!!" She lustfully admits, beads of sweat starting to trickle down her pretty facial features as she keeps up this energetic pace, once again showing how much the beautiful WWE fangirl is going to make the most of a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime chance to fuck a major crush of hers. From the way said grappler is moaning himself underneath her, her brisk and far from novice riding motion is doing just that as she bounces away, her long blonde hair shaking along with her nicely rounded titties that stiff jiggle even within the groping grasp of the stud she's riding.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Fuck being Hardcore... Mmmmm!! This Foley can get Rated Triple-X..." The stud nicknamed The Lunatic Fringe groans his approval, giving her breasts another deep squeeze as he lifts himself up from the bed, still keeping her mounted and bouncing on his lap but now allowing him to lean his head in, sucking on the left tit and making her moan out loudly as he flicks his tongue across and over the hard nipple.

"Mmmmph!! MMMM!! Mmmmm..." He groans again but muffled as he sucks on her breast, still holding her by her ripe and sizable chest while she keeps on riding his dick with perhaps an even more determined pace than before as the man declared to be the "Titty Master" by online fans proves himself to be just that, moving over to her other tit and working it over with licks and sucks as saliva slightly drips from the other boob.

"MMMMM FUCK!!! Oh fuck yes!! AHHHHH!! Master those fucking titties!!" Noelle yells her approval as she tilts her head back, her hands going onto the back of his to grip onto his hair but still managing to keep her young, hot body bouncing away on his cock with a swift and sharp motion, her nicely rounded butt cheeks slapping down into his thighs every time she drops down only to lift herself up a few inches and quickly repeat the motion.

"UHHHHH!! Mmmmm... AHHHH!! Oh Dean!! YES!! Mmmmm... Titty Master..." She brings her gaze back forwards with another lusty lick of her full lips, watching the stud known for an almost year-long reign as United States Champion sucking and toying with her shaking breasts while she keeps them both of them moaning away with her riding efforts that keep his manhood stuffed deep into her tight and very wet snatch.

"Mmmmmphh!! MMMM!! Grrrrr..." An almost primal growl escapes him as he captures the nipple of the breast he's been working over in his teeth, biting down on it just enough to cause a sting and from the deep, sinful moan let out by the stunning WWE fan girl, it's been done to "masterful" perfection as he gives her all the incentive she need to keep on bouncing away on his rock hard prick.

"MMMM... Mmmmmphh... Awwwwww FUCK!! You ain't no innocent little girl Noelle..." The Cincinnati, Ohio-born hunk says with a hint of approval when he pulls his head away from those how well and truly licked and sucked tits, moaning now as he still rides away with a intense pace to pleasure his dick, making him sweat now as well as almost matching his Titty Mastering ways she's putting on a pornstar-like performance of her own.

"MMMMM!! Damn fucking right I am Dean!!" Noelle grins again as she brings herself to a stop on his lap, making them both groan as she grinds back into him for a moment. "I'm a Foley... I love getting Hardcore!" She adds with another sexy laugh.

"The kind of Hardcore that feels a lot fucking better than getting tossed into barbed wire... I can tell you from experience..." Ambrose states with a smirk, using his hands to now lift her up and off from him, placing her down into position on her hands and knees onto the bed.

"Well hurry the fuck up and get back in me then Titty Master!" Noelle Foley demands with another smile, looking back and pushing her shapely rump out towards him. "I can't wait to cum all over that big fucking cock!"

"You know, that wouldn't be the first time a hot blonde has said that to me in a hotel room before..." Dean says with a sly smirk as he moves up behind her, and gives her what they both want as he pushes his dick back inside her and starts to thrust away.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck yeah!! MMMM!! Come on Dean, harder!! HARDER!!" The gorgeous interviewer for Ringside Collectables is already demanding more, even as she takes balls deep thrusts that makes her curvaceous, tanned body rock back and forth in time with the pumps she's taking from behind, even his crotch smacking into her ass not seemingly enough to satisfy her fan girl lust.

"UHHHHH!! Mmmm!! Oooooooh SHIT!! MMMMM!! Like that!! YES!!" She groans, nodding her blonde haired head a few times when he responds with a hard thrust that really makes her jolt as her tits sway underneath her, feeling her soaking wet but still snug pussy getting filled to the max with the cock of the rugged WWE Superstar fucking her from behind, and the more of those commanding pumps she takes, the longer and louder her shameless moans become.

"AHHHHH... Mmmmmm FUCK!! Yeah... Young blonde fucking skank!! MMMM!!" The former WWE United States Champion moans as he steadily and stiffly fucks perhaps the hottest female member of the WWE Universe, his hands gripping her by her toned and tanned waist, keeping her in position on her hands and knees in front of him but allowing her to jolt forward each time he slams forward deep into her snatch.

"MMMM... Yeah, you hot fucking whore!! AHHHH!! Fucking take it!! Take that... MMMM!! Fucking dick you... UHHHHH!! WWE cock-craving SLUT!!" He moans out the insults to continue the dirty talk in his own unique to say the least fashion but the shameless moans escaping the beautiful blonde he's pounding away into show she's unfazed and no doubt just further turned on by it as he keeps his member plunging in deep with thrust after balls deep and hard thrust into her dripping wet cunt.

"MMMM!! I fucking am!! AHHHHH!! Oooooooh I'm a fucking SLUT... MMMM!! For a WWE Superstar like you!!" The gorgeous daughter of a former three time WWE Champion moans with desire as sweat drips off of her young, red hot body while she's made to rock back and forth against the stiff motion going into her love tunnel from behind as she stays up in this doggy style position, loving every intense moment of getting fucked by a WWE Superstar she's openly lusted over on social media.

"AHHHH!! Master me Dean!! MMMM!! HOLY FUCK AHHHHHHH!! I'm your... UHHHHH!! Fucking slut!!" She's able to gasp and groan out, giving back as much bedroom talk as she's getting along with impressively taking every single hard pump that he delivers into her snug and soaking snatch, considering that this kind of intensity would render a normal red blooded woman of the WWE Universe unable to walk straight for several days. Yet she's taking every bit of this Hardcore action as her ass continues to slap into his desirable, muscular waist each time he slams forward to the hilt and sends every inch deep into her twat, making them both moan out and sweat hard as this lustful to say the least hotel room encounter continues on.

"AHHHH... MMMMM!! Damn fucking right you are!! MMMMM FUCK!! My little horny slut... MMMMM..." The former member of The Shield growls again as he shifts his position to a more primal one, almost mounting her now with his body pressing against her as he starts to rock his hips sharply back and forth to slam home into her already stuffed full snatch with rapid-fire thrusts that send his balls slapping over and over into her tanned skin.

"UHHHHH!! AHHHH!! Fucking! Young! Hot! Little! Blonde! FUCKING! MMMMMM SLUT!!" He grunts each thrust out, reaching under the gorgeous host of Ringside Collectables online shows to once again grope and play with her jiggling breasts, groaning himself as he uses this animalistic position and pace to hammer away into that dripping wet snatch with machine-like precision as the sexy slap of skin hitting skin rings out like a rapid-fire weapon being fired.

"HOLY FUCK!! OH FUCK!! OH DEAN!! MMMMMMM YES TITTY MASTER AHHHHHHHHH!!" Gripping the hotel bed sheets with her hands, there's little choice for the daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer but to take this intense banging as she screams out in pleasure, her head hanging down and her long blonde hair soaked with sweat now as her body rapidly rocks forward as her ass cheeks get smacked into over and over when his crotch swings in hard and sends all of his inches deep into her snatch.

"FUCK!! MMMMM YEAH! YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMM!!" It all becomes too much for the hottest female of the WWE Universe to handle, as Noelle Foley starts cumming hard on the pistoning cock of Dean Ambrose as he hammers away into her pussy that begins sending a flood of juices all over his length, making him groan deeply as he continues to "master" her titties with squeezes and gropes. Even as she gasps out for breath and collapses down onto the bed, those thrusts don't stop as he gets lost in his own primal pace, perhaps unintentionally aiding her to ride out every wave of intense pleasure she's feeling as he keeps on fucking her, leaving her eyes rolling into the back of her head almost from how amazing it feels to have been fucked by a WWE Superstar stud.

"AHHHHH... Awwwww fuck!! MMMM..." Ambrose grunts as he has to pull his starting to throb cock out of her now dripping with fluids snatch, taking a second to wipe sweat of his own off of his rugged facial features. "I ain't fucking finishing with you let, you fucking hot little whore!" He growls, reaching down to flip the worn out beauty over to her back.

"Mmmmm... Holy fuck Dean!!" Noelle groans, watching him move forward and grip her tits, pushing them together so he can slide his dick between them. "Fuck wet dreams... That felt better than any fantasy I ever fingered myself to!" She admits, licking her lips with a smile as she watches him start to "master" her titties one last time.

"MMMM!! AHHHH... You're fucking welcome Titty Slut..." He moans as he pumps his pulsating rod between her soft and ripe breasts, using her chest to get himself off with after having pounded her pussy to perfection moments ago, and now is groaning deeply as he slides his tool in and out between her desirable and rounded boobs that he's already spent plenty of time groping with over the course of this sexual encounter.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! You fucking hot... Little WHORE!! AHHHHHH..." Groans escape the former WWE United States Champion as he grunts and thrusts his dick in and out of her tits as he presses them tightly against his rod, making the ample flesh grind against his man meat as he works it back and forth into her, the throbbing of his shaft only increasing from seeing the smoking hot and lustful look the beauty having her tits fucked is currently giving her.

"Mmmmm!! Do it Titty Master! Cum all over my titties! Fucking do it Dean! Oh yeah!!" Noelle Foley encourages and soon enough, he just pulls out between her breasts in time for the first blast of spunk to shoot out and actually hit her across the cheek as Dean Ambrose stars to blow his load, gripping his dick and jerking off as the next couple of shots land down onto her tits as she now pushes them up and together for him.

"Mmmmm... Oh fuck... That feels so fucking hot!!" She marvels with a laugh, her eyes glued onto her rod as he strokes away and sends out the streams of warm jizz down onto her now well and truly mastered titties, his hand work not stopping until the final drops are pumped out and his dick is left going soft, resulting in both of her breasts receiving a more than ample coating of cum to her grinning approval.

"Ahhhh... Fuck!! Turns out... You can fuck almost like a WWE Diva can..." Dean admits, drawing in breath now as he sits on the edge of the bed they've been fucking on.

"Almost? I'll take that as a compliment! "Noelle says with a smile, staying down on her back as she clearly needs more time to recover from a sexual high she's likely never to forget.

"From what I've just seen Titty Slut, you'll take just about anything as long as it's from a WWE Superstar..." Ambrose says with a smirk as he looks over to the worn out hottie.

"Titty Slut? Oh, so you fuck me once and now I get a nickname?" She questions with a playful smirk of her own.

"Since you're gonna keep calling me by that stupid Internet nickname, I might as well call you something. Unless you'd prefer something like slut, skank, young little WWE-cock craving whore, or cum dumpster..."

"Hey! You can't call me a cum dumpster!" Noelle Foley states, propping herself up onto her elbows. "I didn't swallow your cum yet, so until then..." She trails off, licking her lips and not caring about the spunk still on her cheek or all over her breasts.

"Very cute there, Titty Slut..." Dean smirks again. "That your way of asking for me to start hammering away into you again?"

"Well... If you insist..." Noelle says with a lustful smile as she eyes up his starting to harden cock. "Come over here and Master these titties!"

Hearing that request, Ambrose chuckles for a moment. "The things I do for a fan..."

* * *

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