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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: LuFisto(WSU, SHIMMER), Shane Strickland(CZW).

Not Hardcore Enough
An indies/CZW erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Rockstar Pro Arena in Dayton, Ohio on September 27th, 2014, the "ultraviolent" indy promotion Combat Zone Wrestling is hosting its latest event entitled Dj vu. While currently a CZW Heavyweight title match is going on in the ring, the cocky high flyer Shane "Swerve" Strickland is smirking arrogantly following his prior victory to retain his own Wired TV title, and he's already dressed to leave in jeans and a merchandise T-shirt, along with his title gold on his shoulder.

"Another match in the bag, and another way to show those dumb ass fans that I'm the best around here..." The handsome, black hunk states as he has his travel bag on the other shoulder.

"Hey! Hey you!" A female voice with a strong French Canadian accent grabs his attention. Turning around, he sees that it belongs to a familiar CZW face, and one in the "sister" promotion of WSU - the current WSU Champion in the "Super Hardcore Anime" LuFisto. The dyed pink hair beauty is clad in a tight fitting black T-shirt that strains to contain her large tits, and nicely fitting torn jeans that show off her thick ass.

"Where the fuck is that fat ass DJ Hyde??" She demands, looking to keep the brawl going with the owner of both CZW and WSU who has made her lift hell since she refused his disgusting advances at prior WSU events.

"The Hell I know, and the Hell I care bitch!" Shane rudely tells her, already turning away from her. "I'm out of this dump!"

"Well fuck you too motherfucker!" She snaps with a narrow eyed glare. "If you can't tell me where that fat fuck is hiding, you're no use to me!"

"And if you ain't here to suck my fucking dick, you ain't any use to me!" Strickland responds as he gives her a glance over the shoulder.

"Woah woah woah! Suck your fucking dick?? Some cocky little prick like you? I eat up pieces of shit like you for fucking breakfast!" She states with a laugh as she places her hands on her juicy hips. "Besides, I'm the Super Hardcore Anime! I'm way too fucking hardcore for some jumped up son of a bitch like you!"

"The fuck you say??" He turns around to give her a look of disbelief. "Bitch, I'm the damn New Flavor! I got bitches begging to get a turn on my dick, and I don't just mean the couple of sluts that hang around here! You'd be the one who couldn't handle what I'm packing."

"Oh yeah? How about you fucking prove it then?" LuFisto dares him as she eyes him up. "From what I see, you've got a big mouth that must be compensating for something else..."

"Bitch, you're lucky I've got all the time in the world to spend after winning my match tonight... I'm gonna shut that mouth of yours up with something long and hard that I bet you've never had before." He answers to accept the challenge.

"We'll see... But you're going to find out that there's no one more Hardcore around here than me, and I'm not talking death matches and light tubes..."

* * *

Moments later in the back room used to store the many "ultraviolent" weaponry CZW employs, the gorgeous LuFisto locks onto the long, already hardening black cock of Shane Strickland as he drops his jeans to the floor.

"Not bad... Not too bad..." LuFisto says with a slightly impressed smirk, stepping forward as she lifts her T-shirt up and over her head to release her juicy, rounded tits. "But can you use it?" She challenges as she squats down, taking a hold of his rod in her hands as she spits on the head, using her palms to quickly work it over his tool.

"Don't think you can try and play The Swerve... The way you rushed down there to get a close look? You want all of this dick!" Strickland arrogantly claims with a grin, keeping his Wired TV title on his shoulder as he watches the stunning female wrestler stroke his dick to full hardness.

"Cocky motherfucker... Let's see if you can handle my mouth as much as you let yours run." She responds with narrowed eyes for a moment, before leaning her dyed pink haired head in so she can take his dick into her mouth, keeping both hands pumping away at his length so she can focus on the head, wrapping her lips around it as she grinds them down around the crown with slight twists from side to side.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm..." She slightly groans as she sucks on the head, giving slaps of her tongue onto the underside to make him moan, and still sliding both hands up and down on the shaft as the left hand handles the bottom portion while the right slides over the upper part, occasionally bumping against her mouth when she begins to push down onto his nicely thick size.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmm... Yeah... Work that fucking dick girl..." The handsome but cocky stud smirks as he moans, gazing down at the stunning starlet of SHIMMER and WSU as she sucks his cock, her head smoothly moving back and forth over the top few inches while her hands more than easily take care of the rest of his inches.

"Mmmm!! Ain't nothing better than getting some dome after... Ahhhh... Kicking some loser's ass and keeping... Mmmmm... My damn title..." He boasts as he watches the curvaceous and talented grappler blow him at a steady pace, the combination of her jerking hands and the damp and warmth of her oral hole more than able to make him moan out. Lifting her head off for a moment, she smirks herself before spitting down onto his dick again, her hands soon rubbing it across his pole before she smacks her tongue against his bell end to force another groan of pleasure from the high flyer.

"I'm surprised you haven't creamed yourself yet, the way you're moaning like a virgin..." The first and only woman to have ever been CZW Ironman Champion taunts, before she takes the cock of the reigning CZW Wired TV Champion back into her mouth, now using just one hand to grip and stroke his dick as she pushes her mouth down deeper onto his long prick with a groan.

"Mmmmmph... Mmmm..." LuFisto groans around Shane's dick as she bobs away on the upper half, getting him nice and coated with her saliva as the sloppy, noisy slurps of this blowjob slightly echo around the storage room, mixed with the moans the grinning stud taking this oral treatment is letting out as the busty white babe squatting in front of him deeply sucks his big black cock.

"Mmmmm... Bitch, I ain't no fucking minute man..." He snaps before letting out another moan, but despite his arrogance he can't take his eyes off of the red hot sight of the sexy wrestler who's administering a fantastic blowjob at the moment, her dyed pink hair slightly swaying from the repeated, smooth motion her head is doing as she glides back and forth along his inches.

"Ahhhh... Just keep using your mouth... Mmmm... For something better than talking smack, you hear?" He's just about able to say between moans as he's seeing that she appears to be no stranger to handling a dick like this, perfectly combining her quick and stiff strokes with her hand along with her slurps over the top half of his shaft, getting him nice and coated with her spit as a result.

"Mmmmmpph... Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh..." Rather than pulling off to insult the arrogant hunk, she shows him up another way by slipping her hand down to instead take a hold of his balls, squeezing them to make him groan before she pushes downward, making herself gag erotically as the French Canadian impressively deep throats all of his black, American cock.

"Uhhhhhllllkkkk!! GAAAAAAAAHHH!! Hhhhhuuuulllllkkk..." Saliva splatters around in her oral hole, seeping out of her mouth when she can't keep her lips pressed around his tool when she gags loudly, but it's getting the desired response as he's being made to moan deeply especially as she toys and roughly squeezes his nuts. After a few more long moments she lifts her head all the way up and off from him, a long trail of saliva hanging from his member to her lips that she soon breaks by spitting it onto that dick, bringing her hands up to make extra sure it's rubbed all over his size.

"Watch those fucking hands slut! You can handle the merchandise, but not like that!" Shane rudely snaps, perhaps unwisely to the woman who proved once again tonight she can more than handle herself against men.

Narrowing her eyes again, LuFisto grits her teeth for a moment as she takes her hands off from his dick. "Typical mouthy bastard... Can't handle getting just a little rough..." She mocks as she stands up, deliberately using his T-shirt to wipe her saliva off of his hands before she suddenly shoves him down to the floor, all too easily with a single push.

"Owwwww! Crazy fucking bitch!!" Strickland complains as he clutches his title, looking up to see her taking off her jeans, showing her neatly trimmed bush along with her stunning, thick ass. "Shit... With a booty like that, I can get down with getting a little wild..." He says with a smirk as he looks over her backside as she takes off her footwear, the now naked beauty moving over towards him.

"Those are probably your famous last words... There's never been a woman like me around here... So let's see if you can handle this..." She states as she mounts him, keeping him pinned down to the floor with a hand on his chest, reaching down to guide his saliva-drenched dick into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Awwww shit... Bring it on baby..." The man nicknamed The New Flavor moans as his feels how tight her snatch is around his member as he's taken in impressively deep into her hole with just the one motion as she rocks her hips downward, starting to grind herself against his crotch but the sexy smile on her face shows it's more to see if he can handle it rather than allowing her to adjust to that admittedly big size now in her snatch.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm!! I can fucking handle anything you've got for me..." He claims as he arrogantly keeps his championship on his shoulder, watching the current WSU Champion moving back and forth on his tool with sharp rocking motions, slightly moving his dick in and out of her snatch in the process but even this is all she needs to do to make him moan, keeping a smile on her beautiful face as it's obvious here that she's in full control of this sexual encounter.

"Mmmm... Remember boy, you asked for this..." She warns in her thick, French Canadian accent before she starts to properly ride his dick, in no time at all breaking into a steady bouncing motion that makes her stunning, curved body drop down to meet his athletic and desirable frame with a sharp smack, making herself moan out for the first time as she can't help but respond to all that cock currently filling her up.

"Ahhhh... Oooooooh fuck... I'm fucking surprised a big mouth like yours... Ahhhhh... Has a big enough dick to match..." She smirks as she's more than able to find the time to continue mocking him as she rides his dick, smoothly taking his manhood in and out of her snatch as she lifts upward so the head and a couple of inches are lodged inside her before she pushes back down to the base to make a loud slap right out around this storage room as she briskly rides his cock.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck girl... The way you're riding my dick... Ahhhh... You must have been begging for some dick like all these... Mmmm... Dumb ass fans hope to see me lose my title someday..." The hunk from Tacoma, Washington claims as he lets out a groan, not even bothering to thrust up into the stunning Montreal, Quebec beauty bouncing away on top of him, using her tight and starting to dampen snatch like an elevator as she quickly works herself up and down with controlling and perfectly timed movements.

"Ahhhhh!! Shit... Figures a freaky chick like you... Ahhhh!! Knows how to work some fucking cock..." He back-handedly compliments her, even as his continued, rather shameless moans show how much he's really loving getting already the ride of his life courtesy of the long time indy scene veteran, whose moans of pleasure are far more conservative and controlled, much like the steady pace she's using to take his dick all the way into her twat each time she drops down firmly into him.

"I just know how to put... Mmmmm... Loud mouth sons of bitches like you in their place..." The woman known as the Super Hardcore Anime smirks with a moan as she shows off a whole different sort of hardcore ability with the way she's expertly bouncing away on the cock of The New Flavor underneath her, easily slipping his thick and long tool deep into her tight and now nicely wet pussy.

"Ahhhh!! I've had a better time... Mmmmm!! After SHIMMER shows with the girls that I am with you..." She further taunts, keeping her wonderfully curved, white body bouncing away on that big black cock she's mounted on, her large tits jiggling in time with the motions as she drops down all the way to the base before lifting up a few inches and then quickly repeating the motion to keep the slap of skin meeting skin sounding out.

"MMMM... Ahhhh... That's a crock of shit girl... You're getting... Mmmmm!! Fucking wild like a paid double stripper right here..." The current CZW Wired TV Champion arrogantly claims even as he's made to let out another loud and long moan of enjoyment from the dominating way the current WSU Champion is riding his dick. Already there's a couple drops of sweat forming on his handsome face, while her pussy is still as tight as ever and damp not from any pleasure of getting filled, but from getting off on being in control of this sexual encounter as she keeps the cocky hunk pinned down as she bounces her snatch up and down on his thick tool.

"Ahhhhh... Bet a hot slut like you... MMMMM!! Loves it up the ass as well..." He's able to groan out as he watches her big and ripe tits bounce away rhythmically as her stunning frame continues to effortlessly raise and lower over and over again, that sexy sound of skin slapping against skin mixing with their moans as this swift and focused pace is kept going by the talented and gorgeous female wrestler who continues to smirk proudly at how she's commanding this all.

"Mmmm... Oh, I don't think you can handle this kind of backside..." LuFisto states, stopping her bouncing motion so she can lean forward against him, reaching back to give her ass a hard spank, smirking again as she watches her own butt cheek jiggle from the impact. "Then again, it's about fucking time you did some work here..." She taunts again as she lifts herself up and off from his cock, not even letting out a groan unlike the moan he released when his cock is freed from her tightness.

"Shit... Figures... All the sluts around here are kinky as fuck..." Shane claims as he gets up from the floor, smirking arrogantly as he watches her ass jiggle with each step as she moves towards the door that leads out of this storage room. "And they all want a piece of this dick as well..." He says, making a brief detour to move to his travel bag while taking off his T-shirt to properly reveal his nicely muscular chest.

"You keep telling yourself that..." She ignores his boasting, placing her hands on the door and pushing her backside out so she's almost bending over forwards, her legs spread slightly as she looks back, watching him move up behind her as he grips her juicy butt with a hand in order to spread them. "You fucking pack lube into your luggage?" She questions with a raised eyebrow, seeing the bottle in his other hand as he pours some lube out down into her asscrack, targeting that puckered entrance.

"Like I fucking said, the bitches around here can't stay off of my dick..." Strickland smirks again as he uses a finger to work the lube around and over her asshole, meeting resistance when he tries to push in but manages to do so in order to deliver a quick burst of finger banging action in order to prepare her ass. "You telling me you were gonna take it up the ass raw?" He questions even as he's busy also readying his own cock by pouring an ample amount of lubricant over his long dick.

"Kid, I'm as fucking hardcore as it gets around here... Check the CZW history books..." She says, eyes locked onto his dick as he taps the head against her entrance before having to force his way into a clearly even tighter hole than before but once the head is in she lets out a groan of approval and a slight lick of the lips, watching on as he starts to slide his dick in and out of her thick ass from behind.

"Mmmmm... This is your shot to impress me... Ahhhh... See if you can get hardcore on that ass..." She challenges him, keeping her hands up on the door in front of her and not even rocking back against his thrusts as he starts to build a pace, still cautious and testing as even with all the lube applied it's a supremely tight fit that shows her warning of being an ass unlike any he's ever tapped before was not just another mocking taunt.

"I don't need... Awwwww FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Too impress shit around here..." The current Wired TV Champion claims, keeping his title gold still on his shoulder as he pumps his dick in and out of her asshole at a nicely steady pace, and it's enough to make her slightly rock forward out of reflex. The difference in their moans tell the story however as while he's groaning loudly as sweat continues to form over his desirable and athletic black frame, the stunning white beauty he's ass fucking from behind is only slightly calling out from the pleasure and she's hardly even broken into any sort of sweat.

"Ahhhh... Nothing like a fine, white ass... MMMM... To shove this fuck stick straight into..." He grunts as he gives her ass a sharp slap, making the more than ample flesh jiggle but more importantly causing her to release a clear moan of pleasure from the blow, and the same response comes from the spank delivered to the other thick butt cheek as he keeps on working his dick deeper into her back passage as he stiffly pumps her.

"Mmmmm!! Come on motherfucker!! Is that all you've fucking got?? Fucking ram me!! Spank that ass!! Ahhhh... Pull my fucking hair!! Do something!!" The only woman to have competed in CZW's ultraviolent Cage of Death match yells orders between groans at the current title holder in CZW, showing her frustration that while he ass fucking is decent enough, it's not nearly enough to satisfy her dirty desires. Thankfully for her, taking the hint he reaches forward to take a grip of her sexy, dyed pink hair to force her head to tilt back, making her moan and grin as she feels a sharp, harder thrust being sent deep into her asshole as she continues to be taken from behind in this storage room.

"Mmmm!! That's... That's fucking more like it!! Uhhhhh!! Give it to me!! Show me what you can fucking do!!" She commands, still in complete control of this sexual encounter as she pulls the strings to force him to get rougher with the way he's tapping that stunningly thick backside, her ass cheeks shaking from the impact of the occasional spank he delivers to them but more so now from when his muscular waist connects into her as he forces his dick in deep.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMM... Fucking... AHHHHH... Fucking crazy, fat assed bitch!!" He grunts as he has to put in even more effort now to try and meet her high sexual demands, rocking his hips quickly back and forth as he sends his long American shaft in as deep as he can into her juicy French Canadian ass that feels built to be fucked even harder that he's currently able to do.

"MMMM... Oh fuck!! AHHHHH... Take that fucking big dick!!" He hisses, having to use the free hand to wipe sweat off of his forehead as he keeps on delivering this swift pace of deep and hard pumps between her sexy, rounded ass cheeks to stuff full her back passage, but its' obvious from the way she's still only moderately moaning out compared to his loud and deep groans that no amount of added hair pulling or ass spanking like he's also giving her is going to satisfy her desires.

"Mmmmm!! That's all you've fucking got?? I got off more on kicking that fat ass owner of this company... Ahhhh... Than I'm getting from you fucking my ass!!" The beauty who has won just as many men's wrestling championships as she has women's division titles continues to taunt and challenge the hunk behind her who's giving the kind of anal pounding that would render most red blooded women unable to walk straight for several days from how deeply and quickly he's hammering away into that ass.

"Ahhhhh... Harder!! Deeper!! Fucking give it to me prick!! Mmmm!! Try and make this fucking worth my while!!" She groans as she takes another sharp slap to her rump, her pussy visibly wet now and her tits swaying away as her body lightly rocks back and forth in response to the stiff pumps her backside is taking as that thick and long black cock keeps pumping in and out of her thick and sexy white ass which despite all this anal action she's taken is still as tight as ever all around those inches.

"AHHHHH... Awwwwww FUCK!! Fucking nasty SLUT!! MMMM..." Grunting in both pleasure and frustration from her repeated mocking of his sexual ability, the Tacoma, Washington stud lets go of her hair and even lets his title gold fall to the floor as he grips her full hips, his fingers digging in as he begins to pound away with every bit of strength in him, the first slamming motion making her body rock sharply forward from the impact of his waist smacking into her ass.

"Ahhhhh!!! MMMM... Ahhhhh FUCK!! SHIT..." He groans now, sweat dripping off his face as in true CZW fashion he gets "ultraviolent" on her stunning ass with a series of relentless, hard and deep thrusts straight forward into her ass, finally getting her to moan out loudly as her back passage takes this hammering, stuffing her full with all that man meat and making her curvy frame noticeably jolt forward each time he slams home into that thick rump.

"MMMM!! Yes!! Fucking finally!! Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm!! Like that!!" She grins now as she looks back, nodding her dyed pink haired head in time with the rapid, rough thrusts she's taking up the ass from behind right now, but showing how much she can handle she's still able to keep herself up against the wall with that getting pounded now ass pushed right out towards him.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm!! Deeper!! Harder!! Make it hurt!! MMMMM... Ahhhhh..." She licks her lips as she lets out a groan, happily allowing her body to rock back and forth in response to these wicked thrusts as her ass cheeks jiggle every time he drives in almost to the hilt with his big American dick, and the slap of skin meeting skin rings out when his body collides forcefully with that superbly juicy French Canadian booty.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! Ahhhhh... MMMM... OH SHIT... Ahhhhhh!!" The current CZW Wired TV Champion continues to grunt as he pounds away into that fantastic, made to be fucked ass that's jiggling in front of him, her back passage remaining as snug as ever clamped around his member as he works himself as deep as he can in and out of her rump to make them both moan out even if his cries are clearly louder than the beauty taking this pumping.

"MMMMM!! Awwwww SHIT!! Ahhhhh!! MMMMMM FUCK!!" He hisses, feeling his dick starting to throb within that fine, thick backside as he delivers pump after deep and hard pump between those cheeks as he continues to grip her tight and sharply rock his hips towards and away from that ass that appears built to take this kind of pounding for hours and hours, more suited for a porn shoot than inside of any wrestling ring.

"Mmmmm... Just when... Ahhhh... It was starting to actually get fun..." The gorgeous starlet of WSU and SHIMMER Women Athletes taunts again with a proud smirk as she feels his dick throbbing in her back passage, allowing him to deliver a few more thrusts before he's forced to pull out of her booty with a deep groan. Barely with any sweat on her at all despite all that's gone on in this sexual encounter, she easily pushes herself away from the wall in order to turn around and once again drop down in front of him.

"But like I told you... You weren't ready for a woman like me..." She adds before taking his pulsating member in between her lips once again, showing that horny, nasty to her again as she doesn't hesitate to engage in ass-to-mouth as she gets right to work blowing the dick that's just been almost balls deep in her juicy ass with a couple of deep slobbery sucks.

In fact, LuFisto is barely able to taste her own back passage from off of Shane Strickland's cock before he starts to cum inside of her talented French Canadian mouth, letting out a deep groan of pleasure and relief as the first blast of American seed splashes out into her oral hole but unfazed, she continues to bob her head as she expertly milks the stud she's been dominating all the way through this. As she slurps and sucks his rod to get every last bit of jizz from the groaning grappler, out of the corner of her eye she spots his prized title gold and as he's lost in his sexual high he doesn't notice her reach over and grab it while delivering a final few sucks to his softening cock.

"Ahhhhhh... Ahhhhh shit... Mmmm..." Shane gasps out as he steps back with a stumble when he's released from her mouth. "That... That was... What the fuck?!?"

His eyes widen as with a smirk, instead of swallowing down his spunk, LuFisto nastily spits out all of his cum right onto the center plate of his CZW Wired TV Championship, added to the humiliation by them tossing it right towards him, making him catch it so his chest and his hands get sticky from his own load.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" Strickland yells as he rushes forward, wildly swinging and missing with an attempted shot to the head with his belt.

Instead it leaves him wide open as she slips behind, wrapping an arm around his neck and wrapping her legs around him to apply her vicious version of a Rear Naked Choke she calls the Konnichiwa-Goodnight, leaving him gasping and gagging from a lack of air as he's all too easily hauled down to the floor. With a grunt, she locks in tight as he flails around for a few moments, his groans getting shorter and lower before his arms collapse and he's been choked out unconscious by the woman who'd been sexually dominating him since the very start.

Shoving him aside, she stands up with a smirk. "Just like that fat ass Hyde, you fuck with me? You're fucking dead!" LuFisto says as she gives a last look at the now knocked out hunk before she turns around to scoop up her T-shirt. "And just like most boys around here, none of you are Hardcore enough for this Super Hardcore Anime!"

* * *

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