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Not Just A Pretty Face
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area make-up table, the beautiful blond haired woman known
as Stacy Keibler is checking herself over before she heads out to the ring.
As she's about to apply a little bit of makeup to her face, Smackdown's
fashion consultant, Sylvan rudely steps next to her and bumps her away from
the mirror. "Do not waste the mirror," He says as he starts to check out his
own hair to make sure every strand of hair is in place.

Stacy places a hand on her hips as she mildly glares at Sylvan "Ummm...excuse
me, I was using the mirror."

"You are excused..." Sylvan replies as he motions with his hand for her to
buzz off. "You are not worthy to look into this mirror, only someone good
looking, like myself, can use it." Sylvain leans close to the mirror to
check his eyes for crow's feet.

Stacy folds her arms, offended "Whoa...wait just a minute, Sylvan, is it?"

"That is correct..." Sylvan answers as he doesn't bother to look at her, "If
you need a consultant to... improve your looks... it will cost you for you
need a lot of work."

Stacy laughs and shakes her head "I don't need any work..." Stacy says as she
glances at Sylvan's backside "Although...that spray-on-tan...that you have is
another story."

Stacy's comment gets Sylvan's undivided attention as he turns to glare at
her. "I do not use spray-on-tan! This is a natural tan!"

Stacy laughs and nods her head "Yeah right..." Stacy says as she points to
back of Sylvan's shaved legs "Look at those blotches!"

Sylvan folds his arms, "There are no blotches on my legs, they have just
been waxed!" Sylvain then waves his hand up and down as he points at Stacy's
outfit. "What is that... looks like something of a rack at the Gap."

Stacy smiles a bit "So what if it is?"

"It's disgusting..." Sylvan steps close to her and feels the material of
Stacy's top. "I knew it... polyester... and the color... yuck... it
completely contrasts with that pale complexion of yours..."

Stacy glances up and down Sylvan's body "You think you're so hot..."

Sylvan holds his hands out to the side, "I don't think. I know I'm hot...
no... I'm more than hot... I am gorgeous..." Sylvan smirks before he takes
off a white, silk, body length, sleeveless robe he's wearing to show off
his body.

Stacy nods her head a bit "Ok...ok...why don't you see if you can put
yourself to the test then."

Stacy smirks "Ok...then you'll have no problem" Stacy says as she takes a
step towards Sylvan.

Sylvan raises and eyebrow, "Have no problem with what?" Sylvan lays his robe
on the make-up table.

Stacy licks her lips slightly "Well say you have the good
looks...but do you have what it takes to be a...good fuck?"

Sylvan licks his lips and again smirks, "My dear Stacy, the ability to fuck
matches my looks perfectly, I am in a league of my own, no man can look as
I look or do what I can do."

Stacy nods her head " should do very well then.." Stacy says as
she brushes her hand against Sylvan's crotch.

Sylvan takes Stacy's comment, "I shall show you I'm more than just 'very
well' I am will show you right here that I am not all talk, like you and your
other diva friends."

Stacy smirks and shrugs as she gets down onto her knees in front of Sylvan
"Good...prove it then" Stacy replies.

"I shall prove it..." Sylvan lowers his white and blue wrestling trunks to
his ankles to free his decent size but soft dick and his shaved ballsac to
show off that his body is practically hairless.

Stacy smiles and nods her head "No bad there Sylvan..." Stacy says as she
takes his cock into her smooth, soft hands and begins to move her hands up
and down Sylvan's shaft.

"Not bad? You are looking at perfection!" Sylvan snaps lightly at her as his
cock becomes hard in her hands. He licks his lips and folds his arms and
looks down at her as if he's judging her and her actions. Stacy leans her
head into Sylvan's cock and presses her tongue against the side of his shaft
as she gently pats her moist tongue against his nicely sized cock.

"Mmmmm...." Sylvan moans slightly as he feels Stacy's soft tongue grazes
against the flesh of his shaft. He takes a mental note as he feels some of
her saliva drip from her tongue onto his dick. Stacy glides her skilled
tongue all over of Sylvan's cock as she teasingly drags her tongue slowly
up the underside of Sylvan's cock. Stacy reaches the head of his cock and
opens her mouth, taking his cock into her warm mouth.

Sylvan actually whimpers slightly as he feels the warmth of Stacy's lovely
mouth over his dick. "Mmmm.... that's nice..." Sylvain says as he composes
himself quickly and lays one of his hands on Stacy's head. Stacy wraps her
lips around Sylvan's cock as she starts to lift her up and down on his cock,
while lapping her saliva and tongue around his shaft.

Sylvan licks his lips and slides his hand through Stacy's long blond hair,
"Ahhh... that is even better..." Stacy looks up at Sylvan as she works his
cock deeper into her warm mouth as she continues to suck and orally worship
his cock.

Sylvan groans in pleasure as he moves his hips forward slightly in response
to Stacy's oral ability. He licks his lips and slides a hand over his overly
gelled and moosed hair. "I thought... this was a test about my abilities...
I am not just a pretty face."

Stacy lifts her head up from Sylvan's cock with a pop "I am testing your
ability..." Stacy smirks "How good are you at fucking?"

Sylvan smirks, "I am marvelous... I can do anything a lady desires..."

Stacy shrugs as she bends over the make-up table, shaking her perfectly round
ass freely in the air "Prove it..."

"Prepare to be amazed..." Sylvan lays a hand on Stacy's ass while he grips
his throbbing cock. He taps the head of his cock against her firm ass cheeks
before he guides it to the entrance of Stacy's pussy. He pushes into her with
easy thrust and begins pushing into her at a slow pace.

"Prepared to be amazed..." Sylvan lays a hand on Stacy's skirt covered ass
and pushes it up so it's over her hips. He leaves her thong style panties
alone for a moment as he grips his cock and slides it over ass before
slapping it against her ass cheeks.

Stacy looks over her shoulder with a smirk " tease!" Stacy laughs.

Sylvan smirks as he kneels down a bit and lowers her thong panties down her
long legs. He slowly stands up and as he's standing, he runs his hand up the
back of her legs until he's fully standing behind her once again. "I hope
you prepared yourself properly," Sylvan grins as he guides his cock into her

Stacy licks her bottom lip as she feels Sylvan's cock enter her warm and
tight pussy from behind "Awww....." Stacy moans as she gently pushes herself
back against Sylvan's cock.

Sylvan lays his hands on Stacy's hips to hold her still as he slowly pushes
his cock in and out of her pussy slowly at first, but he starts to quicken
his pace. "Ahhhh... magnificent..." Sylvan moans as he describes the feel
of Stacy's pussy around his cock.

"Mmmm...yeah you like that warm pussy.... don't you?" Stacy asks with a groan
as she pushes back against his cock faster.

"Yes... mmmm... it's certainly... better than I assumed..." Sylvan's
thrusts get a bit harder to push his cock into her rather sharply. He reaches
underneath Stacy and rubs the edges of his pussy with his fingers.

Stacy bites down on her bottom lip as she tilts her head, closing her eyes
"Ohhh...Sylvan...I was completely wrong about you.." She says with a moan.

Sylvan licks his lips and pulls out of Stacy's pussy. He takes a step back so
he has enough room to turn her around and to lift her up onto the table. "I
told you... I'm not just a pretty face..." Sylvan smirks as he spreads her
legs apart and pushes his cock back into her pussy with a sharp thrust. Stacy
grits her teeth as Sylvan enters her warm pussy once again. Stacy wraps her
long, smooth legs around his waist as he starts to drive his hard cock into
her tight pussy. Sylvan slightly grinds his perfect teeth together as he
grabs Stacy's arms and holds them up over Stacy's head. Thrusting his hips
forward, Sylvan rams his dick in and out of her pussy which makes Stacy rock
back and forth on the table.

"Ohhh...Sylvan...yesss...fuck my cunt!" Stacy moans loudly.

"You... approve... of my... fucking ability... don't you?" Sylvan grunts out
his question as he releases her arms so he can grab her waist and pull her
against him. Sylvan wraps his arms around her slender body and bounces Stacy
up and down on his cock as he turns around to lean back against the makeup

Stacy nods her head with her eyes closed "Mmmm...ohhh...yesss." Stacy moans
as she begins to cum.

Sylvan bounces her on his stiff prick a few more times before he drops
her on his cock when he starts to cum inside of her tight pussy. "Ahhhhh
wonderful..." Sylvan moans as he holds Stacy tightly against himself.
Stacy gently grinds her pussy against Sylvan's cock, milking his cock
free of his warm and sticky cum.

Sylvan slowly easy Stacy off of his cock and stands her up in front of him,
"So... what's your... judgment of my ability? It matches my look does it

Stacy nods her head and smiles "You know Sylvan...I was completely wrong
about you."

"How so?" Sylvan asks as he bends down to pull up his wrestling tights.

Stacy laughs a bit " certainly do have great looks...but you're
even a better fuck."

Sylvan laughs slightly, "That's because... I'm more than just a pretty


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