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Not Too Much For Terri
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the middle of 1998 and after a taping of Shotgun Saturday Night, the tag
team known as Too Much, consisting of "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher and "Too
Hot" Scott Taylor are sitting in their locker room after a tough match with
the biker style tag team called the Disciples of Apocalypse. Both men are
dressed is white and black zebra style tights. Brian looks at Scotty and

"Oh yeah daddy-o, we totally showed them a thing or two," Brian says as he
bends over to untie the laces of his wrestling boots.

Scott nods his head, "Yeah, sooner or later, we're going to get us those tag
team titles, then we're really show everyone one that's we're simply too much
to hold down."

Brian laughs when he pulls his boots off, "Yup... all we need is the
opportunity." Just as Brian finishes his sentence there's a knock on the
locker room door.

"Come on in," Scotty says as he starts to untie the laces of his boots so he
can take them off.

The locker room door opens and in walks the estranged wife of Goldust, the
long reigning WWF Diva Terri Runnels. Terri smiles as she enters the locker
room and lets the door close by itself. "Hello boys...I happened to catch
your match..." Terri says as she looks Scott and Brian up and down, sizing
the two tag team partners known as Too Much. Terri is dressed in tight black
pants and a black top the rests over her large chest.

"Hey Terri," Brian smiles as he leans back in his chair, "Did you see
anything you like out there?" He asks with a smile on his face.

Scotty grins, I'd bet she saw a lot of things she liked out there... cause
we're too hot and too sexy to miss."

Terri folds her arms over her chest and presses her lips together while she
exchanges glances from Brian and Scotty. "Boys...I'm sure you know of my
recent problems with my husband..."

"Who doesn't know about it," Brian replies.

"Yeah, I bet that's pretty tough Terri... but Goldust is a total whack job,"
Scott laughs a bit, "I'm kinda surprised you guys didn't break up sooner to
be honest."

Terri laughs tilts her head back, before she licks her lips and looks
directly at Brian and Scott "But anyway...Brian, Scott...I'm sure you've
heard that my managerial services are open once again..."

Brian gets a wide smile on his face, "Yeah we've heard about that... and
we've be meaning to come to you about it."

Scott looks at Brian with a raised eyebrow, "We have?"

Brian nods, "Yup... cause it'll be a great opportunity for all of us."

Terri laughs a little "I'm sorry Brian, but its not that easy. I cause you
didn't know...I go for the best in talent." Terri licks her lips "And I've
seen a lot of talent already that I know would be perfect and benefit
greatly from my skills." Terri says as she approaches Scott and places her
hands on his shoulder once she steps behind him. Terri leans up and whispers
into Scott's ear "And...I always look and go for the best."

Scott slowly turns his head took at Terri and smiles, "Well, we are the
best... we're hot and sexy... and too much for any team to stop from going
to the top."

Brian nods his head, "And if you're looking for some clients to manages,
we're your men."

Terri steps over to standing behind Brian and gently places a hand against
his right ass cheek. Terri licks her lips "You both think you're the top

Brian looks over his shoulder at her and licks his lips, "We're both positive
about it."

"Yeah Terri... not even you could keep up with us," Scott laughs a bit.

Terri walks out from behind Brian and stands in front of both Scotty and
Brian. Terri places her hands on her slender waist, that isn't covered up by
her short black top. Terri licks her lips "Is that so..." Terri shrugs "Why
don't we see if you two...young studs are even in my league." Terri says as
she lifts her short black top off of her body, letting her large and nicely
round, braless tits free of the confines of her top. Terri closes her eyes
as she reaches her hands up and gently pinches her hard erected nipples.

Brian and Scotty both like their lips as they look at Terri hands as she
slides them over her chest. Brian smirks, "Terri... you'll see we're too
simply too much for anyone."

Scotty laughs, "Brian, dude, let's just show her what she's got to deal

"Yeah, good thinking Scotty... let's get the big one eye worms out," Brian
laughs as he starts to lower his zebra print wrestling tights to reveal his
semi-hard eight inch cock to Terri.

Terri closes her eyes, tilting her head back as she gently rubs her hard
erected nipples. Terri licks her lips as she opens her eyes once again.
Terri tilts her forward and glance down at Brian's semi-hard cock. Terri
nods her head "Not bad..." Terri says in a seductive voice as she moves
her hands down from her chest and places them over her tight black pants
"But...I think you'll like this more..." Terri slowly unbuttons her tight
black pants and pushes them over of her slender hips. Her pants slide
down her legs and she then steps out of them, remaining in her black
high-heels as she reveals her panty-less, smoothly shaven clean pussy.

"Damn..." Brian licks his lips as he sees Terri's pussy and he wraps a hand
around his semi-hard shaft. He begins to stroke it slowly to get it full hard
so Terri can see it at it's fullest size.

I know I'm liking what I'm seeing..." Scott licks his lips as he lowers his
own wrestling tights to reveal to Terri his fat nine-inch long prick.

Terri licks her lips as her eyes move back and forth between Scott and
Brian's cocks " know boys I happen to love dick...very much" Terri
says as she takes a step towards Scott and Brian. Terri bends over and
gently takes Scott's cock into her left hand and Brian's cock into her
right. Terri begins to slowly move her two hands freely up and down their
decently sized cocks.

Scott and Brian both moan as they feel and watch Terri's hands move along
the lengths of their two hardening cocks. Both young men have fairly big
smiles on their handsome face. "Mmmm I think... that's fairly obvious..."
Scott moans as he moves his hips so he can push his shaft against Terri's
hand. Terri moves her hand down Brian's shaft to his ballsack and cradles
his balls in her soft hands. Terri begins to massage and rub Brian's
ballsack and she moves her hand up Scotty's now solid stiff shaft. Terri
looks down at his cock and licks her already moist lips as she rubs the
head of his prick with the cold palm of her hand.

Brian licks his lips as he moves a hand to slide it through Terri's blond
hair. "You got some great hands... feels like you're giving my nuts a hug..."

Scotty closes his eyes and lets out a moan as he feels the tip of his cock
slide against her hand. "Man.... this is pretty hot..." Terri brings her
head down to Scotty's cock as she positions herself down onto her knees in
front of Brian and Scotty. Terri opens her mouth and takes the front half
of Scotty's prick into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around
his cock and starts to slowly lifts her head up and down on his prick as
she guides two of her fingers up and down the underside of Brian's cock,
as she rubs his ballsack with her thumb.

Scotty lets out a moan of pleasure as his cock slides between Terri's lovely
lips as she bobs her head on it. He slides a hand through his own short blond
hair as Brian reaches down with one of his hands to caress Terri's hair, "Oh
yeah that's it Terri..." Brian moans as he bites his bottom lip when he feels
the fingernail of Terri's thumb lightly scratch the bottom of his ballsack.
Terri opens her mouth wider as she bobs her head along Scotty's cock and
takes more of his stiff cocked into her warm mouth. Terri twirls and twists
her tongue as she sucks on his prick while she starts to move her hand back
up Brian's smooth shaft.

"Awwww shit... Brian... Terri you sure... know how to suck dick..." Scott
grunts as he opens his eyes to look down at her lovely face on his fat shaft.

"I'd sure like to test that out..." Brian laughs a bit as he watches with a
slightly jealous look on his face.

Terri slowly lifts her head up from Scotty's cock and flicks her tongue
against his the head of his cock a few times before she turns on her knees
and looks up at Brian "I don't like complainers, Brian, you go at my pace,
understand?" Terri asks as she grips his cock and opens her mouth. She
lowers her head to his cock and places her wet tongue against the head of
his cock. Terri begins to gently circle her tongue around the head of his
cock before she lowers her head down and encloses her lips around his cock,
like a vice.

"Ahhhh fuck... take it easy... I wasn't... complaining..." Brian grunts as
he pushes his cock forward to get another inch or two into her mouth.

"Man, Brian, don't blow this... this is a great chance to get a hot
manager..." Scotty licks his lips as he moves behind Terri. He kneels down
behind her and places his hands on her gorgeous waist so he can pull her
ass up. "Hope you don't mind me showing some initiative... " Scotty smiles
as he guides his saliva covered cock into her tight pussy. Terri's body
moves a bit forward as Scotty's cock enters her tight pussy as she takes
more of Brian's cock into her warm mouth. Terri begins tightly suck on
Brian's cock as she slowly moves her head up and down on his shaft at a
slow and teasing pace.

"Seems.... to me... she likes... what you did..." Brian moans as he flips
Terri's hair backward so it's not hanging down over her face.

Scott slowly thrust into Terri's pussy while he rubs her round ass with both
of his hands. "Christ.... Bri... she's... got... the fucking... tightest
pussy... I've ever drilled..." Scotty grunts as he starts to throw a bit of
force behind his thrusts so that his cock goes into her more sharply. Terri
moans around Brian's cock as she laps her delicate, skilled tongue as she
slams her ass back against Scotty's waist, forcing more of his cock into her
warm cunt.

Scotty begins to pick up the pace, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy
at an intense rate. "Ohhh fuck... this is great..." He says as he starts to
sweat slightly. Brian licks his lips as he slowly starts to move backward
to extract his cock from Terri's hot talented mouth. Before he moves back
completely, he grips his shaft at the base and slides it over her lovely
lips. Terri spits on the head of Brian's cock and places her hand over her
warm saliva and begins to massage her saliva over the head of Brian's cock.
Terri starts to sweat slightly as she rams herself back against Scotty and
a fast, hard rate.

Brian groans as he pushes his cock against Terri's hand, "Hey Scotty...
let's... do a number 6 on Terri..."

Scotty gets a smile on his face and nods, "Ohhhh yeah man... that'll be
fucking great..."

Terri lifts her head up and raises her eyebrow, looking back at Scotty
"What's a number 6?"

Scotty licks his lips, "A number 6 is when Brian fucks your tight hot
pussy... while I tap your juicy ass..." Scotty lightly taps her backside as
Brian starts to get down on the ground in front of Terri.

"Yeah Terri, it's freaking awesome..." Brian adds with a big smile on his

Terri laughs a little "Why didn't you just say DP?" Terri shakes her head as
she looks down at Brian.

"Because there are like dozens of DP combos... Scott and I numbered them...."

"Yeah, it keeps things simple," Scott laughs as he gently pushes Terri forward
onto Brian.

Terri raises her eyebrow "You two...number sexual positions?" Terri asks
them as if they were idiots as she gets mounted on top of Brian's hard cock.
Terri grits her teeth as she gently comes down on Brian's large cock. Terri
slowly rocks back and forth on Brian's cock, placing her hands on his sweaty
muscular chest as she works herself down on his cock, taking him deep into
her glorious pussy.

"Yeah... why not... one's... called a 69... why not... number the rest..."
Brian moans as he slowly starts to thrust up into her pussy. Scotty moves
close to Terri and leans her forward so he can work his thick cock into her
asshole. With a bit of effort, Scott pushes his fat dick into her asshole
and he resumes fucking her.

Terri grits her teeth and moans as Scotty shoves his fat cock into her tight
asshole "Awww fuck..." Terri moans tilting her head back as she manages to
bounce up and down on Brian's cock while pushing back on Scotty's cock.

Scott and Brian pump their cocks into Terri's tight asshole and pussy
respectively. Scotty places a hand on Terri's shoulder as sweat drips down
his face. "Ohhh god damn Terri... you got an incredible ass...."

"And your cunt... is great too..." Brian moans as he places a hand on Terri's
chest so his palms are pressing against her nipples.

Terri closes her eyes and moans loudly as she comes down hard on Brian's
cock "" Terri says
as breaths heavily and sweats. Terri looks over her shoulder and smirks
deviously as she slams her ass back against Scotty's waist, forcing his
entire cock to drive into her tight asshole.

"There... was no.... doubt... about that..." Brian grunts as he and Scotty
roll over so that Scotty is on the bottom with his dick still in her ass,
and Brian is on top so he can thrust into her pussy.

"So...what number is this position?" Terri laughs a little as she grinds her
pussy against Brian's cock while steadily bouncing on Scotty's cock that's
in her tight asshole.

"Number.... 12..." Brian laughs a bit as sweat drips down his face. He leans
his upper body back a bit and places his hands on Terri's legs. Brian holds
them open in a bit of a 'V' shape as he plows his cock in and out of her
cunt. Scotty reaches around Terri and places his hands on Terri's firm
voluptuous chest.

"Ohhhh damn... this is fucking awesome..." Scott moans as he thrusts up
sharply into her asshole.

Terri eyes rolls to the back of her head as she begins to cum on Brian's
cock "Mmmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Terri moans as sweat pours down her face.

"Ahhh fuck...." Scott groans as he starts to cum deep inside of Terri's

Brian holds Terri's body still as he continues to ram his rod into her cunt
at a brisk pace before he clenches his teeth. "God... damn it!" Brian yells
as he starts to fill Terri's pussy up with his hot cum. Terri licks her lips
as she pinches her erected nipples feeling the warmth of Brian's cum flow
into her pussy.

Brian slowly starts to pull out of Terri's pussy and he slides his cock on
Terri's body. "Soooo.. what do you think?" Scotty asks as he gently pushes
her off of his soft dick.

Terri climbs off of Scotty's cock and bends over picking up her clothes.
Terri nods a bit as she puts her tight black pants back on " boys
were impressive..." Terri begins to say as she puts her black top back on as

Brian stands up and smirks as he goes over to his travel bag to get his
street clothes out of it, "We were too much for you weren't we."

Terri folds her arms and shakes her head " see Brian, Scotty...I'm a
manager who's services are consider great...and I deserve greatness." Terri
presses her lips together and shakes her head "With a gimmick like that...
that's not greatness" Terri turns around and begins to walk away "Give me a
call when you get a better gimmick."


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