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Now That's A Spanking Match Part 1
by Tammy Lover

Triple H was mad. Stephanie had sent him to take care of Trish Stratus
for all she had done to him. Stephanie had instructed her husband HHH, to
spank Stratus hard for her problem causing ways. In fact Stephanie was
quoted as saying "I wanna see those red marks on her ass for weeks!!!"

HHH smiled as he entered the Locker Room of Trish. It was a deluxe room
with a bed, and all that was lit was a single candle. Hunter had no idea who
she was waiting for in her sexy dress, and neither did he care. He pushed
his way in and told her to prepare to be reprimanded from the front office
or lose her job. He then got her to raise up her dress.

As HHH hungrily looked at the young girl standing in front of him with
her dress pulled high, his cock pulsed hard. His eyes couldn't be still,
constantly roving up and down. He took in her smooth, almost hairless body
from top to bottom, and from bottom to top. Her whole body was lightly
tanned except the white patches of her tits and the triangular area around
her pussy. He imagined her ass was white as well. The girl's satiny smooth
body looked so soft and warm. He had to have her!

"All right, Trish. Let down your dress. I want you to turn around and
raise the back of your dress," he told her.

Her face blushing again, she meekly replied, "Okay, Hunter. If you say
so." She dropped her dress in front and turned around.

Ready to let the man look at her ass, she began pulling up her dress. The
dress rose higher, and Hunter's eyes began bulging in lust. He stared at the
fine flesh of her slender legs, wanting to fall on his knees and kiss them,
feel them, massage them. He could hardly restrain himself as the bottom of
her asscheeks came into view. The flesh was smooth, flowing in one continuous
line from her tanned legs to her soft white cheeks. Her ass was fine looking,
barely rounded out from the rest of her slim body. The cheeks of her ass
looked firm and silky smooth. The darker crack in between them beckoned
invitingly to him.

As the dress reached the top of her asscheeks, he told her to stop. He
looked between her legs and saw the tip of the candle still sticking out of
her cunt. The darkness between her legs looked damn good to him. His voice
catching in his throat, he commanded, "Bend over and spread your asscheeks
apart. I want to see your asshole."

With this, the girl rebelled. "What? N-no, I-I can't do that!" She began
to turn around, not knowing what she wanted to do.

His lust uncontrollable, the man rushed her. "Goddamn, did you hear me?
I'm gonna have to teach you to do as you're told. You're gonna be punished."
He grabbed her.

Trish saw him coming, but it was too late. She tried to dodge, but felt
his arms go around her waist in a bear hug. She was hauled to the couch,
wriggling in her attempts to get free. There, she felt herself thrown face
down and pinned to the couch, unable to get up. As the man sat down, the
girl felt herself forcibly thrown across his knees. She felt a cool draft
against the hot flesh of her ass once again as her dress was thrown up onto
her back. She struggled in his lap, but there was nothing she could do. Her
ass was his to do with as he pleased. Trish's whole body was jolted as
Helmsly's hand slapped hard against her ass.

She cried out, "Oh! Stop! Oh, what are you doing? Ouch! Stop it!" She
tried to escape, but the blows began raining down.

Pain shot through her body, from her sensitive ass, to her toes, to her
brain. With each smack, she uncontrollably jerked in the man's lap. Her legs
kicked out in involuntary reflex. Crying out, she moaned with the pain as
each blow landed on her tender ass. She gripped the man's leg and squeezed
hard as her mind was taken over by the pain.

"Ohhh, p-p-please, ooohh, it hurts! Owww--oh--oh--please, stop!" she
pleaded. Her brain swam with the excruciating pain.

HHH was enjoying himself. He tremendously enjoyed showing his girls who
was boss. Every now and then, he liked spanking a girl's ass until it turned
bright red. Feeling a girl wriggling in his lap while he spanked her always
made his cock throb, like it was doing now. He especially enjoyed spanking a
young one like Trish. His cock felt like it was engorged to the bursting
point as the pain-crazed girl convulsed in his lap. With each blow, the girl
kicked and her soft belly slid over his cock. The man could hardly stand it.
He smacked her soft, quivering ass flesh again and again.

Trish Stratus' ass repeatedly cringed under the falling blows. Gradually,
it seemed to her that she was not getting hit as hard as before. But the
sound of the smacks was just as loud, and each swat still landed with
bone-jarring force. Slowly, it dawned on her that the blows were not getting
softer; her ass was getting numbed by the pain. Still, she cried, sobbing
and moaning for him to stop. It was more than she could bear. Her parents
had not spanked her in years, hell she was 25 she hadn't been spanked in at
least 10 years. As the pain lessened, the girl felt the hard bulge under her

She had forgotten about it in her previous anxiety. Now she could feel it
rubbing along her flesh each time she jerked from a swat. She realized that
the man was filled with lust, maybe as much as she was. Still, she cried in
pain, unable to control herself. Gradually, she became aware that her pussy
was sending messages of lust to her brain.

The candle was still inside her cunt, and she had unknowingly been
massaging it into her fuck hole each time she jerked on the man's lap. She
jerked in his lap as the blows kept slamming her ass. The candle pressed
into her cunt, while the man's cock pressed against her belly. Her pussy was
now creaming its hot juice all over the place. It dripped out of her cunt
and onto the man's pants leg. It seeped out from around the candle in a
never-ending drip of slippery cream.

Her head lifted from its hanging position as she threw it back in
pleasure. The good emanations from her cunt began building in intensity. Her
clit buzzed, sliding on the man's pants leg. The candle was tightly squeezed
in her cunt. Now her moans of pain began turning to moans of pleasure. She
began twitching, this time feeling extreme lust instead of pain.

Triple H, noticing the change he had expected, began spanking her harder
and faster. He made sure she slid over his stiff cock with each slap, and he
raised his leg to rub his prick against her cunt. "Rub your pussy, honey.
Fuck your cunt with the candle," he whispered.

With only the slightest hesitation, Trish grabbed the candle and she
began pushing it in and out of her swollen cunt. Involuntary moans escaped
her lips as the pleasure immediately doubled. She pulled the candle almost
all the way out of her tight cunt, then drove it back inside to the hilt.
The candle slid effortlessly.

She gasped, "Oh, it's good! Oh, I can't take it anymore! Oooohhh, I'm--
I'm gonna--gonna--oohhhh!"

She had never before felt such pleasure. She climaxed from deep within
her body, exploding with gut-wrenching force. She kept humping Helmsly's
leg, while driving the candle deeply into her pussy. She could still feel
the spanks landing on her ass, but no longer did she feel any pain. Her
burning ass sent waves of hot pleasure scorching their way to her cunt and
clit. From there, they shot through her entire body, overloading her brain
with a goodness she had never known. As she convulsed, she almost blacked
out in total ecstasy. She screamed in mindless pleasure, lost to the world.

Her mind was taken over. Her lust controlled all other thoughts she might
have had. She bucked, twisting and jerking in the man's lap as she came. Her
cunt repeatedly clamped tightly around the slippery candle with her spasms.
Her eyes screwed tightly closed. Her face was drawn up in a grimace of total
mindlessness. Her whole body tensed, convulsing again and again. She felt
her cunt twitching with her climax. She kept soaring up, up to the heights
of lust. Oh, goddamn, it's so fucking good, she thought. Gradually, the
candle slid slower than before.

Trish slumped down in exhaustion, her young mind blown. She had never
before experienced such excruciating goodness. She hadn't known such heights
of pleasure were to be had. As she stopped writhing in HHH's lap, the beating

As Triple H witnessed the young girl climaxing in his lap, his cock
began leaking its fluids. Now there was a big wet spot on the front of his
pants. Gently, he began caressing her smooth, girlish ass. Lovingly, his
hands roved up and down. He soothed the girl's swollen, reddened ass-flesh,
knowing how good it would feel after the beating. His hands gently slid
around in a circular pattern. Then they slid back and forth, from one
asscheek to the other. Her ass was so silky smooth. The flesh was so soft,
yet firm. His hand slid down the girl's legs, then crossed back up to her
fine little ass. His hand slipped in between her legs.

Trish relaxed as she felt the man's hand gently rubbing her throbbing
ass. His gentle touch felt so good in contrast to the pain of the beating.
Her cunt was still sensitive, and the cream still dripped from her fuck-hole.
Her whole cunt-slit was swollen, wet and red. The man's caress sent shivers
up and down her spine. Her wet fuck-hole began creaming even more than
before. She spread her legs in acceptance as she felt Hunter's hand sliding
in between her tender asscheeks.

She raised her ass to a better angle, lowering her legs as she spread
them. She felt the man's hand gliding between her asscheeks and flicking
over her sensitive asshole. A shiver of sensation such as she had never
before experienced shot through her young body. The finger flicked lightly
back and forth over her asshole, making her groan at the unaccustomed

"Oh!" she gasped. "That feels good. Oh, yeah!" She couldn't help moving
her ass in pleasure as her asshole was gently massaged. It was the first
time anyone had touched her there.

"Do you like that, Trish?" HHH's finger massaged a sensuous circle around
the girl's puckered asshole ridge.

"Oh, yeah," she moaned. "It feels good. I didn't know how good it could
feel." She twitched the powerful muscle in response to his caress, reveling
in the strange goodness she felt. She could not deny that it was good.

Triple H stroked the girl's soft ass, softly saying, "Are you ready to
spread your ass for me, Trish? Or do you need some more persuasion?" He
lightly slapped her ass as a reminder. "You're gonna show me your asshole,
whether you like it or not. You might as well face it. Remember what'll
happen otherwise, if you don't do like I say."

He grinned to himself as his cock, throbbed. He couldn't keep his hands
off of the girl's finely rounded ass. The flesh was so smooth, so soft and

Trish trembled at his words. Her body was aflame with excitement. She
hated having him order her around, but loved it all the same. She was doing
things she would never have had the courage to try on her own. Almost
reluctantly, her hands began to move. She felt behind her until her fingers
sunk into her swollen asscheeks. She began to pull, and the dark crevice in
between them began to widen. Her cunt muscles twitched around the candle,
and her clit buzzed for more attention.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly stared between the girl's legs as she began opening
her ass. Hungrily, his gaze stayed glued to the dark space between her
asscheeks. He was almost drooling in anticipation of seeing and playing with
the girl's tender, virgininly asshole.

Slowly, the girl's sweet asscheeks spread apart. After what seemed like
an eternity, her tight, puckered shithole came into view. His eyes lit up in
excitement. Her asshole was so lightly colored, it was almost pink, glowing
with freshness and health. It was small and clamped tightly shut. From what
he could see, there was no hair whatsoever around her shithole. In fact,
there was no hair worth mentioning between her legs except a sparse growth
around and above her cunt.

He imagined sticking his cock up her ass. His prick twitched in
anticipation. It would be a very tight squeeze. His mind filled with lust
for the girl's ass. He began to rub and fondle her asshole once again. How
he wanted to fuck her there.

Trish lay across the man's lap, holding her ass open for him. She closed
her eyes, loving the feel of his fingers flicking over her asshole. Waves of
good feeling emanated from her tight shitter. The waves mixed with and
multiplied the shivers of lust shooting through her body from her cunt. His
finger circled her asshole, then flicked back and forth over it. His hand
slid up the crack of her ass, then back down almost to her cunt. Then he
reversed direction and zeroed in on her shitter, where it began gently
massaging around the puckered rim. The girl had never known such pleasure.

"Oh, damn it, that feels good. Oh, yeah, ooohhh!" she panted. Her asshole
would not stop twitching in happiness.

"Like that? Just wait 'til later. All right, stand up and take off your

He slapped her asscheeks. The WWF Diva gave a jolt of surprise. She
hurriedly moved off the man's lap to do as he said. The dress flew off, and
she began to kick off her shoes.

"Wait a minute, girl. Keep your shoes on. I didn't tell you to take them
off, did I? You're only to do what you're told, got that? Nothing else." He
stared hard at the girl, making her melt under his gaze.

Trembling, Trish pulled her shoes back on. "All right, Hunter. Sorry, I-I
forgot." She put them on and stood before him.

Triple H looked her over from head to foot, hardly able to hold himself
back. His eyes took in her velvety skin, her tanned legs, her creamy white
hips and cunt, her sloping, tanned belly, her large, milky white tits, her
pink nipples. He wanted so much to throw her down and fuck her. But first,
he had to condition her the way he wanted.

"Turn around. When I say so, bend over and open your ass," he ordered.

As Trish turned around, HHH's gaze went immediately to her ass. It was
still swollen and reddened from the beating he had given her. Here and
there, spots of pure-white flesh shone through the reddened areas. It was
hardly flaring from her waist, but still was finely rounded. It looked soft
as a peach, with its fine, peach fuzz covering of light hair. So fine.

Trish Stratus trembled as she stood before the lust-filled man. Her
cunt refused to stop dripping its juices. The entire area between her legs
was coated with pussy cream. As she stood with her back to the man, she
could not help but reach down and fuck her cunt with the candle a few times.
She gaped her legs and slipped the wax dildo in and out of her dripping
fuck-hole, while the man eagerly watched in astonishment and desire.
Throwing her head back in enjoyment, she didn't ever want it to stop.

"Honey, I'm only gonna tell you one more time. I give the orders here.
Now, spread 'em for me." Though he didn't sound like it, he was really
rather pleased that the horny bitch stroked her cunt without permission.
It told him how excited she was by what was happening.

Trish bent forward and let go of the candle so she could grab her ass.
She pulled apart her slim asscheeks, feeling the cooling air blowing over
her asshole. She felt so naked, so vulnerable with her asshole exposed. She
quivered with excitement.

Hunter fought to remain calm as the WWF Diva stood bent over in front
of him. Her asshole looked so tender, so goddamn tight. He ached to push
his cock up her shitter. The light-brown ring of her asshole beckoned to
him. This was it. This was the hole he wanted to fuck, not her pussy. He
got up, croaking, as he felt himself pulled to it as if by a powerful magnet
that could not be resisted.

Trish felt the man reach between her legs and grabbed the candle. She
moaned and spread her legs farther apart. The candle worked in and out of her
cunt before the man pulled it all the way out of her fuck-hole. She wondered
what was coming up next as a flood of cream gushed out of her pussy. She
quickly found out. She felt a soft, warm wetness tickling her inner thighs.
Shivers of tingling lust shot through her body.

Surprised, she saw that he was licking between her legs! This was a lot
better than the candle, she thought, as the tongue licked up to her cunt.
Still, she remained bent over, her ass open, while the man held onto her
legs from behind.

HHH hungrily dove into the girl's tender cunt. He lapped up her sweet
cream from between her thighs. His tongue licked up the sweet stuff coating
her inner thighs, then slid up to the source. He inhaled deeply as he licked.
The smell of her cunt and ass filled his nostrils. Closing his eyes in
ecstasy, he savored the powerful, cock-throbbing aroma.

Trish felt his tongue licking over her swollen cunt-lips as the man
lapped up her cream. She shivered as his tongue rode down her pussy-slit to
her little clit. His wet tongue slid around her clit and did several small
circles around it. She felt his tongue swabbing her cunt, diving between her
cunt-lips and into her fuck-hole. It swirled around, licking her inside out
while she gasped in pleasure. Then he began stabbing his tongue in and out.
It stabbed her to the very core of her being, licking deeply into her cunt.

His tongue then exited from her fuck-hole and began sliding rapidly up
and down her cunt-slit. At the bottom of each tongue stroke, he gently
caressed her swollen clit. Each time his tongue flicked her clit, the girl
gave an involuntary moan and a lurch. His tongue slid back up her cunt-slit
and glided past her pussyhole.

As soon as his tongue stopped mopping up her wet cunt, the juices began
seeping out again. The wonderful, warm tongue slid up her ass, but dodged
around her asshole. It slipped upward and kept going to the top of her
asscrack. There, it slid back down, and dodged to the other side of her
asshole. His tongue repeated the trip to the top of her asscrack and kept
going once again to the top of her ass. It then slid down slowly, as the
Game kissed and licked every square inch of her lovely butt. First one cheek
was covered with his licks, and then he slid his tongue across her tender
assflesh to the other. He licked between the girl's fingers as she held her
cheeks splayed open. She couldn't stand it!

"Please, oh, please, lick my asshole! Ohhh, Hunter, will you ... will
you lick it? Please, do it! Ohhh, it feels so good. Ah-ah!" Her breath came
in sharp gasps as she moaned in extreme lust. Her asshole quivered, and she
shook her butt from side to side.

Triple H momentarily stopped his licking. He snarled, "Shut up, bitch. I
told you I'm in charge here. You're gonna push me too far, and I'm gonna have
Steph fire you, not before I tell the locker room to have their way with you.
So either shut up, or prepared to be beaten." He slapped her on the thigh,
leaving an imprint of his palm.

The girl yelped, startled by the unexpectedness of the slap. Incredibly,
it only served to heighten the pleasure she felt at being used by the man.
Her asshole twitched, craving attention. His wonderful tongue began circling
her asshole in an inward spiraling circle. It slowly but surely zeroed in on
the tight brown bullseye.

Oh, it felt so good to her as it finally touched her puckered asshole rim.
She clenched the powerful muscle in happiness. She could not help but grind
her butt back into the man's face. She felt him holding her legs in a strong
grip as he held her steady. She tried to pull her asscheeks farther apart to
let him get in with his mouth.

The man eagerly buried his face in her young butt, lapping and sucking at
her asshole. His tongue swirled into the girl's shithole, trying to push its
way inside. After a bit of trying, he backed off and again flicked his tongue
back and forth over her asshole. He circled the sensitive ridge, and then
again flicked over it.

Suddenly, his tongue withdrew, leaving Trish wondering where it had gone.
She dared not ask, however. She didn't want the great asslicking to stop.
Trish wondered why the man let go of her thighs. Her question was soon
answered as she felt him touching her asshole with his fingers. She felt
the cool air going up her ass as the man gently pushed and opened up her
shithole. He pushed gently but firmly, spreading his fingers as he pushed.
Trish felt the man's tongue quickly following the cool air. It softly probed
into her asshole, while his fingers pushed harder to open her little shitter
even more.

Stratus could not stifle her moans of pleasure. "Oh, yeah, that feels so
good, ooohhh! It's g-good--aahhh--oooohh ... oohhh ... mmmmmnnngghh ... oh,
yeah!" She slowly gyrated her ass as the man licked.

Hunter made no answer. He was totally absorbed in the task at hand. His
fingers spread the young girl's asshole open as he drove his tongue inside.
He inhaled her shitter's aroma, loving it. Breathing deep, he reveled in the
delicious smell and taste. His lips fastened to her wrinkled assmouth, and
his tongue snaked its way into her brown shitter hole. He worked his tongue
from side to side, swirling it around as he tried to get it in as far as he
could. Stabbing her warm shitter again and again, he lovingly fucked it with
his tongue.

Trish tossed her head back when a finger began rubbing between her
cunt-lips. He rubbed his finger up and down her wet cunt-slit, working his
way between the swollen folds of pussy flesh. She felt her cunt gently
massaged while her asshole was opened up for the man's soft tongue. His
finger sunk into her pussy, swirled around, and then pulled out. It slipped
up and down her cunt-slit, collecting a lot of her slippery cream.

At the same time, the girl felt HHH's tongue withdrawing from her ass.
The fingers began rubbing up to her asshole, spreading her wetness between
her legs. It rubbed back to her cunt, then spread the lube up to her asshole
until her cream was generously spread between her asscheeks. His finger then
began sliding around her asshole.

As his finger massaged her asshole in circles around the rim, the girl
arched her back. She thrust her butt out at a better angle and continued
pulling her asscheeks wide apart as the tingling goodness filled her body.

"Now, Trish, I want you to relax your asshole completely. Totally relax
the muscle. Just let go and let your asshole open up for me. Breathe deep as
you feel my finger pushing into your asshole and opening it up."

"Okay," she panted.

The man's finger began wetly circling, spiraling into her puckered
asshole. She moaned in delight and relaxed her asshole as his finger began
pushing in, exerting a steadily building pressure. Just as the girl felt his
fingertip opening up her asshole, it slipped back out to get more cunt cream
for lube. Quickly, it returned to her brown shitter and picked up where it
had left off.

Trish again felt Triple H's finger pushing against her asshole. She
inhaled deeply as she felt the trembling flesh beginning to give way. As
she felt the man's finger penetrating her tight asshole, the stretching
sensations she felt sent shivers racing through her body.

Working back and forth, his fingertip gradually pushed past the
restraining ring of her asshole. She kept breathing deep and concentrated on
totally relaxing. The man's finger pushed into the slippery fuck-hole between
her asscheeks, and it felt wonderful. She felt his finger stop its forward
movement and realized that it was all the way in. He began moving his finger
back and forth, slowly sliding out and back in again. Once buried to the
hilt, it wiggled from side to side.

Her eyes closed in pleasure as she eagerly held her asscheeks spread wide.
A smile crossed her lips as the goodness kept getting better. His finger slid
out, interrupting her dreaming. She began to turn around, wondering where it
had gone. She didn't have long to wait to find out. It slid down and rubbed
her pussy, along with another of the man's fingers. Together, they slid into
Trish Stratus's pussy. She twitched as her cunt was forcibly opened up.

Fiery signals of lust shot through her young body as the fingers fucked
back and forth, collecting her juices. As suddenly as they had begun, they
pulled back out. The girl trembled as she felt his fingers pressing against
her asshole. Her puckered shitter began to give in as the pressure built up.
The fingers pushed gently, but firmly.

The girl moaned as her tiny asshole began stretching. "Oooohhhh, ooohhh,
oooooohhhhhh, it hurts!" she panted.

The pain shot out in ever-widening ripples as the tight little ring was
stretched. The girl breathed deep, steeling herself in the face of the pain.
Oh, how it hurt. Her asshole felt stretched wide open, like it was being
opened more than she had thought possible. She threw her head back, arching
her back, thrusting out her ass and opening her cheeks wider. She could feel
every bit of forward progress the two fucking fingers made as they pushed
their way into her ass. Trish breathed harder and faster as the pain
increased. She fought to keep her shitter relaxed.

"Ooohhh, stop! Ohhh, you--you're hurting--ohhh--me! Ooohhhh, I can't take
it!" Her asshole kept clenching tightly around his fingers.

"You can take it, honey," Hunter assured her. "Your asshole can stretch
a lot wider, and I'm gonna prove it to you. All you have to do is totally
relax. Keep your cheeks spread wide apart. I'm not gonna stop. Pretty soon,
you'll be begging me not to stop."

To back up his words, he kept pushing his fingers into the girl's
puckering shitter. Trish gave up and tried harder to relax. Gradually, she
was able to relax her shitter, a little at a time. She kept breathing deep,
relaxing her asshole more with each breath. Bit by bit, she felt the two
fingers pushing into her spread shitter. She gasped as the tight ring of her
asshole expanded under the insistent probing of the man's fingers.

Just as they slipped into her quivering shitter, she felt the man's other
hand caressing her cunt. She moaned. HHH's hand cupped her swollen cunt-lips,
gently massaging the tender flesh. His fingers rubbed up to the top of her
pussy slit. There, they caressed the sensitive flesh surrounding her clit.
They gently separated her cunt-lips and slowly flicked over her cunt-slit,
from her wet fuck-hole to her clit. Each time she felt her clit frigged, she
gave a twitch. After each twitch, her asshole opened to take a little more
finger. Her clit expanded, pulsing in heat. Her asshole now began eagerly
stretching to take the man's fingers inside it.

Suddenly, she had a burning itch deep up her ass. Driven out of her mind
with lust, she gasped, "Oh, that's it, Hunter! Ohhh, I can't help it! It's
so good! I like it! Ohhh, fuck my ass!"

Her ass was now thrusting back at him as she tried to push her shitter
all the way down his fingers. She wanted them deep! The more she worked her
ass, the more his fingers slipped inside. Soon, she could feel them all the
way inside her shitter. Her whole asshole felt comfortably stretched.

Triple H's fingers felt like they were so very far up her ass. It was
excruciatingly pleasurable for her. Especially coupled with the frigging her
cunt was getting at the same time. Swiftly, the goodness escalated until she
could not bear it any longer. Her brain reeling, her body tensed up as she
was brought to climax.

Breathing in deep gasps, she thrust her spread ass onto the man's fingers.
She wanted to take it all, and more, if possible. Her pussy expanded. Her
clit enlarged, pulsing in heat. Her asshole became supersensitive, and it,
too, seemed to expand in her mind. She ground her ass from side to side.
Joyously, she clenched her asshole tightly around his fingers each time her
muscles spasmed. Her shitter convulsed by itself as the girl reveled in the
deep stroking pleasure she felt. She had never felt anything so good, she
thought, as she exploded inside.

"Oooohhh, I'm cumming! Oooohhh, I'm--I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg! Oooohhh ...
uuunnngggghhh, yeah--yeah--oh, yes--ohhh, yaaaahhhh!"

She was conscious of nothing other than the two hands servicing her
fuck-holes. Her clit pulsed in powerful waves of climax. Her asshole
twitched in strong convulsions. She could not control herself as she came
more powerfully than ever before. She felt like her body was exploding
from the inside out. As her body continually tensed and released, she
almost blacked out from the force of her orgasm.

She staggered, her asshole spasming around his butt-plunging fingers.
The man caught her and held her up before she could fall. He kept his
fingers all the way up her ass as he steadied the girl on her feet. Then he
began once again massaging her clit. The convulsions gradually slowed down.

Trish was temporarily disoriented. As her brain began to clear, her body
glowed with pleasure. She felt better than ever. She experienced a few more
convulsions before her body gradually relaxed. This time, the man gently
lowered her to the floor, keeping his fingers up her asshole the whole

When she was on her belly, his fingers gently massaged the inside of her
ass. Trish hoped he would never take them out. Trish felt HHH's fingers
slowly digging into her asshole, then withdrawing. They softly sawed in and
out, making chills rush up and down her spine. Then they slowly pulled out
of her ass. Trish patiently waited for them to return.

When they didn't, she turned around and gasped. Hunter Hearst Helmsly was
throwing off the last of his clothes. He turned toward the girl, totally
naked. His cock strained out and up at a slight angle, pulsing and throbbing
in lust. Goddamn, thought the girl, it's huge!


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