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Now That's A Spanking Match Part 2
by Tammy Lover

Trish stared at HHH's big cock, realizing that she was about to get fucked
for the first time by the Game. She didn't know if she could take something
that big. She had certainly never tried anything that huge. His prick looked
at least seven inches long and very thick. She trembled in awe.

"Oh, Mr. Helmsley, y-you're not gonna stick that th-thing in me, a-are
you?" she asked.

"I sure am, honey. Don't worry. You'll love it." He smiled cheerily, his
eyes glazed. "Get on your knees and spread your asscheeks for me."

The girl did as she was told. Her pussy was on fire as she got on her
knees and resumed the now-familiar position, holding her ass wide open. Her
shitter glistened darkly in between her spread asscheeks. Hunter left the
room, and he returned immediately. He handed a tube of grease to Trish.

"Spread this stuff in your ass, Trish. Use a lot of it, now. I want your
asshole well greased for me," he instructed.

While HHH held her asscheeks spread wide, Trish smeared some of the grease
around her asshole, then began massaging it inside. She couldn't help moaning
as she pistoned her finger in and out of her asshole. The pleasure was almost
too much.

"Use some more, honey. It's gonna be a tight fit," said HHH, stroking his

Swiftly, the girl massaged her asshole with another big glob of lube.
Coating her finger, she ecstatically fucked herself in the ass with it. As
she did so, she ground her ass back against her hand, trying to get more
finger inside it.

"Now, spread some on my cock."

He moved nearer so she could reach his throbbing prick. The girl's eyes
glowed as she stared at his fucktool in fascination. Lovingly, her hands
reached out to feel his cock. She marveled at its silky smooth texture. His
prick felt so warm, so alive. Trish Stratus could feel his prickshaft pulsing
in her hands. She wrapped her hand around the thick root in admiration, then
began spreading the lube on it.

Hunter said, "Use a lot around the head, and a little on the rest. Once
the head gets in, the rest'll go in pretty easy."

As Trish lubed the man's big cock, she was struck by a sudden realization.
She was not going to get fucked in the cunt; she was going to get fucked in
the ass! The crazy man wanted to stick his huge prick up her tiny little

"N-no you're not g-gonna put it in m-my ass, are you?" she asked, backing

"Yeah, I had planned on it," he replied, beckoning her back over to him.

"B-but it's too big. I-I can't take it! My ass is too s-small. N-n- nooo,"
she pleaded, her asshole twitching in fear. "P-please, fuck my pussy. It's
dying to be fucked--please!"

"Yeah, baby, you can take it," he comforted her. "Let me tell you
something. I don't fuck cunts. Pussy is for eating. Asshole is for fucking,

He massaged her pretty ass, stroking her soft, smooth flesh.

"Calm down, girl. You can take it, and you'll love it."

He flicked his finger over her asshole. Stratus's asshole pulsed. She
loved having her brown shitter stroked. The inside of her asshole itched,
wanting to be scratched deep inside. She found out that she liked nothing
better than having her asshole probed. Still, she wasn't sure that her
shitter could stretch over HHH's huge prickhead. The fucking knob looked as
big as a plum, to her frightened eyes.

Still feeling the girl's ass, Hunter said, "Now, baby, spread your butt
wide open. I want your ass spread as far open as it can go. All the way. Get
all the way down on your knees and relax completely. I want to make this as
easy as possible for you."

The man could hardly control his lust as he gazed at the young girl's
soft, smooth skin. His cock throbbed and drops of sticky pre-cum seeped from
his pricktip. Trish did as instructed, squatting all the way down on all
fours with her back arched and her ass thrust out. She reached behind her and
separated her asscheeks, opening the way to her tight asshole. The more she
got into this position, with her asshole exposed, the more it turned her on.
She felt so naked, so vulnerable as she bent over and spread her asscheeks.
Her cunt throbbed. The cream flowed out of her pussy in a steady drip.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly stared at the young girl's glistening asshole and
prepared to put his cock in it. Her brown shitter mouth winked at him as
Trish Stratus silently asked his cooperation in deflowering her asshole.
Triple H gave his greased cock a few strokes and moved up behind her. His
balls hung full and heavy. They swung, aching to spurt cum into the girl's
ass. The man cupped them in his hand as he guided his cock between Trish's

The girl obligingly held them wide apart so Hunter Hearst Helmsly could
get at her asshole. The girl anxiously waited, not knowing what to expect.
She remembered how the man's two fingers had stretched her asshole. His cock
was a lot bigger. She had to place her faith in him, though. She only hoped
he was not lying when he said her ass could take it. She closed her eyes and
rested her head on the carpet. She could not keep her asshole from twitching
in horniness, no matter how anxious she was.

Chills rushed through Trish's body as something big and hard began
pressing between her asscheeks. The blunt object felt much too big for her
little asshole. The pressure grew. Hunter Hearst Helmsly's big cock pushed
harder against her tightly puckered asshole as it tried to force its way in.

Frightened at the size of his prickhead, Stratus could not relax enough to
let it in. The squeeze was beginning to hurt her. HHH backed off, easing the

"Relax, baby," he said. "Breathe deep now. When you feel my cock pushing
into your asshole, inhale deeply. You have to remember to keep your asshole
completely relaxed, and it'll stretch open with no problem."

Once again, he began pushing his big cockhead against the girl's tightened
shitter mouth. Trish felt him pushing his prick between her asscheeks, and
she decided to make it as easy as possible on herself. She put all her
willpower into relaxing her asshole completely. She inhaled as deeply and as
slowly as she could. As the pressure built up, her asshole began to stretch.
Shivers of goodness sped through her young body.

Oh, yeah, this was going to be good. She pulled her slim asscheeks farther
apart and spread her knees even more. She hunched down to the floor, pushing
her ass back against the man's cock. The pressure kept growing. Her asshole
kept stretching. She felt her tight asshole expanding, growing wider and
wider. It seemed to stretch farther open than seemed possible. Trish stopped
pushing back as her shitter began sending signals of pain vibrating up and
down her spine.

"Oooohhh," she moaned. "It hurts--go slower--please!"

Hunter Hearst Helmsly didn't pay her any attention. He wanted to fuck the
girl in the ass, and he wanted to do it now. He was going to, whether she
liked it or not. He knew it was only a matter of moments before she would be
fucking him back and moaning in ecstasy. He pushed his cock harder against
her asshole. The slippery ring of puckered muscle began slowly giving way and
opening up under his probing.

The girl's asshole felt so goddamn tight. Trish crouched down, her asshole
stretching wide open as the man's prick fucked into it. Just as she thought
she could stand no more pain, she felt a sudden jolt. His big fat cockhead
pushed into her wide-open asshole. Fire shot to her brain, and her whole body
recoiled in pain. She jerked forward and fell flat on her belly. Thankfully,
his torturing cockhead slipped back out of her ass.

Moaning in pain, she gasped, "Oooohhh, it h-hurts too much. I-it's too big
to go up m-my ass!" She began sobbing as she rested her head on her arms. Her
asshole puckered tightly shut, throbbing in unaccustomed pain. The inside of
her tender shitter pulsed, seeming to expand and contract with her heartbeat.

"Shhhh, Trish," soothed the man. "Calm down and relax. You can take it,
honey." He began stroking her smooth skin. Stratus felt Triple H's hand
sliding between her legs. His finger brushed over her outer cunt-lips,
lightly tickling her pussy. His fingers then began to slide up and down
between her cunt-lips, separating them to get in between.

As her slick pussy was massaged, she began feeling a lot better. All
thoughts of pain were swiftly overcome. She spread her legs to let the man's
hand get in. His hand gently massaged her soft cunt, working its way to the
pink fuck-hole between the swollen pussy-lips. There, his finger swirled
around in gradually decreasing circles. Slowly, it slipped into her pussy,
sawing in and out before gliding up her cunt-slit to her clit. A couple of
fingers began circling and massaging her tender swollen fucknub.

As they rubbed over her clit, the girl felt the familiar sensations
building up inside her. She began uncontrollably grinding her pussy against
his pleasure-giving hand. She moaned, "Ooohhh, feels good, Hunter. Aaahhh,
yeah, feels so right-- mmmmm--ooohhhh!" Her ass gyrated in a circular
pattern, and she spread her legs wider as she rubbed her cunt against the
man's hand.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly grinned to himself as he watched the girl respond in
happiness. He knew that if he played with Trish's cunt, she would be more
than willing to let him fuck her in the ass. He stared in unfulfilled lust at
the young girl's ass. Her dark, wet shitter mouth bobbed up and down as he
hungrily watched. His cock throbbed, aching to be thrust deeply into the
glistening hole between the girl's slender asscheeks.

Trish Stratus continued grinding her cunt, twitching her asshole in
pleasure. Her pussy expanded. Her clit throbbed. His fingers flicked over her
swollen fucknub. Just as she knew she was about to cum, she felt his big,
hard cockhead pushing against her asshole again. As she felt her asshole
wonderfully expanding under the pressure, she exploded in orgasm.

She sharply drew in her breath as she came, screaming, "Ooohh--
uuuunnnngggghhhh--aaaahhhh--don't stop!"

Her body convulsed as her cunt exploded in a gush of hot cream. She
gritted her teeth as her face contorted in a grimace of overwhelming
pleasure. Tightly closing her eyes, she pushed her face into the carpet as
the spasms wracked her young body. Her fists clenched. All of her muscles
went tense and then released in explosive climax. Her cunt muscles spasmed
as her frothing juices gushed out of her red fuck-hole.

Somehow, in the back of her mind, she sensed her asshole stretching open.
The pleasure tripled as her mind was blown by the wonderful sensations. Her
asshole stretched wider, while she kept convulsing on the floor. The hand
never stopped rubbing her pussy and clit, and she could do nothing but cum,
and cum hard. Nothing else in the world mattered. HHH's big, thick cock
pushing into her asshole only made it better.

As her climax began subsiding, the girl realized that this time it was the
real thing. She was going to get butt-fucked. There was no denying it. This
time, instead of pain, she felt nothing but excruciating pleasure. As her
asshole kept stretching open to take the man's big prick, Stratus felt dizzy
with pleasure. As her clit slowed its throbbing, she grabbed her ass, pulling
her asscheeks wide apart for his cock. She wanted his prick up her ass, and

Trish kept her eyes closed and her asscheeks spread. She inhaled as deeply
as she could, wanting her shitter completely filled with hard cock. "Ohhhh,
yes, fuck my ass," she moaned.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly didn't need any urging. He slowly but firmly pushed
his cock against the girl's asshole. His eyes peered into the dark space
between the girl's asscheeks. When he butt-fucked a girl, he loved watching
her asshole stretching wide open as it slipped over his cock. Nothing turned
him on more than the sight of a girl holding her ass arched out, begging him
to put his prick in her shitter. He watched closely as Trish's tiny asshole
gradually expanded over the big knob of his cock.

The girl was now twisting her head from side to side. Her asscheeks
tightened up, and then relaxed as she got used to the feeling. Her asshole
throbbed in pain at first. The pain began turning to great pleasure, however,
as his cock began gently fucking back and forth. She had never felt such
pleasure. Her tight asshole was completely stretched open in front of and
around the man's big cock. She held her slender asscheeks spread wide apart,
helping her shitter open up to Hunter's thick cock.

Helmsly leaned way back, watching his cock disappearing up the girl's ass.
He couldn't believe how easily she was taking his cock now. The tightness was
incredible. The girl's powerful asshole clutched at his cock, squeezing it in
a mighty, slippery grip. He had to hold himself back to keep from spurting
his cum up her ass too early. Damn sure didn't want to do that. He wanted to
enjoy the powerful tightness of her virgin asshole for as long as possible.
Oh, how he wished it would never end.

Looking down, Hunter Hearst Helmsly saw that about half his cock had
already gone up the girl's well-greased asshole. He nearly fainted with
ecstasy as he saw how much the girl's shitter was stretched. Her asscheeks
were split wide apart. Grabbing her asscheeks, he pushed them even farther
apart. He wanted them spread wider than wide. He wanted her little brown
asshole between completely stretched open for his cock to fit in.

"Rub your cunt," he panted.

The tight warmth of her asshole was getting to him. He slowly fucked her
ass, his cock sinking a little deeper with each stroke. As badly as he wanted
to, he knew he couldn't ram his cock all the way in. He wanted to let her
asshole get used to it before he really started fucking her.

Even though he was boss, he wanted the girl to like ass-fucking as much as
he did. Trish heard the man's command, and she let go of he asscheeks. HHH
held them spread open as the girl began massaging her pussy. Her pussy would
not stop gushing its cream as her shitter was fucked deeper and deeper. She
could not stop moaning in pleasure, either. Her head was resting on the
floor. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She felt her asshole
stretching wide open as Hunter Hearst Helmsly's cock fucked into it, and she
thought she was in heaven.

As Trish relaxed even more, his cock kept pushing deeper. She could feel
the big, thick knob of his prickhead as it worked back and forth, slowly
sliding up her ass. Shivers raced up and down her spine. The part of her
asshole wrapped around his prick felt stuffed full, while the part just in
front of his prickhead was being wonderfully stretched. She began pushing
back against the man. She wanted every inch of his cock up her ass.
Furiously, she rubbed her cunt in the heat of the moment.

She moaned, "Oooohhh, aaaahhh, feels good, Hunter, ooohhhh!"

His cock steadily pistoned in and out, and her body tensed in excitement.

With each stroke, the lube was spread deeper up her asshole. With each
fuck-thrust, a fraction of an inch more cock slip into her open shitter. As
her asshole was fucked inside, Trish began stroking her clit at the same
time. She circled her little swollen fucknub, then flicked her fingers over
it. She pinched her clit, then flicked over it again and again. As she got
into it, she could not help but raise her cunt off the floor, presenting her
ass to the man at a better angle.

When she raised up, another inch of thick cock fucked into her asshole.
Chills ran up and down her spine. Pain shot through her body each time his
prickhead drove deeper into her asshole. However, the slight pain swiftly
turned to pleasure each time the man's cock began gently pumping in readiness
for the next forward push. As his cock stroked her asshole, her hand steadily
frigged her clit. The feeling got better and better. The lower part of her
body throbbed in pleasure. The good waves pulsated up and down her spine.

She tried to clench her asshole around the man's prick. Her tight shitter
was stretched to the max. She dreamily closed her eyes. The girl's butt began
gyrating. She pushed her ass back at the man as the fucking got better and
better for her. As she pushed back, she tried to keep her tight asshole fully
relaxed. When she pulled away a bit, she tried to flex the muscle and savor
the wonderful feel. Even though she could hardly flex it, she still got a lot
of pleasure from trying. Her hand kept working on her pussy, and an
animalistic groan escaped her lips.

Her fingers slid up and down her wet cunt-slit. She rubbed the slippery
cream all over between her legs. Her fingers swirled around the rim of her
cunt. They gradually spiraled their way inside. Two fingers worked into her
cunt. They slowly spread her tight pink fuck-hole as they plunged inside.
With her other hand, she began frigging her clit at the same time. Her
swollen fucknub, sent pleasure signals coursing through her cunt, ass and
spine as she flicked her fingers across it. Her ass could hot stop grinding
from side to side as she pushed her shitter farther down onto the man's big

Triple H's eyes glazed over as he peered at the young girl's tightly
stretched asshole. The more his prick slipped inside it, the more his eyes
bugged out. He couldn't believe how easily the girl's tender young asshole
was taking his long, thick cock. He kept his hands pushing Trish's soft
asscheeks wide. He wanted her asshole opened all the way. The more he helped,
the deeper he would be able to drive his prick. If there was one thing he
couldn't stand, it was being left with part of his prick unfucked. He wanted
to bury it all the way to the hilt when he fucked. Throwing back his head, he
moaned as his cock was clutched in the tight, wet warmth of her ass. Hunter
Hearst Helmsly smiled to himself when the horny young girl began fucking back
at him.

Her cunt and clit were working their magic, amplifying the powerful
sensations growing from her asshole. He knew that with all the sensations
coming together in her brain, Trish wouldn't be able to control herself for
long. He moved his hips with her, trying to keep up without falling off or
out of her ass.

Slowly, his cock sunk into her asshole until only an inch was left out.
His balls hung down, full and heavy with cum. Soon, they would be nuzzling
against the girl's pussy. Trish Stratus was losing her mind. Her hand moved
over her cunt with a will of its own. She could not keep her ass from
thrusting back against the man's big prick. She could feel his rock-hard cock
filling her asshole so well. She could have sworn that his prick was all the
way in. But more of his cockshaft kept sliding into her slippery shitter with
each thrust. Deciding she wanted it all, she stopped moving for a moment to
catch her breath.

"Hunter--wait--stop for a minute, ooohhh. Feels so good, ohhhhh. Just give
me a minute! I want it all at once!" she gasped.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly was in no mood to argue. His balls were loaded and
his cock pulsed inside the girl's asshole. He wheezed, "All right, baby, one
minute ... ahhhhhh." He held still, loving the tight feel, then moaned, "Get
on your knees. You can take more of it that way." He began raising up,
careful not to let his cock slip out of the girl's ass.

"Okay," moaned the girl. She, too, began raising up, keeping her asshole
open. She raised up at the same speed, so his cock would not slip out of her
ass. "Ready? I'm gonna push back."

"Damn right, honey. I've been ready," said HHH. He braced himself on his
knees. His prick had never been so hard as he thought of the former anal
virgin begging him to let her drive her tight little asshole over his stiff

Trish bent over double, on her knees. She leaned forward until several
inches of cock pulled out of her ass. She could feel his thick prick knob
keeping her shit hole spread, and the man's hands keeping her asscheeks apart
so wonderfully. The depths of her ass felt empty as his cock slid back. She
was determined to fill it back up, and as quickly as possible.

With a sharp intake of breath, the girl pushed back. Her swollen asshole
slipped down the length of the man's cock, steadily expanding wider and
wider. Her shitter stretched open as it slid down the thick cock. Her brown
asshole gripped his prick in a powerful grip as it easily slid down to his
big, hard cockroot. Stratus could feel his stiff cock driving deeply into her
soft ass as she impaled herself on it. She felt her asshole filling up to the
brim with prick. She could not help herself. She began moaning with joy as
she felt her little shitter stretching more than ever before.

All of a sudden, his prick quit fucking up into her ass. In one long
stroke, she had taken his entire seven-inch prick up the ass. Resting her
head on her arms, she sobbed with the strain. Hunter rested easily on his
knees. His eyes hungrily watched the young girl's asshole slide, encircling
his cock, all the way to the root. With her tight brown shitter pushing hard
against his belly and her cunt touching his swinging balls, he let go of her
asscheeks. They closed just a little, but not very much.

Gently, he placed his hands just above her slim hips, around her waist.
He pulled her harder against him. He tried to fuck his cock deeper into her
slippery asshole. The man held still, pushing his cock as hard and as deep
as he could into the girl's asshole. Trish rested, catching her breath and
letting her asshole get used to being stretched and fucked.

Hunter Hearst Helmsly's cock twitched inside the girl's shitter. He
marveled to himself again at its exquisite tightness. Her ass was so fucking
tight, so slippery and warm! This was why he had sworn off pussy fucking. He
had never found one as tight as a girl's asshole, or that excited him as much
to look at.

Trish rested on her knees and arms, breathing hard and lightly sobbing.
She had felt a stab of pain as his cock fucked all the way up her ass. As she
relaxed, though, the brief pain turned to intense pleasure. Her cunt was
momentarily forgotten as her shitter throbbed in pleasure. If she hadn't done
it, she would never have believed her asshole could take something so big or
that it could feel so good. She would do it many more times, she hoped, as
often as possible. Her taut body tingling, she couldn't help but groan in

"Oooooooh, Hunter, goddamn that's so good! Your cock feels so good up
my--ohhhh--ass! Oooohhh--aaahhh--damn it's good!" she groaned.

She began grinding her ass from side to side in pleasure. She loved the
great feel of the man's prick fucking deeply into her spread asshole. She
joyously flexed her tight shitter around his thick cockmeat. Shivers of
goodness raced up and down her young body. Her hand resumed playing with her
cunt. Two fingers slipped back to her pussy, and they swirled into her
dripping fuck-hole. They began sensuously sliding in and out. At the same
time, her thumb rubbed her clit. All the while, she was smoothly pistoning
her asshole up and down the man's cock. Every time her ass pushed against
HHH's belly, she ground hard against him. She was helped by the lust-filled

He pulled her against him and fucked his cock as deeply as he could at
the same time. Each time the girl thought she had pushed all the way back,
she was surprised to feel another fraction of an inch being forced up her

Fucking the man's prick with her ass, she moaned, "Ooooobh, mmmm, aaahhhh,
good, yeah, oh, yeah, it's soooo gooood! Ooohhh, yeeeaaaahhhh!"

Her breath came in gasps. She sobbed in ecstasy. She felt so close to
the man, so intimate. Her world merged with his. She became a part of him.
She never wanted to leave the man who had introduced her to such heights of
pleasure. She wanted it to go on forever. The tempo began picking up as it
got better and better.

Triple H's prick was straining with the desire to shoot cum into the
girl's asshole. It was all he could do to hold himself back. All of his
concentration was on thrusting his cock in and out of her ass without
shooting his load too soon. Faster and faster he fucked her.

Steadily, his engorged cock fucked in and out of the girl's quivering
asshole. He fucked all the way in and ground his cock from side to side. His
prick steadily fucked as the two lust-frenzied people were taken over by
their desire. The man groaned as he butt-fucked the girl. His prick felt like
it was clamped in a vise. Her powerful asshole slipped and slid like greased
lightning up and down the length of his cock. His breathing came faster as
his lust slowly but surely took control of his brain.

Trish Stratus was no longer aware of the world around her. Her whole
reality was centered in the swollen, clutching cylinder of her asshole. She
felt like she was being stroked inside out. She felt a better, more intense
goodness than anything she had ever imagined. Her fingers began slipping and
sliding faster inside her cunt, spreading it open and thrusting deeply
inside. Her thumb busily flicked over her clit until the pleasure blew her

"I'm--ooohhh--I'm gonna--oooooh--ccuuuuummmm! Unnnggghhhh!" she screamed.

Moaning and shaking violently, she came. Mindlessly, she fucked her
shitter back onto the man's engorged prick. She slammed against his body,
driving her convulsing asshole all the way down around the hard root of his
cock. As the spasms hit her, she ground her ass uncontrollably against his
belly. Her fingers flew in and out of her cunt. The slippery juices gushed
out of it in a never-ending stream of pussy cum. Her whole young body tensed
and spasmed repeatedly. Her cock-filled asshole tried to spasm, squeezing
tightly around the man's big prick with each convulsion.

After quickly loosening its grip, her shitter clenched powerfully shut
once again with each surge of climactic pleasure. Her pussy clamped around
her fingers. It, too, repeatedly spasmed in orgasm. Her thumb kept busy on
her clit, rubbing and massaging her exploding little fucknub in extreme
pleasure. Her eyes were tightly closed, while her lower lip hung open. Her
breath came in gasps as she moaned her lust. Her brow broke out in a sweat
as the fever took over her brain. Her legs were wide apart as she came on
her knees. She came harder than ever before with her tender young asshole
split wide and fucked deep by Hunter Hearst Helmsly's stiff, throbbing cock.
It was so fucking good to her. She loved it!

"Ohhhhh, aaaahhhh," she moaned. "Aaahhh, mmmmppphhh, uuunnnggghhh! Oh,
yeah, baby, ooohhh, yeah!"

Her ass ground from side to side in total enjoyment. She had a tiny smile
on her face as her climax slowed after the earth-shattering peak. Triple H
held onto the girl with all his strength as he fucked his cock in as deeply
as possible while she came. The girl was out of control as she climaxed, and
it was all HHH could do to keep up with her. Skillfully, he kept his prick
lodged snugly up her warm asshole without losing his place as they savagely
ground against each other.

Trish began coasting back down from the high point. Her asshole kept
twitching in pleasure, and her clit still throbbed. It suddenly seemed to her
that his huge cock was swelling even larger. She felt the man fucking into
her brown shitter with renewed vigor. With the young girl milking his cock
in her slippery, spasming asshole, Triple H began to feel the cream boiling
over. He felt it running from his balls to the root of his cock. No matter
how much willpower he exerted, his rigid prick could no longer resist the
slippery pleasures of the young girl's quivering asshole. The man roared in
total mindlessness as his balls erupted. His cock jumped, flooding the depths
of the girl's asshole in a shower of hot, wet cum.

"Aaaahhhh, I'm cummmmiiiinggg! Uuuggghhh--mmmm--oooohhh, yyeeeaahhhhh!" he

He fucked into her soft ass with all the force within him as he came hard.
Trish could feel the man's cock as it swelled up inside her ass. She felt his
prick as it swelled and leaped, jerking and twitching as the cream spurted
out. She felt the wet cum splattering against the inner walls of her spread
ass. She felt the powerful convulsions of the man's cock, and felt the huge
gobs of cum as they shot through the length of his spasming prick and into
her ass.

With powerful spasms, the cum rocketed past the powerful stricture of her
puckering asshole and squirted deep inside her butt. She felt each spray of
cum hitting inside her asshole. The thick wet jizz oozed back down to help
lubricate the man's hammering cock. Her asshole was so tight that some of the
cum was forced back out by the pressure. It began dripping down to her cunt
and down her thighs.

After what seemed like an eternity, they slumped onto the rug. Hunter
Hearst Helmsly lay on top of the girl, whose slim young body was almost
dwarfed by the man's. His stiff but drained cock was still crammed all the
way up her ass as they lay together, regaining their breath. As they relaxed,
the man kissed the WWF Diva's neck, shoulders and ears. She had taken it all
and begged for more, like a good girl should. It was his dream come true. He
would surely make the best of it.

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