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Now That's Cool Part 1: Dominate, Hot And Cool
by Kristi and Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

At a Smackdown Live event in the early summer of 2005, Carlito is in the
ring, tossing an apple up and down as he waits for his music to stop playing.
He picks up a microphone and smirks at the crowd, "Welcome to Carlito's
Cabana... Today... Carlito has a hot guest... she's so hot... she's cool...
and she's the manager of the WWE Tag Team Champions... and that's cool too...
my guest... is Melina!"

Carlito motions his hand towards the entrance walk way as the screeching
intro of MNM's music begins to play. A red carpet is rolled out and several
photographers get into position to take Melina's picture. Melina smirks as
she walks down the isle and slides her hand through her silk-like hair.
Melina stops at the front of the ring and lifts her left leg onto the ring
apron, followed by her right leg. Melina does the splits as she slides under
the ring rope showing off her black thong-underwear that's underneath her
navy blue jean skirt. Melina stands up and smirks at the crowd as she picks
up the microphone.

Carlito moves his head and then walks around Melina, checking her out before
he speaks in to his microphone. "Melina... welcome to the Cabana the number
one show on Smackdown."

Melina laughs as she replies into her microphone "You're lucky I made time
for this...I could be tanning in Hollywood with Paris and Nicole...but I
settled for you and all these..." Melina makes a disgusted face "All...these
gross...fat people..."

Carlito smirks, "That's cool... you came for Carlito... but Carlito has got
a really tough question to ask you... And Carlito is being made to ask it by
General Manager Theodore Long... "

Melina places one hand on her hip, while still holding onto her microphone
with her other hand. She raises her eyebrow "And that would be?" Melina
replies with a somewhat impatient tone.

Carlito frowns as he takes his time to remember the question. He raises the
microphone and asks, "How does it feel... to be the 'self-proclaimed' most
dominate diva... and not get a shot at the Women's Champion... Trish

Melina laughs "Who the hell is Trish Stratus!?" Melina rolls her eyes and
raises her voice "I'll tell you...Trish a nobody! She has
nothing compared to me...and MNM! I could take Trish anytime, anywhere!"

"That's cool... but what's not cool, is that she's on Raw... and she's
hurt... and you're on Smackdown... You're not going to get a title shot..."
Carlito asks.

"I don't care about Trish Stratus! I don't care about the Women's title! All
I care about is being the most dominate Diva in WWE history!" Melina then
smirks and looks at Carlito "I think I've already proven that..."

"Yeah you did... and that was really Cool..." Carlito asks as he picks up and
apple and takes a bite out of it. He chews the piece and acts like he's going
to spit it in Melina's face, but he swallows it. "Well Carlito has no more
questions... The Cabana is over... which is not cool... but The Cabana is
going to be back... and that's cool."

* * *

Later in night Melina is sitting in the make up chair getting her makeup
touched up to go out with MNM for the Tag Team Main Event by Janet the
Make-up girl. Melina slams her hands down "No Janet! You're doing it all
wrong!" Melina yells and then rolls her eyes "Get out of my sight!"

Janet sighs and storms off, not wanting to lose her job over the narcissistic
diva. Carlito comes walking by, eating an apple and wearing his Hawaiian
shirt and purple wrestling trunks. He sees Melina sitting in the makeup chair
and smirks, and then he heads over to her. "Hey, you were a cool guest on the

Melina looks down at her fingernails with a smirk "Yeah...I know..." Melina
gets out of the make-up chair "I have a question for you though."

"You do? Ok... Ask Carlito your question," Carlito smirks as he leans against
the make up table and sets his apple down on it.

"I can take Trish, right?" Melina nods "I am the dominate Diva, aren't I?"

"Well you might be able to take Trish... but she's hot and cool... and
dominate too... she beat like... all the divas like Victoria and Lita...."
Carlito says, giving Melina an answer she did not want to hear.

Melina glares at Carlito "I'm the dominant Diva!" Melina smirks "And I'll
prove it!"

Carlito smirks as he leans more against the makeup table, placing both hands
on the top of it. "How are you going to prove it? You're on Smackdown, not

Melina smirks "I have my ways..." Melina licks her lips and then glances
around the hallway. Melina nods satisfied that no one else is nearby, she
then gets down onto her knees and begins to pull down Carlito's purple
wrestling trunks.

Carlito's eyes go wide and he gets a big smile on his face, "I think Carlito
likes your ways already..." Melina smirks up at Carlito as she tugs down his
wrestling trunks to his ankles and Carlito steps out of the wrestling trunks.
Melina holds Carlito's cock firmly in her warm hands and begins to flick her
tongue against Carlito's cock, as his cock springs to life.

"Mmmm..." Carlito moans a bit as he opens his Hawaiian shirt so when Melina
can look up, she can see his hot well put together body. He moves a hand
through his puffy Afro as he watches Melina's tongue dance around the head
of his cock. Melina circles her tongue around the head of Carlito's cock
before she opens her mouth and lowers her hot mouth onto Carlito's cock.
Melina clamps her lips tightly around his cock, like a vice, and starts to
quickly bob her head on his shaft.

"Ohhh fuck... damn... You can suck a dick good... that's cool..." Carlito
grunts as he places a hand on the side of Melina's head, and begins to play
with her left ear. Carlito moans in satisfaction when his cock hits the back
of Melina's hot mouth. Melina tightens her grip around Carlito's cock and
starts bobbing her head quicker, while sucking on his cock harder. Melina
eventually opens her mouth wide and begins to deep throat all of Carlito's
stiff cock.

"Mmmm that's cool.... yea... eat Carlito's banana...." Carlito moans as he
threads his fingers though her hair while not disturbing the tiara on her

Melina lifts her head up from Carlito's cock with a smirk "Not bad..."
Melina licks her lips and removes the tiara off of her head. Melina stands
up and runs her hands across Carlito's upper body, dragging her finger
slowly against his shaft.

Carlito smirks, "Carlito wants you... and you want Carlito to fuck you..."
Carlito slides off his shirt and lays it on the makeup table.

Melina smirks "You're a quick learn..." Melina flips her hair back and starts
to unbutton her jean skirt " you think you can handle Melina?"

"Carlito is cool... and Carlito can handle any woman...." Carlito smirks as
he strokes his cock. He licks his lips as her looks at her body, "Carlito
wants you in the doggy way... so you can feel all of Carlito's banana in

Melina licks her lips and flashes her eyelashes at Carlito as she slides down
her skirt from her smooth legs. Melina steps out of her skirt and removes her
top removing her larger, ample chest. Carlito steps forward and feels
Melina's chest with his hands. He slides them down her body slowly, feeling
every inch of her mid-section before placing them on her hips to turn her
around so she's facing the makeup table and mirror. He bends down a bit and
pushes his cock into her pussy from behind.

Melina grits her teeth as she slowly pushes her body back against Carlito
"Yeah..." Melina moans closing her eyes slightly "You like that, don't you?"

"Yeah... you got a hot pussy... it's cool..." Carlito says as he pumps his
cock in and out of her pussy at a slow pace. He moves his hand up to her
shoulders to massage them to add to her pleasure.

Melina grits her teeth once again as she slams back against Carlito's cock
with tremendous force "Ohhh fuck yeah!" Melina moans "Who's...the...most
dominate...diva?" Melina asks in between breaths and moans as she continues
to slam back against Carlito's solid cock.

"Ummm Carlito thinks.... its... Stephanie..." Carlito says to see what type
of reaction Melina gives as he slams his cock into her sharply.

Melina turns herself around on Carlito's cock, so she's now facing Carlito.
She wraps her legs around Carlito's waist and grabs roughly onto Carlito's
hair. She yanks his head back as she starts bouncing on his cock "What did
you say!?"

"Owww... owww... owww... owww! Let go of Carlito's hair!" Carlito yells as he
looses his balance and falls backward. He's now flat on his back on the floor
and he can feel Melina using all of her weight to drop down onto his cock as
hard as she can. "You're the dominant diva!" Carlito yells when she yanks on
his hair with both hands.

Melina removes her hands from Carlito's hair and places them onto his already
sweaty chest. Melina bucks her hips as she starts riding his cock at a fast
rate. Melina slams all of her weight down onto Carlito's cock, causing him to
yell out in both pain and pleasure. Melina grits her teeth together as she
pulls onto her own hair now "Ohhhh yeah like that pussy don't

"Oh fuck yea... Carlito thinks your pussy is great!" Carlito moans as he
tries to thrust upward into Melina, but she's in a state that makes it hard
for him to do much of anything unless she wants him to. Instead, Carlito
reaches up and feels her large breasts with his hands while trying to roll
over so Melina is underneath him.

Melina slows down a bit on Carlito's cock and begins to slowly rock back and
forth on Carlito's cock as she grinds her pussy against his stiff Carlito.
Melina closes her eyes and licks her lips "You are definitely cool..." Melina

Carlito rolls over so he's on top of her. He steadily starts slamming his
cock in and out pussy as hard as he can. "Ahhh damn... Your pussy is hot...
and you're so dominate..."

Melina slides her hand through her hair as she tilts her head down slightly
"Ohhhhh fuck.... yeah... give it to me! Fuck me harder!" Melina demands as
she wraps her legs tightly around Carlito's waist.

"Carlito's trying..." Carlito grits his teeth as he tries to increase his
momentum. With each thrust, sweat flies off of his forehead. Carlito closes
his eyes and slides his hands through her hair, messing it up completely.
Melina's hands slide down Carlito's sweaty arms and she starts to grind her
pussy up against Carlito's cock. Melina manages to roll herself back on top
of Carlito once again.

Carlito licks his lips as he thrusts up into Melina before he says, "Carlito
wants your fine ass..."

Melina smiles "You want?"

Carlito nods, "Yea... you got a hot ass... Carlito wants to bang it like a

Melina slowly gets off of Carlito's cock and gets down onto her hands and
knees on the floor "'s all yours!" Melina smirks "I can guarantee
Trish doesn't have an ass like this!"

Carlito gets up on his knees behind her, "Nope... you got a better ass...
a cooler ass..." Carlito spreads her ass cheeks with his hands and spits
down her ass crack. He strokes his cock and then pushes his shaft into her
asshole with a bit more force than he intended to do, but he adapts and
starts slamming his prick in and out of her ass.

Melina grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck Carlito!"

"Yea... you like the way Carlito... bangs your booty... no one fucks as
cool as Carlito...' Carlito says as he wipes some sweat off his forehead.
He reaches around her waist and starts to rub her pussy with his fingers
as he slows his thrusts till they are sharp and slow.

Melina tilts her head back "Ohhhhh...ahhhh...Carlito.." Melina moans as her
warm cum runs out of her pussy and onto Carlito's hand.

"Damn... that's cool...." Carlito moans as he brings his hand to his lips to
taste Melina's cum, "And taste good too..." Carlito resumes fucking Melina's
ass as hard as he can until he's ready to cum, "Carlito's going to blow in
your hot ass..."

Melina looks back at Carlito with a smirk "Just.... how...I love it..."
Carlito pumps hard into her ass for a few more moments until he leans back
and dumps his hot sticky load of cum inside her ass. Carlito presses her ass
cheeks together so Melina can feel his cock moving a bit as he pushes his
spunk around inside of her asshole. Melina crawls away from Carlito and then
stands up from the floor. Melina puts her skirt back on, followed by her top.
Melina looks in the mirror as she fixes her messed up hair

Carlito smirks at her, and then points at her, "Now that... was cool..."

Melina smirks as she turns around and places her tiara back onto her head.
Melina glances up and down Carlito's sweaty body. "You know Carlito...that
was cool.."

Carlito grabs his purple wrestling trucks and pulls them on. He stands up
and smiles at her, "Carlito now knows three things about you... you want to

Melina folds her arms as she looks at Carlito "And what would that be?"

Carlito holds up three fingers, "One... you're hot... two... you're
dominate... and three... and this is the best one... you're cool."


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