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Now That's Cool Part 2: The Big Question
by Kristi and Frederick "Dice" Casden
(, AIM: FredCasden)

On his second week as being apart of the Raw Roster, Carlito has just
finished his interview with Maria, discussing how he won the Intercontinental
Title in his first Raw match just like how he won the United States Title in
his first match with the WWE on Smackdown. After the interview wraps up,
Carlito walks away to head to his locker room when Maria catches up to him
and taps his shoulder. Carlito stops walking and turns around, looking at
Raw's number one interview.

"You got another question for Carlito?" He asks as he drapes the
Intercontinental Title over his left shoulder.

Maria, dressed in a black skirt and matching top, takes a deep breath
"Yeah..." Maria smiles "Carlito..."

"Yeah?" Carlito smirks as he looks at Maria's body as he waits to hear her
question, "I bet you got a big question... cause Carlito's a huge star."

Maria smiles wider and nods "Yeah...I have a big question.." Maria takes
another deep breath "Carlito..." Maria then pauses and gets a confused look
on her face "Awww... shucks..."

"Aw shucks?" Carlito raises an eyebrow, "You forgot your question? That's not

Maria sighs and looks down "Darn it...It was a really good question too..."

Carlito thinks for a moment, and he takes a long look at the ditzy
interviewer before he smiles, "Carlito knows your question..."

Maria smiles excitedly and bounces a little "Really!?"

Carlito nods, "Yeah... Carlito knows what you want to ask... all people want
to know it... is Carlito big? Carlito is going to answer your question too."

Maria looks a bit confused "That's not my question..." Maria raises her
eyebrow "Maybe it was..." Maria says as she goes back and forth inside her
head deciding if that was her question or not.

"It's your new question..." Carlito grins as he takes her hand, "And you to
get and answer for it too... Carlito can tell."

Maria shrugs a bit with a cute smile "Ok..."

"Cool... come with Carlito..." Carlito smiles as he walks to his locker room,
with Maria walking behind him. Once they are there, Carlito drops his title
belt onto a chair and grins at Maria. "Ok... Carlito's going to answer your
question... are you ready?"

Maria nods with a smile "You bet I am!" Maria then laughs a little.

"All right..." Carlito smirks as he lowers his purple wrestling trunks and
steps out of them. He stands before her with his semi-hard cock hanging
between his legs. He grins at her, "What do you think? Carlito is huge

Maria's eyes widen and her mouth opens in shock "Oh Geeze! How big is that!?"

"Oh it's all the way big yet... If you touch it... It'll get bigger..."
Carlito smirks.

Maria smiles a bit "Really?" She laughs, "It's big already..."

Carlito nods, "Carlito knows... but you need to help Carlito make it really
big... so you can answer your question."

Maria scratches her forehead "Now... how do I do that?"

Carlito smirks as if this was too easy for him, "First... take off your
clothes... so you're naked like Carlito."

"Ok..." Maria says a bit unsure at first before she lifts her black top over
her head and slides her skirt down her smooth, sexy legs. Maria smiles at
Carlito standing in her bra and panties "Am I doing it right?"

Carlito licks his lips and nods, "Yeah... but you got to take everything

Maria nods her head "Oh...okay..." Maria then looks down as she unclips her
bra and slowly moves the straps down her arms until the bra is off of her
perfect chest. Maria then slides down her black panties and she kicks off
her high heels.

"Very cool..." Carlito eyes move rapidly as he visually devours every inch of
Maria's beautiful body. He licks his lips, "Now... kneel before Carlito...
and hold onto Carlito's stick..."

Maria laughs cutely "Okay..." Maria gets down on her knees and takes
Carlito's cock into her hands "I think I know what do to now.." Maria says
with a sweet smile as she begins to move her hands up and down Carlito's
shaft, making his harden in her cool hands.

"Oh yea... now that's cool..." Carlito moans as his cock grows to it's full
size in her hands. Carlito grins down at her, "Carlito is really big now...

Maria nods "Holy cow! You're big!" Maria says in a excited voice as she
continue to massage Carlito's cock with her soft and gentle hands.

"Yeah... Carlito has a huge banana..." Carlito grins, "How about you... put
it in your mouth... and taste Carlito..." He says as he moves a hand through
her hair.

Maria smiles "Okay..." Maria opens her mouth and slowly takes Carlito's cock
into her moist mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and starts
to slowly bob her head on Carlito's cock. Maria laps her tongue around
Carlito's cock, taking a good taste of Carlito's delicious, mouth-watering

"Mmmmm yea..." Carlito moans as he feels inch after inch of his cock enters
her mouth. "Ohhh wow... you're going to take it all... that'll be cool."
Carlito watches intently as Maria continues to slowly work on his cock. Maria
circles her head around on Carlito's cock as she takes more of his hard cock
into her mouth, until she deep throating his entire member. Maria moans
softly around his cock as she lashes her tongue against his throbbing shaft.

"Ohhhh damn... you" Carlito moans and pats her head as if she was a
pet who did a great trick. "Carlito bet you taste good..." Carlito says as he
licks his teeth.

Maria lifts her head up and her lips pucker with a pop, after coming off of
Carlito's now saliva covered cock. Maria smiles "Oh...I do!"

"Carlito is going to find out..." Carlito says as he picks Maria up and sits
her on a small table. He kneels down and spreads her legs. Carlito brings his
face to her pussy and slowly begins to lick in a circular motion around her
pussy. When Maria arches her lower body, Carlito places a hand on her stomach
to keep her from grinding her pussy against his entire face. He spreads her
pussy open with two fingers from his right hand and slides his tongue inside
of her.

Maria licks her lips as she tilts her head back with a slight smile on her
pretty face "Ohhhh...Carlito..." Maria moans as she slides her hands through
Carlito's curly afro-style hair. Carlito slowly moves his tongue in and out
of her pussy. He wiggles it against her clit before he starts sliding it
along her slit. Carlito looks up to see Maria's expressions change from
feeling surprise to feeling pleasure, which makes him start moving his tongue
against her pussy faster.

Maria grits her perfectly white teeth "Ahhh...Carlito...I want you..."

Carlito lifts his head up and smiles, "That's cool..." Carlito stands up and
holds Maria legs apart while pushing his long hard cock into her tight pussy.
Carlito takes her hands and has Maria sit up on the table as he thrusts in
and out of her pussy.

Maria wraps her legs around Carlito's waist as he places his hands onto
Maria's slender waist. Carlito pulls Maria closes to him with each thrust
"Ohh...damn are cool!"

"Carlito... knows that..." Carlito says as he lifts Maria off the table,
turns around and lays on it in one smooth motion. He Places both his hands
on Maria's thighs and begins to push her up and pull her down onto his
cock until she starts to get her own momentum. Maria places her hands onto
Carlito's chest as she starts bouncing on his solid cock. Maria leans her
head back as she rocks back and forward on his cock.

"Yea... ride Carlito's stick... you like that don't you..." Carlito moans as
he sees the happy go lucky look on Maria's face. He places his hands on her
chest, but they end up sliding a bit because of the sweat building up on her

Maria removes a hand from Carlito's chest to slide her hand through her soft
hair as she slams down on Carlito's cock "Ohhhh boy!" Maria moans as starts
bouncing quicker on his cock.

Carlito smirks and lets Maria ride him for a short while more before he holds
her up when she's rising up on his cock. "Carlito's got a cool idea..." The
Caribbean native lifts Maria off his cock as he sits up. They both stand up
but Carlito has her bend over onto the table. He gets behind her, rubs her
ass with both of his hands before thrusting his cock back into her wet pussy.

Maria jumps forward slightly "Ohhhh wow!" Maria says excitedly as she looks
over her shoulder and smiles at Carlito with a ditzy smile. Carlito smiles
back as sweat drips down his face. Carlito steadily thrusts his cock in and
out of her pussy while increasing his pace to where the table is rocking a
bit. Maria places her hands firmly on the table as beads of sweat form on
Maria's delicate back. Maria closes her eyes, leaning her head back as she
begins to push back on Carlito's cock matching his force and intensity.
Carlito smirks and surprises Maria by pulling out of her pussy and quickly
enters her asshole. He pushes his whole cock into her backside before he
begins pumping her ass with his man-meat.

"You... got a cool ass..." Carlito grunts as he slides his hands all over her

Maria laughs "You've got... a cool... cock" Maria moans as she feels Carlito
smacking his right hand against her right ass-cheek as he thrust into her
tight asshole.

"Everything... about Carlito... is cool..." Carlito moves his left hand
around Maria's waist in order to rub her pussy with his fingers. He
continues to slam his cock in and out of her asshole as he squeezes her
right ass-cheek.

Maria moves her hand back places it onto Carlito's stomach, every thrust
Carlito gives her, she can feel his stomach move in motion to the thrust
"Ohhh...Carlito...I...I remember my question!" She says and moans excitedly.

"What's... you're question..." Carlito asks as he gets a weird look on his
face. He thrusts sharply into her ass as he slows down so she can ask her

" be...the new...Inter....ohhh...shit...
continental Champion?" Maria asks as she begins to cum onto Carlito's hands.

Carlito smirks as he feels Maria's juices over his hand. He pulls out of her
asshole and rubs Maria's cum over his cock. "Suck Carlito's stick... and
Carlito will tell you... how it feels..." Maria smiles and turns around as
she faces Carlito, still sitting on the table. Maria lowers her head to
Carlito's cock and opens her mouth taking Carlito's cock that's coated in her
own cum into her warm mouth. Maria clamps her lips tightly around his cock as
she starts to bob her head on his throbbing cock.

Carlito moans as he feels Maria sucking as hard as she can on his cock. He
closes his eyes and starts breathing heavily, "Carlito... likes... being...
Inter... Continental... Champion... it feels... gooood" Carlito lets out a
long moan as he starts to cum inside of Maria's mouth.

Maria moans slightly as she swallows down Carlito's warm cum. She picks her
head up from Carlito's cock and smiles up at him "Oh...boy oh boy! You are
cool" Maria says with a cute smile she then leans down and circles her tongue
around the head of Carlito's cock, cleaning the remaining drops of cum off.

Carlito moans as he watches Maria clean his cock with her tongue, "Carlito
says... you're really cool... and a cool interviewer too..."

Maria finishes cleaning off Carlito's nicely sized cock before she hops down
from the table "So.. Carlito...what's it like being the new Intercontinental
Champion?" Maria asks again, completely forgetting she asked that question
moments ago.

Carlito chuckles a bit, "It's cool..." Carlito then gets an idea, "And
Carlito can show you how cool it is..." Carlito grins, seeing that he can
get to fuck Maria all over again.


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