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Now That's Cool Part 3: The Bitch Slap
by Kristi ( and
Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Carlito is in the backstage area at the catering table, looking for a fresh
apple to eat. He's casually looking at a monitor, keeping up with what's
going on out on Raw while he's enjoying the night off. As Carlito finds an
apple, he turns to leave but Torrie and Candice enter the catering area.
Carlito smirks, takes a bite of his apple and chews the piece in his mouth.

"Damn... two cool ladies..." Carlito says it loud enough for both ladies to
hear him. Both Candice and Torrie look at him with a bit of an annoyed look
on their faces.

Candice and Torrie walk over to Carlito, the two ladies folds their arms
and glare at Carlito. Candice then smacks Carlito across the face as Torrie
smiles "Nice one Candice."

Candice laughs and smirks "Of course..." The two ladies look at Carlito with
a sultry look as Carlito rubs the side of his face.

Carlito spits out the piece of apple in his mouth as he continues to rub his
face. "Hey that wasn't cool! Why you hit Carlito?"

Torrie shots Candice a look "Oh...he doesn't know...hmmm.." Torrie rolls her
eyes giving Carlito a dirty look.

Candice laughs a little "Maybe its because we're too cool for Carlito!"

Torrie nods "Or...Too hot!"

Carlito raises an eyebrow, "Hey... no one is too cool... or too hot for
Carlito. Why you hit Carlito? Carlito didn't do anything to you."

"What's the deal about not having Candice and I on your Cabana!?" Torrie asks
in a somewhat pissed told. Candice circles around Carlito and stands behind,
she leans forward and whispers in his ear from behind.

"It's because we're too hot.... isn't it?"

Carlito folds his arms, "There was no one left for Carlito to talk to...
Carlito don't deal with lame divas... even if they are cool and hot."

Candice laughs "Did you hear that Torrie? He thinks we're lame!"

Torrie licks her lips a bit "Too bad...I was really in the mood for some
cock." Torrie says in a teasing seductive tone.

"You are?" Carlito smirks as his attitude changes, "Well that's different...
If you wanted to be on the Cabana... that's how to do it."

Candice walks back around and takes Torrie's hand, she smirks "
think Carlito can handle us?"

Torrie shrugs a bit with a smirk "I don't know Candice...we are definitely
too hot to handle..."

"Hey... Carlito can handle you..." Carlito points at Candice, "And Carlito
can handle you..." Carlito points at Torrie, his tone of voice showing that
he took offense to what both divas have just said.

Candice steps towards Carlito staying a short distance from his face "You
want to prove it?" Candice asks in a seductive tone as Torrie walks behind
Carlito and begins to rub his shoulders

"Yeah...think you can prove it?" Torrie asks as she softly kisses the side
of Carlito's neck.

Carlito gets a ten-mile wide smile on his face as he nods, "Carlito knows
he can prove it... nothing's to hard for Carlito... but Carlito is getting

Candice looks over her shoulder to make sure no one else is in the catering
room. Candice smirks and drops down to her knees. She looks up at Carlito
with a sly smirk "Gee maybe we should do something about that..." Candice
says as she starts to pull down Carlito's white colored pants.

Torrie removes Carlito's Hawaiian shirt and runs her hand along Carlito's
chest, Torrie smiles "Candice is really good with her mouth..."

"Carlito can't wait to find out..." Carlito replies as he feels Candice's
hands move over his stomach and his thighs as she teases him with the thought
of her giving him head. Carlito smiles at Torrie, "How good are you?"

Torrie smiles "I'm too good.." Torrie then kisses Carlito's lips as Candice
frees his cock from his pants. Candice runs her soft hands up and down
against Carlito's cock as his cock begins to harden almost instantly. Candice
leans her forward and flicks her tongue against Carlito's cock.

"Mmmm that's cool..." Carlito moans. He puts an arm around Torrie and moves
his hand back and forth across her waist as he threads his fingers through
Candice's long silky black hair.

Candice slides her tongue up Carlito's long shaft and pats her tongue
against the head of Carlito's cock. Candice smiles and licks her lips
"Mmm.... Torrie...his cock tastes so good..." Candice says softly as
Torrie steps forward.

"Damn...give me a taste Candice."

Candice laughs a little and replies "Ohhh...I love it when you say that
Torrie..." Torrie kneels down next to Candice in front of Carlito. Torrie
looks at Candice and softly kisses Candice on the lips before she turns
her attention to Carlito.

Carlito's mouth is hanging open, "Wow... that was cool..." Carlito is totally
surprised to have seen the soft kiss between both Candice and Torrie. He
doesn't realize that Torrie is about to pleasure him when he says, "Carlito
likes girls who likes girls... they are cool."

Candice and Torrie both laugh as Torrie leans forward and take Carlito's cock
into hands. Torrie opens her mouth and takes Carlito's cock into her warm
mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and starts bobbing her head
on his cock. Candice licks her lips.

"Oh yeah...come on baby...Torrie suck that cock" Candice says trying to
encourage Torrie on and Torrie actually starts sucking faster. Candice
undresses and walks around and kneels behind Carlito. She places her cold
hands on Carlito's ass cheeks and spreads them around. Candice slowly
licks her tongue up Carlito's ass crack leaving and saliva trail behind.

"Whoa!" Carlito's hips thrust forward, pushing his cock deep into Torrie's
mouth. He takes hold of Torrie's long blond hair, almost digging his fingers
through it looking as if he was looking for gold. He looks back at Candice
and moans a bit. "Damn... that's hot..."

Candice smiles "If you think that's hot...try this..." Candice says in a soft
voice as she slowly works her delicate tongue into Carlito's tight asshole.
Candice bangs her tongue against his asshole as she circles her soft tongue.
Torrie's head moves quickly on Carlito's cock as she practically deep throats
his cock. Torrie brings her head up slightly so that she's now sucking solely
on the head of Carlito's cock. Torrie works her playful tongue into Carlito's
piss-slit tasting his pre-cum.

"Ohhh fuck..." Carlito moans as he experiences the double assault. He moves
his hips back to feel more of Candice's soft tongue in his asshole. "Ohhh
dam... you two are hot..." Carlito moans as she feels Torrie's lips tighten
around his the head of his cock. "Carlito wants to do something..." He says
as starts to think Candice and Torrie are going to make him cum sooner than
he wants too.

Torrie slowly with drawls Carlito's cock from her moist mouth and smiles
up at Carlito "What would that me?" She says with a slight laugh. Candice
flicks her tongue gently against his asshole a few times before she pulls
her head away and stands up. Candice runs her two hands along Carlito's
strong shoulders.

"I'm sure it's something...that isn't too hot for us, Torrie..." Candice says
before she slowly pats her tongue against the side of Carlito's neck.

"Carlito wants to fuck you... both of you..." Carlito moans as he feels
Candice's hands move over his shoulders. "Carlito wants to show you how cool
Carlito is..."

Torrie stands up with seductive smirk "Well Carlito..." She says with a bit
of a roll of her delicate tongue. Torrie walks over to one of the tables in
the catering room and bends over the table. Torrie looks over her shoulder
with a smirk "You can start with me...that's if you think you're cool

Carlito grins, "Carlito's cool..." Carlito moves over to Torrie and rubs her
perfectly tanned ass with both of his hand. "And Carlito is going to show
you... that you're not to hot for Carlito..." Carlito wraps a hand around his
cock and guides it into Torrie's pussy slowly. Inch by inch he pushes his
dick into her, and he moan a bit feeling the wetness of Torrie's pussy all
over his shaft. Carlito places a thumb against Torrie's asshole and pushes
that into her as he begins to move his hips too thrust his cock in and out of
Torrie's cunt. "Damn... you're tight... that's cool..."

Torrie begins to slowly rock her slender hips back, pushing back gently on
Carlito's cock. Torrie closes her eyes and moans softly " do have
a nice dick.." Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as Carlito continues to
thrust into her wet pussy. Candice walks over to Carlito and Torrie. She
kneels down at eye level of Torrie.

"Do you like it Torrie" She asks in a soft, seductive voice "Do you like it?"

Torrie tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhh...I love it.." Candice leans
forward and kisses Torrie on the lips. Candice pushes her tongue into
Torrie's mouth. Torrie gently sucks on Candice's tongue as she kisses back.

"Ohhh damn... that's hot..." Carlito moans as slips his cock out of Torrie's
pussy to rub his entire shaft against the outside of Torrie's pussy before
pushing it back into her with a sharp thrust. Carlito reaches over and rubs
Candice's ass softly before he slaps it. "Damn you two are hot... but not to
hot for Carlito..."

Candice breaks the kiss with Torrie and licks her lips. She stands completely
up with a seductive, lustful look in her eyes "I don't know...I still think
we're too hot for you." Candice says as she twirls her slender body around
doing her trademark dance. Candice smirks and walks over to
Carlito, she places a cold hand onto Carlito's chest before she kisses his

Carlito slides his tongue into Candice's mouth as he continues to pump his
cock in and out of Torrie's pussy. Carlito moves a hand down Candice's body
and presses his fingers against her pussy. He pushes the tips of two of his
fingers inside of her pussy and soon thrusts them in and out slowly. Carlito
grins at Candice, "Carlito's too cool for you ain't he..."

Candice licks her lips and moans softly "I don't know...I still need a turn
with you..."

Carlito grins and he pulls out of Torrie, who whimpers in protest. Carlito
sits on one of the tables and leans backward so he's laying on it. "Carlito
is ready for you..." Carlito says as he licks his lips.

Candice smiles and gets on top of the table, Candice twirls her finger above
her head doing a version of her GoDaddy dance before she mounts herself on
top of Carlito's stiff cock. Candice grits her teeth "Ohhhhh..." Candice
groans as she places her hands down on Carlito's mildly sweat chest. Candice
tilts her head back as she begins to rock back and forth on his cock.

Carlito places his hands on Candice's waist, "Mmmm.... you're just... as
tight... as Torrie... That's cool..." Carlito moans as watches the elegant
form belonging to Candice move up and down on his cock. Carlito licks his
lips and looks at Torrie, "You can come too... Carlito can lick you out...
and that'll be hot... and cool..."

Torrie smirks and gets up onto the table with Candice and Carlito "Ohh...I
don't know if you'll be as good as Candice, though" Torrie says with a laugh
as she sits down on Carlito's face, rubbing her warm pussy against Carlito's
face. However, Torrie is facing Candice as Candice starts bouncing quicker
on Carlito's rock solid cock, slamming down with an incredible impact.

Carlito slides his tongue up into Torrie's pussy and he laps it against her
pussy as best he can even though Torrie is rubbing her pussy all over his
face. Carlito starts moves his whole head, grinding his nose, mouth, cheeks
and everything else against her pussy as soon as he starts to feel how wet
she is. He arches his legs a bit so his feet are flat on the table and he
thrusts upward into Candice's pussy as sharply as he can, giving her a
surprise jolt each time.

Candice and Torrie both look at each with lust filled in their eyes as one
is being ate by Carlito and the other is riding Carlito's cock like a bucking
bronco. Candice and Torrie slowly move closer to one another. Torrie kisses
Candice, as Candice slides her tongue into Torrie's mouth. Torrie grinds her
pussy down against Carlito's face as Candice removes her hands from Carlito's
chest and couples Torrie's chest in her two hands. Candice breaks the kiss
and leans to her head down, flicking her tongue against Torrie's left nipple
and then her right nipple. Torrie licks her lips "Ohhhh... Candice..." Torrie

Carlito starts to wonder what's going on above him as he moves both of his
hands so he's cupping both of Candice's breasts. He massages the left one
with his hand, while rolling the nipple of her right breast with his other
hand. He continues to happily lick Torrie's pussy, dragging his tongue over
every inch it can reach, while he arches his back to gain more leverage to
push his cock harder up into Candice's pussy. "Mmmmmphhhh this is cool..."
Carlito manages to say, even though the wet pussy of Torrie Wilson covers
his mouth.

Candice gently gets off of Carlito's cock and stands at the end of the table
as Carlito remains on the table with Torrie on top of him as he continues to
eat Torrie out. Torrie lays down on top of Carlito and takes his cock into
her skillful hands. She brings her head down to his cock and begins to circle
her tongue around the head of his cock. Candice leans forward and presses her
tongue against Carlito's shaft and begins to lick his cock as well. Torrie
continues to lick the head of Carlito's cock as Candice guides her tongue
down to his ballsack.

"Mmm yeah... lick Carlito's banana..." Carlito moans as in between licks of
Torrie's pussy. He places his hands on Torrie's ass and begins squeezing both
of her ass cheeks before moving one hand so he can slide two fingers into
Torrie's asshole. Carlito pumps his fingers in and out of her asshole rapidly
as he pushes his tongue back in deep into Torrie's cleanly shaved pussy.

Torrie moans softly as she pats her against the head of Carlito's cock.
Candice brings her tongue back up Carlito's cock, until her tongue is on the
head of his cock as well. Both Candice and Torrie's tongue intertwine with
one another. Candice lifts her head up from Carlito's cock, as does Torrie.
The two voluptuous Divas gazed into each other's eyes. Candice comes towards
Torrie and presses her lips against Torrie's lips. Candice slides her tongue
into Torrie's mouth. Torrie gently sucks on Candice's tongue as she kisses

Carlito lifts his head, "Carlito wants to fuck someone..." He pushes Torrie
up and slides out from under her as she gets on all fours on floor. Carlito
kneels behind her and caresses her ass. Carlito spreads her ass apart with
his hands then spits down her ass-crack. He grips his shaft with his left
hand and pushes his cock into her asshole. "Now this is really cool..."
Carlito says as he thrusts his cock sharply and completely into her asshole,
making Torrie move forward with a jolt.

Torrie grits her teeth "Ohhh fuck..." Torrie moans as she breaths heavily.
Torrie gently pushes back on Carlito's cock as he pushes his cock deeper into
her tight asshole. Candice comes over and kneels behind Carlito; she places
her soft hands on Carlito's shoulder. She whispers into his ear is a soft,
seductive voice "Fuck her good..." Candice says a she her hands travel down
from Carlito's shoulders and rest upon his sweaty chest.

"Carlito's going to..." Carlito replies as he throws all of his weight into
slamming his cock in and out of Torrie's asshole. He takes hold of her hips
and has to adjust his grip several times as he tries to deal with the sweat
around her waist. Carlito turns his head and kisses Candice, sliding his
tongue into her mouth and against her own tongue.

Candice closes her eyes as her tongue twists against Carlito's tongue in his
mouth. Torrie tilts her head back "Ahhhh...yeah...shit..." Torrie groans as
sweat trickles down her face. Torrie pushes back a bit harder on Carlito's
cock as Candice breaks the kiss with Carlito. She winks at him before she
gets down on her hands and knees. Candice then slowly crawls up to the front
of Torrie, shaking her perfectly round ass.

Carlito licks his lips as he looks at Candice's ass, "Damn... Carlito's got
to tap that..." He says as he thrusts harder into Torrie's ass, making the
beautiful blond move forward constantly. Each time Carlito pumps himself
into her, Torrie's face comes closer to Candice's beautiful backside.

Candice turns around and faces Torrie, she slides her hand through Torrie's
beautiful blonde hair. Candice softly kisses Torrie's lip "You're too hot to
handle..." Candice says softly.

Torrie smiles, as sweat drips down her face "'"
Torrie says in between her moans as Carlito pushes her forward after each
thrust to her perfectly toned ass.

Candice laughs and pats Torrie's left cheek softly "Baby...can you do
something for me?"

Torrie smiles "Anything for you.." Torrie then kisses Candice on the lips
once again before Candice lays down on the floor of the catering room.
Candice spreads her legs apart as Torrie lowers her head. Torrie kisses
Candice's left thigh, and then her right thigh before she softly kisses
the skin about Candice's warm, wet pussy.

Carlito gets a big smile on his face as he watches Candice reach to how
Torrie is tenderly pleasuring her with her mouth. "Wow... Carlito likes
that...." He says as his thrusts get fairly erratic. Carlito slows down
and he moves a hand around Torrie's waist so he can rub her pussy with
the tips of three of his fingers. Carlito moves his fingers faster
against her pussy than he's thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole.

Torrie slowly inserts her tongue into Candice's glorious warm pussy, before
she quickly removes her tongue. Candice laughs " tease!"

Torrie smiles cutely " know it baby..." Torrie says softly before
she lowers her head and presses her tongue into Candice's pussy. Torrie
slowly twirls her tongue inside Candice's warm cunt. Candice closes her
eyes and runs her fingers through Torrie's long blonde hair.

Candice's lower trembles "Ohhhh work that tongue so
good..." Candice moans as Torrie slams herself back against Carlito catching
him completely by surprise as the sight of Torrie and Candice mesmerized him.

"Ohhh fuck... Carlito thinks you ladies is cool..." Carlito grunts as he
thrusts his cock sharply into her ass, making Torrie burry her face into
Candice's pussy. Carlito pulls his cock out of Torrie's ass and shoves it
back into her pussy. "Fuck Carlito thinks you're... both hot..."

Torrie gently flicks her tongue against Candice's clit before she begins
to gently suck on her clit. Candice arches her body slightly "Ohhh...Shit
Torrie...ohhh...yesss..." Candice moans as she begins to cum. Torrie lifts
her head up slightly and smiles up at Candice. Candice smiles back at
Torrie and blows her kiss. Torrie lowers her head back down to Candice's
pussy and begins to laps up her warm cum. Torrie licks her tongue around
the sides of Candice's pussy cleaning off every drop of cum. Torrie picks
her head up again and smirks at Candice.

"I...guess...I'm too hot for you..." Torrie says in between her thrusts
from Carlito.

Candice sits up on her knees and laughs, "Ohh...just wait baby...I'll get
you back..."

Carlito licks his lips. "Fuck... Carlito is... amazed... that was... cool..."
Carlito continues to fuck Torrie doggy-style, but soon he starts to stand up,
pulling her up with him. Torrie grabs the table and turns towards it as
Carlito continues to fuck her, but from a standing position.

"Ohhh...Carlito..." Torrie moans as she places her hand against Carlito's
sweaty stomach. After Candice recovers from her mind-blowing orgasm courtesy
of Torrie Wilson, she walks over to Carlito and taps him on the shoulder.

Carlito turns his head and blinks his eyes as grins at her. He thrusts harder
into Torrie and grunts a bit, "Yeah... you... want... Carlito?"

Candice smirks "Leave Torrie to a professional." Candice licks her lips.

Carlito smirks, "But what about Carlito..." He asks as he slowly pulls out of
Torrie but continues to rub Torrie's ass.

Candice steps towards Torrie and glances over her shoulder at Carlito "You
can take me...if you think you can handle..." Once Carlito has completely
stepped out of the way, Candice stands behind Torrie as Torrie is bent over
the table. Candice smacks one of her hands against Torrie's right ass cheek.

Torrie looks over her shoulder with a smiles "Ohh...Candice baby..."

Candice laughs "Only the best for you..." Candice spreads Torrie's ass cheek
apart with hands and bends over slightly sticking her own ass up in the air
for Carlito. Candice moves her head closer to Torrie's ass and slowly licks
down Torrie's ass crack before she gently works her delicate tongue into
Torrie's tight asshole. Carlito wordless licks his lips as he gets behind
Candice to push his cock into her asshole. Once he starts getting a good
pace of moving his rod in and out of her backside, Carlito slaps the left
side of Candice's ass while squeezing the right side of it. Carlito throws
all of his weight into every thrust as he watches Candice lick and finger
the asshole of the beautiful former Playboy cover girl. Candice moans softly
as Carlito pushes his cock deeper into her asshole. Candice bangs her tongue
gently against Torrie's asshole before she removes her tongue and begins to
move her tongue down to Torrie's wet pussy. Candice gently pushes a finger
into Torrie's pussy.

"Ohhhhh Candice..." Torrie moans loudly.

Candice smiles "Moan for me baby..." She says softly as she pushes another
finger into Torrie's pussy. She begins to pump her two fingers in and out of
Torrie's warm pussy.

"'re...the... best..." Torrie moans.

Candice laughs, "Ohh...I know...I know baby..." Candice says before she
pushing her tongue into Torrie's pussy.

"Ohhh make her cum..." Carlito moans as he bites his lip. His whole body is
dripping with sweat from the work out he's gone through of trying to keep up
with both women. As much as he hates to admit, Carlito is tiring out and he's
doing his best to keep from cumming before Torrie does.

Candice twists her tongue around inside Torrie's pussy as she starts to
nibble gently on Torrie's clit. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip "Awww..." Torrie moans as she begins to cum. Candice moans
in delight as she begins to lap up Torrie's delicious cum. Candice lifts
her head up once Torrie's pussy is cleaned off and smacks her hand against
Torrie's right ass cheek. Torrie gets off of the table and looks into
Candice's eyes. "Too hot..." Torrie says softly as she kisses Candice on
the lips. Torrie backs the kisses and walks to gather her clothing. She
pats Carlito's ass and smirks "Finish her off..." Torrie says.

"Oh yea..." Carlito smirks as he pulls out of Candice's ass and slams his
cock into her pussy, pushing her against the table. Carlito starts fucking
her with every bit of strength he's got left. As Torrie looks back to observe
what he's doing, she sees his cock is moving in and out of Candice's tight
pussy like grease lightning. As sweat runs down Candice's soft skin, she
pushes back quickly against Carlito's cock. She leans up and turns her head,
kissing Carlito as she grinds her pussy against his cock.

"Ahhhhh... you... like that cool... cock... you like Carlito's stick..."
Carlito almost jumps a bit to drive his cock with more force into her pussy.

Candice reaches back and slides her hand through Carlito's Afro hair "Ohhhh
fuck...fuck that pussy!" Candice moans gritting her teeth. Carlito pulls out
of Candice and turns her around so she's sitting on the table. He shoves his
cock back into her pussy as he wraps her arms around her sweat body. Torrie
smirks as she watches Candice overwhelm the coolest man in the WWE. Candice
looks over Carlito's shoulder at Torrie and playfully blows her kiss. Candice
wraps her legs around Carlito's waist and starts to powerfully grind her
pussy against his cock. Candice grits her teeth "Aww...shit...yeah...ohhh..."
Candice moans as sweat rolls down her stomach and chest.

"Ohhh damn... Carlito's got to blow!" Carlito pulls out of Candice while
trying to hold himself back from climaxing for a few instances more. Candice
hops down from the table and gets down onto her knees in front of Carlito.
Candice opens her mouth and takes Carlito's cock quickly into the warmth of
her mouth. "Ahhhh ohhh damn..." Carlito moans as he cums almost instantly
inside of Candice's mouth. He goes weak in the knees and he moves back and
forth as he tries to keep his balance.

Candice licks her lips with a smile as she swallows Carlito's warm cum.
Candice stands up and walks over to Torrie.

Torrie hands Candice her clothes and rubs her back gently " were
too hot..." Torrie says as she kisses Candice.

Candice smiles "No baby...we're too hot.." Candice kisses Torrie back before
she begins to dress.

Carlito looks at both ladies with a big smile on his face, "Now... that
was...." Carlito then falls over and down onto the floor. Carlito manages to
lifts his head and finishes his statement, "Cool..." Carlito then passes out
from exhaustion on the floor of the catering area.

Once Torrie and Candice are dressed they begin to head towards the exit of
the catering room. Candice looks at Torrie "He was alright..." Candice licks
her lips as she gazes into Torrie's eyes.

"But...I've had better." Torrie smirks and looks back at Candice rubbing her
hands against Candice's forearm.

"Ohh... I know I've had better" Torrie kisses Candice softly; Candice kisses
back and then breaks the kiss. Candice and Torrie both share a laugh before
Candice takes Torrie's hand and the two Divas walk out of the catering area


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