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Now That's Cool Part 4: Doing It Raw
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the arena where Raw is broadcasting from, Carlito is
leaning against a table eating an apple as he looks at the women that works
either for the WWE or apart of the arena's staff. Carlito starts pointing out
a few to himself and smirks,

"Carlito would do her... her... not her, too fat... her... her... nah, she
look like Flair... oh Carlito would defiantly do her..." As Carlito plays his
little game, the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner, Ashley Massaro, passes by, but
she stops to see what he's doing and just shakes her head.

Ashley raises her eyebrow as she removes her baseball cap, which was
backwards on her head. Ashley slides her hand through her blonde hair with
black highlights. "What did you just say?" Ashley asks placing a hand on her

Carlito smirks, "Carlito said he'd defiantly do you... Carlito can tell
you're cool... and you liked what Carlito said." He takes a bite out of his
apple and chews the piece in his mouth.

Ashley makes a bit of a disgusted face "Do you have to chew with your mouth

"It's cool..." Carlito says as she chews the piece by exaggerating how wide
he opens his mouth. He closes his mouth and then swallows what's in his
mouth. Carlito moves his head and checks Ashley out completely. "No wonder
you won... you're hot...." Carlito says, making reference to Ashley's victory
of the Diva Search.

Ashley laughs a bit "Is that supposed to be a pick up line?" Ashley asks
slightly making fun of Carlito.

"Pick up lines are not cool... Carlito's lines are cool..." Carlito smirks,
"And Carlito can do you real raw..." Carlito points at her with his hand
that's holding the apple, "See... that was a pick up line... but it's true."

Ashley laughs and shakes her head as she folds arms "
couldn't last a minute with me."

"Carlito can do anything." Carlito grins, as he stands straight up. "Carlito
thinks you're scared of Carlito."

Ashley laughs "Me? Scared of you..." Ashley shakes her head "I don't think so

"So you accept Carlito's challenge... that's cool..." Carlito raises both his
eyebrows a few times as he smiles.

Ashley shrugs "Sure...why not." Ashley cutely laughs "I'm up to it."

Carlito grins, "Cool... let's go to Carlito's locker room... so we don't get
bothered by Johnny Ace... or the roadies... that would not be cool."

Ashley raises her eyebrow "Johnny Ace?" Ashley then nods her head "Oh! You
mean that uptight prick, that's like practically up Vince's butt.." Ashley
gives a weak smile "At least that's what Trish told me..."

Carlito chuckles, "Yeah... Ace is not cool... he makes everyone seem as cool
as Carlito... but there's only one real Carlito." Carlito and Ashley start to
walk to his locker room, Carlito slows down a step to look at Ashley's ass
move as she walks, "Damn... Carlito's going to tap that..."

Ashley laughs again and somewhat sarcastically replies, "Ok...Carlito..."

Carlito smirks as they reach the locker room. He pushes the door opens and
let's her enter first, and then he enters and closes the door behind him.
Carlito then pats Ashley's ass before she turns around. "Carlito's ready...
are you?" he asks as he slips off his tropical shirt.

Ashley smiles "I'm always ready!" She says as she lifts her top off and
throws her shirt onto the couch in Carlito's locker room. Ashley slides
her hand through her hair as Carlito's gazes are her round chest that is
concealed behind her black bra.

Carlito licks his lips, "Damn... nice coconuts..." Carlito says as he lifts
one leg at a time to take off his purple wrestling trucks, revealing his
impressive long and thick cock to Ashley. "Carlito's got a big banana...
see?" He smirks a bit as he watches Ashley's reaction.

Ashley laughs a little "Oh god...don't tell me you call your dick, a banana?"
Ashley replies as she laughs more.

Carlito shrugs, "Carlito's knows it's bigger than a banana..." Carlito wraps
a hand around it, "You think you can handle Carlito's dick?"

Ashley nods her head "Oh...I'm sure of it" Ashley says as she gets down onto
her knees in front of Carlito. She smiles up at him as she takes his cock
into her hands. Ashley begins to slowly move her hands up and down Carlito's
cock as she feels his cock begin to harden instantly.

"Mmmm...." Carlito moans a bit as he pushes off her hat so he can move his
hands through her wild blond hair. Carlito closes his eyes, "Damn... you
got cool hands... cold... but cool..." Ashley pushes her hand to the tip of
Carlito's cock before she lowers her head. Ashley places her wet tongue
against Carlito's cock and begins to lick down his shaft. "Ohhh yea... that's
cool..." Carlito licks his bottom lip as he opens his eyes to watch Ashley's
approach to licking his shaft. Carlito smiles when he sees she's taking her
time in order to tease him so he can cum sooner than he wants to. Ashley
works her moist tongue down Carlito's shaft and to his ballsack. Ashley
softly kisses his ballsack before she flicks her tongue against his ballsack.
Ashley opens her mouth and takes one of Carlito's testicles into her mouth
and begins to gently suck on it.

"Carlito's wants to do something. Carlito pulls his cock out of Ashley's
mouth with his right hand, slides it against her lips, and then pushes it
back in. As he feels warmth and wetness of Ashley's mouth as more and more
of his cock enters it, Carlito moans and licks his lips as if imagining
what Ashley tastes like. Ashley moans softly as she starts bobbing her
blonde haired head on Carlito's stiff cock. Ashley works her tongue around
his cock as she sucks it, quickly lapping her skillful tongue around his

Carlito lets Ashley continue to work on his rod for a few more moments before
he bends down to picks Ashley up. He gets down on his knees and lowers her
skirt and panties to her ankles so he can bring his head to her pussy. He
slides his tongue against her clit and he smirks a bit when he feels Ashley
pulling on his Afro when he slides his tongue inside of her. Carlito reaches
between her legs and pushes two of his fingers into her ass crack in order to
stick them into her asshole.

Ashley laughs slightly "Ohhh...kinky.." Ashley smiles back at Carlito as he
works his tongue deeper into her warm pussy. Carlito moves his tongue in and
out of Ashley's pussy quickly, but moves his fingers in and out of her ass
extremely slow. He reaches up and cups Ashley's left breast in order to
massage it, but he has to move that hand to hold Ashley still as she presses
her pussy against his face.

Ashley closes her eyes "Ohhhh...Carlito...I give you some credit...there...'re not that far..." Ashley says breathing somewhat
heavily as she gently grinds her pussy against Carlito's face.

Carlito withdraws his tongue from Ashley's pussy and looks up at her, "That's
not all Carlito can do..." Carlito moves so he's next to her and he pushes in
fingers from his hand that he was using to hold her still into her pussy. The
cool Caribbean native quickly pumps both sets of fingers in and out of her
Ashley's pussy and asshole, giving her the impression she's getting

Ashley's eyes widen as she's impressed "Damn there...little buddy.." Ashley
says with a laugh and moan. Ashley leans her head towards Carlito and kisses
his neck.

"Carlito knows you like that..." Carlito grins and he moves again so he's
behind her. He takes his fingers out of her asshole and pussy, and then
spreads her ass cheeks apart. Carlito starts licking up and down between
her butt cheeks then presses the tip of his tongue against her asshole.

Chills run up Ashley's spine instantly and she laughs "Damn.. Carlito...
you're a freak!" Carlito doesn't reply and pushes his tongue deep into her
asshole. He slowly moves his tongue in and out, making Ashley feel it as it
moves. Ashley's lower lips trembles as she shakes slightly "Ohhhh shit..."
Ashley moans.

Carlito slowly withdraws his tongue from her asshole and stands up,
"Carlito's cool ain't he?" he asks as he wraps both arms around Ashley,
using one to play with the nipple of her right breast and the other to
rub her pussy.

Ashley smiles and turns around, she nods her head "Definitely..." Ashley
then pushes Carlito onto the couch in his locker room. Carlito sits up on
the couch as Ashley straddles his lap. She slowly lowers herself onto
Carlito's cock "Ohhhhhh..." Ashley moans as his cock enters her warm pussy.
Ashley then begins to slowly rock back and forth on Carlito's cock. Ashley
tilts her head back as she starts to bounce on Carlito's cock.

Carlito adjusts himself on the couch so he's more comfortable. He places
his hands on Ashley's ass to squeeze them as Ashley moves up and down on his
shaft. "Yeah... mmmm this is cool..." Carlito moans as he moves his head he
can slide his tongue between Ashley's breasts.

Ashley begins grinding her hips as she bounces quicker on Carlito's cock,
each time coming down harder on his cock. "Ohhh...what I...
cool?" Ashley asks in between her breaths.

"Ohhh yea... you're... really cool..." Carlito says in between sucking
alternately back and forth on Ashley's breasts. He rolls over so Ashley is
laying on the sofa and he's on top of her. He pushes his cock in and out of
her pussy quickly as he grabs her hips to pull her against him each time he
thrusts in sharply.

Ashley grits her teeth as sweat rolls down her stomach and chest "Ohhhh...
shit..." Ashley moans as she wraps her legs around Carlito's waist. Carlito's
sweat drips off of his body as he continues to plow his rod into Ashley. He
lifts her up a bit so her ass it up in the air and all he as to do his move
his hips back and forth to fuck her. He smirks as he sees Ashley grab both of
the sofa cushions to prevent herself from being dragged off the sofa.

Ashley smiles as she locks eyes with Carlito " know...
what would be...really cool?" Ashley asks with a groan.

"What.... you... got in.... mind?" Carlito asks in between breaths as he
slows down his thrusts, but keeps them extremely hard.

"Doggy.... style..." Ashley says out of breath slightly, as sweat rolls down
her face.

"That's... cool..." Carlito smirks. He breaks the hold Ashley has on his hips
with her legs so he can turn her over on all fours. Carlito grips his cock
and pushes it into back into her pussy. Once the head of his shaft is in her,
Carlito places his hands on her hips and shoves it in much harder than Ashley
was expecting.

Ashley jolts forward when Carlito pushes his cock deep into her moist pussy.
"Ohhhh godd Carlito!" Ashley moans as Carlito smacks his hand against her
nicely round ass.

Carlito licks his lips and smacks her ass after every thrust, "Yeah... you
like... Carlito.... fucking you raw..." Carlito licks his lips as he watches
Ashley slam back against him when he pulls back a bit.

Ashley closes her eyes as Carlito powerfully thrusts his cock deep into her
pussy "Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans in pleasure.." Carlito surprises Ashley by
pulling his cock out of her pussy and roughly shoves it into her asshole,
again catching the smoking hot diva by surprise.

"Oh my god Carlito!" Ashley screams "You're a wild freak!"

"Carlito... told you... he was cool..." Carlito grunts as he pumps his cock
in and out of her asshole harder and faster with every passing moment. Ashley
reaches under and places her own two fingers against her pussy, she begins
to rub her warm pussy as Carlito thrusts his cock in and out of her tight
asshole. Carlito wraps both his hands around Ashley's waist and makes her
stand up so she has to keep one hand on the sofa to keep balanced. He feels
her fingers that she's using to rub her pussy against his ballsac as he
drills her ass.

Ashley closes eyes as she begins to cum on her own fingers "Ohhhh fuck!"

Carlito pumps his cock in and out of her ass for a short time more, "Shit...
Carlito's got... some... Banana Juice for you..." Carlito pulls out of her
ass and turns Ashley around.

Ashley laughs and raises her eyebrow "Banana juice?"

"Yeah..." Carlito smiles as he wraps a hand around his cock and begins to
pump it, giving Ashley an idea of what he's talking about.

Ashley sighs and rolls her eyes, she shakes her head "You sure are weird."
Ashley says, she sits down on the couch as Carlito stands in front of her.
Ashley wraps her hands around Carlito's and brings his cock to her lips.
She pats her tongue gently against his cock before she opens her mouth and
takes his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his
shaft as she begins to bob her head.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Carlito moans and tilts his head back as he starts to cum
inside of Ashley's mouth. "Mmmm yeah... that's cool..." Ashley swallows the
sticky, warm load of Carlito's cum. Ashley licks her lips clean and smiles
up at Carlito.

Carlito smirks, "Carlito told you... you'd like him... cause Carlito's

Ashley raises her eyebrow and begins to gather her clothing "Who do you think
you are? The Rock?"

Carlito shakes his head, "No, Carlito is cooler than that... wanna be movie
star. Carlito is Carlito."

Ashley looks at Carlito and shakes her head "Right..." Ashley says as she
begins to put her clothes on.

"You know you like Carlito... Carlito did you raw."


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