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Now That's Cool Part 5: Swallowing More Than Apples
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of a WWE Live event, Carlito and Chris Masters have
just finished their tag team match against the Heart Throbs, in which they
picked up the win.

"Man that was great... I got him the Master Lock and he was out like a
light..." Masters says as he locks his hands together.

Carlito smirks as he flips an apple up an and down, "That was cool... but
you know what really was Cool? Carlito doing his move to get the pin."

"Yeah, that was all right..." Masters laughs as Carlito takes a bite of his
apple. The two men pass Maria, who hosted her own little fan interactive
segment, and she makes a bit of a face when she sees Carlito eat his apple.

Maria smiles cutely "Hey Carlito! Hey Chris!" Maria says excitedly as she
stops walking.

Both men stop and turn around, Masters smirks as he places his hands on his
hips. "Hey Maria... looking good."

Carlito takes another bite of his apple and nods, "Carlito thinks you're
looking cool..."

Maria laughs a little "What are you guys up to?"

"Oh we're just heading back to the locker room to shower and change... then
we're heading out to a club I think," Masters replies as he looks at Carlito
with an unsure look on his face.

"Carlito is going to find some good apples... and some cool ladies later,"
Carlito smirks, then he asks Maria, "What are you doing? You want to hang
with Carlito and Chris?"

Maria smiles widely "Really? You want to hang out...with me?"

Carlito nods, "Yeah, cause you're hot and cool... right Chris."

Masters has a confused look on his face, until he catches on. He quickly nods
and smiles, "Yeah, she's really cool, I'd love it if she hung out with us."

Carlito smiles at Maria, "See, we want you."

Maria smiles cutely once again "Oh I'd love too...but.." Maria sighs, "I need
to try to remember my question I was going to ask John Cena..." Maria frowns.

Carlito smirks, "Carlito knows what you were going to ask him... you were
going ask him how he can be cool like Carlito." Masters covers his own mouth
his fist a bit as he tries to avoid laughing at what his tag team partner
just said.

Maria raises her eyebrow a bit and then shakes her head "No....that wasn't
it." Maria replies with a slight whine in her voice.

"Hey I know how you can remember..." Masters says as he moves to put an arm
around Maria's shoulders, "You need to relax and not get frustrated..."

Maria makes a face "You think so?"

"Yup... and the best way to do that is to..." Before he can finish Carlito
cuts off Masters.

"Is to have an apple, Apples are cool like Carlito, and Carlito always
remembers everything," Carlito smiles and hands Maria his apple.

Masters looks at Carlito with a raised eyebrow, "Carlito, she doesn't need

Maria makes a disgusted face "I don't like apples...they're icky.."

"You don't like apples?" Carlito frowns.

Masters smirks, "I think she'd prefer something else... ain't that right
Maria?" He looks at her and smiles.

Maria shrugs with a smile "I guess so..."

Carlito makes a face, "What can she like that's better than apples?"

Masters chuckles, "Carlito, she looks likes she loves meat... especially big
hard piece of it..."

Maria laughs " chicken...and beef..." Maria says before Masters
cuts her off.

"And cock?" Masters asks her as he gets a big smile on his face. Carlito just
took a bite of his apple and almost chokes when he heard what Masters just
said to Maria.

Maria scrunches her nose up and shakes her head "No..." Maria replies "Cock
isn't meat...cock is what boys have, silly.."

After composing himself, Carlito smiles, "No, Cock is like meat... its big...
and juicy... and Carlito thinks you love how they taste."

Maria smiles "Well...yeah..." She shakes her head "I'm not stupid.." Maria
says rolling her eyes.

Masters elbows Carlito and they both smirk, before Masters asks, "Do you want
to taste ours?"

"Yeah do you, Carlito's locker room is right over there..." Carlito adds as
he points to where his locker room is.

Maria shrugs with a cute smile "Sure!"

"Cool..." Carlito smiles and the trio head over toward then into Carlito's
locker room. Once they are inside, Carlito tosses the remains of his apple
into a trash can as Masters takes hold of Maria's wrists and pulls her
towards him so her body is pressed against his so she can feel his dick
through his wrestling tights.

"Ready to try the Masterpiece?" He asks with a cocky smile.

Maria smiles and shrugs "Sure...why not?" Masters smirks and he steps back
to takes off his wrestling tights revealing his semi-hard cock. Carlito is
also getting undressed, and when Maria looks at both men she can see that
they are very equal in terms of size. Maria licks her lips innocently as
she slowly lowers herself to her knees. Maria smiles up at Carlito and
Masters as she takes both of their cocks into her gentle, soft hands. Maria
begins to rub her hands up and down both of their hardening shafts.

Carlito smirks as moves both of his hands through his own hair, "Carlito
likes your hands... they are cool..." He says as he feels Maria's hand move
along his shaft.

"She's making two hard rigid sculptures... but only one's a Masterpiece..."
Masters replies. Maria bites down on her bottom lip before she pulls
Masters's cock towards her lips. She opens her mouth and takes his cock
into her warm mouth. She wraps her soft lips tightly around his cock and
she begins to slowly bob her head on his cock as she moves her hand up and
down Carlito's shaft.

"Mmmmm yea... that's it...." Masters moans as he moves the fingers of his
right hand through Maria's hair as she bobs her head on his dick. Carlito
tilts his head back and moans as he feels Maria tighten her grip on his
shaft. Maria widens her mouth as she bobs her head down further on Masters's
cock, she then lifts her head up, she flicks her tongue against the head of
his cock, before she turns a bit on her knees so she's mainly facing Carlito.
Maria brings Carlito's cock up to her mouth and pats her tongue against the
tip of his cock before she opens her mouth and takes his cock into her mouth.
Maria begins to bob her slowly on Carlito's cock, gradually bobbing her head
faster with each head bob.

"Ohhhh yea... now this is cool..." Carlito moans as he moves his hips a bit
so she can take more of his cock into her mouth. Master licks his lips and
steps behind Maria and lifts her up. He pushes her skirt up over her hips
and lowers her thong. Masters sits down on his knees, spreads her ass open
with his hands so he can lick up and down her ass-crack. He does so slowly
at first but slowly starts licking faster when he moves a hand between
Maria's legs to rub her pussy with the palm of his hand. Maria moans softly
against Carlito's cock as she starts to move her head quicker on his cock,
lapping to her skillful tongue around his shaft. Carlito runs fingers from
both his hands through her hair as his entire cock enters Maria's wet mouth.
Masters pushes two fingers into Maria's pussy, moving them in and out past
her pussy lips slowly as he slides his tongue into her asshole. Maria begins
to slowly push her hips back against Masters's two fingers. Maria moans in
delight as his fingers enter deeper into her warm pussy. Maria slowly picks
her head up from Carlito's now saliva covered cock and begins to lick down
his somewhat long shaft.

"Damn that's hot... and cool... Carlito wants you..." Carlito says as he
stands Maria up, making the fingers and tongue of Masters fall out of her
pussy and ass. Masters gives him a look, but that look is changed when he
sees Carlito kneel Maria down on a leather sofa and enters her pussy from
behind. Carlito places both of his hands on her hips as he begins pumping
his cock swiftly in and out of her.

Maria closes her eyes for moment as she lets herself get used to Carlito's
cock "Ohhhhh..."

"You little bastard..." Masters laughs as he moves over to the couch and
sits on it. He places a hand on the back of Maria's head, as well as one
around his cock. Masters pushes Maria's head down towards his crotch as
Carlito starts caressing Maria's ass with his left hand.

"Damn, she's got a hot pussy.... feels really... really good around Carlito's
banana..." Carlito moans.

Masters looks at him with a raised eyebrow, "Man what is it with you and

"Fruit's cool..." Carlito replies as he gives Maria a sharp thrust. Maria
jolts forward causing her to instantly deep throat Masters's massive cock.
Maria tightens her grip around Masters's cock as she deep throats, sucking
with a hard grip. As she sucks moves one hand up and cups Masters's ballsack,
she then begins to massage his ballsack. Maria gently pushes back against
Carlito as he gives her sharp thrust after sharp thrust into her wet and
warm pussy.

"Mmmmm damn..." Masters moans as he places with the back of her hair. Carlito
slams his cock harder in and out of her pussy, while moving one of his hands
in order to slip in two fingers into her asshole.

Maria lifts her head up from Masters's cock and looks over her shoulder at
Carlito. She laughs, "You like it back there?"

Carlito licks his lips and moans, "Oh yeah... it's really cool back here...."
Carlito withdraws his fingers from her asshole as Masters rubs the back of
Maria's neck.

"Hey you want to feel something... climb on top of my dick, I guarantee
you'll enjoy the ride..."

Maria smiles cutely "Sounds like fun!" Carlito pulls out of Maria's pussy and
Masters pulls her up onto his muscular body. He holds his cock steady as she
lowers pussy onto his long hard hot rod. Maria does so hesitantly at first,
but when Masters places his hands on her hips, her pushes her down completely
on his dick.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Maria moans loudly as she comes down hard onto his stiff cock.
Maria grits her teeth as she starts bounce quickly on his cock. She tilts her
head back as she moans "Ohhhhh...yesss...ohhh...fuck yes..." Maria moans as
she starts rocking back and forth on Masters's cock faster.

"Yeah... you like that big cock..." Masters moans as he leans his head to
kiss her neck, Carlito licks his top lip as a smirk creeps onto his face.

"Carlito's got a cool idea..." Carlito moves off the couch and gets behind
Maria. He holds his cock with his lift hand and spits on it to add a bit of
lubrication. He places a hand on Maria's shoulder and pushes his cock slowly
into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck..." Maria moans as her body trembles slightly as Masters
thrust his cock up into her tight pussy and Carlito thrusts himself into her
asshole. The combine thrusts of Carlito and Masters makes Maria rise up a
bit whenever they both push into her at the same time. Carlito wraps an arm
around her body and cups her right breast to massage it. Masters continues
to kiss Maria's slender neck as he pushes himself off the sofa. The end
result is both he and Carlito standing and sandwich fucking the hot
interviewer. Maria manages to grind her pussy against Masters's cock, which
causes to push Carlito's cock out of her tight asshole. Maria leans back
against Carlito's sweaty chest as she now too begins to sweat.

"You like that..." Carlito says as Masters moves his arms around Maria's
sweaty body as he pushes his cock deeper into her pussy.

Maria grits her teeth tightly "Ohhhhhh!" Maria moans loudly and with the
pressure of Carlito's cock in her pussy as well, she begins to cum.

Masters feels Maria's body go a bit limp in his arms as she comes down from
her climax. He pulls out of her and sets her on the sofa. Carlito and Masters
stand on either side of Maria, stroking their cocks quickly while looking at
Maria as she slides off the sofa and onto the floor and sits on her knees.
"You want to taste something... really cool..." Carlito asks with a grin.

Maria wipes her forward as she looks a bit tired "Yeah..." she says taking a
deep breath, before she opens her mouth.

Carlito and Masters grin as they pump their cocks harder. Masters is the
first to climax and he shoots his load perfectly into her mouth. Carlito cums
a moment later, and Maria's mouth is almost completely filled with the hot
loads of both men. Maria moans as the hot loads of cum pour down her throat.
Maria licks her lips clean and smiles up at Carlito and Masters

Masters smirks and sits on the sofa then he says to Maria, "I bet that tasted
better than apples..."

Maria smiles cutely " was..." Maria pauses and gets a confused look on
her face "Carlito...what is it you say?"

"Cool..." Carlito replies with a smile as he looks at her.

Maria nods her head "Yeah...that"


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