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Now That's Cool Part 6: Cool Stratusfaction And A Hot Boss
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of Monday Night Raw, Carlito and Trish Stratus are
watching a monitor that is showing a match between Kane and The Heart Throbs.
Carlito shakes his head, "That's not fair... Kane got the easy guys..."
Carlito complains, even though he faced Victoria earlier that night, he looks
at Trish who laughs bit, and he quickly adds, "Victoria's tough... she had a
dog run in..."

Trish smiles a bit "Ohh...I don't know...she almost had you beat, and that
wouldn't be cool..." Trish adds in, laughing at her own joke.

"Hey Carlito was just playing around... Carlito don't like wrestling women...
he likes... giving them trips to the Carlito's bed at the his Cabana."
Carlito smiles as he looks at her.

Trish folds her arms "I really hope that's not your pick up line.." Trish
says as she shifts the Women's Championship belt from her left shoulder to
her right shoulder.

Carlito holds his hands up, "Whoa... Carlito don't use pick up lines...
Carlito is cool... although Carlito could show you some Cool satisfaction."
Carlito slides a bit close to her and puts a hand on Trish's left shoulder.

Trish smiles and licks her lips slightly "Cool...satisfaction, huh?" Trish
then flips her hair back "What if I gave you some Cool Stratusfaction?"

Carlito gets a wide smile on his handsome tanned face and nods his head a bit
eagerly, "Now that would be very cool..." The thoughts that are now running
through his mind result in a noticeable bulge forming in his purple wrestling

Trish smirks and slowly gets down onto her knees in front of Carlito "And if
I'm impressed, you might just get 100% Stratusfaction..."

"Oh you'll be impressed by Carlito..." Carlito says as he lifts up his light
blue t-shirt with a large apple on it up and over his head. He lays it on
top of the monitor that he and Trish were watching just a few short moments
ago. Trish slides her hand through her blonde hair as she puckers her lips
slightly, looking up at Carlito. She sets the WWE Women's Championship belt
on the floor beside her. Carlito licks his own lips as he lowers his purple
trunks down to where they are down around his ankles. Carlito doesn't step
out them since Trish is so close to him. His cock hangs between his legs,
and the longest reigning Women's Champion of the past 16 years sees that's
his cock is impressive both in length and width. Trish licks her lips as she
sits up on her knees. She places both of her hands around Carlito's shaft
and begins to massage his shaft. She moves her hands up and down his shaft
and begins to feel his cock grow and harden in her soft hands. Carlito moans
as he watches Trish soft hands move up and down along his cock.

"Carlito's impressive ain't he?" He asks as he cock reaches it's full size
rather quickly.

Trish smiles a bit as she pulls Carlito's cock up to mouth. She takes her
tongue and tongue licks down Carlito's shaft. She reaches his ballsack with
her tongue and gently pats her tongue against his ballsack, before she licks
up Carlito's shaft heading towards the head of his cock. Carlito moves one
hand through Trish's soft blond hair as he feels her tongue glide gently
against the head of his cock. Trish reaches the head of Carlito's cock with
her warm tongue. She pats her tongue against the head of his cock before she
twirls and circles her tongue around the head of his cock. She gently works
her tongue into his piss-slit and tastes his pre-cum.

"Ohhhh damn... that's hot..." Carlito whispers. He closes his eyes slightly
as he tilts his head back to take in the feeling of the care Trish is using
her tongue to stimulate him. Trish lowers her head and opens her mouth. She
slowly takes the head of Carlito's cock into her mouth. She wraps her lips
tightly around the head of his cock and begins to slowly bob her head on the
tip of his cock. Carlito opens his eyes and looks down at Trish in amazement.
He smiles as he watches Trish take his cock into her mouth, then slowly back
away while pressing her lips somewhat tightly around the head of his cock.
Trish opens her mouth wider as she goes down on his shaft somewhat. Trish
then begins to bob her head on Carlito's cock at a decent rate, while she
twirls and laps her tongue around his shaft.

Carlito moans, "Mmmm damn Trish... that's cool.... you give great
Stratusfaction..." Carlito starts moving his hips so he can feel Trish take
more of his cock into her warm mouth. Trish tightens her lips as she starts
bobbing her head faster. She places her hands on Carlito's waist as he mouth
acts like a vacuum and practically inhales Carlito's cock. Carlito starts
breathing faster as he closes his eyes tightly. He bites his lower lip as he
feels the pressure of an approaching orgasm building up inside him.

"Mmmm fuck..." Carlito whispers as he tries to hold it off. Trish opens her
mouth as wide as she can and pushes all of Carlito's cock deep into her
throat. The Canadian Beauty gags for a moment but manages to regain her
sucking momentum. "Ohhhh damn.... it..." Carlito moans loudly as he begins
to cum inside of Trish's mouth. He feels as if he can continue to cum forever
with out Trish milks his shaft with her mouth. Trish moans softly as he cum
hits the back of her mouth and then slides down her throat. Trish slowly
pulls her head away and licks the cum off of Carlito's cock.

Carlito stagers back a bit and catches the top of a table before he falls
backward, "Wow... that... was really cool..." He says with a big smile on his

Trish smiles and stands up "Yep..." She wipes her lips clean her fingers and
then looks at Carlito "But I don't just go around fucking any guy I see..."
Trish laughs, "What do you think I am...a slut? If you want that...just don't
waste your time and go to Lita..." Trish says before she picks up the Women's
Championship and walks away.

Carlito pulls up his wrestling tights and calls out after Trish, "Carlito
don't like fake red-heads, they aren't cool!" But Trish is too far-gone to
hear what he says and Carlito kicks the ground, sighs and starts walking in
the other direction. As he walks down towards his locker room to get his
gear when he hears yelling. He goes to check it out and sees Triple H and
Stephanie McMahon yelling at each other and that Triple H is buckling his
belt as he's leaving Stephanie's office.

Stephanie folds her arms shakes her head and yells, "You limp bastard!" after

Carlito raises an eyebrow and approaches Stephanie, "Everything cool?"

Stephanie clears her throat and fixes her business jacket. She then smiles
politely "Carlito... can I help you?"

"No, Carlito's cool," Carlito smiles, "Carlito heard you and Triple H
yelling... just wanted to see if Carlito could help."

Stephanie sighs as she begins to straighten up her desk "Everything's fine
Carlito." Stephanie replies, although her eyes are telling a different story.

"Are you sure... Carlito heard you call Triple H something not cool... like
his banana is soft..." Carlito says as he steps into the office and closes
the door a bit with his foot.

Stephanie folds her arms a bit and then takes a deep breath "Look...
Carlito" Stephanie says turning her head to him "A girl needs to be
satisfied... and well he's just not doing it for me..." Stephanie
clears her throat "Picture...a piece of yarn...that's my husband for
you. We need don't a limp Champion! We want a Champion who can give
it real good!" Stephanie says licking her teeth slightly with a nod
of her head "Why do you think I've left John Cena have the belt for
so long.." She then smirks.

Carlito gets a big smile on his face, "Carlito knew there was a reason,
Cena's cool, but he's no Carlito... Carlito would make a great WWE Champion."

Stephanie laughs " really think so Carlito?"

Carlito nods his head eagerly, "Carlito knows so, and Carlito leaves every
woman he's with satisfied, because Carlito is cool and not soft like a

Stephanie smirks and presses Carlito up against the desk her office "Well
then...Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, Carlito"

Carlito smirks, "Carlito would rather put something in you than in Carlito's
mouth." Carlito licks his lips as he moves a hand to reach under Stephanie's
skirt to rub her pussy. "And Carlito's got the right tool..." He adds as he
lowers his wrestling trunks to free his cock that is quickly growing hard in
the presence of the Billion Dollar Princess.

Stephanie smirks a bit as she checks out Carlito's nicely sized cock "Not
bad...Not bad.." Stephanie says as she kicks off her high-heeled shoes and
then sits up on the edge of her desk. Stephanie looks at Carlito as she
slides down her black colored business skirt. She kicks the skirt off and
pulls down her white colored panties. Her panties drop to floor as Carlito
licks her lips staring at her inviting, shaven and smooth pussy.

"Now that's... cool..." Carlito licks his teeth hungrily as he steps between
Stephanie beautiful legs. He rubs her thighs for a moment before gripping his
shaft at the base with his right hand to guide it into the warm wet inviting
confines of the pussy of Stephanie McMahon. Carlito eases it in until its
halfway inside then he thrusts forward, ramming in the rest of his cock into
her in one motion.

Stephanie grits her teeth "Mmmm...." Stephanie moans as she slides off her
business jacket and begins to unbutton her white-buttoned blouse. She wraps
her legs around Carlito's waist and begins to grind her pussy back against
Carlito's cock as he thrusts in her surprisingly tight pussy.

Carlito places one hand on Stephanie's waist and the other on her shoulder
as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. "God damn... Carlito never...
bang a woman... with a tighter pussy..." Carlito grits his teeth as he
manages to start building momentum, making Stephanie move a bit back and
forth on the smooth surface of her desk. Stephanie tilts her head back as
opens up her white blouse revealing her large, braless chest to Carlito.
Stephanie sits up slightly and grabs a hold of Carlito's shoulder as he
continues to drive his cock in and out Stephanie's pussy with tremendous
force and fast thrusting.

"Damn... Carlito knows they are not real... but they are cool..." Carlito
lowers his head and begins sucking on Stephanie's left breast as he pushes
forward so Stephanie is laying on the desk. He climbs up onto the desk and
thrusts downward into her cunt as hard as he can when he feels Stephanie
pulling on his Afro.

Stephanie smirks and rolls herself on top of Carlito. She places her hands
onto Carlito's chest "Ready big boy..." Stephanie says out of breath before
she begins to rock back and forth on Carlito's cock. Stephanie begins
bouncing quickly on Carlito's cock, coming down sharply and hard on his

"Mmmmm fuck..." Carlito moans as he places his hands on her hips to make her
rise higher so she can come down with more force. The cool Caribbean native
arches his legs as he begins to thrust upward into her pussy every other
minute, catching Stephanie by surprise each and every time.

Stephanie grits her teeth, as she slams down hard on his cock. She arches
her body back slightly "Ohhh...fuck're so much better then my
limp-dicked husband!" Stephanie groans as she starts rocking her hips,
grinding her pussy around on his stiff cock.

"Carlito told you so..." He grunts as he lifts Stephanie up and off his cock.
He scoots out from under her and slightly pushes Stephanie onto all fours so
he can get behind her. Carlito admires her gorgeous ass for a moment before
he spreads her backside cheeks apart with the fingers of right hand into
order to guide his cock into her asshole with his left. Once the tip of his
rod is her, Carlito grips her hips and rams his cock home, almost making
Stephanie jolt forward and off the desk.

Stephanie's knees bang against the front of her desk, she looks over her
shoulder with a smirk at Carlito "Not bad kid..." She says as he begins to
ravage her ass with his cock.

"Carlito's not a kid..." Carlito smirks as sweat drips down his face. He
pulls Stephanie back against him each time he pushes into her, in order to
double the experience of his cock moving in and out of her asshole. Carlito
grins and moves a hand towards her pussy to rub it so Stephanie's pleasure
is increased a bit more. Stephanie slams her ass back against Carlito's cock
and she suddenly feels Carlito's cock erupt with cum as his warm cum drips
out of her tight McMahon asshole.

"Fuck!" Carlito yells and he starts cursing at himself in Spanish as he tries
to continue to fuck her ass, but with his cock losing its life, it's becoming
a useless endeavor for him. Stephanie looks back at Carlito with a smirk on
her face. Carlito looks at Stephanie red-faced, as he's embarrassed.
"Carlito's sorry... Carlito got blown... by... a fan earlier... it took a lot
out of Carlito..." Carlito babbles as he tries to make Stephanie believe he
wasn't pre-mature in blowing his top.

Stephanie stands up and turns around as she begins to get dressed. She shrugs
" weren't bad for a quickie.." Stephanie says as she pulls her
skirt up and she begins to button up her blouse.

"Wait Carlito didn't get you satisfied... Carlito's got a reputation..."
Carlito says with a disappointed look on his face.

Stephanie puts her business jacket on "Carlito..." She says as she
straightens out her business jacket "You impressed me...although John can
last a few hours with me...but you were better then my husband.." Stephanie
folds her arms "And....hell that satisfies me..."

"Really?" Carlito smiles a bit, "Now that's cool... maybe Carlito can get...
another try sometime...."

Stephanie nods her head "Yeah...and next time don't get blown by a fan and
then come to me..."

Carlito smiles, "Carlito promises... and next time you'll see how cool
Carlito is."

Stephanie nods and tosses Carlito his wrestling tights "Oh...and Carlito..."

"Yes?" Carlito replies as he puts on his wrestling trunks.

"Next time...don't lie about a fan blowing you..." Stephanie smirks "I
saw Trish giving you head..." Stephanie then folds her arms and glares at

Carlito smiles, "Carlito wasn't lying... Trish is a fan of Carlito..."

Stephanie grits her teeth "Get out!"

"Yes ma'am!" Carlito says as he quickly gets out of Stephanie's office before
she gets mad.

Stephanie shakes her head pissed off she then smirks "He wasn't so bad..."


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