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Disclaimer: OK you all know the story, don't read this if you're under 18. If
you are practice wrestling moves on each other instead, Vince needs the law
suits! Better yet do something stupid and blame video games, no one's sick of
that argument! Criticism is welcome and accepted either via the CSSA boards
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Author's Note: I figured I'd held add to WOWEFA again, boy I'm good ;) This
is based on what appeared to be going on in the feud with Roode and Kaz, I
know the arc's been dropped but this could easily have happened ;)

Codes: MF, Cons, Anal, Oral

Knockout: Traci Brooks

Now That's Just Roode!
by Doctor Rock

Having just been embarrassed by Kaz again Robert Roode was in a foul mood, Ms
Brooks ran up behind him trying to calm down her boss. Ms Brooks was dressed
in a stunning red dress that just came up over her knees; her hair was
loosely dangling over her shoulders. Roode as usual wasn't listening, going
on an ego trip, talking about the potential stock he could lose. "Don't you
get it Brooks!? If I lose to another X-Chump like Kaz my stock could plummet,
I could lose everything! What should I expect from you though; you're just a
glorified hooker! Even Tenay knows it!"

Still seething as Ms Brooks tried to reassure him, Roode stormed off leaving
Miss Brooks alone in the corridor. Fighting back the tears from Roode's
demeaning insult Ms Brooks made her way into Robert Roode's private locker
room and tried to bury herself in the paper work she had been left with.

Halfway through Roode's training exercise Ms Brooks heard a knock at the
door, looking up she saw a freshly showered and changed Kaz. Wearing a loose
flannel shirt and some baggy jeans, he had a smile on his face, a bottle of
wine in his right and two glasses in his left. Raising an eyebrow slightly,
he smiled softly speaking he simply said one word. "Drink?"

Sighing heavily Ms Brooks nodded and moved over to the luxury brown couch.
Stepping fully into the office, Kaz closed the door; putting down the glasses
Kaz opened up the bottle of wine and poured two half full glasses.

"Kaz, you shouldn't be here if Robert found out..." Kaz simply put a finger
up to her luscious lips and smiled. "He won't find out though, I've got some
friends making sure he won't be back for a good long while yet." Smiling
sweetly, Ms Brooks looked to the floor as she sipped her wine. "Now there's
that smile I've missed. Tracy..."

As Kaz referred to her by her former name, Ms Brooks looked up at him almost
with confusion. "What did you just call me?"

Now it was Kaz's turn for confusion, looking at her he simply said. "Tracy,
that's still your name isn't it?" Smiling, Ms Brooks looked to the floor
again, taking another sip she simply nodded.

"Well yeah, but Robert says that I should be referred to as Ms Brooks, makes
me sound classier."

Kaz swore silently as he listened to how Ms Brooks had been treated by Robert
Roode, shaking his head he rand his hand through his hair. "Tracy, don't you
remember when it was me, you and Matt against the world? We didn't care what
people thought of us and we sure as hell didn't lie down for corporate fat
cats. That's why we never had shirts printed!" (Author's note: That could be
the reason!)

Sighing Ms Brooks looked at Kaz and shook her head, her black hair swaying
loosely. "Yeah, but that was a long time ago Frankie...We've both matured
into better people."

Putting his glass down Kaz looked at Ms Brooks and tsked quietly; shaking
his head he flattened out the ruffle in his shirt. "Look, we can mature
properly but who's to say we can't raise hell once in a while. Look at HHH
and HBK both forty plus and they still think they can play Wayne's World!"

Laughing Tracy put her glass down too and looked deep into his eyes. "How
did it come to this? Using my body for clients, Roode's my pimp near enough.
How did we grow so far apart?"

Thinking it over carefully, Kaz slowly answered. "What we both agreed on was
conflicting schedules, I wanted to work Indy dates more often while you
wanted to stay with TNA. Working like that we were bound to grow apart, it's
only natural..." Looking down at the floor Kaz was distracted by slight
sobbing noises made by Ms Brooks. Looking at her, he felt that pang he had
years ago when she was with his best friend Matt Bentley.

Scooting up closer to her he put his left arm around her shoulder and gently
made shushing sounds as she wrapped her arms around his chest and gently
cried into his fairly muscular chest. "C'mon babe, this is no way to act...
You'll get my mascara running in a minute."

Laughing gently she looked up at him and in a brave moment of passion she
leant in and kissed Frankie on the lips. Instantly regretting it she broke
away from the kiss, leaving Kaz a little shocked and disappointed. "I'm
sorry...I didn't mean to do that..."

Crooking an eyebrow slightly Kaz looked at the beauty in front of him.

"Didn't you? Look at you; doing all his paper work, looking after him...I
think it's about time someone looks after you." And with that Kaz leant in
and kissed Ms Brooks again; this time fully reciprocating the passionate
kiss and soon they were deeply exploring each other's mouth again. Kaz moved
his hands down to around his waist and gently pulled her in to his strong
arms keeping her safe from the outside world.

Moving his left hand down, he gently placed it on her smooth skin below the
dress' end. Ms Brooks meanwhile had moved both her hands up and linked them
behind Kaz's head, resting her arms on his shoulders. Ms Brooks had not been
kissed like this in a long time and the electricity and sensual excitement
shot through her body. Gently slipping her tongue into Kaz's mouth and
playfully stroked the top of his tongue. Feeling the presence Kaz closed his
mouth and gently sucked on her tongue while ever so slowly moving his right
hand up her form. Placing his right hand on her breast he gently cupped and
ever so softly squeezed it, responding with a low moan, Ms Brooks broke the
kiss and slowly unbuttoned Kaz's shirt. Ripping it open she revealed his semi
muscular chest, grinning she planted a kiss on his neck and slowly made her
way down his body before reaching his pants. Kaz tilted his head back
slightly and let out a cool moan as Ms Brooks opened his fly and gently slid
her hand past his dark boxer shorts.

Gripping his soft dick she gently reveals it to the light of the locker room,
letting it rest she grinned and looked up at Kaz who is now breathing slowly.
She delicately wrapped her hand around his dick and slowly started to jerk it
to life. Groaning ever so slightly Kaz looked down as Ms Brooks opened her
lips. Smiling, she slowly slid down his meaty pole getting half way down, she
moved back up letting the head just slide past her lips with an audible pop.
Sliding down again she got to the half way point, and slowly fighting her gag
reflex she made her way down to his balls. Bobbing slightly Ms Brooks made
her way down to half mast and started to lift her head up and drop it
furiously. Moving her right hand up to his sack she gently tugged on his
testicles making him moan again much to her delight.

Moving her hand up from his balls she gently wrapped it around his base and
started to jerk it up and down as she increased her bobbing speed. Gently
twisting her hand as she jerked Kaz let out another groan, assuring Ms Brooks
she was doing a good job. Looking up at him and seeing the look of pure bliss
on his face, Ms Brooks smiled and ran her left hand through her jet black
hair as she went back to work.

Ms Brooks restarted jerking his seven-inch staff with her right hand while
her mouth focused on the bulbous head. She slowly took the head in her mouth
and sucked hard, causing Kaz to groan at the warm sensation as well the
erotic scene before his eyes. His eyes locked on Ms Brooks working orally on
his meat stick. Ms Brooks slowly extended her soft tongue and used it to rub
all over the tip whilst her lips gently applied pressure to the sides.

Ms Brooks stopped jerking Kaz with her right hand and slowly dragged her
mouth away from the head. She started licking up the left side of his shaft
in wavy patterns before finishing with a quick kiss to the tip and then
repeating on the opposite side. In a couple of seconds Kaz's shaft once
again glistened with her saliva and was slick to her gentle touch.

Grinning she slowly placed both her hands on either side of Kaz; Ms Brooks
dropped her head over his dick, slowly encompassing half of the whole organ
in one quick drop. She pressed her lips against his shaft and pulled her
head back up, forcefully sucking as she went. When Ms Brooks' mouth was
nearly free of cock, the head of Kaz's dick audibly popped out under the
pressure of her lips.

Ms Brooks repeated the last technique but this time managed to facilitate his
entire shaft. She let her mouth remain at his balls for a couple of seconds
before slowly pulling it back up. This time however, Ms Brooks didn't let the
entire cock slide out instead she pushed her head back down to the hilt
halfway up the shaft. She began doing this quickly and repeatedly, the cock
making sloshing sounds as it quickly passed her wet tongue and lips.

Kaz looked down upon Ms Brooks looking incredibly sexy with his dick going
in and out of her warm mouth. He could see right down her firm body, still
encased in her red dress. With every sudden drop she made on his cock, Ms
Brooks' firm breasts jiggled up, down and around in tandem.

He gently moved both his hands down to her bobbing head and slowly he
gathered up her hair in both hands and held it behind her head. At the same
time, the hair clump started to apply pressure to her movements. He felt he
was ready to cum as the memories of old time arousal were running rampant
inside him and he started to lift his hips up to meet every one of Ms Brooks'
drops, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Ms Brooks looked up into his eyes as they made eye contact while he steadily
fucked her pretty face, she saw the amount of pleasure she was causing him
and she found that it turned her on immensely. It's clear that she missed the
old times of when she was double teamed by Matt and Kaz, the orgasms were
still fresh in her mind, even after all this time. All the thoughts she had
about Robert coming in and interrupting them soon ran from her mind. She
became entirely focused on her and Kaz's pleasure as she carried on sucking
his dick.

Grunting slightly, Kaz started to apply more pressure to Ms Brooks' head as
he neared his climax. She knew the signs well and what would be expected of
her, slowly she took a deep breath through her nose inhaling both much needed
air and the strong scent of his saliva coated cock.

Kaz grunted and with one final hip thrust and a last pull on Ms Brooks' head
he held his hips off the sofa as the X-Division star came deep into her mouth
and shot powerfully. Ms Brooks strained herself and forced herself to swallow
the multiple streams of warm semen to avoid choking whilst holding her
breath. Smiling she kept Kaz's dick in her mouth at the same time for a few
more seconds. When the warm barrage stopped she gave his cock a couple of
more sucks at half mast and gently tugged his balls with her right hand. She
gently ran her tongue over the head to clean it up; defeated Kaz slowly
released the hold on her head.

Ms Brooks leant back with a deep exhale of breath and washed away the bitter
after taste of Kaz's cum. Her face and several parts of her body were red
from the sucking and sweat shone on her forehead, reaching behind her she
fiddled with the dress. Standing up she let the dress fall to the floor
revealing her massive braless chest and now shining with the sweat produced
from the exercise.

Stepping out of the dress she moved forward to Kaz and gently bent over.
Letting him take a good long look down her cleavage, she giggled and motioned
for him to lie down. Giving his cock a few wake up jerks he slid down the
sofa so his head was resting against the arm. Ms Brooks smiled slyly and
walked over to his head, stepping over his body she paced her right foot on
his left side and she placed her left foot on the floor so her body was at a
slight angle. She slowly moved her body down, squatting over Kaz's handsome
young face; using her hands she gently pulled apart her pussy's folds. Fully
exposing herself to the young stud, Kaz eagerly licked his lips as she inched
closer and closer to his face.

She slowly moved down so she was mere inches away from his face, extending
his tongue he gently flicked away at her exposed pussy making her shiver with
anticipation. Grinning Kaz put my hands on her knee caps and moved to between
her legs, it was soaking wet from our earlier fuck. Kaz moved in and snaked
my tongue almost into her waiting cunt, Kaz had been with enough girls to
know that they love it when you tease them, even if they say they don't Kaz
gently licked around her pussy, teasing Ms Brooks so slightly. "Oh Frankie
don't tease me...Give me it now, eat my pussy!" Kaz moved my hands down to
her cunt and gently stroked her clit making her hips buck so slightly. Kaz
finally caved and started to snake my tongue up and down her lips, Kaz
watched her reaction and grinned a little as she started to fondle her won
tits and moan to herself.

"Oh Frankie....Eat that pussy!" She trailed off as Kaz continued my oral
assault, his fingers running wild over Ms Brooks' hard nub. His tongue made
its way deeper in Ms Brooks' cunt as his hand started to play with her clit,
Kaz twisted and pulled it gently as Ms Brooks' started to buck her hips
faster. "Mmmm god....yes!" Ms Brooks moaned aloud as Kaz moved his head back
slightly withdrawing his tongue and inserting another three fingers instead.

"Yeah, take that, god you're so tight." Kaz grinned as he started to frig Ms
Brooks' cunt, Ms Brooks started to moan and say garbled words, most of which
were just vulgar encouragement. Kaz smiled and slipped another finger in as
Ms Brooks moaned aloud again, Kaz started to push his fingers in and out much
to Ms Brooks' glee. "Ahh...Ahh...Fuck I'm gonna cum!" Ms Brooks moaned and
groaned until she let out a louder moan and Kaz felt her pussy explode over
his fingers.

Slowly Kaz pulled his fingers out and grinned, Kaz then did a little trick
he learnt from a Matt Bentley. Kaz rubbed her girl cum over her clit making
Ms Brooks jolt up at the phenomenal sensation on her clit. Kaz chuckled to
himself and brought his fingers up, Kaz licked up a few drops running down
his fingers before completely sucking them clean from her sweet nectar.

Slowly standing up, Kaz looked down at the resting beauty; slowly she made
eye contact with her lover. Breathing heavily Ms Brooks smiled the prettiest
smile and simply spoke few words as Kaz gave his dick a few test jerks. "Fuck
me..." Nodding his head, Kaz was more than willing to take up her offer. Ms
Brooks crawled onto the floor over the elegant faux fur rug, leaning back Ms
Brooks planted both her feet on the floor and elegantly parted them allowing
Kaz to look over his increasingly horny lover.

Going down on his hands and knees, Kaz slowly crawled over to Ms Brooks
and crept in between her legs. Looking deep into each other's eyes the two
engaged in a deep and meaningful kiss. Opening their mouths their tongues
swirled around each others, playfully tapping against each others. Putting
a hand on her back Kaz gently pulled her deeper into the kiss, they both
opened their eyes and Kaz gently slid his dick into her folds making her
moan lowly.

Slowly breaking the kiss, Ms Brooks grunted quietly. "Fucking hell, I forgot
how could you felt." Smiling, Kaz slowly pulled his hips back and starts to
pump away, delivering hard and fast at her warm pussy. "Yeah, you like that
big cock?" He says in response as Ms Brooks bites her lower lip and simply
nods her head as her pussy gets pounded by Kaz's rock hard cock. Kaz
mercilessly pounds away as his balls start to slap against Ms Brooks juicy
ass, which makes her moan even louder in sheer pleasure as she loved the
feeling of his cock deep inside her.

The lovers slowly started moaning loudly as Kaz thrusts in and out of her
tight and very wet pussy as hard as the young stud can manage. Smiling, he
loved the tightness of her pussy. "Fuck me Kaz, I'm gonna cum!" Ms Brooks
says as she slowly starts to arch her back, slowly building herself up to a
hard orgasm all over Kaz's hard dick. Kaz smiles as her carries on thrusting
deep into her, still coming down from her orgasm Ms Brooks looked up deep
into his eyes as he continues to pound away at her pussy.

"You getting close yet baby?" Ms Brooks says looking up at the handsome young
X-Division star as he fucks her tight cunt hard. Shaking his head, his short
hair slightly shaking, Kaz smiles. "Kind of close, I can cope. Do you want to
swap positions?" Kaz asks as he slows down the pace of his thrusting, trying
to make the position more enjoyable with sensual thrusting.

"Yeah can I ride you?" Ms Brooks asks as Kaz moves a hand up to her massive
breasts, gently fondling her right mammary. Nodding Kaz willingly rolls over,
keeping hold of her right breast Kaz put his left hand on her waist and using
all of his might he rolled them both over. The raven haired beauty slowly put
her hand on his chest and pushed down on his chest allowing her to push
herself up on his dick. Crooking himself at the waist Kaz leant up and took
Ms brooks right tit in his mouth, sucking around the nipple, gently flicking
his tongue over her sensitive nub.

Gasping aloud Ms Brooks started to increase her riding on Kaz's hard cock,
Kaz's head moving up and down with the bounces. Moving his hands down to her
firm ass Kaz gently squeezed it and started to bounce her faster on his dick.
Much to Kaz's dismay Ms Brooks leant back pulling her breasts away from Kaz's
mouth. Leaning back Kaz took his hands off of her ass and gently propped
himself up on his elbows, watching Ms brooks go to work on his dick.

Pushing herself down again Ms Brooks was breathing heavily as Kaz began to
feel his balls stir. Grunting slightly Kaz brought this to Ms Brooks'
attention as she slowly stopped ridding him. "Well let's see what we can do
about that, I know you, you can give me at least one more orgasm!"

Swinging herself round Ms Brooks called forward and tauntingly shook her hips
at her young lover. Kaz felt the sensation start to leave his balls, smiling
he pulled himself up to his knees and shuffled over to her. Holding his cock
in his right hand and using his left hand to hold her ass to steady himself
on Ms Brooks' cheeks, Kaz pushed his dick deep into her pussy in one thrust.

Ms Brooks' head snapped back and she moaned in pleasure at the penetration.
She loved doing it doggy style, the position gave total dominance to the male
making her feel naughty and a bit sluttish. One of Ms Brooks' major turn-ons
was to watch herself be taken this way in a mirrored surface. Whilst that
option wasn't available in Roode's locker room she could still imagine how
sexy she looked.

Kaz was thrusting in and out of Ms Brooks' pussy with powerful drives and his
thighs made loud slapping sounds when they collided with Ms Brooks' tight ass
cheeks. Ms Brooks was moaning quickly as well as pushing her frame back to
meet Kaz's thrusts to heighten her pleasure.

Kaz had kept both his hands on her ass cheeks during this position but he
moved his right hand to Ms Brooks' face gently stroking it before moving a
couple of his fingers to her mouth. She tilted her head back, took his digits
between her lips to tongue and suck on them seductively, imagining it was
another cock penetrating her body.

Ms Brooks was tiring from the physical exertion of the night's activities and
her arms couldn't support her weight anymore so she slumped her head sideways
down onto the floor her arms flat in front of her bent at the elbows. Her
tits were pressing into the rug as she pushed her ass into the air.

Kaz used the new position of leverage to drive deeper in Ms Brooks. She
moaned weakly as Kaz fucked her deep without needing any assistance from her.
Soon with a series of exhausted moans and grunts, Ms Brooks came again, her
tight cunt clamping down on Kaz's cock.

Ms Brooks dropped completely prone on the floor unwillingly allowing Kaz's
cock to leave her pussy before her pussy could clamp down on it again. Kaz
felt that he was close to climaxing too and quickly rolled Ms Brooks over
into the standard missionary position to try and ride out Ms Brooks' orgasm
to his own.

Kaz spread Ms Brooks' legs enough to give him access to her pussy once more.
He guided his cock into her and put his arms flat on the floor to support
himself on his strong forearms. As he neared his climax, Kaz fucked Ms Brooks
with slow, hard, methodical drives; each thrust caused a tandem grunt from
both lovers.

With one final thrust and a held breath, Kaz reached the brink and came hard
into Ms Brooks' pussy. Despite climaxing once during the hour he still shot
multiple streams of cum into her snatch before rolling off his lover onto his
back, his head resting on the Ms Brooks heavy set chest. Smiling Ms Brooks
draped an arm around Kaz's shoulders and rested her head on the rug. Both
lovers were exhausted and were breathing heavily.

In the heat of the moment both Ms Brooks and Kaz had completely forgot about
the fact that Robert Roode had been ringing the office landline for the past
half hour alerting them to the fact that he was on his way back. Until he
left an answer message saying he was nearly ten minutes away and he was
pissed. Smiling, nothing mattered except the couple's brief reflection on the
night and their relationship before they fought off to sleep from fatigue.
Getting up Kaz leant over and grabbed his stuff, slowly getting dressed Kaz
smiled as Ms Brooks pulled her red dress up. "If you ever need to be looked
after, I'm only a phone call away. Remember I love you Tracy, I only want to
protect you."

Sighing Ms Brooks looked at Kaz and smiled as she straightened out her hair.
"I love you too Frankie..."

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