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Nunzio & The Divas Part 1
by Whoopi Smith (

Nunzio returned to his dressing room after another loss to Brian “Spanky”
Kendrick. He paced around his dressing room, still in his wrestling trunks,
reflecting on the match, and what he could have and should have done to win.
He stopped in front of the mirror to get a good look at himself. Nunzio was
rather short, but was nonetheless very muscular, with big arms, hard pecs,
chiseled abs, and strong legs. His narcissistic moment was cut short though
as he was startled by Chyna, who he had noticed behind him.

"Hey Chyna" greeted Nunzio.

"Hey," she replied, as she checked out the FBI front man. Chyna admired the
way his Italian-flag trunks hugged his ass cheeks, and the way the flag was
distorted in the front by his bulge.

Nunzio was now wondering why Chyna was here, and why she was wearing a long,
black trench coat. He decided to ask, "So what's up?"

"I just want to tell you that I loved your match, it got me…" Chyna was busy
searching for the right word, "excited."

"Thanks, I guess, but in case you didn't notice I lost," said Nunzio,
suddenly reminded of his embarrassing defeat.

"That's ok, I like when you get dominated," answered Chyna as she came

Nunzio was really weirded out now, "why are you really here?" he said

"Because I want to fuck you," and with that Chyna rushed at him, and held
him against the lockers, grabbing his wrists to make sure he couldn't get
away. Nunzio tried to squirm his way out of the situation, but soon realized
that he was incapable, as Chyna overpowered him, and forced his wrists above
his head, giving her the opportunity to come closer to him. Her body was
right up against his now as she held him against the lockers. She then licked
his neck and laughed, "Now be a good boy, and do what I say."

Chyna then brought his hands together above his head, and held them with one
of her hands, while she reached into her trench coat with the other, pulling
out a satin rope. Nunzio was helpless as she tied up his hands and let them
fall behind his back.

Now that Chyna's victim was powerless, she decided to take a step back to
examine her prize. She liked what she saw, from his jet black hair down to
his toes. All of a sudden, she ripped off her trench coat and revealed her
own sexy body. Nunzio couldn't help but be turned on by her flowing black
hair, strong body, firm stomach, long legs, and black thong, but what really
did it for him was her black lace bra, which was a few sizes too small, and
was barely able to keep her huge tits covered. Chyna noticed Nunzio pitching
a tent, and soon realized that what he had in his pants was not "Little
Italy" but in fact an "Italian stallion." She could no longer resist his
body and began by licking his neck, then working her way down to his pecs,
then his abs, taking her sweet time. Nunzio was staring down at her as she
worked miracles across his body. Her massive cleavage aroused him only
further and soon his cock was throbbing, begging to be touched. He tried
once again to free his hands from the rope so that he could masturbate or at
least force Chyna to do what he wanted, but all of his energy was being used
up as he tried not to blow.

When Chyna had finished with his abs, she went down to his penis, but before
she began to pleasure him, she stopped and gazed at the Italian flag covering
his growing boner. She then got back on her feet and said, "Before I suck
your dick, I want you to suck my titties," and with that the little black
lace bra was gone, and her gigantic boobs were exposed. She rubbed her hard
nipples against his stomach and then placed her bare breasts right in his
face. Chyna began moaning as Nunzio's tongue made its way around the ninth
wonder of the world's plentiful puppies. Nunzio who started out just wanting
this to be over soon realized that he ought to enjoy this as millions of
men can only dream about having their tongues on Chyna's incredible body,
particularly her tits. His tongue made its way around her delicious breasts
once more, causing Chyna to pant in ecstasy.

"Do you want me to suck your dick now?" asked Chyna.

"Yes," moaned Nunzio, his erection throbbing, restricted by his tight little

"I need you to pleasure me first," commanded Chyna as she picked him up and
took him over to a bench in the middle of the dressing room. She laid him on
his back and then straddled him, with her beautiful butt in her face. She
ordered him to chew off her thong, which he started doing, getting his face
right between her cheeks. After a bit of a struggle he finally pulled the
thong out of her crack with his teeth and chewed it apart, letting it fall
to the floor.

Chyna then turned around placing her shaved pussy right in his face. Nunzio
went to work right away and his tongue was moving in every direction upon
entry. Chyna was loving every minute of it and was moaning with pleasure.
She placed her hands on her fabulous tits and began to massage them while
Nunzio worked his magic inside her. It wasn't long before Chyna came all
over Nunzio's face.

"You've been a very good boy, so you deserve this," said Chyna, still out of
breath from her victim's amazing cunnilingus. With that, Chyna made her move
down to his crotch and did what both had been waiting for, pulled off his

She was not disappointed when she saw his big, hard erection, and almost
immediately ran her tongue down the bottom of his shaft. Chyna made another
lick, and continued to do so until Nunzio's manhood was moist with her
saliva. She then slid his dick between her lips, but soon realized that even
if she took it back as far as she could she would not be able to suck the
entire thing, so she began stroking it with her one hand, playing with his
balls with the other.

Nunzio's eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy as Chyna continued to
stimulate his cock. Her lips continued to massage him, as she used her tongue
to arouse him further. She slid her hand back and forth on his crotch which
she'd wetted with saliva from before. No one had ever pleased Nunzio like
this before!

Eventually, his body stimulated to the maximum, Nunzio felt like he couldn't
take anymore. With that, he shot a load of hot white cum down her throat,
which she swallowed with delight. Chyna licked her lips, and then his dick
once more to make sure that she cleaned up.

Nunzio collapsed onto the bench, exhausted, while Chyna got up and put on her
bra and thong. She bent over and kissed his forehead, as Nunzio stared at her
cleavage one last time.

"You were great," laughed Chyna, "and don't worry, I'll be back for more."

As the door shut behind her Nunzio soon realized, he had been raped, but
worse still, he had enjoyed it!!!


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