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OVW Rapist Part 1: Maria Kanellis
by AKSimons

The Ohio Valley Wrestling training grounds is one of the last stops before
you make it to the big time. Many wrestlers come here in hopes to finally
make it to the WWE. Some make it quickly, while others just stay around for
years. I figured why I wait for my call I might as well have a little fun
in the process. I guarantee that when I leave OVW, no one will forget who
I am especially the ladies.

My first victim was Maria. Why you must ask, it's simple really; she is
one of the dumbest bitches in OVW. Does she deserve to be in OVW? In my
opinion...NO! She is a dumb ass slut who is to easy to take control of.
What I am saying is the girl you see on camera is really what she is in
real life. In reality I am doing the OVW and the WWE fans a favor by
shutting her up. Really I was going to enjoy controlling her. After my
match, I sat back to watch the rest of the OVW show. I watched as Maria
came out and had a catfight with Beth Phoenix. Dam she couldn't even do
this right. How hard is it to mess up grabbing someone by the hair and
throwing them on the floor but somehow she manages to mess this up. Like
I thought before, taking Maria is going to be easy. All I had to do was
wait. I knew Maria was always took the longest in the divas locker room.
I wasn't going into this without taking notes, how stupid do you guys
think I am?

I sat in my car and waited. Finally she came out dressed in a short black
skirt and a red shirt. I lick my lips as I watched her walk to her car,
getting in. For Maria, starting the car is going to be a problem, mostly
because I haven't seen a car yet that started without spark plugs. Maria
tries a few times before popping the hood and checking. This is when I
drive up, I park my car and pretend that I forgot something when I hear
her call my name. Walking over to her, she asks if I could help her. I of
course tell her I knew nothing about cars but offered to look anyway. I
look up after a minute and tell her there is nothing I can do.

Maria: Rats, I'm the last one here too. What am I going to do now?

I look at Maria and offer her a ride to her place. She gives me that goofy
grin and shakes her head ok as I grab her bag and lead her to my car. I
proceed to drive off as she chatted away about anything from makeup to what
she had for dinner the night before. As she keeps talking she didn't even
notice that we were no where close to where she was staying. I finally pull
into a parking lot of a storage area and shut off the car. Maria looks at
me confused.

Maria: What are we doing here?

I tell her that I have to pick something up here and that it was a little
heavy. She of course offers to help getting out of the car. I walk over to
the storage shed that I rented for this occasion and unlock the door. I let
Maria in first as and pretend to look for a light switch. The light comes
on to show a bed there with rope on top. Maria didn't even have enough time
to react as I grabbed her from behind and tackled her onto the bed. Her
first reaction was to fight but that lead to nothing as I grabbed her wrist
and held them behind her back as I grabbed the rope with my other hand. I
quickly tie her wrist together along with her ankles. I get up and watch
her struggle before I close the storage door and lock it. I then remove my
belt, my pants, and my boxers. Turning her over, she immediately tries to
scream but my dick was in her mouth muffing her as I made her deep throat
all 12 inches of it as I made her head bob up and down. Soon she stops
screaming and begin to get into sucking it and rolling her tongue around
the tip of it. I soon cum but don't release her as she has to swallow. Tears
start to roll down her face. I soon pull out of her throat making her cough
as I licked her tears from her face. I give her a small smile as I kiss her
and have my tongue violate her mouth next while my hands go up her short
skirt which brings a smile to my face when I relies that Maria wasn't
wearing any underwear.

I slowly start to insert my finger into her as she screams and pleads with
me. I again hush those screams by sticking my tongue down her throat. I soon
work two more fingers into Maria as I massage her pussy. She moans as I can
feel her getting wet. As much as she hated to admit it she loved my fingers
inside her. I remove my tongue from her mouth and begin to eat her out as
she starts to scream for me to stop. I stop licking and stick my dick into
her already wet pussy a little at a time as again she pleads. It takes a
little work but I get all 12 inches in and pump hard. Her screams are the
loudest of the night as she finally couldn't resist to orgasm all over me.
That doesn't stop me from punishing the blond airhead as I continue to pump
in and out of her hard before I cum in her. She lays her head back as I pull

Maria: Why?

I lower my face to hers as she can feel my pussy breath on her. She looks
back at me scared as I give her one last kiss before speaking.

Voice: Because I can Maria.

Maria begins to cry again as I put my pants back on and unlock the storage
door. I walk out shutting off the light and replacing the lock on the door
leaving Maria to suffer some more that is until I add to the collection. I
look at the door before entering my car.

Voice: Don't worry Maria, you were only the first, but not the last.

Getting into my car, I pull a piece of paper and a pen out of my back pocket
and mark Maria's name off the list. I grin as I look at the next name, one
Beth Phoenix is about to join Maria in misery.

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