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OVW Rapist Part 2: Beth Phoenix
by Amy

I guess you can say that word travels fast around OVW. Paul Heyman, the lead
booker, was worried about what happened to Maria and called an emergency
meeting. All the wrestlers, divas, trainers, and writers were present. I
could tell by Heyman's voice that he was concerned as I stood in the corner
right behind Idol Stevens and his managers Beth and Shelly. Tell you the
truth, I wasn't really paying attention as I was staring at Beth's ass the
whole time. I wonder what it be like to fuck an ass like hers as I give a
small grin. Soon Maria was going to have some company in that storage unit.
Heyman's question brings me out of my ass trance.

Heyman: Did anyone see Maria that night?

Oh yeah I saw Maria alright and she was ok for a rookie. I raise my hand
though as I figure this could work as my cover.

Heyman: What did you see, kid?

Voice: I had to come back and get my cell phone. She had her hood open on her
car and was talking on her cell phone. She told me her car wouldn't start.

Heyman: Is that it?

Voice: Yeah, I offered to help but she told me her friend was coming to get
her. I went in to get my cell and when I came out she was gone.

Heyman shakes his head as I can't believe he bought that lame excuse. Of
course the OVW officials did find Maria's car with the hood up. A few minutes
pass and the meeting was over. Walking back to my lockerroom to get changed
for my match when I almost run into Beth as she is talking on her cell phone.
I give her a small smile as I apologize before walking away. That is when I
decided that tonight was the night I take the Phoenix for a ride.

I was in the main event that night with OVW champion Matt Cappotelli in a
tag match against The Riggs Brothers. Of course we pulled off the win but
Cappotelli was attacked by former partner Chris Cage and Stevens as part of
the storyline. With the show done, I got changed and walked outside to see
Beth standing against the wall.

Beth: So do you think Maria's ok?

Voice: I'm sure she is fine. Probably just forgot to call. You know how she
can be sometimes.

Beth: Yeah I know, she's an airhead.

Beth pulls out a cigarette along with a lighter. Such a bad habit smoking
but who am I to talk as I smoke as well. I smile at Beth as she puts the
cigarette in her mouth.

Beth: I know it's a bad habit.

Voice: I won't tell if you won't.

I pull out my own pack of cigarettes and a lighter as Beth laughs. We
continue to talk for a few minutes when we both hear a noise coming around
the corner of the building. We both look in that direction as Beth begs me
to go check it out. Perfect I thought as that side of the building has no
light. We both go around the corner and soon fine out it was a stray kitten.
Beth kneels down to pet the kitten but it runs away as I grab a pipe. Before
she turns around, I hit her with it knocking her out. I drag her over a
little bit so no one could come around the corner and take off her black
shirt. Her nipples get hard from the cold night air. I start licking them
as I feel my dick get bigger under my jeans. As I continue to run my tongue
over her nipples I slowly undo her blue jeans and her pink underwear. I
stare at her pussy as she is just begging to be fucked. I lower my head and
start to eat out Beth tasting her juices.

After sucking her for a while, I take my jeans off and not wasting anytime
I put it into her pussy with ease. She wasn't as tight as Maria meaning that
she must have done this before. I thrust in and out in swift motion and
trying not to groan as I cum in her. I get in a few more thrusts before
pulling out of Beth and rolling her onto her stomach as I look at her plump
round ass just begging to have my dick in it. Who was I to argue with that?
Getting all of it in made her hips buckle as I pump in and out of her as I
hear her moan a little. I take her underwear and tie it around her mouth just
incase she wakes up. I continue to pump in and out as sweat is running down
my face. I soon again reach my climax as I shoot my load into her ass.

I get up smiling as I hear voices head my way. I grab Beth and her clothing
as I fling her over my shoulder and head to my car. I always park in the
back of the arena as I figure it would come in handy some day. I open the
back door and put Beth down as I grab two pull twist ties securing her wrist
and ankles with them. I soon open the driver's side door as I pull out my
list and cross Beth's name off. I begin to drive off in the direction of
the storage unit where Maria was. I am sure she would be happy to have a
roommate. I look in my rear view mirror as I see Shelly Martinez walking to
her car as I grin. Shelly, you're the next contestant on my list.

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