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Oh Canada!
by Foley Fan

Team Canada just finished beating the hell out of the Filthy Animals on
Nitro in a mixed 8-man tag. The foursome made their way back to their locker
room. "Primetime" Elix Skipper and Mike Awesome were very excited for their
victory. Major Gunns was all smiles. As usual, Lance Storm maintained his
stoic expression.

"We took those guys to down, man. They KNOW this my house now!" exclaimed

"Damn right." agreed Awesome.

When they got inside their locker room, Lance Storm took immediate

"Alright Canadians, single file!"

Awesome, Primetime, and Major Gunns obeyed and got in single file. Lance
paced in front of them like a general would when addressing the troops.

"You did well today my friends. The Filthy Animals have learned not to
take on the power of Canada. As customary after every Team Canada victory,
Major Gunns will now give out rewards. Gentlemen, you know what to do."

With a wide grin on her face, Major Gunns stepped in front of Awesome and
Primetime. She reached around her back and unclasped her bikini top, letting
her large DD cups free. The voluptuous blonde "Canadian" then dropped to her
knees and slid off Primetime's pants. The young Cruiserweight's 7-inch cock
sprung out. Gunns gave his shaft a slow lick.

"Mmmmmm." moaned Primetime.

Awesome coughed, not wanting to be left out.

"Major Gunns, Mr. Awesome is waiting." said Lance in his near-monotone

Major Gunns leaned over and rid Awesome of his shorts. Her eyes went wide
as she saw his thick 14-incher. No matter how many times she saw it or was
fucked by it, she was always amazed by it.

"Assume the position." ordered Lance.

Shedding her bikini bottoms, Major Gunns got down on her hands and knees,
shaking her firm ass at the other two naked Canadians. Awesome and Primetime
knew what to do. Primetime got in front of Gunns and shoved 3 inches of his
cock into her mouth. Gunns wrapped her thick, pouty lips around his shaft and
started to give him a hummer. Her tongue swirled around his mushroom-shaped
head. Primetime forced another inch down her throat with a happy groan.

"To hell with America, God bless Canada!"

"That's the spirit." encouraged Lance.

Awesome stood behind Major Gunns, admiring her firm buttocks. He slid two
of his fingers into her anus, causing Gunns to lean back on his hand. Awesome
slid his fingers in and out for a few minutes, then slammed half his cock
into Gunns anus.

"OHHHHH!!!" cried Gunns around Primetime's cock.

She didn't expect Awesome to put it there. The Canadian Killer began to
slam-fuck Major Gunns in the ass. With each thrust he got more of his thick
meat-missile inside of her. In a few minutes, he had her up to the hilt.
Primetime and Awesome got a rhythm going, both fucking her in tandem. Gunns
mouth slurped up Primetime nubian tool while Awesome anally violated her.

"God guys, that feels GREAT! Keep on fucking me, you know I like it
hard!!" said Gunns.

"Less talk, more sucking bitch." said Primetime.

As Major Gunns was being double penetrated, Lance took out his hard 8-inch
cock and started to stroke himself. When he heard a knock at the door he
immediately stopped, put his piece away, and grabbed a chair. He was
surprised to see Tygress at the door, dressed in a tigerskin bodysuit.

"What do you want?" asked Lance.

"Well, I was wondering if you were having try-outs for your team. I'd like
to join and I'm willing to do ANYthing to be a part of your group."

Lance took one look at the sexy Latina, then pulled her into the room. He
pushed her down to her knees and took his cock out again.

"If you want in Team Canada, you prove yourself." said Lance.

With a smile, Tygress gobbled up half of Lance's cock. She coated his
shaft with saliva and licked his purple head.

After getting it good and lubed up, she began to suck his prick like a
hoover. Tygress was well experienced in the sexual arts. Back in the day, it
was a constant orgy in the Nitro Girls locker room. Lance grabbed both sides
of Tygress's head and slammed her face onto his crotch, forcing her to suck
him harder. This was fine with her, she liked giving head.

As Tygress was pleasuring Lance, Primetime and Awesome were ready to blow
their wads. Major Gunns knew what was coming and accepted it gratefully. As
Primetime came, she sucked up every drop of cum into her mouth. Some dribbled
off her lips and onto her enormous melons. Awesome was still slamming into
her like a machine.

"Ohhh god Mike that feels great!!! Keep it up!! Keep on fucking

Awesome finally bottomed out and shot load after load of cum into her
buttery cheeks. After a few more strokes, Awesome lid out of her ass with a
wet pop. Cum was running down Gunns left leg. She just scooped it up with her
hand and swallowed it.

"Now that was some good fucking. But I need some more. Come over here

Gunns had Awesome lay down on the floor. She straddled his hard cock and
started to ride him. Her tight cunt was spread out on Awesome's large shaft.

"That's it baby, keep on riding." encouraged Awesome.

Noticing her large bouncing breasts, Awesome reached up and started to
knead her big jugs. They were obviously fake, but that didn't mean they
weren't nice to feel. He used his powerful hands to pinch her hard nipples,
making her coo happily. Within minutes, Major Gunns was wildly riding

"Ohhh GOD this feels great!! Don't stop Mike, my breasts need your strong
hands on them."

Awesome was happy to oblige. Primetime was watching this and was getting
hard again, so he bent down behind Gunns and shoved his cock into her sloppy
ass. It was still leaking some cum, but it was still damn good. Lance had cum
in Tygress's mouth. He sat down on a chair and motioned for her to ride him.
With a big grin, Tygress slid out of her bodysuit, exposing her cocoa colored
body. She slid her shaven pussy onto his cock and rocked back and forth on
his cock.

"For a non-Canadian, you're a pretty good fuck." said Lance with a groan.

"Thank you, I'm glad you like my sexy body."

Tygress leaned forward and covered Lance's mouth in a passionate kiss.
Lance used his tongue to attack her warm mouth. As they fucked, Lance stroked
Tygress's smooth legs, enjoying their softness. Lance started to fuck her
harder, so Tygress wrapped her legs around his waist. As she was getting
fucked, Tygress found that Lance Storm wasn't as bad a lover as she thought
him to be.

"For a Forest Gump look-alike, this guy isn't a bad fuck at all." she
thought to herself.

After ten minutes of riding his cock, both Tyrgess and Lance were ready
to cum. Tygress was seriously getting fucked and was holding on to Lance
tightly. For his part Lance was having such a good time that he almost
smiled. Both came with a loud groan, Tygress could feel Lance's cum enter her

"Uggghhhh yeeeaahhhhh!!!"

After they both climaxed, Tygress collapsed in Lance's arms.

Across the room, the other three "Candians" were cumming as well. Major
Gunns was being thrown around like a rag doll. Primetime was the first to pop
his juice into Gunns anus, covering it in white goo. A few seconds later,
Awesome shot his load. The double-assault had Major Gunns screaming like a

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" she came with a shriek.

When everyone was done and regained their breath, Primetime just noticed
that Tygress was curled up on Lance's lap.

"What the hell's she doing here?" he asked suspiciously.

"My fellow Candians, meet the newest member of Team Canada."

"She passed the test?" asked Gunns as she got to her feet.

"With flying colors."


Gunns walked over and gave Tygress a full kiss on the mouth. Tygress
returned the kiss with pleasure. Suddenly, the men found themselves with
hard-ons again. After a minute, the women broke the kiss.

"Welcome aboard." said Major Gunns with a smile.

"Nice to be aboard." replied Tygress.

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