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Old Friends, New Lovers
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

DING DING DING! The bell sounded and two dainty arms went up into the air
triumphantly. Over the P.A. it was announced that WWE diva Lita had just won
her most recent match. However to her, this match was far more special than
most. After 9 months of rehab and another 3 of working off ring rust, Lita
had just completed her final match in OVW. Next week she'd be back on Raw.
The one thing that puzzled her though was that as of yet, no WWE creative
team members had assigned her a role. She was merely guaranteed a return
next week.

One of the Audiance members shot up from the chair once the final bell was
rung and began cheering and clapping Lita's win the woman had long blonde
hair a firm bust an amazing figure canadian in heritage and shared a unique
bond with Lita she was a former WWE woman's champion her name Trish Stratus.
Despite how happy Trish was to see her redheaded friend again her visit to
OVW wasn't a social call or it was 50% social but the other 50% was business
and she couldn't wait to tell Lita what business she was on because it had
to do with both of them and Trish's current onscreen rivals "Molly Holly and
Gail Kim" so once Amy had dissapeared backstage Trish sneaked past security
and headed into the woman's corridoor and looked for Amy's locker room she
finall found it made sure she looked presentable after all she was there on
business and she was represneting both RAW and WWE once she was sure she
looked as good as she could she knocked on the locker room door and waited
trying to hold back her smile as much as she could.

Lita heard a slight tapping on the door. Unsure of whether or not it was an
actual knock, she weakly replied, "Who is it?"

She was relieved when she heard a voice call back.

"This is Rhonda Gardner; I'm with, I'm here to talk about your
book's progress."

Lita grew confused. Not by the claim of the woman, but by the ridiculous
Southern accent. She didn't want to be offensive, but she could have swore
it was fake. She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the door. She'd
managed to change out of her top, but stil had her wrestling briefs on. She
opened the door and in an instant, her face changed from inquizitve to
excited. It was the first time in months she'd seen her best friend, Trish.
With all the travel, and her being injured, she had sorely missed their time
together. With Raw being in Cleveland next week, though, the two had the
whole week to themselves.

"God, I missed you so much" Lita said as she hugged Trish tight, who happily
returned the favor.

"I know, I know. It's so good seeing you again too oh and congratulations on
the clearance, in a week we'll be back to hanging out all the time!"

Lita grinned happily. "Can't wait. So what're you here for? I mean it's only
a few days away, you didn't have to drive all the way down here."

Trish searched for the words, "Well, of course the first reason is just
to..." she cut herself off. She watched Lita get up and proceed to undress
herself, particularly her pants. Clad in her street shirt and now only lacy
black thong, Trish suddenly found herself short of breath.

"Go on, I'm just changing."

Trish shook her head and tried to remain focus.

"To see you again...and then Vince asked me to come down here to talk
business with you."

"Oh Yeah." Lita said with a smirk "What sort of business." She added.

"The storyline kind your return storyline kind." Trish said smiling at Lita
as Lita stopped getting dressed and looked at Trish in shock Trish who wanted
for some reason to look at Lita's chest tried very hard ti maintain eye
contact with Lita.

"Tell me then." Lita said excitedly as her shocked expression soon turned
into a big ear to ear smile

"Amy Dumas it is my honour and pleasure to inform you that your return
storyline next week will be with me and Nora Greenwald and Gail Kim" Trish
said smiling "In other words you and me will be teaming up together to kick
the woman's champion's ass and her bitch's ass together." Trish added.

"Excellent!" squeaked Lita. "So I'm just making a big return to save you, is
that right?"

Trish nodded. "Yeah, for that night anyway, I haven't heard anything else
about you thus far, but you're coming in on top."

Lita smiled again, as all this was just making her night better and better.
"Speaking of which, hand me that black one over there, goes better with this

Trish did as she was asked and was rewarded with watching Amy pull her top
of and exchange it for nother. Trish nearly salivated at witnessing Amy's
gorgeous breasts clad in a matching lace bra.

Lita noticed Trish's "hungery dog" like expression and so she walked up to
Trish and flicked Trish's tounge back in her mouth

"Sorry." Trish said putting her hand over her mouth quickly just realising
what had happened.

"No problem." Lita said. "Listen you got any plans for tonight?"

"No I'm unbooked" Trish said.

"Well now your not because tonight your spending it with me." Lita said as
she put her wrestling attire in her bag. "We'll take my limo I'll drop this
off at my hotel room then we'll go out on the town together sound fun."

"In the words of Co-GM Steve Austin "Oh Hell Yeah" Trish said missing Lita
but missing the wild nights out the two had shared and spent together and the
naughty things they both got up too.

The two rode in the limo together, hand-in-hand. Lita invited Trish with her
up to her room in order to place her bags and such in her room. As Trish
walked around the room innocently, Lita took charge. She came from behind her
and pushed her towards the wall. She wrapped one hand around her flat stomach
as the other reached to her front and began rubbing her crotch through her
tight leather pants. Trish was taken by suprise but was certainly in no mood
to complain. It lasted for about two minutes before Lita stopped and
whispered sensually into Trish's ears.

"That's for the good news, baby. You make me happier, and I'll be sure to
reward you later tonight."

With that Lita pulled away, and walked out as if it never happened. Trish was
panting, completely stunned. She involuntarily followed Lita, eager for more

Trish never knew Lita was a lesbian or bi-sexual Trish had always been
bi-sexual but never dreamed her fiary redheaded friend was bi or a lesbian
either way if Lita was interested in her in that way like Trish had been
interested in Lita for ages then tonight would prove to be quite an eye
opener. Lita and Trish rode all the way to the city center in complete and
utter silence but Trish couldn't take her eyes off of Lita after what had
happened she kept questioning if Lita was teasing or if she was serious
Trish sensed that Lita was serious but at the same time Lita was well known
for her pranks and jokes and tricks on people and like most divas Trish had
been ribbed by Lita on more than one ocassion so Trish hoped this wasn't a
joke because with every minute that passed Trish got more and more anxious
for more of what she recived in the hotel room and dirtier imagines of her
and Lita began to fill her head.

Lita was fully aware that Trish was looking at her. She couldn't help but
relish in the attention. Lita knew full well she was bisexual. The dares,
the pranks she and Trish partook in may have been just dares and pranks to
Trish, but to Lita they were serious turnons. Secretly she knew Trish liked
it too, but was a bit too hesitant to come out with it. Tonight was going
to not only be a welcome back for herself, but a coming out celebration for
Trish. She was determined to make a woman out of her. The limo stopped first
at a fine restuarant.

"Tonight's all on me Trish."

The two walked into the restaurant, ordered, and sat down. Immediately,
Trish again felt a warmth on her body. It was Lita, her long leg running
up Trish's.

Trish wanted to move but she was afraid too she didn't want fuck the night
up not to mention the fact that Lita had said, "If you satisfy me then I
will be sure and reward you" or words to that effect maybe this was a test
if it was Trish didn't want to fail it so despite how nervous it made her
Trish let Lita' leg remain where it was and tried to strike up a convosation.

"Have you er...Been in contact with any of the other divas during your injury
time off?" She asked trying to use the right words but somehow so way the
word "contact" didn't sound like the right word to use given the events that
had passed

"What exactly do you mean by that?" asked Lita. To anyone else seeing the
scene, it was obvious Lita wasn't angry or offended. In fact, the tone seemed
as though she was trying to put emphasis on the question. Trish could feel
pressure all around her. She tried to think of a different way to put it.

"That is...I mean, met or...or talked to anyone recently?"

Lita didn't say anything, but she could hear Trish's breathing intensify,
both from the friction of their legs, and the nervous feeling in her stomach.

"No I haven't met anybody not in person I've got a few calls for Stacy an
E-mail for Stephanie wishing me a quick recovery but other than that I've
been exiled to the "Forgotten divas" shelf due to my injury" Lita said
meaning none of the other divas had had anything to do with her since she
had been injured.

"But." Lita said moving her leg a little higher up Trish's causing Trish to
squirm but not move, "That's all gonna change as of next week."

Lita could only smile happily as she realized she was resting her feet right
on Trish's inner thighs, making her eyes buldge and wander about the room.
Lita had to pull back quickly as the waiter came to order. She decided that
was enough for now. For the remainder of the time, they ate like normal
people, and, after a while, even began to have typical conversation as
friends. Their dinner over, they returned to their limo.

"Okay, Trish, your turn. Where are we going?"

Trish took a momment to think "Take us to a night club/bar" Trish told the

"The best and most expencive one in town." Lita added.

"Yes madam" The driver said as Trish and Lita got in.

"Lita ya don't have to go overbored you know."

Lita just looked at her friend and smiled. "Your worth it Trish." She said
which shocked her blonde canadian friend nobody had ever said that before no
woman had ever said that to her before at least.

"Ok." Trish said sounding as stunned as she looked, "If you say so."

The limo pulled up to the front of the nightclub. The two, still full from
dinner, decided to pull up to a table and get some drinks. Actually it was
several drinks, and before long, Trish was feeling rather light on her feet.
Lita, however, was very good at holding her liquor, and knew she could be
in total control of a now-disoriented Trish.

"So, you want to dance kiddo?"

Trish laughed and knocked back another shot. "Let's do it baby!"

Lita was thrilled that Trish sexual tension was now eased thanks to the
alchohol. The two began dancing very erotically with each other, neither
complaining when one would grind into the other.

Trish was totally at ease maybe it was the liqoure she had taken in maybe it
was Lita but Trish didn't know nor did she care she was just intent on having
fun which she was doing infact truth be known this was the most fun she'd had
in months and in a weird way it was the kind of fun Trish knew she could only
have with Lita she couldn't be this free with another or around another diva
no matter how close to them she was.

Lita too began to focus more and more on just having fun rather than the
sexual nature of their dancing. She knew in her heart she was out to seduce
Trish (like she minded), but for now she was enjoying herself as a person
rather than a seductress. Sadly, she had to call the evening's plans short.
Trish was starting to get awfully tipsy, and she didn't want to risk having
Trish fall and hurt herself. Lita escorted Trish back into the limo where
she crashed into the leather interior laughing.

"Oh Lita, you're so beautiful." Without thinking, Trish planted a kiss right
on the lips of Lita, shocking both of them.

Trish couldn't belive she'd done that but she didn't regret it and she
secretly desired to do it again yes she was drunk but that kiss was partly
done "undrunk" meaning Trish had wanted to do it since the incident in the
hotel Trish quickly sat up and scooted all the way over to the window and
looked out of it going as quiet as a mouse had she just fucked up a perfect
night? Trish sat there worried waiting to find out if she had or not.

Lita answered that question quickly, and leaned back in, taking in a dominant
kiss that sent sparks through both women. It was long, wet, passionate, and
full of lust. Neither woman wanted it to end. And so it didn't. They never
opened their mouths to upgrade to French kissing; Lita had wanted that saved
for later. But they were full of vigor and kissed all the way to the hotel.

As the Limo came to a stop the driver knocked on the window having seen what
was going on through his rear view mirror. "We're here ladies."

Lita broke the kiss as did Trish but she grabbed Lita's hand tightly.

"Open up please driver." she called the driver opened the door and Trish
pulled Lita out as she shot into the hotel room and up the steps untill they
reached Lita's hotel room floor then she sprinted down to Lita's hotel room
and hurried Lita to open the door Lita did so and Trish again pulled Lita and
then pinned Lita up against the door forcing it shut and locked on a french

Lita and Trish's tongues circled in each other's mouths, neither able to
contain their lust any longer. Trish could feel the stud in Lita's tongue
stimulate her own. Trish was then whirled around as Lita took control.
Round and round they continued, knocking over any furniture in their way.
They simultaneously crashed onto the bed, never once breaking the liplock.
Their hands now began to run up and down each other's bodies, each seemingly
enamored with the other's breasts.

Trish once she reached Lita's breast began to work on them through her
clothes massaging them carressing them and when she felt Lita's nipples turn
hard and errect she payed them the same attention as she had the breasts she
then decided to take Lita's top off and so she went down to the waistline and
lifted the top up ad over the top of Lita's breasts but she didn't want to
break the kiss so she had the ralled up top rest on the breasts as she went
back to caressing and massasging them and the nipples.

The lacy black bra Lita was wearing provided exactly no resitance to Trish
loving touch, as she easily controlled her Latin lover by rubbing the nipple
between her thumb and forefinger. Lita didn't want to stop, but she couldn't
control her hands anymore and released Trish's mammaries and focused more on
her own sweet pleasure. Trish climbed on top of Lita to continue the erotic
kiss. She straddled her waist line and continued to tweak her sensative
nipples as Lita moaned into her mouth.

Trish could tell she was winning the battle of control and decided to exceed
her control as she took the the top further up and Lita broke the kiss and
raised her arms in the air and once the top was off the two locked lips
again. She then unclasped Lita's bra and started working her magic hands on
Lita's naked skin loving the feel the touch the gentleness and softness she
felt as her fingers careered touched and pleasured her lover.

"Ungh....oh...oh Trish." Lita whispered hoarsely, and it made Trish immesnely
more turned on to hear Lita moan her name. Just the thought that she was in
such contorl made her work that much harder to continue to pleasure Lita. She
switched tactics now; rather than caressing just the nipple, she extended her
hands to their full span and strongly groped her full bosom.

Trish had had enough with just french kissing she wanted nothing more than
to just pleasure Lita's breasts as best she could. She then broke the kiss
and moved her mouth down to Lita's right nipple and began to lick her breast
lovingly and kiss it and then she moved onto the nipple and began to suckle
bite and lick and kiss her nipple while fondling the other as she had been

Trish's tongue worked wonders, causing Lita to arch her back with all her
might, even pushing Trish up. Her tongue lashed around in long slow circles,
slowly getting closer and closer to the nipple. By the time she finally
reached it, Lita was practically screaming in anxiousness. Her tongue roughly
pushed the nipple from side to side. Trish's naughty mind wandered again, and
she bit down lightly, nibbling on Lita's nipple, causing Lita to moan even
louder. Trish quickly switched breasts and administered the same treatment to
her left breast. Lita was panting heavily, nearly out of breath from moaning
so much.

Trish then decided to move on to the next target Lita's pussy. Trish moved
down slowly licking kissing and caressing she then reached Lita's jeans and
unbuttoned unzipped and then lowered the jeans down to Lita's ankles she
then began to kiss and lick at Lita's thong aiming directly at the heart of
Lita's thong where her pussy met the thong making it wetter than it already
was Lita dug her hands deep into the matress, barely able to contain herself,
as the teasing was so immense. There was just a half inch of penetration into
her moist crotch. She knew there was so much more, and she couldn't wait for

"Pleeeeeassee...please Trish...just eat me!"

Trish, satisfied with her work, pulled the material aside, but left it on her
body, and stuck her tongue deep into her lover's soaking cunt.

Trish loved the taste of Lita and wanted more she wirled her tounge around
inside her lover hearing her moan louder and louder getting wetter and wetter
as well as hornier and hornier Trish had no doubt she then decided to go all
the way and put a finger into Lita as well as her tounge and worked both
finger and tounge intent on making her long time friend and new lover cum as
hard as she could.

"OH GOD! TRRRRRIIIIIIIISH!!" Lita screamed as her whole body spasmed over
and over, shooting juices into Trish's loving mouth, who happily gulped them
down. Lita came for a solid minute straight before lowering her hips ever-so
slowly. Lita's body still lightly twitched as Trish crawled up to her and
layed next to her. She kissed her, sharing the fragrance and taste of Lita's
body with Lita herself.

"Mmmmmmmmmm I taste good don't I?" Lita asked teasinly

"Hell yeah." Trish said licking her lips

"Now it's my turn to eat and pleasure you." Lita said with a long passionate
and lustful kiss as she slowly climbed ontop of Trish who layed back and
kissed Lita back before Lita break the kiss and made her way down the
canadian's neck.

Lita glided her tongue stud all over Trish's neck; the cold metal ball mad
her whole body shiver in ecstacy. Lita's kisses were long, and she sucked
lightly at the end of each one, leaving a long sweet sensation after them,
and Trish wanting more. However, Lita wanted to one-up her there. She moved
her body down, straddling Trish's hips and lifting up her tight shirt. She
began to lick around Trish's belly button. Trish moaned happily, as with
each lick, Lita's tongue moved further up and her shirt was pushed up higher
and higher.

Lita came to the bottom of Trish's breasts she worked her tounge and tounge
stud on the breasts moving all around with long licks and kisses and rolling
the tounge stud all over the breasts the feel of the metal on her skin made
Trish riggle about but Lita's weight and strength kept her pretty much
grounded and unable to wriggle a whole lot. She then reached the top of
Trish's breast and then worked mainly on the nipples and around the nipples
intent on giving Trish as much pleasure with her toung stud as possible.

Trish's lack of a bra suprised Lita, but only delayed the inevitable. She'd
seen a thong strap while they were dancing, so she figured it was just a
coincidence. Regardless, Lita had no complaints about reaching Trish's soft
skin faster. Trish's breath was growing steadily faster, and low-pitched
moans began to echo through her body. Lita was completely annihilating her
nipples with her stud, leaving her completely engrossed in pleasure.

Lita then moved down again working on the flat well tonned and tanned stomach
of the blonde bombshellshe then reached Trish's pants and began taking it off
as well as moving down Trish's thong unlike Trish Lita wasn't the type to
tease when she wanted something bad enough she didn't let anything stand in
her way. And so the thong and skirt went and Lita dove into her canadian
lovers love box and began going to work on it with her tounge and tounge

Lita wasted no time in viciously attacking Trish's womanhood.

"Oh dear GOD!" shouted Trish, completely unprepared for the complete assault
on her body. Trish's hands fondled her own breasts as Lita interlocked her
hands with Trish's and continued to stimulate her pussy with her study,
running it up and down her inner walls, causing long, extended moans by

"OOoooooh, right there, right there!" screamed Trish.

"No, not" said Lita.

She knew fully that Trish didn't hear here, but for her own satisfaction she
said it. With that, she dove in again, this time gunning right for Trish's

Trish could feel the stud against her clit she knew better than to tell
Lita that that was the right spot as Lita had obviously known it with the
continued licking of her tounge against it and and rubbing of her stud
against it.

"Oh Lita here I come sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Trish cried in pure
unadulterated exstacy and with that she let wave after wave of her juices
flow out of he body and into the awaiting mouth of Lita.

Lita gulped them down quickly, removing her hands from Trish's mammaries.
Trish breathed a heavy sigh of relief. She closed her eyes happily.

"I'm sorry you didn't last very long," whispered Lita.

"Don't be," sweetly replied Trish.

"That was amazing."

There was a hush of silence for a moment, before Lita started again.

"We just had sex....I still haven't given you your reward."

Before Trish even had the oppertunity to look what was happeneing, she felt
another penetration. This time a more steely feel in her body, sending pulses
all through her. Lita had quickly inserted a small 6 inch vibrator into her
body. Trish's tired body involuntarily spasmed out of control.

Trish's body betrayed her as it responded to the intruder with jolts and
causing her to moan and groan even more than she had with Lita's tounge and
tounge stud finally Trish could feel another orgasam comming.

"On well you've given me my reward and now here's yours for giving me mine."
Trish said before she cried out "LITA!" at the top of her voice and came
harder and faster than she had the 1st time.

Trish's body reflexively humped the vibrator as her body shot the last of her
orgasmic juices onto the vibrator. Lita removed it slowly from her body and
crawled up to Trish.

"Here, have a taste, baby." She received no response. She whispered Trish's
name again, but again nothing. She glanced over at her, and discovered that
Trish was unconscious, rendered so by the night of extreme loving.

"Oh well," muttered Lita, "More for me."

She sucked the vibrator clean before inserting it into herself to join Trish
in a good night's sleep.

The End

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