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This is my first time posting in a long while, so please be patient with
me as I've gotten rusty in the past few months. =) This story involves
characters from the World Wrestling Federation engaging in fictional sexual
encounters that are vividly explained and put into much erotic detail, so
if you are offended by such a story, please do not continue.

On The Edge Part 1
by TheWraslinFan (

It was about half past midnight in Anaheim that night, and the WWF had just
finished taping their Raw is War wrestling program set to air the next week,
featuring all the big names of the WWF's talent roster. At this time of
evening, the wrestlers, commentators, and stage/electronic crew were very
exhausted and looked forward to unwinding back at the hotel for the evening
before moving on to the next town a few days later.

In the men's locker room, the "boys" had rinsed off the sweat and blood and
were as usual ready to head over to the ladies' clubs and hotel parties for
a night of drinking and cavorting. While toweling off, Jesse James [better
known as "Road Dogg"] spotted his friend and tag team partner Billy Gunn
packing his gear up in his gym bag.

"Hey Billy bud," said Jesse, slapping him on the back. "You going over to
Sandarella's tonight? There's a hot-ass redhead over there that promised me
some pussy next time I was in town, you want in on some?"

Billy grinned, showing off a perfect row of white teeth. He was a handsome
guy, looking like a G.Q. cover with his blonde hair and chisled features.
"Yeah, man. Give me a little bit and I'll be ready. Is anyone else gonna
ride with us?"

"Fuck, they'll have to pay their own way," laughed Jesse, drawling in his
deep Southern accent. "I already spent a few bucks on a fat sack tonight, I
got to save a few dollars...besides, man, I don't want anyone else stealing
all the muff..."

On the other side of the locker room, undressing alone and preparing to
shower, stood Adam, better known to the fans as Edge. Adam was much like his
in-ring character, shy and enjoyed time alone to himself. He wasn't entirely
antisocial, as he kept company with his tag partners Dave and Jason and
associated with his other friends as well, yet there was something different
about him that made him want to keep to himself a lot. Most people just
shrugged him off as being a little weird and a little shy, but the women
loved it. "Edge" has millions of female fans gawking at his good looks every
week, with his long blonde hair and evil, mischevious grin. Usually there was
a groupie or two that would flock to him back at the hotel and he would spend
a night with one and feel guilty the next day, as he had a girlfriend back
home in Canada, yet what could he do? He's a man, after all.

He had overheard his friends Billy and Jesse talking about hitting the
strip clubs, but Adam had other plans in mind, and was going to act on them
tonight. He smiled that mischevious smile to himself as he felt his cock
twitch at the thought of what he was planning to do later. Just the thought
of having her...running his hands through her soft hair...over her round,
warm breasts and erect turned him on so much. "God," he
whispered low, "I can't wait."

His thoughts were interrupted by his friend and tag partner Jason, who
snapped his fingers in front of Adam's face. "Are you in there? Here on
Earth? Hey..."

Adam smirked and pushed his hand away. "I'm here, dumbass. What do ya want?"

"The guys are getting together and going to hit the clubs before going back
to the hotel. You want to go too? Me and Dave are there."

"Nah, man. I'm kind of tired, think I need to take this one off."

Jason shrugged. "Ok...but remember last time we were here? That girl...
Jennie? The blonde? I bet she's working tonight. She had tits to fucking die
for, man...and she was such a fucking slut...remember that action?"

Adam remembered. Jennie worked at that same strip bar that the guys were
going to, and he'd spent one hell of an evening with her and her "sister,"
or so she said it was. They marveled at how big his cock was and the enormous
amount of staying power Adam had. It was one of his more endearing qualities
with the ladies...that 7" rod of his was definitely popular amongst the
ringside groupies. However, he was putting it to use in a different manner

"I remember her. Give her my love. I know you will, over and over again."
Adam winked at his friend and slugged him in the shoulder.

"Suits me, man. More for me, I know that much. You need a ride back to the
hotel before we go?"

"Nah," he said. "I'll catch a ride with one of the crew, you guys go ahead."

"Ok, see ya." Jason waved him off and left Adam to finish undressing and
shower. As his friend left, his thoughts turned back to his plans for the
evening. He had been plotting and scheming this for a while now, and tonight
was the night that he was going to put it all in place. He was going to do
it...seduce her and make her his. It was risky as hell, and he could possibly
end up losing his job and livelihood in the WWF, but it was worth it, just to
spend one night with her, inside her, fucking her until she begged for him to
blow his load inside of her.

As the hot stream of water flowed over his naked, hard body, Adam felt his
prick harden as he continued to plan. He looked down and grinned, wondering
what it would be like to have her lips wrapped around it, sucking him off
with those nice full, soft lips of hers...slurping his rod and rubbing his

"Ummmmh," he moaned, rubbing his cock, then beginning a slow stroke. As he
pulled on it, he thought about her. He thought about his hands and mouth
moving over her skin, her soft, warm tits...making her nipples harden as he
flicked his warm and wet tongue across them. He pictured his fingers moving
over and inside her pussy, then pulling them out and tasting her juices...
the pictures in his mind kept rolling forward and he continued to stroke
harder and faster, then picturing himself on top of her, pushing himself
inside while she begged him to fuck her...hard and deep...

"Ohhh...ohh yeah," he murmured, then moaned deeply as his balls tightened in
his sac and he shot volleys of cum all over the shower wall. He bit his lip
as the cum shot out of his huge cock, then took a deep breath when he was
done. He opened his eyes then to look at the wall, his jizz dripping off of
the shower faucet. He grinned again and said softly, "That's what you can
expect later tonight, baby..."

* **

About a half hour later she was getting ready to go. Most of the workers had
already left for the evening and the only ones left around were the ring
crew, who were taking down the set. She watched them for a while from the
entrance ramp, then turned back to prepare for leaving. She had just started
walking in the dimly lit area when she bumped into someone.

"Whoops...I'm sorry!" She peered up through the dim light to see a friendly,
teasing smile.

"Hey, Shane!" She wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a kiss on
the cheek. "Big brother always watching me?"

"Always, you know it. I was looking for you, Dad wants to know if you want to
ride back to the hotel with us, we're about to go."

Stephanie McMahon gave her older brother a little girlish smile, her blue
eyes shining. "Nah, I'll catch a ride back with Jacqueline and Terri, they
wanted to take me and the other girls to see some all-guy show tonight."

Shane frowned. "How old do you have to be to get in those places?"

She giggled. "21 and older. Hey, so I almost fit, give or take a year or aren't going to tell anyone, are you, Shane?" She looked at him
then teasingly. He chuckled and shook his head.

"I'll tell Dad you're just getting a ride with the other girls. But," he
said, playfully looking stern at her, "you better behave yourself, little

"Oh yes SIR," she smiled, patting him on the shoulder. Shane gave his sister
a quick hug then left to catch up with their father, as Stephanie walked the
other direction to the women's dressing room where she would meet up with the
other WWF girls.

The hallway was dim, as everyone had almost left, and Stephanie could barely
see. At the time she had felt very self conscious, as tonight she was wearing
less than she usually did, in a pink plaid skirt and soft pink sweater. She
looked behind her to see if anyone was watching. Feeling confident that no
one saw her, she continued walking. After turning one corner and then another
in the big backstage part of the arena, she realized that she had lost her

"Damn," she whispered to herself softly, looking back. All the corridors and
hallways looked the was she going to find the dressing room?

She stood there for a moment, trying to retrace her steps, when she heard
footsteps coming toward her. A momentary flash of panic came over her, but
then she relaxed when she turned around and saw a familiar face.

"Oh, God, Adam, you scared me!" She sighed with relief and mentally berated
herself for being so paranoid.

"Did I? Sorry about that..." He smiled at her, looking her over. He had
changed into his regular clothes for that evening and looked less threatening
than his ring character usually did. "Don't worry, I'm not a serial killer.
He's on the other side of the building."

Stephanie laughed at that, feeling more comfortable. "I didn't mean to come
this far over, I got lost looking for the dressing room. I was going to...
er...catch a ride back to the hotel with Terri and the gang."

"Oh really?" Adam said, doubting she was telling him the full story by the
slight blush on her cheek, visible even in dim light. "Well, I'm about to
leave, myself. Would you like to ride back with me?"

Stephanie started to stammer, thinking of a way to deter him. "Oh, no, I
appreciate it...but I promised them I'd ride with them, they'd be worried if
I didn't show up..."

"Oh, they'll be fine," he said, grinning and looking her over again. God, how
she looked so sexy, so little-girlish... "Besides, here I am all ready to go
and I'll bet you are too. They'll see you when they get back, won't they?"

Stephanie looked around, then sighed softly, trying to bluff. "I...well..., need my purse."

"That's fine," he answered. "Here, I'll walk you back to your dad's room. Has
he...left already?"

"I think he has. Adam, it's really nice of you to offer to help, but I'm sure
I can..."

"It's no problem at all. Here, come on...I don't bite, Stephie..." He was
at her side almost instantly, smiling down at her. She was a petite little
thing. It would be really easy to clamp his hand over her mouth, pick her
up, and drag her off, but he had to be careful about how he was going to
go about this. After all, it wasn't every day that a guy planned to fuck
his boss's baby girl.

She walked with him then, seemingly trusting although upset at the prospect
of missing out on her obvious other plans. They rounded a few corners and
then Stephanie was back into familiar territory, which was outside of her
father's "office" for that evening. They both went inside, and to Adam's
relief, it was empty. Vince and Shane had left for the night, and they
wouldn't see who she was leaving with.

Stephanie spotted her purse and went over to get it. As she leaned over, Adam
noticed, to his amusement, that she was wearing skimpy underwear, almost a
little white thong that barely covered her nice, round ass. Huh, he thought
to himself, Daddy's little girl likes to play dirty underneath. Almost in
spite of himself, he went closer to her, almost to where he was standing
directly behind her. Stephanie was leaning over, searching through her purse
for something, as Adam stood behind her. Oh God, how easy it would be to take
her right here, right over this desk. In his mind, he saw himself getting
closer to her, then quickly and quietly lifting the back of her skirt and
pulling down those pretty white skimpies, then stuffing his hard cock inside
her from behind. She would wiggle and squirm at first, and problably try to
scream...but no...he would have one hand over her mouth and the other under
her shirt, rubbing and pawing at those nice and firm tits of hers...fucking
her over and over into submission...kissing her hair and telling her how much
of a pretty little girl she is...not to be afraid...he wanted to be inside
her so badly.

She stood back up then and almost bumped into him, knocking him out of his
fantasy. "Oh, geez, didn't know you were that close!" He smiled and backed
away a little, noticing the scent on her hair as she had brushed against him.
Sweet, floral kind of scent, like a Victoria's Secret kind. She threw her
purse strap over her arm and looked towards the door longingly. Obviously she
wasn't going to be able to get rid of him, so she had abandoned her plans to
go to see the male stripper show with the other girls for a boring night at
the hotel. Or, at least what she thought was going to be a boring night.

* * *

The car ride back to the hotel was normal enough, rather uneventful. They
both chatted about the show that night, the fans, other interesting things.
As she sat next to him, buckled in, Adam looked over at her and smiled while
she spoke to him. Stephanie didn't have an idea as to what he was planning,
and he wanted to keep it that way until they got back to the hotel. However,
as he watched her, his erect cock had other ideas. He had been trying to keep
his hard-on down while he was with her, since he didn't want her getting any
ideas, but it was a difficult task. He moaned softly under his breath as he
inhaled, smelling her sweet floral scent as it was right next to him. He
envisioned in his mind again the skimpy little white panties that hugged on
her round and firm ass, and started fantasizing about fucking her from behind
again, regretting that he hadn't. There had to be a change of plans. He had
to have her, right then and there. As she continued to talk, her words became
an unintelligible blur in his head and the road to the hotel seemed endless.
Before he knew it, he was turning off of the freeway into an empty parking
lot, and it was then that he realized that she was questioning him.

"Adam, what's wrong?" She looked at him, questioning him with her blue eyes.
"Did you forget the way?"

He looked over at her. She was so innocent, so sweet. It was such a turn-on.
Finally, he answered, huskily. "I didn't forget the way, Stephie. I know
where I'm going."

She was about to speak again when he unbuckled his seat belt, leaned over,
and kissed her. He didn't give her time to cry out, as he slid his tongue
into her mouth and let it probe around. He put his hands around her head to
keep his mouth on hers, letting his fingers run through her soft brown hair.
She began to squirm, just like he thought she would, and then she began to
struggle. Finally he took his mouth off of hers voluntarily, long enough to
look at her. Her face had gone red and her blue eyes had gotten wide. She
was flustered, and upset.

"What the hell are you doing? Get me out of this car, you perv!"

"No," he responded firmly yet gently, then attempted to kiss her again. She
put up a fight this time, trying to stave him off with her hands. He simply
took her by the wrists then and held them away as he kissed her again, this
time going from her mouth down to her neck. As his lips moved away, she
screamed. He stopped cold then, and looked her in the eyes, his steely blue
eyes meeting her frightened blue stare.

"Don't scream, Stephanie." He looked at her for a few seconds, and it seemed
like she was complying. He noticed then that her eyes were starting to fill
with tears.

"P..please don't h-hurt me..." She stared at him, afraid, searching his eyes
for an answer. "I..I'll give you anything you want, just...don't hurt me..."

Adam smiled then. "I don't want anything but you, Stephanie." With that,
he took one hand off of her wrist and rested it on her upper thigh, then
stroking softly down to between her legs.

"Oh" She looked at him, shaking her head. "Please..."

He leaned over and kissed her neck again. "I want this. I've wanted this for
so long..."

Stephanie began to feel sick as he kissed and sucked at her neck, his hand
rubbing at her pussy through the soft material of the panties. After a
moment, he stopped and unbuckled her seatbelt.

"Get in the backseat of the car."

His words were not forceful, but not gentle either. She complied then,
climbing back over the front seat into the more spacious back of the car.
She watched him as she did it, hoping he wouldn't snap and try to kill her.

After she climbed over, he got out of the car and opened the door to the
backseat. Looking in, he told her to undress. Stephanie looked around,
trying to find an exit. Once she found that there was no viable way to
escape without him attacking her, she again complied as he sat down next
to her, watching. Stephanie pulled off the soft pink sweater first,
revealing a lacy white bra. Adam sighed softly, taking in her scent again
and noticing her rosy nipples through the see-through lace of her bra.
She undid her skirt and slid out of it, letting it slip to the floorboard,
leaving her only in her underwear. A few tears had fallen from her eyes as
she undressed. Noticing, Adam lifted her chin to meet her gaze.

"You're very beautiful, Stephie."

She sniffled then, a few more tears falling. "Wh...why are you doing this?"

His hand went from her chin to resting on one of her round, warm breasts. He
cupped it in his hand and let his thumb slide across the front of the cup,
feeling her nipple underneath. "Take off your underwear," he said deeply,
almost in thought.

She shivered slightly and undid the back of her bra, afraid of hesitating and
upsetting him. In seconds it was on the floor with her sweater and skirt.

"Sit up and let me see you."

She brushed back her hair and sat up straight, revealing two very pert
breasts, fairly large and very soft. He ran his hands over them for a few
moments, admiring their warmth and size. After this, he rested his hands on
her back, and leaning forward, kissed her soft, full lips again. This time,
he met with less resistance. He again probed his tongue into her warm little
mouth, then pulled away after a second. Stephanie watched quietly with little
sniffles as Adam pulled off his shirt, showing off his good physique, then
unzipping his jeans and peeling them off, along with his boxers. He smiled as
he heard Stephanie gasp a little at the huge erection she saw after he pulled
off his underwear. It had to be at least 8 and a half inches. He stroked at
it for a few seconds, then looked at her.

"Are you a virgin, little girl?"

She blushed and turned away. He exhaled softly. It was all he needed to know.
He ran his fingers through Stephanie's soft brown locks of hair and turned
her face to his. "I'm going to be honest, Stephie. I want to fuck you so bad.
I've always wanted to, ever since I first saw you." His hands went down to
her back again and he leaned over with her, to where he was on top of her.
Her eyes widened again with fear. He shook his head. "No, don't be scared.
Don't." He took a moment to look at her, to look over her and admire her
young body. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock rubbing against her was so huge...

His hands reached down and pulled at the material of her panties. Stephanie's
eyes opened and she came to at this moment, fearfully. She frantically
searched for her voice...


She blocked his hands with her own, which frustrated Adam. As she continued
to fight him, he finally gritted his teeth in anger and grabbed a hold of the
material and pulled hard, ripping it from off of her body. Stephanie screamed
then, to which he clamped his hand down over her mouth.

"I told you not to."

He could hear her frantic breathing coming in quick spurts from her nose and
knew that he'd scared her enough to where she wouldn't do that again. He
removed his hand and went back to stroking his erection, already leaking with
precum. "I know what you're thinking," said Adam, not waiting for a reply. "I
came prepared, Stephanie."

With that, she saw him take a condom from the pocket of the jeans lying in a
pile. He removed it and slipped it over his hard prick, smiling down at her
while she watched him. He then lay on top of her before entering her,
continuing to kiss her mouth, then neck, then down farther. He put his mouth
on her left nipple and began to lick and suckle at it, feeling the pert
little nipple harden on his tongue. Stephanie's breathing slowed and she
became a little less tense as he continued playing with her breasts, rubbing
and gently pinching at the ruby-hard nipples. She felt his large cock rubbing
up and down her upper thigh, so close to her made her feel

Stephanie moaned softly. My God, she thought, am I enjoying this? A feeling
of warm lust crept up into her, permeating all through her insides and
seemingly coming from her now-throbbing cunt. It was true. She was indeed
enjoying this moment, and her wetness proved it. She settled back and let
him move his athletic body over hers, sucking and licking at her flesh.
Stephanie felt comfortable soon enough to begin running her fingers through
his long, blonde hair as he worked his way down her body, kissing her until
he reached her pussy.

From there he began to enjoy his work even more, placing her legs across
his shoulder and then opening them enough to where he could get at what he
wanted. Almost immediately he began licking inside her, diving his tongue
and darting it in and out, up and down, making her squirm and murmur his
name. He smiled a little, knowing how much she loved and wanted this. He
continued to tongue at her wet little virgin cunt, sipping up her juices
and suckling at her. Finally, he was ready to make the next move...

Adam abruptly got back up, much to Stephanie's dismay. Once she realized his
next motive, she inhaled softly. She was ready, now. She wanted it, and he
knew it. He just had to hear it.

"Tell me that you want me to fuck you, Stephie."

She replied without hesitation. "Please, please fuck me...I need you inside
me, Adam!"

"Tell me how bad you want it."

"I want it soooo bad. Now...please!"

He smiled that devilish grin and plunged inside her, gripping at the seat for
leverage. With that came her last cry of pain as he forced his way inside,
making her his own. In minutes he was fully inside, facing down into her,
kissing her as she panted and moaned. Nothing felt better than having himself
inside this sweet, virgin pussy, nice and tight around his cock. He savored
the moment, making his movements nice and slow, yet powerful enough to make
Stephanie quake with both fear and lust.

In moments their fucking had progressed to a perpetual pounding as he, almost
in a rage, held her by the wrists as he pumped his huge erection inside.
Stephanie moaned louder, turned on by his actions. She wasn't about to go
anywhere...this was exactly where she wanted to be. As he pumped himself in
and out he went back to licking and sucking at her breasts, making her squeal
with delight. Her heavy breathing and pleads for more spurred him on, to the
point where Adam was about to reach his climax and take her completely over
with him.

He began to pant harder, sweating as their body heat created an inferno
around them...and after a long moment he felt himself explode. Both Adam
and his Stephanie cried out in unison as they both orgasmed, their bodies
experiencing wave after wave of pleasure and ecstacy. Their peak of
excitement seemed to last forever as they continued to take heavy breaths
between kisses and gentle purrs in one another's ear. After the moment
began to subside, Adam rested against her and she murmured softly.

"I...I loved it."

"I knew you would. I'd been planning this for a very long time."

She looked up into his face, her blue eyes more childlike than ever.
"Wh...why didn't you just tell me?"

He grinned. "I couldn't. I wanted it to be perfect, and it is." With that, he
kissed her again, this time very long and very deep. She kissed back, letting
her tongue play around his. After a moment of this, he broke away and looked
at her with the same playful smile.

"I guess it's time we went back to the hotel for another round, huh?"

* * *

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