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Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
fucking stupid. I don't own any of WWE's characters and make no profit from
this story. (Since some people have trouble telling the difference in
pro-wrestling between characters and actors: As well as not owning the
characters of Kelly Kelly/Balls Mahoney on whom this story is based, I also
have no connection with Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank or Jonathan Rechner who
portray those characters in the WWE's shows, and everything I have written
is purely fictional, means no harm, and again is solely a work of fiction).
Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be
offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: Balls Mahoney is paid to force WWE's young blonde diva Kelly
Kelly into brutally rough sex.

Content Codes: M/F, vio, ws, oral, anal, int, cream pie, rough.

On The Locker Room Floor
by JD (

The sound of the shower drowned out the opening door of the diva's locker
room. Balls Mahoney stepped inside with a sick grin plastered across his wide
face. His wallet bulged with his pay off, and all he had to do was earn it.
He quietly secured a chair underneath the door handle, preventing anybody
else wandering in. It had been arranged that only his target would be in the
locker room to start with.

Balls' mind flashed back to his instructions, to beat down, to force himself
into every tight little hole, to leave her as degraded as possible, a
worthless pissmop whore. He'd been jerking off in a quiet corner - with video
games banned, he made his own entertainment - when the money was waved in his
face. Balls Mahoney had been surprised, but figured that was the kind of sick
shit you got in World Wrestling Entertainment, the rot behind the family
friendly fa‡ade.

In the Diva's locker room, he tugged off his shirt to reveal his sweaty,
hairy belly, and the tattoos of his stomach and back. Bending down, he
loosened his boots, and pulled them off. A moment later, his pants followed
to the tiles, to leave him naked. His hairy shaft hung flaccidly between his
legs, above plum sized testicles that carried a sweaty itch on the sack.
Balls scratched his namesake as he walked over to an open kit bag.

Digging inside, he pulled out Kelly Kelly's recently discarded panties and
sniffed at them. Balls flicked out his pierced tongue for a little taste of
the crotch. It was clear that the exertion and excitement of dancing in front
of the ECW fans was enough to make the small blonde diva sweat, though not as
heavily as Balls. Idly, the big man used Kelly's dirty panties to wipe the
sweat from his incredibly hairy asscrack.

The shower seemed to be coming to an end, so he walked over towards the
shower room door just as the water cut off. A moment later, Kelly Kelly
emerged, and dripped water all over the tiled floor. She saw him as he saw
her, and opened her mouth to scream. Balls punched her in the belly as hard
as he could. She bent double as his hard fist impacted with her flat stomach,
and pain shot through her midsection as she gasped for breath. Balls stuffed
her panties into her mouth, hoping she would get the full benefit of his
added sweat.

The sight of the hot, naked blonde bend over before him brought raging
hardness to his erection. Balls watched as she fumbled in her mouth to
pull out her panties, and toss them to the floor. He could see the pain and
disgust in her eyes. The second Kelly Kelly's mouth was empty of fabric,
Balls Mahoney filled it with cock. The pleasure was immediate, and he groaned
as her tongue was forced against his meat.

"Listen up you filthy whore, if I feel so much as a single tooth I'm going to
leave you as toothless as Benoit's mom. I'll beat your head in with a chair!
Fucking suck my dick, like you mean it!"

Balls pulled roughly on the wet blonde rattails of Kelly's hair. Water
squeezed between his fingers as he forced his fat cock deeper into the
gagging diva's mouth. He could see Kelly Kelly knew how helpless she was
before him, how her strength was nothing to his, and she had no choice
but to take his shaft. Balls spat down into Kelly's face, furthering her
degradation as he plunged his throat-stretching shaft down into her gullet.
She felt his spit dribbling down her cheek, while her mouth was stretched
to it's widest.

"Holy shit! Your throat is tighter than Collette Foley's ass!" came the
chair swinging freak's professional opinion as he fucked his balls closer
and closer to the young diva's chin.

He was determined to make her take all of him, although her face was getting
redder and redder with each passing second. He thought he was going to come
any second as he finally succeeded in getting Kelly's lips to meet the base
of his shaft. Her pretty face looked even more beautiful split around his
hard cock, but Balls' hairy belly meant he couldn't get a good view. He felt
it though, her tongue pressed into his pubes, her throat stretched around
him. He definitely knew Kelly Kelly could feel the oral intrusion as her
struggles intensified. Kelly's arms beat helplessly against Balls's legs as
he moved in her throat.

As Kelly started to asphyxiate on cock, she felt a heat rising in her belly
and a tingling feeling in her cunt. The oxygen deprivation was arousing her
body incredibly, despite the burning pain in her chest and incredible
soreness in her throat. Even her jaw felt like it was going to cramp from
being forced so wide. She was almost disappointed when Balls yanked his cock
free from the spasmsing confines of her throat.

He held her head in one hand, and jerked his cock with the other. As Kelly
Kelly fought to drag air into her lungs he exploded, firing a thick stream
of cum into her wide-open mouth. She began choking immediately, and started
a coughing fit as Balls finished painting her face with streams of his vile
sperm. He made sure to dump another load in her mouth, as well as a stinging
shot to the eye, which trailed down her face.

When he was done blasting off, he flicked his arm back and sent the coughing
diva sprawling across the tiles. Her breasts shook as she fought to steady
her breathing. The locker room lights glinted off the juice on her inner
thighs, and Balls smiled to see it. Kelly was just starting to recover from
her cock joking when she felt her legs being spread widely. She managed to
raise her head to see Balls on his knees. He slid a finger into her cunt.

"Fuck! You're wetter'n Mrs Foley too. You really are the kind of cheap
fucking whore who gets off on this shit ain't you?"

Balls pushed his thick, dirty, finger all of the way into Kelly's oozing
cunt, and met little resistance. Kelly's whole body jerked as he lightly
brushed her clit with his thumb. Recalling a special request from his
`employer,' he squeezed the nub tightly, and Kelly jerked with pain instead,
squealing like a pig in long seconds of agony. He lifted her ass entirely off
the ground by her clit, and watched as she beat her fists against the tiles
and screamed. Her cunt clamped around the finger he kept in it. He thought
she could use a few piercings down there, but that wasn't in the job

He released his grip, and moved both hands to Kelly Kelly's small ass. She
felt the pull, and then his rough facial hair brushed against her sticky
thigh. A moment later Ball's studded tongue swirled around Kelly's clit
tenderly, and the sudden pleasure after the intense, still lingering, pain
brought on a powerful climax. Her face was purple with degrading pleasure
then, rather than asphyxiation, and Balls just kept on eating like a starving

Kelly's legs kicked around his head, but she was completely helpless. She
could only ride from one forced orgasm to another as Balls tongued her oozing
fuckhole. His face was drenched with the diva's arousal, and he occasionally
raised his head to call her a whore, or a slut, or a piece of fuckmeat. He
held off licking for a few moments, and laughed as she humped her hips up
like a streetwhore. Kelly's replies consisted of groans and screams. Balls
held a mental image of the boys jerking off outside the door.

It went on until Balls was hard again. Lifting his head, he hawked spit into
the diva's cunt and stood up. Kelly Kelly tried to curl up into a foetal
position, but Balls grabbed her hair. She felt the sudden painful tug on her
scalp, and then he dragged the weakly struggling diva across the tiles. She
felt too weak to even properly resist, as he pulled her like a caveman taking
home a bride. He lifted her high off the floor when he reached the wall, and
pushed her back against it.

Kelly realized he was adjusting his grip to pin her against the wall. She
could see his huge hairy cock and knew he was going to force it into her. Her
cunt was dripping wet, and she was still flushed from forced orgasms. Balls
said nothing as he forced her legs around his hips, and worked his cock at
her entrance. His fat hairy belly pressed into her petite frame, and the
stench of his sweat filled both of their noses. Kelly felt deeply humiliated,
to be treated like meat, to enjoy it, and even as she pleaded she felt her
arousal growing.

"Please," she managed, in a breaking voice, "Please don't do this to me.
Please, I'm begging you, don't rape me."

"Kelly, if you don't beg me to fuck you like the whore you are right this
second, I'm going to bite off your clit and nipples and make you eat them."

Kelly's mouth worked silently, and then Balls bent his head down to her left
breast, and suckled the nipple into his mouth. She felt his studded tongue
flick it, then his teeth.

"Oh, please, rape me! Rape me like a whore. Rape me now!" she rushed,
terrified in a moment that he might actually carry out his gruesome threat.

The pleading turned to a squeal as he plunged roughly into her defenseless
entrance. Her swollen clit was brushed against his hairy cock as he impaled
her small tight cunt. The diva screamed as he opened her up, and still he
stuffed more into her. Balls heavy body pressed her helplessly against the
wall as he drove into her, and he felt her soft breasts against his hairy
chest. Kelly Kelly's hard little nipples felt hypersensitive, almost as
pleasured as her clit.

Once Kelly was opened up, Balls' rutting was fast and brutal. Balls pounded
Kelly's cunt like he was destroying someone in the ring. The squelching of
his hard deep strokes echoed in the small locker room, while the diva could
only hang on for dear life as she bounced on the thick cock. Her hands
seemed small on Balls's heavy biceps. Balls spat in her face and insulted
her whenever he remembered, but he was more concerned with the incredible
pleasure wrapped around his dick.

Kelly was still pleading with him to stop, but he felt her climax on his
shaft twice in three minutes. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead as
he pounded into her, and the chair at the door rattled several times
throughout, though nobody was trying too hard to get in. The idea of being
found, pretty little Kelly Kelly, being roughly fucked by the huge hairy
Balls Mahoney added to her sense of humiliation. She imagined being seen by
the entire roster, the agents, management... and then her most powerful
orgasm yet exploded in her stomach.

Balls was close to coming for the second time that night as he lifted the
diva from his drenched cock. The diva's cunt dripped heavily as her little
hole started to close up between blood-swollen labia. He started to pull her
down again, and Kelly felt the sudden new pressure at her asshole. He had
saved the greatest degradation for last! Balls grunted as he forced his way
in, while Kelly's screaming took on an urgent new pitch. She was a total
anal virgin, and Balls' shaft, lubricated only with a little saliva and a
lot of pussy, came close to tearing her open as he dragged her down into his

"No! You're tearing me apart! It's too big!" Kelly Kelly's voice was hoarse
and close to breaking, as she looked down and tried to see between her legs.

"Shut the fuck up, whore. I aim to come in your ass. I'm gonna fill your
butt, bitch, and you fucking love it!"

The tight heat of Kelly Kelly's virginal hole and her agonized cries drove
Balls on as he violated her asshole. He forced a kiss on her, and enjoyed her
struggles as she tried to get his tongue out of her mouth. Her ass felt even
tighter than her throat, and he had to strain to partially lift her back up
it, dragging her stretched sphincter along his meat. Then he slammed her down
again so hard she screamed silently as he powered up into her rectum.

Sweat poured off him in torrents as he began to fuck her ass properly. Kelly
Kelly loosened up enough for a bit of a rhythm after a few strokes, though
she would have sworn a whole fist was inside her butt rather than just a
cock. Balls Mahoney was soon slamming into her ass as hard as he had her
cunt, and he noticed she was starting to react with pleasure in her moans
instead of pain. Kelly couldn't deny that the rectal stuffing was reaching
her shamefully again, and without realizing it she slipped a hand down to
finger her cunt and rub her clit.

"Are you fucking ready, you whore? You two bit fuckslut? I always knew you
were a whore Kellly, now listen to you moan!"

Balls felt Kelly's ass clamp around his cock suddenly, as she came again.
Her first ever orgasm with a violent man's fat cock in her ass. Kelly Kelly's
banshee like screaming and writhing was too much even for the chair-swinging
freak and he exploded again, deep into Kelly' Kelly's rear. She was so tight
around his dick that he couldn't even keep pumping, even with his strength.
Kelly's cunt sprayed like she was pissing as the most powerful climax of her
life, a fine mix of pleasure, pain and humiliation, wracked her body.

When Balls Mahoney finally stepped away from the wall, he could see a sweat
outline of the Diva left behind. Kelly Kelly was barely conscious as Balls
dragged her off his softening cock. He dropped her to the floor, and was
impressed with the slowness that her asshole closed up. He figured for a diva
as young as Kelly, her cum-dribbling butt would've snapped closed. He watched
as she tried to hold fingers to both of her greasy, well-fucked holes, while
his hot juice dribbled out onto the tiles. His earlier load was still drying
over the Diva's exhausted looking face.

One more thing to do, to earn the night's pay off.

The most tempting target was her entire torso, Balls decided, as he pointed
his semi erect cock down at Kelly's partially hand-covered cunt. A hot yellow
stream emerged from the end and splashed on her hole, before he pissed up her
flat stomach, across her tits, and pointed his dick into her gaping mouth.
Kelly coughed again as the foul liquid triggered her gag reflex, and came to
her senses a little more. She realized she was being drenched with piss in
one final degrading act, while her aching holes tingled with the echoes of
pleasure. Balls seemed to have the bladder of a stallion, and pissed for
several minutes until the diva was drenched and stinking.

He left her lying on the tiles as he dressed again, and then pulled out his
wallet. He slipped a twenty-dollar note from it, and rolled it into a thin
tube. Kelly Kelly stopped fingering herself as she heard him approach, and
then felt as he shoved the money halfway into her cunt.

"It's about five times what a whore like you is worth, but I can see from
here you don't got any change, bitch."

With that last degrading statement, Balls turned on his heel and, moving the
chair, left the locker room. The corridor was deserted, having emptied when
the cries stopped. He could feel the weight of his wallet in a back pocket;
filled with the payment Kelly gave him earlier to fulfill her greatest rape


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I am aware of the irony that in being paid for sex Balls Mahoney is the whore
here, but he's a sexy whore so it's fine in my book. I also know that they're
both on the ECW brand, but, fuck it, it's WWE!

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