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One Lucky Shower
by Mr. B.R. (

Yeah, I wrote it, but I was bored and going to hell anyway. :)
"Cue the porn music!"---Scott Hall

I'm not Knox, I swear it...
(Backstage in the women's locker room after SmackDown.)

Trish: That went really well tonight.

Lita: Yeah, for a new chick, you're not so bad. (Both laugh.)

T: I think we can really put together a good string of moves, but you're the
expert, I need you to teach me some stuff.

L: Is this a Triple H kind of thing? (smiles; Trish bites her lip)

T: Maybe.

L: All right, first we'll work on the ground stuff, the easy stuff.

(They sit on the floor, and Lita puts Trish's head between her legs in a

L: This is a headscissors. It looks cool, hurts a little. You can sell it by
reaching for my leg (Trish does so) or by flipping out of it.

(Trish writhes against Lita, flips and her face is directly in Lita's crotch.
Lita has a quick smile on her face.)

T: Like that?

L: No. Well, we'll come back to that. How far did Jean get with the

T: Up to here.

(Trish does it. Lita counters. Trish tries to counter with the between the
legs thing, and she falls on top of Lita. Both of them laugh. Trish stays on
top for a while.)

L: Yeah, you're doing all right. And of course, there's my hurricanrana.

T: But I can powerbomb out of that, right?

L: Yeah, just don't. The floor is hard. (smiles) Like this...

(Lita jumps off a bench and enacts the move. Trish holds her up.)

L: And then you...mmm...mmm...Trish...what...mmm...what...

(Trish gently pushes back against the wall so it holds Lita up. She uses her
hands to work Lita's pants off.)

T: Making my own counter, baby.

(Trish smiles seductively and begins to eat Lita out. Lita starts moaning
and feeling up herself. Trish lets Lita stand up on her own two feet and
they begin making out--tentative at first, then frenching each other. Trish
removes Lita's pink and white shirt and begins to lick her cleavage. Lita
takes off the sports bra underneath and Trish slurps it up. Lita's pushing
her head down onto them.)

L (moaning): Mmmm...yeah...oh, that's so good...

(Lita pushes Trish's head down all the way. Trish shakes her head and smiles.
Trish starts to suck Lita's toes as Lita begins to get off by hand. Trish
uses long, deliberate tongue licks up Lita's well defined calves, and puts
her head in Lita's free (left) hand, where Lita makes her eat her out again
for a while. Lita moans for a stretch...)

L (breathing heavily): But I' a counter...for that...

(Lita brings Trish up by the hair, and puts her over her shoulder...)

T: Ooh, what are you doing to me?

(They stop in front of the shower. Lita turns on the water with one hand and
begins to get Trish off with the other. Trish begins to smile...)

L: God, I've wanted to do this since you walked in here.

(Lita rams her tongue down Trish's throat and takes off her top. Lita kisses
her neck and begins to suck nipple as the water starts. Trish removes her
short shorts, and with Trish hanging on Lita, they get in the shower. They
make out and Lita and Trish start grinding. They're really moaning loudly,
and starting to bang each other. The mist floats into the hallway...)

Stephanie: Is everyone all right? (Opens the door to the locker room) Hello?

T: Fuck me! Don't stop, don't stop!

L: I knew you'd like jobbing to me. You like it, don't you? (spanking sound)

T: You know I love it! (spanking) Fuck my brains out, faster, faster,
Ohhhhhhhhhh God!

(Lita grunts and pulls on Trish's hair, since Lita has forced Trish against
a shower wall. At this point Stephanie comes in.)

SMH: Oh my God!

L & T: Jesus!

(Stephanie has a shocked look on her face and begins to go)

L: Stephanie, wait!

T: Wait!

(They grab towels and do a half-decent job of covering themselves...)

SMH: I can't believe you were that way! You never told me! I thought I was
your friend!

L: Well, we're not.

T: We're not?

L: Well, we...we're...I don't know. We're on the road, we're lonely, we've
become friends..this...

T: This just kinda happened. I mean, I don't know if I'm going to keep liking
it or whatever.

L: But, Steph, we're going to like you no matter what. I just hope what you
saw doesn't change your mind about us.

SMH: Well...okay. I guess I can accept it.

(T & L hug her)

T: Good! Now all we have to do is initiate you.

SMG: Initiate me?

L: Mmm-hmm.

(Lita undoes a makeshift ponytail that Steph made after the taping. Her
chestnut hair falls around her shoulders as Trish begins to stick her tongue
in her ear.)

L: See, Stephanie? It's not so bad. And this way (licking Steph's lips) we
can be really (small kiss) really (standard kiss) really close...

(Steph looks over at Trish. Trish smiles at her and they make out. Steph has
a shocked look on her face--she didn't expect to enjoy this. Lita's turn for
some tongue hockey. They help Steph get her tank top off and Trish begins to
lick Steph's breasts in a gentle fashion. Lita and Steph are still making out
and Steph uses one hand to keep Trish on task and the other to feel Lita up.
Lita and Steph are moaning as Trish pauses to remove Steph's skirt. They

T: Shower?

L: Shower?

(They get back in, with Steph kissing Lita all the way down and eating her
out. Lita rubs her once again wet breasts and moans. Trish begins to eat out
Steph's ass and spank her...)

T: You've been naughty, Stephanie Marie.

S (moaning; busy): Mmmm-hmmm.

T: A bad girl. *spank* You walked in on us and didn't even knock. *spank*

(Trish rubs her breats, picks up her legs, starts to shorten the distance so
she and Lita can make out, and feel each other up)

L: You' now...

(Trish stands her up and begins to fuck Steph from behind as Lita does it the
old-fashioned way, pausing to kiss various upper chest areas along the way.
Steph moans and goes between sticking her tongue in their mouths. With all
three moaning and crying out to God, a popping sound is heard as we fade to

P.S. I'm SO gonna burn for this. Oh, well. :)

Mr B.R., out of this mug, yo.

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