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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

One Night's Success
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the night ECW One Night Stand on June 11, 2006 at Hammerstein Ballroom located
in New York City, the new WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is sitting in a small room
after excusing himself from the party that Paul Heyman is throwing for him. RVD is
wearing long black shorts and a black ECW One Night Stand t-shirt as he looks down at
the WWE Championship belt that he won from John Cena in a hard fought match. RVD
smiles a bit as he looks down the latest achievement in his career as the door the room
opens and Paul Heyman enters. "There you are!" Heyman says.

RVD looks up and grins, "Hey Paul E.... what's up?"

Heyman grins, "What's up?! Everything is up! You're up as the new WWE Champion!
ECW has risen up from the bottom of graveyard.... Everything is perfectly up!" Heyman
says as he rubs his hands together.

"Yeah.. .but Dude... Paul... I gotta ask about Edge..." RVD starts to say before Heyman
cuts him off.

"And on Tuesday night... on Sci-Fi... things are going to go up even higher... as I give
you the ECW Championship...." Heyman says as he reveals his plans to Rob Van Dam.

"That's great but about tonight...." RVD says as he stands up.

Heyman looks at RVD and grins, "Oh right about tonight... I almost forgot... since you
won like we all knew you would..." Heyman pauses as if congratulating himself , "I have
something for your..." Heyman then looks out of the room, "Come in Trinity..."

RVD's mood changes as the fiery Extreme Italian Vixen Trinity comes into the room,
"Dude..." RVD says as he looks at Trinity.

Paul Heyman grins as he looks at Trinity, "Make sure he gets everything he deserves...."
Heyman says before he leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

The feisty, sexy Full-Bodied Italian, Trinity licks her teeth and nods her head "Mmmm
sure thing boss!" Trinity says in her sassy Italian accent while she take a step towards the
new WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. "So...Champ...I'm listenin' whatcha want?" Trinity
asks as she places her hands on her hips and raises an eyebrow while looking at the man
now know as Mr. Tuesday Night. The seductive Italian Vixen, Trinity, is dressed in a
sassy short black leather skirt and a tight fitting black 'FBI' top that fits easily around her
large Italian tits.

"Dude...." RVD laughs a little and shakes his head, "Paul E is really going all out to bring
back the extreme..." RVD says before he gives Trinity his full attention, "So... you're
gonna do whatever I want?" RVD asks with a laid back smirk on his face.

Trinity smacks her seductive lips together and nods her head "Yep! Ya heard the big
boss..." Trinity says with a sly, sassy smirk on her beautiful face while the Full-Bodied
Italian locks her sultry, feisty eyes with RVD.

RVD nods his head a bit, "All right... cool...." RVD says as he licks his lips and thinks for
a moment. "You're new to ECW so.... let's see how... extreme you can be for me...
RVD...." RVD says while pointing to himself with his thumbs before lowering his long
black shorts to bring out is hardening twelve inch extreme dick.

Trinity slyly raises an eyebrow as she glances down the semi-hard, extremely thick
twelve inch cock of Rob Van Dam "Mmm snap! Yo boy you are really packin' it!"
Trinity says as she licks her teeth while tossing her smooth, sultry raven black hair back
as she steps forward to RVD and then lowers herself down onto her knees in front of him
as she places her hands onto his muscular waist. The feisty Italian Vixen guides her hands
down against his hardening shaft before she gently grips his shaft and begins to stroke his
shaft, after spitting some of her hot saliva onto his cock.

RVD lifts up his black ECW One Night Stand t-shirt and takes it off, revealing his toned,
tanned upper body before looking down at the feisty Italian Vixen as she spits on his cock
again while jerking it with both of hands. "Ohhhh dude...." RVD moans with a smile on
his face.

"Yeah...ya like that don'tcha boy?" Trinity asks as she seductively licks her lips, keeping
her feisty eyes locked with RVD while smoothly guiding her sassy hands against his
thick shaft, rubbing her saliva along his cock. Trinity presses her lips together before she
slyly lowers her head and presses her sassy tongue against the thick head of his cock
before she starts to drag her tongue around in a circle.

"Mmmm fuck.... this is like the old days..." RVD laughs a bit as the hot, sexy Italian
Vixen known as Trinity drags her saliva dripping tongue around the large hard head of
RVD's extremely stiff dick. Trinity slaps her sassy, wet tongue against the thick head of
his cock before she opens her hot Italian mouth and the feisty Full-Bodied Italian eagerly
takes his cock into her mouth. Trinity presses her seductive, sassy lips around his thick
shaft and starts to smoothly bob her head on his twelve inch cock.

"Awww... shit yea...." Rob Van Dam moans and licks his lips as Trinity bobs her raven-
black haired head back and forth on his cock. The new WWE Champion puts his hands
on the sultry Vixen's head as he feels her tongue hitting against his dick as she sucks it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Trinity moans as she smacks her sassy lips against RVD's shaft
as she eagerly bobs her head a quicker pace, while in the process, she takes his twelve
inch cock deeper into her hot Italian mouth. Trinity lifts her seductive, sultry eyes up and
locks them with RVD as her hot mouth is stuffed with his extreme cock.

"Ohhhh fuck... Guido and Tony are gonna fucking love you hanging around..." RVD
groans as he looks down at Trinity as she greedily devours his hardcore cock. The laid
back ECW Original licks his lips as he grabs and handful of Trinity's hair as she deeps his
cock deep within her hot, saliva dripping Italian mouth.

"MMMMMM!" The sassy Italian Vixen moans as she impressively deep throats RVD's
entire twelve inch shaft, while easily bobbing her head at a smooth, swift pace. Trinity's
hot and wet saliva pours down on his cock as the tip starts to smack against the back of
her feisty Italian mouth.

"Uhhhh shit fuck dude... get those clothes off..." RVD groans as Trinity shows him new
meanings to the word 'extreme' with the way she sucks his cock.

Trinity slowly lifts her head off of RVD's rock hard shaft while saliva drips from it.
Trinity presses her sassy lips together and raises an eyebrow slyly "Ya want that boy?
Think ya can handle this Italian bitch?" Trinity ask as she scoots back on her knees away
from RVD and the feisty Italian Vixen lifts her tight fitting black 'FBI' top off of her
upper toned, seductively tanned body as she exposes her hot and large Italian tits.

"Dude... I'm Rob Van Dam..." RVD says as he points to himself once again with his
thumbs. "I've taken more hardcore ladies to the extreme in the old ECW than I can
remember..." RVD smirks as he looks at Trinity's hot, large and firm Italian tits.

Trinity smacks her lips together and nods her head "Good! Cause ya betta bring it all
boy!" Trinity says in her sassy, sexy Italian accent before she stands up from the floor of
RVD's locker room so that she can slide her short black leather skirt down from her
rounded hips and down her stunning, sassy, tanned Italian legs as he exposes her bare,
smoothly shaven pussy.

RVD licks his lips, "Dude... you're going to be totally five-stared fucked...." RVD says as
he leans forward to grab Trinity by her waist to pull her towards him as he steps
backward to sit down on his chair. The new WWE Champion pulls Trinity onto his lap
and takes a moment to make sure he gets her to straddle his cock with her bare, smoothly
shaved, hot and tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm! Fuck boy!" Trinity moans as she grits her teeth together and gently
works her feisty, sassy pussy down onto his rock hard cock. Trinity places her hands onto
his toned, tanned chest and the Full-Bodied Italian begins to rock back and forth on
RVD's shaft, while straddling the new ECW Champion.

RVD reaches behind Trinity and grabs her ass with both hands, "Mmmm fuck yea...
mmmm..." RVD moans as the Full-Bodied Italian grinds her hot tight cunt on his extreme
cock with sharp movements as she rocks back and forth.

Trinity tilts her head back slightly as she starts to grind her hot Italian ass down against
his crotch while she smoothly bounces on his shaft "Ohhhh yeah! Fuckin' take that puss!"
Trinity moans as RVD slams his cock up into her tight and hot Italian pussy

"Awww fuck... you're an extreme bitch!" RVD moans and licks his lips as Trinity
bounces up and down on his extremely thick twelve inch cock. RVD starts to rock on the
chair he's sitting on in order to start thrusting his cock upward into Trinity's pussy as she
rides him.

Trinity licks her teeth as she quickly rocks back and forth on his cock as the feisty Italian
Vixen roughly jerks his shaft back and forth with her tight, sassy pussy "Ohhhhhh yeah!
Fuck that pussy! Fuck it boy!" Trinity moans as she slams down roughly on his shaft,
causing his balls to smack against his hot ass.

"Uhhhh ohhh yea..." RVD grunts as he starts to slide forward on the chair and then down
to the floor with Trinity still on his cock. Within a few moments, Trinity is on her back
with her legs arched and feet flat on the floor as Rob Van Dam sits up on his knees when
he begins to quickly pump his cock in and out of her hot wet cunt.

Sweat begins to drip off of Trinity's feisty, hot Italian body as she moves quickly forward
underneath RVD's muscular body while he quickly slams his cock in and out of her
warm, tight pussy "Ohhhhh ohhhh fuck boy! You fuck that cunt!" Trinity moans as she
wraps her stunning legs around his waist while she begins to roughly grind her sassy
Italian pussy against his thrusting cock.

RVD's large balls slap against Trinity's smooth skin as he deeply rams his cock into her
pussy, "Mmmm fuck ahhhh yea... shit...Dude..." RVD moans as he leans forward to put
his hands on Trinity's large hot tits. Every time the new WWE Champion rams his cock
completely into Trinity's pussy he squeezes her tits with both hands which gets Trinity to
arch her body in response.

Trinity arches her back slightly as her hot, feisty Italian pussy begins to clamp around
RVD's shaft as he swiftly slams his cock into her tight pussy "Ohhhhh fuck boy! Fuck
that cunt!" Trinity moans as she smacks her lips together while she grinds her pussy
against his shaft.

"Mmmmm... ohhh fuck dude.... you're fucking hot!" RVD grunts as Trinity squeezes the
hell out of his cock with her tight pussy. The high flying ECW Original licks his lips as
sweat starts to drip down his face. Trinity tilts her head back as she begins to cum hard on
RVD's cock before she quickly slams her hot, sweating body forward against his
throbbing, thrusting cock.

"Ohhhh fuck dude... I'm going to enjoy... every second of this..." RVD grunts as he feels
Trinity's hot pussy juices flowing all over his cock as he continues to fuck her. RVD then
pulls out of Trinity's soaking wet cunt and straddles her stomach in order lay his
throbbing cock between her sweat covered tits. After a moment, RVD takes both Trinity's
hands to have push her tits against his dick. "Mmm shit..." RVD grunts as he begins to
thrust his cock between Trinity's tits as she holds them tightly against his throbbing shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck.... I'm gonna give ya something extreme..." RVD moans as he continues
to fuck Trinity's tits, using quick thrusts. The new WWE Champion grits his teeth as
Trinity starts to move her tits against his shaft, literally jerking him off with them, and the
RVD can't hold out, "Awwww.... fuck dude...." RVD moans as warm thick cum starts to
spray from the piss slit of his dick.

Trinity presses her soft, sassy lips together as RVD's warm and thick cum sprays out of
his cock and lands on her large hot Italian tits "Mmm! on that win

RVD smirks, "Dude... if Paul E is doing this like the old ECW... I'm going to be getting
some congrats every night.... cause RVD doesn't live for one night's success..."


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