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One Of A Kind
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On January 10, 1999, Rob Van Dam, the reigning ECW World Television Champion,
is his locker room of the arena where ECW is going to be broadcasting the
Guilty as Charged Pay-Per-View. Wearing just a pair of black shorts, which
he wears underneath his wrestling outfit, Rob is doing a series of complex
stretches as he warms up for his match with the Canadian Superstar Lance
Storm later on. As he does a perfect leg split there is a knock on his locker
room door, "Come on in Fonzie..." Rob says, thinking that it's his manager
Bill Alfonso. Rob gets up from the floor and picks up a towel off the back of
a chair to wipe his forehead.

The locker room door slowly opens and in walks ECW's sultry vixen and the
manager of the Impact Players, the bitchy Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie, dressed in
a short light blue colored skirt and light blue top, places her hands on her
slender hips and presses her lips together. Dawn raises her eyebrow a bit
"Fonzie? Fonzie?" Dawn laughs a little "Do I like him?" Dawn shakes her head
and rolls her eyes "I don't think so.." Dawn says as she looks at RVD while
twirling a strand of her soft brown hair with her left index finger.

Rob looks at Dawn and laughs a bit, "No you look at lot better than
Fonzie..." Rob says as he drops his towel back on top of the chair and bends
down to pick up his gym bag which he sets on top of a shaky table. "So what's
up? Lance send you over to ask me to take it easy on him tonight when I kick
his ass? Not gonna happen cause I'm the whole fucking show..."

Dawn narrows her angelic eyes a bit and shakes her head " Lance
doesn't need any help...he can beat you just fine by himself.." Dawn says
with a huff as she turns her head away from Rob "But...if you must know why
I'm here.." Dawn says as she turns back to Rob with a slight laugh "It's
quite simple..."

Rob unzips his gym back and takes out the wrestling outfit he is gonna where
that night. He looks over his shoulder at Dawn and laughs, "If you thought of
it, I bet it is pretty simple..." Rob laughs, poking fun at Dawn Marie.

Dawn opens her mouth a bit taken back my Rob's insult and folds her arms
over her chest and stomps her left foot, in frustration." Dawn turns her head
away, acting like a spoiled brat "'s not simple..." Dawn says as she
rolls her eyes "I'm here to tell you...that you better not steal my spotlight
out there at the pay per view tonight." Dawn holds her head proudly with a
smile "Everyone knows, I'm the star around here..." Dawn then looks down at
her gorgeous smooth skinned body partially clothed by her skirt and top, she
laughs "And why not...I'm one of a kind.." Dawn says as she presses her lips
together and looks back at RVD, she unfolds her arms and begins to guide her
own hands down the sides of her smooth, tanned torso.

Rob looks at Dawn Marie, and shakes his head, "First Dawn, the shining star
of ECW is me..." Rob then points to himself as he says, "Rob... Van...
Dam...." He then smirks, "And second you're all boobs and no brains, making
you one of those dime a dozen bitches... and that's bitch with an 'i' not a
'y'," Rob laughs some more as he does take a moment to look at Dawn's body
and how snugly her top and skirt fit on her.

Dawn Marie places her hands on her hips as she turns her head away from again
after hearing another insult by Rob Van Dam "You're just jealous...because
you're not a star, like I am.." Dawn says as she looks back at Rob and takes
a step closer to him "That's right, you're just jealous of me, that's it.."
Dawn says with a nods "Unlike you...I'm one of a kind.."

Rob turns and faces Dawn directly as he places a hand on top of the table,
"Dawn... you're not one of a kind.... that's me... the man all those fans
tonight all paid to see to kick your man's ass... Rob Van Dam..."

Dawn removes her left hand from her hip and slides it through her soft brown
hair. Dawn looks at Rob and presses her lips together, before she licks her
soft, pouty lips "'re right Rob, maybe you are one of a kind...
but a bet..." Dawn pauses and smirks "I'm one of a kind, when it comes to
something else.." Dawn replies slightly raising her left eyebrow.

Rob looks at Dawn and smirks, "Dawn... from what I heard from just about
everyone... you like to eat meat quite a bit..."

Dawn shrugs a bit "Maybe...maybe not.." Dawn smiles "Like you'll ever find
out.." Dawn says as she flips her soft brown hair back and holds her head up
proudly, keeping her lips pressed together.

Rob pauses for a bit then he smirks, "Then you must not be one of a kind...
and I just found that out..." Rob reaches behind his head with both hands to
take the free his long brown hair from the ponytail it's in and starts to put
it back into a ponytail.

Dawn narrows her eyes a bit as she looks at Rob, placing both of her hands
back on her hips "You want me to show? Fine...I'll so you why I'm one of a
kind…and why I'm the star here!"

Rob brings his hands from the back of his head and places them on his hips,
"Hey... nothing's stopping you from trying to convince me that you're a

Dawn presses her lips together and nods her head "Oh...I'm a star...I'm a
star…and I'll show you.." Dawn says as she takes another step towards the
Whole Damn Show, Rob Van Dam, and suddenly the hardcore sultry vixen drops
down to her knees in front of Rob.

Rob looks down at Dawn Marie and grins, "Go ahead... but remember, I am
the..." Rob starts to point to himself as he says, "Whole... Fucking...
Show." Rob lowers his hands when Dawn grabs hold of the waistband of the
shorts his wearing.

Dawn narrows her eyes slightly as she looks up at Rob as she starts to tug
and pull down the shorts that RVD has around his waist. Dawn Marie pulls his
shorts off his waist and lowers them down his legs. Leaving the short around
his ankles, Dawn Marie reaches forward and wraps both of her soft, soothing
hands around Rob's shaft and begins to stroke his cock at a decent speed.
With the palms of her hands rubbing up and down against Rob's gradually
hardening ten inch cock, the hardcore bitch looks up at Rob and smirks
"Ohh...I'm a'm THE star!" Dawn says as continues to stroke
Rob's cock, quickening her strokes gradually.

Rob smirks and moans slightly as Dawn Marie pulls and yanks on his ten inch
cock as it becomes a hard unbendable stiff pole in her very skilled hands,
"Yeah whatever..." Rob says in reply to her comments about her being the star
as he steps out of his shorts. Dawn Marie lowers her hand down Rob's thick,
hardened shaft as she flips her soft, wavy brown hair back and lifts her head
up above Rob's cock. She spits a few shots of her warm saliva out of her
mouth, sending his saliva down onto the head of Rob's cock. Her warm saliva
drops down from the head of Rob's cock and begins to trickle down his thick
shaft, meeting up with Dawn's left hand. Dawn slides her left hand over her
warm saliva, and rubs her saliva against Rob's cock with the palm of her left
hand, making the surface of Rob's shaft slightly slick. "All... right... I'm
a little impressed...." Rob says in an extremely cocky tone of voice as he
folds his arms across his slightly hairy chest. The reigning World Television
Champion start to push his cock forward, pushing it against Dawn's hand.

Dawn Marie lifts her head up once again, hovering her head over his cock and
begins to lower her head down towards Rob's cock. Once Dawn is inches away
from the head of Rob's cock, the hardcore hottie opens her warm, wet mouth
and lowers her head down on his cock, taking Rob into her warm, sensual
mouth. Dawn Marie wraps her pouty lips around Rob's cock tightly, like vice,
and begins to bob her head amazingly swift on the head of his cock at a
decent, medium-rate speed.

"Whoa shit..." Rob laughs as he suddenly gasps at how tightly Dawn clamped
her mouth down on his shaft before she starts to suck on his fat big 10-inch
dick. He places his right hand on top of Dawn Marie's head and buries his
fingers through her soft brown hair. Dawn Marie softly moans against Rob's
cock as she starts to lift her head like a jackhammer on Rob's cock, quickly
sucking on his ten-inch piece of meat. Dawn twists her head on his cock as
she starts to laps her saliva around his cock with her tongue, splashing and
spitting warm saliva all over his rock-solid hard 'Whole Damn Show' cock.

"Ok.... now I see... why you think you're... a star..." Rob grunts as he's
blown away with how Dawn Marie is gobbling up his cock. RVD closes his eyes
a bit and tilts his head back as he begins to move his hips back and forth
to push his hot rod forward past Dawn's luscious lips as the resident 'bytch'
of ECW starts to expertly deep throat his shaft. With Rob's cock deep in her
hot mouth, Dawn taps her tongue quickly against the underbelly of Rob shaft.
Dawn Marie tightens her grip even more around Rob's cock and starts to bob
her head quickly on his cock once again, forcing his ballsack smack Dawn
repeatedly in the chin, every time she bobs her head.

"Mmmm fuck Dawn..." Rob groans as he thrusts sharply into her mouth, causing
the thick head of his shaft to hit the back of her throat. Rob straightens
his head up and opens his eyes to look down at Dawn Marie as she snacks on
his meat stick, "No wonder why people say that you suck... you take it as a
compliment... cause you sure do know how to suck..." Dawn slowly lifts her
head up from Rob's cock and flips her hair back with smirk. Dawn Marie looks
up and Rob with a smirk before she gently taps her tongue against the head of
Rob's cock as she grips his cock with her left hand.

"Now... I gotta know... am I gonna get a whole show... or just this tease
shit..." Rob smirks as he bends down to pull Dawn up from her knees and
stands her up against the shaky table. He pushes his gym back off the table
and lifts Dawn up onto it so he can tug her extremely short light blue skirt
down her perfectly tanned legs as Dawn starts to take off her tight fitting
light blue top.

Dawn presses her lips together as she shakes her head wavy, brown hair from
side to side after she removes her tight fitting top from her large, rounded
bare and perky tits. Dawn smiles as she licks her lips "Mmmm...I hope I get
the whole show…because I'm a star...and I deserve a whole show.." Dawn says
softly as she spreads her smooth, tanned legs apart after Rob pulls down her
black thin thong.

"Dawn... you're gonna get the whole fucking show... right now..." Rob licks
his lips as he places his left hand on Dawn's left thigh as he guides his
throbbing saliva covered dick to Dawn's unbelievably smooth and hairless
pussy with his right hand. When the tip is pressing right against Dawn's soft
pussy lips, Rob puts his right hand on Dawn's right thigh and holds her still
as he thrusts his cock forward, ramming all ten inches into her in one smooth
shot. Rob begins the fuck Dawn with quick stiff thrusts that causes the table
she's sitting on to rock back and forth.

Dawn Marie grits her teeth as her body rocks on the top of the shaky table
"Ohhh… mmmm... ohhh this is how you treat a star!" Dawn moans, tilting her
head back as she places her arms on Rob's strong shoulders as she starts to
push herself and her smooth pussy against Rob's cock. Rob leans his head down
towards Dawn's large chest and begins to alternate back and forth between
Dawn's stiff nipples as swirling his tongue around both. When Dawn wraps her
legs around his waist, RVD moves his hands around to her back and begins
lifting Dawn off the table when he plows his cock deeper into her cunt.

Dawn digs her sharp nails into Rob's shoulders as he powerfully plows his
cock into her smooth, slightly loose cunt "Ohhhh ahhhhh!" Dawn moans and
screams as she keeps her head tilts back, while grinding her smooth pussy
against Rob's cock every time Rob re-enters her prime pussy "Mmmmm...
ohhhh...this is how I should be treated... mmm... a… real… star..." Dawn
groans and moans as she slightly lifts herself off of the table, wrapping
her legs tighter around Rob's waist, as he begins to bounce her on his cock
while he stands.

"Uhhhh... fuck... I see you like... being on the whole... damn... show..."
Rob grunts as he lifts Dawn completely off the table and takes a step away
from it. As he bounces Dawn up and down on his ten-inch fuck stick, Rob
bends his knees and starts down power slight squats, constantly making it
difficult for Dawn to come straight down on his shaft. Rob also leans his
head down between Dawn's large tits and rubs his face over her sweaty
covered skin.

Dawn bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Rob's ten-inch cock powerfully
pierce through her smooth pussy "Ohhhhh fuck..." Dawn moans as perfectly
tanned body drips of her sweat, which rolls off and drips onto Rob's muscular
body "Mmmmm... Robbie... mmm..." Dawn groans as she starts to rock her body
on his cock, while he drills her pussy. Rob starts to walk backward towards
the single metal folding chair that occupies his locker room and sits down on
it. With Dawn still on his cock, Rob puts his his hands on Dawn's slender
waist and starts to bounce the seducing vixen up and down on his shaft after
she unwraps her legs from around his waist.

Dawn, breathing heavily, places her smooth hands against Rob's sweat soaked
chest and begins to bounce on her own momentum on the cock of Mr. Pay Per
View, Rob Van Dam. Dawn Marie's perfectly tanned body comes slamming down
hard on his cock making her grit her teeth "Mmmm...fuck...Rob..."

"Yeah... shit... call me... what you will Dawn... Mr. Pay Per View... Mr.
Monday Night... Mr. Friday Night... I'm the whole... FUCKING show..." RVD
runts as he bounce Dawn Marie harder and faster on his stiff cock while at
the same time, he leans Dawn backward so that her lovely soft sweat dampen
brown hair is hanging down towards the floor.

Dawn arches her back and her body spasms slightly as her smooth, loose pussy
begins to erupt with warm loads of cum onto Rob's cock "Ohhhh Jesus....
mmmmm... uhhhh... mmm..." Dawn moans as she lifts her head up and looks at
Rob with lustful, satisfied eyes.

Rob moans as he feels Dawn's hot cum pour all over his cock as a result of
Dawn powerful climax. Not feeling like he's done with the ditzy woman, Rob
lifts Dawn off of his cock and stands up. He turns her around and bends her
over the shaky table and smacks her ass, "Now... it's time... for RVD
4:20..." He says before he dips his thick cock into Dawn's tight asshole
without giving her anytime to recover from her climax.

Dawn lifts her head up and grits her teeth "Mmm... ohhh...yeah Robbie... you
fuck that tight ass...ohhh...yeah..." Dawn groans as Rob starts thrusting his
cock quickly in Dawn's tight asshole "Yeah.... you...fuck that ass..." Dawn
moans, breathing heavily as sweat drips off of her tan body.

Rob slams his cock with blinding speed and solid force as he fucks her tight
asshole, "I think you mean... smoke that ass of yours!" Rob moans as he
places his hands on Dawn's hips and pulls her back towards him, causing her
large thick and juicy ass to smack against his waist. Dawn lays the front
portion of her body against the table as the Whole Damn Show, Rob Van Dam,
has his way with Dawn's nice, round and juicy ass as he smacks her has with
his left hand as he pumps his cock deeper into the depths of Dawn's tight
fitting asshole.

Rob licks his top lip as he continues to relentlessly pound Dawn Marie's
tight asshole. "Ahhhh... shit Dawn..." Rob grunts as he suddenly pulls out
of her ass, "Dawn... I got a whole load of something for ya..." Rob smirks
as he smacks her ass one last time.

Dawn turns around and stands straighten up after being bent over the table.
Dawn licks her lips and then presses her pouty lips together " do?
You have something for this true star?"

Rob smirks as he wraps his right hand around his cock and he begins to stroke
it at a decent pace, "Yeah I do... do you want it?"

Dawn smirks and nods her head "Oh...I'll take it..." Dawn laughs as she gets
back down on her knees in front of Rob. ECW's 'bytch' opens her warm, wet
mouth and Rob responds by inserting his cock back into Dawn's soothing mouth.
Dawn wraps her pouty lips around his cock and begins to gently bob her head,
sucking his cock as she feels the throbbing of Rob's cock as a sign he's
ready to release his juice.

"Ahhh yeah... here it comes...." Rob tilts his head back and places his hands
on Dawn's head as he starts to release a large amount of hot cum into Dawn's
warm mouth.

Dawn laps her tongue around Rob's cock, collecting all of his warm, cum and
swallows it before she lifts her head up from his cock, leaving his cock
coated in her warm saliva. Dawn wipes her lips clean her with her fingers,
before pressing her lips together and smirks "See...I told you...I was a
star...and one of a kind.."

Rob looks down at Dawn and laughs a bit, "Yeah... you are one of a kind...
but I'm the whole fucking show..."


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