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"One of a Thousand Holds" Dean Malenko's Revenge
by McMahon 632 (

A loud 'Thump' sound eminated through the entire locker room area. This
sound did not go unoticed by the man who called himself 'Latino Heat,' the
hispanic wrestler Eddie Guerrero. The soles of his cowboy style boots stopped
flat on the ground as he heard the thump, which was followed by several
muffled cuss words in a familiar voice. Turning his head to the right, Eddie
ran his right hand through his thick, brownish hair, his Latin eyes settling
on the nearby locker room door simply marked "R4DICALZ." It was clear to
Eddie that the noise had eminated from inside. His hand moved from his hair
down to the pocket of a worn pair of jeans that where held about his waist
with the aid of a leather belt that had the look of Snakeskin, that a simple
white long-sleeved T-Shirt was tucked neatly into, the sleeves rolled up
about a quarter of the way. Guerrero walked forward towards the door, with
the casual air he had picked up over the years, and the slight cramping in
his back he had also picked up after years of wrestling a high-risk Lucha
Libre style back in WCW.

"Christ DAMN IT!"

Eddie was only slightly startled by the yell that eminated from the room
just as he was twisting the doorknob open, but not enough to make him jump
back in terror or anything of that sort. Quickly twisting it open, Guerrero
sauntered inside, keeping his casual stance with one hand in his pocket as
his eyes settled on the scene before him.

What he saw was his rather short Radical Comrade, Dean Malenko, standing
in the corner of the room, his fists clenched tightly and swelling red. Eddie
could tell from the fist-shaped dents in the walls, and shattered lamps and
glasses scattered throughout, that Dean had put on a display that would put
even his own Latin Temper to shame.

"Essa," Eddie began speaking to the furious Malenko with his typical
nickname, "Aye, Essa, has tha' Mamacita really got ya' that upset?"

Malenko simply stared back at Eddie through his experienced eyes, which
where half-shut in anger. Dean could feel the pain in his fists slowly moving
up his arm in a slight tingling sensation. He still wore his wrestling
attire, white wrist tape surrounding his swolen wrists, a simple pair of
wrestling tights with a jagged design on the front, dual black knee pads, and
standard wrestling boots adorned his body.

"Eddie..." Malenko's raspy voice spat out, "It's about that. That little
bitch humiliated me, in front of EVERYBODY. And out of anyone, she actually
chooses that two pound twerp who dresses like a damned woman over ME!?"

"Essa," Eddie retaliated to Dean's statement, "I don't think ya' got the
right attitude about this, Essa. Y'Know, If I where you, I wouldn't be
worryin' 'bout th' past, and would think more 'bout the future... Everyone
knows ya' don't mess with the Radicals, Essa..."

"...Are you implying what I think you're implying?" Malenko's eyes slowly
looked up, at last, to look into Eddie's, a slight smirk forming across his
stubble covered face.

"You know it, Essa. I'll go get the Crippler, and we'll show that Mami
who's boss." Eddy grinned as well, before turning around to leave the locker

Walking down a rather small corridor off of the main Hallway in the back
of the arena, the ever-popular Lita had a wide smile on her face. With the
aid of her good 'friend,' Matt Hardy, she had just embarrassed Dean Malenko,
who had been lusting after her for months now, in front of the entire world
on a live broadcast of RAW is WAR. Since the match was against one of the
most established technical wrestlers in the world today, she was very worn
out. But despite that, the Diva was more excited about what had transpired
after the match, where she had passionatley kissed Matt Hardy in the middle
of the ring. She walked with vigor in her step, her red dyed hair flapping
behind her, and her almost misproportionatley large breasts bobbing up and
done. Matt had gone off for a few minutes to prepare himself for his own
match, and she just wanted to get some water and get back to him. She
couldn't wait to tell him how much she wanted him, after all this time
finally the two could be together. With an extra skip in her step, she
rounded the corner to the vending machines...

And instantly skidded to a halt on her black sneakers. There, standing
in front of the vending machine, was none other than Eddie Guerrero, a coy,
sheepish smile on his face, leaning casually against the Soda Machine, a
dozen roses held tightly in his right hand. Lita, brave as ever, stepped
forward, quickly looking up and down the body of Eddie, before glaring into
his eyes.

"What the hell are you doing here?" the former Women's Champion asked.

"Well, My little Mamacita," Eddy closed his right eye in a quick wink,
before moving his eyes down to her lucious breasts, "I know things didn't
work out with you and Dean-O, and I know you wanna wash the taste of that
Matt Hardly out of your mouth, and I know most of all, you want some Latino

Lita shook her head, her lips curling down in complete contempt and
disgust. "Don't you idiots ever give up? Why would I ever want to be with a
slimey gueed like you?"

Eddy became crestfallen, lowering his head slightly as he turned
completely depressed. "I'm Sorry, Mami, it's just that... You're so..."

All Lita heard after that was a loud 'THWAP' sound, and felt a quick,
shooting pain go through her head. Instantly she fell to the ground in a
heap. Her sweaty arms and legs splayed out as she lie there on her back, just
barely conscious. Looking up, through the hazy vision of bright lights, she
could make out the gap-toothed grin of Chris Benoit, clutching a steel chair
in both his hands.

"...Gullible." Benoit finished Eddie's sentence, before Guerrero himself
sent the boquet of Roses he held in his hand slamming down on Lita's face.
His trademark weapon, these roses happened to be loaded with a piece of lead
pipe, and Lita was instantly knocked unconcious.

When Lita came too, she found herself in a very strange predicament. She
felt a strange pressure on her legs, her eyes where still closed tightly.
Moving them, or attempting to, she was able to feel a strange fabric rubbing
against them. Some sort of thick rope around her ankles, she was able to
conclude, even in her hazy state. She could also feel that her hands,
however, where not tied in any sort of way. As if every part of her body was
waking up slowly one after another, she could also feel her stomach was very
cold, and came to the conclusion she must be shirtless. Finally, she felt
some strange in her mouth, that certainly shouldn't be there. Something
moving slowly, back and forth, back and forth. Still in a bit of a daze from
the assault, she slowly ran her thick tongue over the elongated object, more
out of instinct than anything. As she did so, she felt something veiny
running up the side of it, and as her hearing returned, heard some soft
moaning sounds above her. Instantly, as if everything snapped in placed, she
realized what was going on. Before she even opened her eyes, she simply
chomped her jaw down on the midsection of the object in her mouth.


Lita felt the object withdraw, and finally opened her eyes, to see the
sleezy Eddie Guerrero standing in front of her, clutching his crotch and
screaming spanish profanity very, very loudly. Eddie's jeans where around his
ankles, and he hopped back and forth, still holding his recently bit member
in his hands.


Satisfied with that, a slight smirk came across Lita's face. Her mood was
lessened, however, when she saw two forms emerge from behind Eddie, who had
at this point plopped down on a chair, still clutching his injured genitals
in his hands.

"Now, Lita, that was just plain mean," the monotone voice was immistakably
that of Chris Benoit, one of her assailants from earlier, "Why did you have
to go and do that to poor Eddie?"

"Benoit!" Lita's eyes narrowed as she looked up at the Crippler, speaking
to him harshly, "What the hell do you want with me?!"

"You sure are feisty, especially for a girl in your posistion," Benoit
motioned to Lita, her feet bound, propped up on her own knees, "I guess
that's what Dean see's in you..."

"One of many things," another, more raspy voice joined in.

Lita's eyes shifted to see the short form of Dean Malenko, still in his
tights from thier match earlier, standing beside Benoit. In a quick motion,
Dean walked behind Lita, who tried to look over her shoulder to see what was
going on, but couldn't quite view Malenko.

"I also happen to like her tits, Chris. Why don't you see for yourself
what I mean?"

Sharply, Lita felt both her arms be grabbed by Malenko, who pulled them
behind her back, holding them very tightly and quite painfully. She wriggled
in his grasp, but quickly noticed that served only to arouse the Rabid
Wolverine in front of her more, as her huge breasts jiggled from behind the
small, revealing black bra that had been left on her. His missing tooth more
apparant than ever as he grinned, Benoit kneeled in front of Lita, his face
close to hers, but he certainly wasn't looking there. Slowly, he moved his
right hand up her flat stomach, feeling how well toned it was, before
stopping at her chest. Bringing his other hand up, he felt both of her large
breasts through her black bra, rubbing over them slowly for a few mere
seconds, before violently grabbing the top of either cup, tearing them off
her chest. Instantly, both of them sprang forth like an animal from it's
cage, bobbing and bouncing there for a few seconds as Benoit looked on with
utmost delight.

"Y-You can't do this to me!" Lita stammered, loosing her tough attitude as
she feared the worst.

"Oh, Yes we can," Benoit's grin only widened, "And that is, the way it

Slowly, he cupped both of her mounds, her nipples where quite large,
though the breasts themselves where obviously implants. This didn't bother
the Crippler one bit though, she he squeezed both of them as if they where
water balloons, watching her flesh poke through the gaps between his fingers.
In a way, Benoit was more amused than aroused by this, both his hands moving
down just a bit, pinching and tugging on her nipples. Slowly, involuntarily,
they grew erect, poking out from her chest, much to the delight of Benoit.

"Well, look at that," The Rabid Wolverine commented almost childishly, in
his usual sarcastic manner, "Looks like you might enjoy this after all..."

Lita was unable to respond. She was in shock. Benoit's hands moved down
her once more, sliding over her toned stomach to the top of her black cargo
pants. Slowly, meathodically, Benoit undid the snap on the front of her
pants, tugging the zipper down, very, very slowly, as if teasing her. Then,
his hand slipped over her thong, on thier own accord the cargo pants slid
down to the ground. She could still feel the tension as Malenko held his arms
behind her, but could also feel his own member, which was clearly growing
hard, pressing against her lower back. She got no pleasure as Benoit rubbed
her crotch, which was ridiculously dry, she couldn't be more turned off than
by these two men.

"That's real cute, Chris," Lita spoke sarcastically, "But that's not
exactly doing it for me."

"You know you love it, you little bitch," Benoit snapped back, "You know
you want the Crippler and the Ice Man deep inside you, you fucking whore."

"You've got to be kidding," it impressed both Radicals that Lita could
keep her cool in this situation, "Because that's not going to happen."

Behind her, Malenko smirked, before releasing her arms, thrusting her head
forward as Benoit sidestepped out of the way. Lita's forehead slammed into
the ground as Malenko pushed her flat on her stomach, her tied ankles making
her unable to keep her balance.

"Chris," Malenko grinned, tugging at the top of his own tights, "Prove her

Instantly, Lita felt something tugging at her right arm. She was about
to look over, but she felt arms wrapping around her neck. She instantly
recognized the sharp pain in her shoulder and neck as her head was pulled
backwards against her will. Benoit had locked the Crippler Crossface on her,
and she was in instant unbearable pain.

"How do you like that, BITCH!?" Benoit screamed, pulling back on her neck
even more. Lita was ready to scream herself, but wouldn't let these perverts
have the satisfaction. Despite the intense pain, she could feel something
behind her, her pants slowly slid down her legs.

Behind her, Malenko had pulled down her cargos. While Benoit had locked in
the Crossface, he had free'd his own erect penis from his wrestling tights.
As his left hand pulled them down, his right hand slowly moved up and down
his own member, keeping it hard as he prepared for the ultimate revenge.

Her pants and thong out of the way, Dean moved forward on his knees,
stepping over her bound ankles to posistion himself perfectly behind her. His
older features grinned evily as he looked down at her ass in front of him. It
wasn't a particularly perfect or beautiful thing, as a matter of fact, in
Dean's opinion it was a bit large and flat. That didn't really matter to him
now, he wasn't exactly in this for pleasure. Placing a hand on each cheek, he
pulled them apart, looking down at her small anus.

"W-What are you doing!?" Lita screamed out finally, unable to take the
pain of Benoit's Crippler Crossface.

"I don't know, It Just Feels Right," Malenko smirked sarcastically before
clutching his penis. It wasn't particularly large, between six and seven
inches, but it would be enough to make her suffer, particularly without any

Stepping forward, he prepared himself, placing the head on the ring of her
anus, slowly, very slowly, moving it forward, so just the tip rested within
her. He wanted to make this drawn out, and as painful as possible. Again he
pushed forward very, very slowly. With a small 'Pop' sound, the head of his
cock slipped into her anus. That was enough delay, Malenko thought to
himself, and in one violent thrust of his hips, his whole length tore into
her ass.

Lita couldn't take it any more, she screamed. Loudly. The combined pain of
the Crippler Crossface and Sodomy was too much for her to bear. Behind her,
Dean pumped in and out, in and out, with more violence than passion, revenge,
not pleasure, his main goal here. Continually, he felt her tight anal walls
around his dick, his speed incredible as he thrust into her, pulled out, than
thrust back in.

Lita kept screaming, but was running out of energy, and consciousness. Her
arm felt like it was going to fall off, and her insides felt like they where
being torn out. Her eyes fluttered shut, but just before her world slipped to
blackness, she felt an intruding liquid fill her insides, filling her up and
spurting out her ass, before she simply slumped down in Benoit's arms.

Rising to his feet, Dean Malenko grinned widely. Revenge was his, he had
humiliated her like she had him. Looking down at her broken body, Benoit also
released his hold from her, rising to his feet. Eddie, who had finally
recooperated, also rose to his feet from the chair to walk over to Lita's
fallen form.

"My turn, Essa! This Mami has to pay for what she did to me!"

"In time, Eddie, in time," Malenko spoke back to Guerrero, "Soon enough,
nobody will ever fuck with the Radicals again."

"And that is the way it is."

"Prove us wrong," slapping five with each other, they spoke Benoit's catch
phrase in unison. Then, they all held thier fingers to thier noses, exhaling
sharply to blow snot on Lita's back in the typical Radicals taunt.

- The End -

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