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One Wild Raw Part 1
by Hurley

It was Monday night just after Raw is War and Stephanie was walking into
the woman's shower room. Steph had fought Trish earlier in the night in a bra
and panties match and she needed to unwind with a hot shower. In this arena
there was no shower cubicles just one big shower room.

Steph walked in and she saw Trish they said "Hi" and they started talking
about the match as they started to undress.

"That was a great match Steph," said Trish.

"I know it was great," Steph replied

"We could have made it better by us both getting stripped to our bra's,"
Trish remarked, "The men fans would have loved it."

"And some women fans," Steph thought. "Wait could I maybe be becoming
a ... Naa I'm just tired."

They were both down to their underwear and they stepped under the water.

"This water's horrible Trish," said Steph.

"I know," said Trish. "Hold on there's a shower in HHH's room. He's gone
now so we could use that."

They both grabbed towels and rushed to HHH's room.

They got into the shower and Trish said, "Could I take off my bra?"

"Sure," said Steph and they both took their bras off.

Then Trish and Steph made eye contact they suddenly started kissing
passionately. Trish pulled Steph's head on to her large firm breasts. Steph
started licking them passionately.

Trish pulled down Steph's knickers and Steph pulled down Trish's. Then a
new wrestler named Mike walked in to get HHH's bag. He caught them in the
shower! They both jumped out and said, "It wasn't what he thought."

He quickly said, "You could carry on if you like!"

"You can join in!" they said.

Without hesitation Mike stripped down and Trish walked over to him she
bent over and he thrusted his penis up her ass. He started pounding and Trish
was screaming with delight. Steph came over and demanded Mike to shag her.
Mike pulled his dick out of Trish and thrusted it into Steph's vagina. Trish
walked over and took 3 of Mike's fingers and stuck them up her clit. They
were all pounding and soon they all moaned with pleasure as they all started
to cum.

As this was happening Chyna and the Kat were walking down to the shower
room to shower before they left. When they got in the shower room they
started to strip. Unlike the other divas Chyna and Kat stripped until they
were naked. The Kat looked at Chyna's large round breasts and wondered if
they were implants.

They stepped under the warm water next to each other and the Kat was
wondering if she should ask Chyna if her boobs were real when suddenly it
slipped out. "Are your breasts real?" the Kat asked.

"Sure" Chyna replied "Feel them and see!" Chyna took the Kat's hand and
placed them on her breast she felt around and suddenly her other hand started
to caress the other one. Chyna moaned with pleasure and soon the were making
out passionately.

Chyna took the Kat's hand and they walked over to a bench in the middle of
the room. She lay down and pulled the kat on top of her the kat then started
grinding her pussy into Chyna's. They were both moaning as the Kat got off
Chyna and turned her around and laid back on Chyna so their pussies were in
each other's faces. They started to lick and eat out the pussy in front of

They both stood up and walked over to the shower wall and they started to
finger each other until they both cummed. Suddenly the door started to

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