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Online Friends
by DivaLover

I’d been talking to this girl online for weeks, each and everyday we would
just stay up all night chatting about what we have in common, what we enjoy
and how much we were starting to like each other even. This girl was perfect
by the description she gave to me she was beautiful, had nice big tits, red
hair, even liked wrestling but somehow her boyfriend had recently dumped her,
so she was particularly sensitive when we started talking to each other but
that didn’t stop us from having cyber sex on occasion. Then one day I signed
on as usual hoping she was online, and there she was waiting to talk to me

Me: Hey! How are you doing today love?

ThongGrl: I’m great how r u?

Me: Was doing well, now I’m great since I’m talking to you.

ThongGrl: I wanted to talk to you about something.

Me: What?

ThongGrl: you live in Cleveland right, Kyle?

Me: Yeah. Why?

ThongGrl: well I’m going to be there on Monday for my work and I was hoping
you could get off work so we could go out for lunch or something.

Me: That would be great, Amy.

ThongGrl: okay well meet at the front of the arena at 12 and we can go
somewhere from there alright?

Me: I’m looking forward to it.

ThongGrl: Well my plane is about to leave and I won’t be able to get online
the rest of this week so I’ll see you on Monday. Buh bye.

Me: Alright, bye and I’m looking forward to finally meeting you.

ThongGrl has just signed off. I just sat there for a minute staring at my
screen in amazement. I was about to meet this girl who if she acted like she
does online is my dream woman. All I was really worried about was if she was
going to look like she told me or end up being a man or something. So I
waited the rest of the week for Monday to roll around doing my normal stuff,
going to work, hanging out with my pals and watching TV. Finally it was
Monday morning and I woke up bright and early to go to work, used to my
normal routine. Then it hit me I was going to be meeting Amy today, so I
grabbed the phone called up work and told my boss I got the flu over the
weekend. He bitched at me for a minute saying he needed all the help he could
get for the big case we were working on but I just kept saying how bad I felt
and eventually he told me to just stay home. I got showered, put on some nice
clothes and waited for 11:30 to roll around so I could get going. When it was
time I ran out to my car, and opened up the door before speeding off towards
the Gund Arena. Traffic was a bit tight so the entire way I was worried I’d
be late but I got there just at 12 running across the parking lot. When I got
there I noticed WWE Raw was in town tonight too but I ignored that looking
forward to meeting the girl I’d been talking to for months. I looked around
for a bit and there standing was a girl wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses,
baggy pants and a big coat standing down next to the entrance. I took a deep
breath, and walked over to her nervously. I finally got there and for some
reason she looked familiar.

“Amy” I asked hoping it was her considering this girl looked to have an
amazing body under her clothes.

“Yeah, are you Kyle?” she said with a smile.

“That’s me. So you want to go out to eat somewhere?”

“Actually I think we should just go to my hotel and get room service. I don’t
want to go out in public.” She said.

“Why not?”

Amy then took off her sunglasses and I saw the face of none other then WWE
Diva, Lita. I stood there stunned; amazed that I’d been talking to this girl
but never new she was one the hottest woman on Earth this entire time. I
tried to put words together but all I could do was stare.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you who I was before but I thought you either wouldn’t
believe me or you’d freak out and tell everyone you were talking online to
Lita” she said before walking up to me and giving me a light kiss on the

“It’s alright I understand I guess. Well your hotel room sounds fine with me;
I’m guessing you don’t want fans bugging you. Right?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind but if we are going to get to know each other better I
think people running at me the whole time would get distracting. Do I call
you Amy or Lita though?”

“Either works for me, Kyle. Well let’s get going.”

So she then put her sunglasses back on and took me by the hand leading me
around the corner of the building where a limo was waiting for us. We climbed
inside and sat close to each other talking and laughing about various things
the entire way. After about a ten minute drive we got dropped off at the
Hilton. Lita and I climbed out and headed for the elevator. As we headed out
of the elevator I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful ass as she led me
towards her room. Amy opened up her door, pulling me inside behind her. She
then pulled off her hair letting her red hair fly out, and pulled off her
jacket and sunglasses as well. Underneath the coat she was just wearing a
black tank top and seeing her in front of me instantly got me hard. I looked
down at my stiff dick in my pants and got embarrassed hoping she wouldn’t see
it, but Lita slowly looked down at it and gave a little laugh.

“Excited to finally meet me, huh?”

“Yeah, I’ve just never been in front of a woman as beautiful as you before,

“Aww. Well let me see if I can help you get rid of that thing” she said to
me as she walked up and started to kiss me. This wasn’t just a peck like the
last one. No, this was all out. We continued to kiss as she pulled me by the
shirt, and threw me down on her bed. Darn, this girl was not only sexy but
strong as well. She then jumped up on top of me straddling me and rubbing my
chest with a smile. I wanted to just grab her ass, but was still in shock at
what was going on. Lita then pulled my shirt off over my head, leaned down
and gave me another long, passionate kiss. She then sat up, and pulled off
her tank top showing off her black bra underneath. Finally I got my balls
back and I reached up to feel her breast through her shirt, before pulling
her down closer so I could undo her bra. I pulled it off, and when she sat
back up I saw her perfect breasts in front of me. This time I leaned up to
suck on her nipples. I sucked on one nipple while I squeezed other breast
with one hand. My other hand was on her ass as she grinded herself down on

“Mmm... That feels great but let me see what you’re packing before we go any
further” she said as she slides off me until her face was right in my crotch.
Amy then grabbed on to my raging hard-on, and starting to rub it through my
jeans until she started to unbuckle my belt, and eventually slide down my
jeans and boxers all at once. Then right in her face popped up my eight inch
rock hard cock. Lita looked it with a smile before licking her lips.

“Just the right size” With that she grabbed a hold of it in one hand,
starting to stroke it while she went down and started to lick my balls. Amy
continued to stroke my rock hard cock as she looked up at me, and ran her
tongue from the tip to the base, and back again which cause the hairs on my
neck to stand on end. Amy then opened her mouth and slide the tip of my dick
into her moist mouth, and sucked hard, slowly going down further and further
until the whole thing was in her mouth, and her nose was in my pubic hair. I
let out a loud moan as Lita deep throated my cock. She then took it out, and
started to stroke it again looking up at me with a smile.

“You like that?” she asked before spitting on my dick and stroking it hard.

“Ohhh fuck yes, Amy!” I moaned right before she took it back into her mouth.
Lita started to bob her beautiful face up and down on my dick, as she played
with my balls in one hand. I couldn’t believe I was getting the best blowjob
of my life from WWE Diva Lita. I then put my hand on her head moving her hair
aside so I could watch her lips wrapped around my cock. Again she pulled it
out, and licked up and down the length before sucking it in harder then ever.
I put my hand on her head, pushing it down again making Amy deep throat my
cock once more. I then threw my head back letting out a load moan of

“You better stop Amy or I’m going to cum, and I want to fuck you before I do

Amy pulled her head up with a big grin on her face. She then stood up above
me and unzips her baggy pants, before sliding them off showing me her bright
pink thong. I then grabbed her legs, and pulled her down so that her thong
was only an inch away from my mouth. Lita looked down at me with a grin as I
pulled her thong aside and started to rub her already wet pussy with my
finger. Then I pulled Amy closer as I started to lick up and down the length
of her cunt, taking a bit of time each way to give attention to her clit. I
kept lapping away, making Lita moan out in pleasure and rub the top of my
head before I started to work just on her clit with my tongue as I slide a
finger up against her slit, and pushed me finger deep inside the red haired

“Ohhhh Kyle that is amazing!” Amy screamed out as he kept sucking on her clit
and ramming her pussy with my finger. Then I slide a second finger in which
seemed to be too much for Amy since she screamed out and had an orgasm right
as it entered her. I then opened up my mouth to taste her sweet juices as I
kept going with both fingers inside her, feeling her warmth rush over them. I
slide my fingers off, licked them clean as Amy rolled off of me lying on the
bed breathing heavily. I turned to her, and gave her a kiss as I rolled over
on top of her.

“You want to be fucked, Amy?” I asked with a smirk on my face. Amy still
exhausted from her amazing orgasm as second before just nodded her head with
her eyes closed. She then opened up her legs as I aim my still rock hard dick
up against her wet slit. I then slowly pushed it inside of her inch by inch,
making Lita moan out lightly with every slight push of my dick inside her.
After a bit I was all the way insider her and I leaned down to give Lita a
long passionate kiss as I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her.
Once the kiss was over I started on her a bit faster, grabbing on to her hips
so I can shove it in harder and faster.

“Oh fuck me hard!” Amy screamed out as she started to play with her nipples
and looking up at me as I start to ram her pussy with my cock. Amy continued
to scream and moan as I started to fuck her as fast and hard as I could, my
balls slapping up against her ass as I went. My dick was sliding in and out
of her perfect, tight vagina and I loved every second of it. Lita then
grabbed me, and suddenly rolled us both over so she was on top of me,
straddling me with my dick still deep inside her.

“It’s my turn to be in control” Amy said with a smile as she started to grind
down against me making me close my eyes from pure pleasure. Lita then put her
hands on my chest as she started to bounce up and down on my dick. She then
started to ride me like wild, throwing her head back as she kept going up and
down faster and faster. Lita kept up this amazing fast pace for a long time,
and eventually I put my hands on her ass helping lift her up and down on my
cock so out bodies slapped together even harder.

After awhile of hard ramming I see Amy throw her head back in a wild scream
as yet again she has an orgasm.

“Oh God yes!” Amy’s screamed, this time her strong pussy squeezing my cock
inside her as I feel her warm juices flow all over my dick. Once I felt this
I knew I couldn’t last much longer so I rolled Lita over again, and pulled

“I’m gonna cum, Amy, where should I do it?” I asked as I stroked my oozing
cock in front of her.

“I want to drink your cum” is all she said before jumping up her mouth
instantly wrapping around my cock head. After only a few seconds of her
amazing mouth on my cock I knew it was going to cum.

“Ohhhhh Yes!” I screamed as I started to shoot my hot load into Amy’s waiting
mouth. Wad after wad shoot out, and Amy drank every single drop of it. After
about ten seconds I was finally out, and I feel on the bed next to her
exhausted. Amy then leaned over and gave me a kiss. She then looked over at
the alarm clock and sat up.

“Crap! I have to get back to the arena for Raw. You stay right here though,
I have more plans for you when I get back” Lita said as she jumped up off the
bed, and started to pick up her clothes. I just laid there looking over at
her in amazement, only wondering what more could she have for me. Lita then
threw her clothes on, grabbed her bag, and ran out of the room, leaving me
naked, and satisfied on her King sized bed. I then decided to flip on Spike
TV to see what Lita was going to be up to on Raw tonight.

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