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Only Bitches Tap: Chapter One
by EC

The match had been going on for a good 15 minutes, and both Sasha Banks and Paige had been through a hard battle. At this point, they were both looking to end the match; they could each see how hurt their opponent was, whilst also fully aware that they couldn't go on much longer. One big move would bring an end to the match. Paige made the first move, the pale beauty hitting Sasha with a devastating superkick. The Boss was shook, but still standing somehow, but this was Paige's chance, she went for the kill, grabbing the petite woman and lifting her up, looking to hit a Scoop Slam. This was to be her undoing though, as at the crucial moment though, Sasha wriggled away, falling directly behind Paige. From here, there was only one way it could go; Sasha hooked her arms around the neck of Paige, delivered a harsh Backstabber, then without skipping a beat, flipped the larger woman over and straight into the Bank Statement.

Paige's eyes bulged in pain, a moan of agony is all she could muster in the excruciating hold. She furious with herself, how could she make such a stupid mistake! Now she found herself helpless in the middle of the ring, her head painfully pulled backwards, as Sasha taunted her mercilessly to tap. She could not tap though. She could give up! She stretched her arm out, reaching for anything, but she was way too far from the ropes for redemption. Sasha was never going to let up, and why should she? She had all the leverage, all the advantages. Paige could not power out, couldn't roll out of it. The pain was too much. There was nothing left to do. She frantically tapped out.

The referee rang for the bell, and Sasha let out a cry of victory. Keeping Paige in the hold just a few seconds longer, eliciting a few more panicked taps to the pleasure of the Boss. Sasha let go of the hold, stood tall over her defeated adversary, and had her hand raised by the referee. Paige on the other hand, was a much sorrier sight; curled up on the ground whimpering. She had been forced to tap out, had the humiliation of being made so vulnerable and in pain in front of millions across the world, left no choice but to proclaim live that she was too weak to continue. However, the joy of Sasha and the suffering of Paige went much deeper than anyone watching could imagine. There was a secret rule, which both girls knew about, which made this result much more significant.

Amongst the women of the WWE locker room, there was an unofficial rule about submitting your opponent. The act of tapping out was seen as so shameful, that merely submitting in the ring was not the end of it. If you gave up to the more dominant woman in the ring, you would have to give up to the more dominant woman backstage too. Only bitches tap out, and as soon as you tapped out, the victor had your body for at least the night, to try and break you in permanently. This is why Sasha smirked at her defeated foe, she knew as soon as she got backstage the athletic Goth girl was her slave for the night. Paige on the other hand, was going through incredible anxiety, over what she was going to face later that night.

(Minutes later Backstage)

Sasha Banks strutted confidently through the halls of the arena, before coming to the door of the women's locker room, and flinging it open. A crowd had already gathered, all the girls anticipating the action to come. Sitting on the bench directly across from the door, head hung in shame, sat Paige, still in her black wrestling gear. Sasha locked her eyes on her defeated conquest, and did not stop her glare as she calmly walked towards her, coming within an inch of Paige. She could hear her mumbling pathetically, unable to look her in the eye. Sasha simply grabbed her softly by the chin, and raised her head until her eyes met the gaze of the Boss. She could see the nerves in her eyes, the fear of the upcoming humiliation. Sasha did not care however, she just continued to smirk at Paige, taking in the sorry look on her face, before calmly speaking.

"I made you tap out Paige, and you know what that means right?"

Paige meekly nodded

"And you realise I'm going to take you here, now, in front of all the women, right?"

Paige paused, before bowing her head again and whispering in a defeated tone "Yes"

"Good. Now that we know how it's going to go down, I want you to stand up and strip for me"

Paige did as she was told, getting to her feet, and swapping positions with Sasha, who sat down on the bench Paige was just on. Paige first unzipped her wrestling top, then sliding it down her arms, leaving her in a modest black bra. She then hooked her fingers into the side of her shorts, bringing them down her legs and past her feet, revealing her black thong underneath. Sasha smiled at her scantily clad slave, who was still unable to look her new mistress for the night in the eye, or any of the audience, seeing the spectacle unfold. The Glampire then reached back and unhooked her bra, allowing her B cup breast to come in to view. She was about to reach down and remove her thong, before she felt a grip on her right arm. She looked up in surprise to see it was Sasha who grabbed her, and before she knew it, Sasha pulled Paige forward, and over her knee.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* "This is what little bitches who tap out deserve!" *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* "A good, hard, spanking". Sasha proceeded to pull Paige's skimpy undergarment upwards into a wedgie, exposing even more flesh for her slaps. Paige could do nothing by scream and kick wildly as her bottom went from white, to pink, and finally red. Almost as red as her face, which was burning in shame at being spanked like a naughty little child in front of all her work colleagues. After a while, Sasha stopped the spanking, and slipped Paige's thong down her legs, leaving her completely naked. She then proceeded to spread the British girls legs wide, along with her butt cheeks, exposing her hairless pussy and tight arsehole to the locker room. The Boss looked down at the holes and smiled to herself, before looking up to the crowd of on lookers and proclaiming "Yeah these are mine now!" before delivering one last slap, and unceremoniously dumping the larger girl to the floor.

"I'll be one moment. Don't go anywhere ladies, especially you Paige, the show is just beginning." Sasha then got up, headed to her bag, picked it up, and took it to the showering area, momentarily going out of site from the rest of the girls.

Paige was not the sole source of attention now, furiously rubbing her sore bottom, whilst the rest of the women of WWE whispered and sniggered at her current position.

"Look how red her ass is!" laughed Nikki Bella.

"That brats had that coming a long time. Her mother should have done that to her, maybe then she'd be a little more mature." the always stern Natalya stated

"Wow Sasha really means business here." Charlotte mumbled, a slight hint of concern in her voice

"Wonder what she has in store for the poor lass next" Becky Lynch wondered

Her question was quickly answered as Sasha emerged from the shower area, nude as the day she was born, save for a think, 7" inch red strap on. The room went silent as the girls looked at the monster temporarily attached to the small girl. Paige gulped as she saw what her next punishment was.

The Boss swaggered through the crowd and over to her bitch, peering down at the pathetic sight and demanding "Face to the floor, ass in the air, legs apart, NOW!" delivering a smack to Paige's ass for emphasis. The brit got into the humiliating position, her vagina once again fully on display for the crowd. Sasha took her place behind her slave, grabbed hold of her fake cock, and guided the tip of it into Paige's pussy.

The pale girl moaned at the intruder, before causing her to blush. She hated the fact that she was still finding pleasure in this, being fucked and humiliated by Sasha. But her body was telling her, this moment was pleasurable. Sasha smiled at the involuntary reply from Paige and the subsequent look of shame upon her face, and started to pump the fake phallus in Paige's twat. "Yeah you moan for me bitch, yeah. Bitch like you taps out in front of millions, I bet you like this, being taken in front of a crowd by a more dominant woman. Well by the end of tonight I'll make sure this is a regular occurrence for you. Make it a weekly thing; the weekly backstage fucking."

Paige became nervous at this comment; what were Sasha's intentions? What did she mean by a weekly thing? Before she could think too hard on it, a wave of pleasure hit her hard, causing another, longer moan to escape her lips. Except this time, instead of Paige going silent, she couldn't help herself from panting afterwards, the ecstasy building in her body. Oh god, Sasha was fucking her so good right now, she was absolutely soaking wet. Her mind was becoming a puddle. She could hear the mumblings and sniggering's from the girls around her. "Look at that slut, loving it" proclaimed one of the Bella's, Paige in no fit state to identify which. "I bet she tapped out on purpose to get this" the unmistakable voice of Naomi taunted. "She looks like a natural born bitch" Natalya matter-of-factly stated.

Paige felt humiliated at these comments, how could she not? She was a strong woman, a WWE wrestler, not a bitch. Or at least she thought of herself like that. Her body was telling her other things though, as the pleasure built and built within her. Paige was there, she was at the brink. She couldn't believe it, she was about to cum in front of the entire locker room...when suddenly she felt empty.

Paige looked up to see her mistress for the night stroking her plastic cock, but most importantly not fucking her pussy with it anymore. Paige let out a moan of frustration, then a yelp as Sasha slapped her bottom. "HEY! I'm in charge tonight, and I never said you could cum yet, so stop moaning. Get up on all fours now" once again emphasising her demand with another slap to Paige's spanked bottom. Paige accepted her place, and lifted her head and arms from the floor into the doggy position, her moment of bliss snatched away from her.

Sasha waited for Paige to get into position, then spread her cheeks to present the slaves tight pink asshole. "Time for the main event girls, its ass fucking time."

Sasha guided the dildo to Paige's ass, and pushed with great force, until the intruder penetrated the tight hole. Paige let out a grunt of pain, and could not avoid the signs of discomfort, as she was sodomised by the thick red dick. Sasha did not pause however, continuing to push against the resistance, determined to impale the Brit's behind fully, smiling at the sounds of discomfort coming from her bitch. Her perseverance paid off in the end, finally managing to get the whole strap on up the ass of Paige. The whole crowd stared in silence at the scene in front of them. Paige's face red with a mixture of shame and pain, grimacing at the unnatural intrusion, doing nothing but whimpering and grunting. Sasha Banks looking triumphant and laughing to herself. The tight arsehole of Paige stretched wide around Sasha's big red dildo. This was a sight to be seen.

Eventually the Boss decided she had given Paige enough time to get accustomed to her new stated, and started to fuck her arse. It was a real challenge at first though, it gripping down so hard on the fake cock, she almost feared that it may be stuck. Paige had obviously not been ass fucked in a long time, maybe never? No, of course not the Boss thought, "A slut like Paige, she has to have taken a few up here". Paige could do nothing be scream out at the pumping action; she felt like she was going to be torn in two. Not only that, but she was actually being arse fucked, in the middle of the locker room. She could not believe this, having her most private hole violated in front of everyone. She could never live this down. This could not possibly get worse she thought. Then she had a horrible realisation; she was still soaking wet. She was still feeling pleasure. Sasha's pumping got faster, Paige's ass becoming more accepting of the dildo. She started to build up a good rhythm, eventually fucking Paige's anus at the same speed as her pussy.

Now Paige knew she was in for much worse. She could feel it again, the waves of pleasure. She couldn't stop it, it was going to happen, and soon. This would be the greatest humiliation, cumming from being fucked up the arse whilst being another girl's bitch. Sure enough, the grunts of pain had been replaced with moans of unmistakable pleasure. The crowd were still in utter silence, shocked at the scene unfolding. The utter domination of Paige by Sasha was staggering.

Sasha heard the moans from Paige, and finally implemented the last part of her plan. She took her hands from Paige's hips, making sure to still keep her fast pace of fucking. She reached both arms forward, and in a move to fully humiliate her bitch, applied a Crossface to Paige whilst fucking her ass. Sasha Banks put Paige in the Bank Statement while slamming her asshole.


Paige frantically started tapping, groaning in pain from the hold, while moaning from the ass fucking.


Paige clawed at Sasha's grip, then started tapping again when this failed, desperate to get out the hold in her most vulnerable position.


"YEEESSSSS!!!" Paige screamed, her pleasure undeniable. "I LOVE BEING FUCKED UP THE ASS!!"





Sasha picked up the pace, still applying the Bank Statement, and still taking immeasurable pleasure from Paige's continuing struggling, tapping, and moaning. It was such a turn on for Sasha, making this girl submit to her dominance so much. Turning her into such a crazed slut from such a humiliating act. This mixed with the vibrations against her clit were pushing Sasha over the edge. She was going to cum soon. Before she did though, Paige exploded into a scream of orgasm from her arse fucking, still furiously tapping on the floor. That is what Sasha needed, this final confirmation of dominance pushing her over the edge, as she cum herself.

Sasha and Paige both panted heavily in the aftermath, their faces telling the story though; Paige still red with shame despite the clear signs of satisfaction, and Sasha with an almost manic grin upon her face. As soon as Sasha regained her composure, she slipped the dildo out of Paige's ass, leaving it gaping for everyone to see. Paige naturally reached back rubbing her bottom, only now feeling how much her little hole ached. Still, in her mind, it was all worth it for that orgasm. It was shameful to admit, but she could not deny it. She needed to be ass fucked often, and ass fucked by Sasha Banks.

Sasha went back to her bag and packed the strap on away, but pulled another two item out. She then sauntered back over to her new permanent bitch, and kneeled at her side. It was then that she revealed the first item she pulled out; her smart phone. Sasha passed the phone to Natalya and said "Here, take a photo. Make sure you get her face in it" before spreading Paige's ass cheeks to show her gaping hole. Natalya took the picture, still in too much shock to argue back.

Once the flash went off, Sasha revealed the next item; a thick purple butt plug. Still using one hand to spread Paige's cheeks, she inserted the toy into Paige's backside, which despite the gape was tight enough to grip the plug. Paige let out a quick yelp of discomfort as the item invaded her sore bottom, and received a quick spank for the complaint. Once in, it could be seen on the end of the plug was the words, in gold "Boss Bitch". Sasha once again requested Natalya to take another picture, the Hart once again complying, still not processing the situation in full.

Once this was all done, Sasha let go of Paige's bottom, and rose to her feet to make an announcement. "This right here is just the start. I am making a promise right now; I am going to make you all tap out to me in the ring, I am going to fuck all of you in both your holes, I'm going to make you all tap again as I fuck you, I'm going to add your gaping butts to my photo album, I am going to make you all wear the same butt plug this slut is wearing. I promise you, I am going to make you all my bitches."

Sasha then proceeded back to her bag and started to get dressed. No one paid any attention to her, all eyes were glued on Paige; the girl whimpering on the floor, her ass red from the spanking, cum trickling down her legs, and a butt plug, the sign of Sasha's bitches, deep in her anus. Everyone knew Sasha was a real threat now. Everyone knew that if they couldn't topple Sasha, soon enough, they'd end up Like Paige.

Sasha knew her journey to the top had just began. She knew that soon enough, the entire locker room would be her bitches.

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