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Only Love Can Do It
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown TV taping in the spring of 2005, SmackDown's hottest
team on the scene MNM, consisting of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro are
walking around backstage wearing blue jean like wrestling pants and heavy
tanish color fur coats with the WWE Tag Team Championships hanging from their
waist. "Hey Joey, man we are so fucking hot right now, we got Melina and the
Tag Titles..." Johnny says as he slides a hand through is large black hair.

"Yeah! We the best damn thing to hit SmackDown... but fuck, I think that
little scrub Mysterio tweaked my neck..." Joey replies as the two studs go
around a corner.

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe we should drop by the trainers spot...
don't wanna have ya being an easy target..." Johnny suggests.

"Yeah... totally..." Joey nods his head in agreement and the two talented
rookie SmackDown wrestlers head over to the trainers room and enter without

"Hey who's in charge?" Johnny yells out as he doesn't see Joy Giovanni who's
standing behind the open door.

The cute and adorable Joy Giovanni, SmackDown's resident massage therapist,
gets out from behind the door and cutely clears her throat "That would be
me..." Joy replies with a cute smile on her face as she stands in front of
Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury with her hands comfortably places on her
rounded, but slender hips. Joy Giovanni is dressed in a short black skirt
and a matching tight-fitting black tank top.

Joey and Johnny both raises their eyebrows as they look at the extremely
attractive massage therapist. "Holy fuck..." Joey says as he stares right
at Joy's round, slender hips.

Johnny clears his throat as he closes the door, "Whew damn... ummm..." Johnny
says as he's speechless for a moment, "Oh yeah... Joey here has something
wrong with his neck..." Johnny says as he points at his tag team partner.

Joy smiles as she nods her head "Oh you do..." Joy asks as she turns to Joey
slightly "Well...what did you do to it?" Joy asks with a cute, adorable laugh
as she folds her arms over her rounded, perfect chest.

Joey takes his tag team title belt off from his waist and drops it on top
of a counter top. "Shit it wasn't me... it was that dirty little Mexican
Rey Mysterio... he fucking did that west coast pop thing and he wrenched
my neck..." Joey explains as he takes off his tanish colored fur coat.

Joy slowly nods her head and frowns slightly "Ohh...I see...hmmm" Joy pauses
as she bites down on her bottom lip and then motions towards the massage
table nearby "Well...Why don't you have a seat, and maybe I could work on you
a bit. How does that sound?" Joy asks with a cute smile.

"Sounds great to me..." Joey says as he walks over to the massage table and
hops up to sit on it.

Johnny folds his arms and leans against the door, "Hey Joey don't be a baby
now..." Johnny laughs as he teases his tag team partner as Joey leans forward
a bit so that Joy can check his neck.

Joy begins to approach Joey, but then pauses and looks over her shoulder at
Johnny with soft smile "You can wait out in the hall if you want..." Joy
says before she walks around the table and stands behind Joey Mercury. Joy
places her soft, delicate hands on the back of his neck and looks back at
Johnny "I like to do my work in privacy...unless you're feeling some pain
as well."

Johnny raises an eyebrow, "Hey... I got some pain too... some light pain
around my groin area... around the upper thigh..." Johnny says as he lies
through his teeth as he points down with both of his hands towards the tag
team title belt that's hanging from his waist, just over his crotch.

Joey laughs a bit and shakes his head as he feels Joy's hands on the back of
his neck, "Yeah... Johnny's had some problems there lately..." Joey says to

"Oh really?" Joy says cutely "Well why didn't you come see me sooner?" Joy
asks as she gently begins to rub her soft, smooth hand against the back of
Joey's neck, massaging the sore area. "I think you better have a seat next
to Joey..."

"Really? Well... all right..." Johnny says with a bit of a smirk as he
removes the tag title belt from over his crotch and drops it where Joey laid
his. Johnny Nitro also takes off his tanish colored fur coat and then goes to
sit on the massage table next to Joey Mercury.

Joy smiles as she gently works on the tender area of Mercury's neck with her
soft fingertips "How does that feel, sweetie?" Joy asks pleasantly as she
moves her hands from behind his neck to the front of his neck, just above his
muscular chest.

Joey Mercury raises his head a bit and smiles, "It feels a lot better than
it was... you're a hot miracle worker..." Joey says as he feels Joy's gentle
hands slightly press against his the upper part of his chest.

Joy smiles "Why thank you..." Joy asks as she gently removes her hand and
steps around the massaging table, now standing in front of Johnny and Joey.
Joy cutely smiles as she looks at Joey "Do you mind if I work a bit on

Joey shakes his head, "Nope I don't mind... cause I got some groin area
problems too..." Joey says as he slightly leans back on the massage table
while putting his hands behind him for balance.

Joy raises her eyebrow "You do? Geeze! Why didn't you tell me you had groin
pain too!?" Joy asks with a cute laugh as she steps over towards Johnny
Nitro. Joy folds her arms " me where it hurts."

Johnny Nitro smirks a bit, "Are you sure you want me to show you exactly
where it hurts?" Johnny says as he puts his hands on his legs while he
remains seated on the table.

Joy nods her head "Of course I'm sure!" Joy says cutely "My job it make you
feel better, I need to see where the pains is at."

Johnny laughs a bit, "All right..." Johnny says as he starts to push down
his tight fitting wrestling pants. As he lowers them Joy sees that Johnny is
wearing an extremely tight fitting Speedo that is barely containing Johnny's
very large and thick eleven inch shaft. "The pain's right here...." Johnny
says as he motions to the upper most parts of his legs that are closest to
his crotch.

Joy nods her head slowly as she steps closer towards Johnny Nitro, before
she bends over slightly as she remains standing. The gentle, adorable Joy
Giovanni placing her soft, soothing hands on upper portion of Johnny's
muscular left leg, near his crotch and begins to gently rub her hands
against the skin "How does that feel, sweetie?"

"Mmmm... that feels good..." Johnny Nitro moans a bit as Joy Giovanni gently
rubs the upper portion of his left leg. As she does this, Johnny Nitro's cock
starts to become hard and it begins to press even more against the Speedo
that Johnny is wearing.

Joey looks over and sees what Joy is doing and he smiles, "Hey um Joy... I
have that exact same pain... you want me to get ready too?" Joey asks as he
licks his lips slightly.

Joy slowly nods her head "Yes, sweetie go ahead..." Joy replies as she gently
massages the area of Johnny Nitro's leg, occasionally brushing her gently
hands against his hard, bulging crotch.

"All right..." Joey smiles and he stands up from the table so that he can
push down his wrestling pants to reveal his own black Speedo that matches
the one his partner is wearing. Joey's Speedo is already stretching a bit,
for his cock is already swelling as Joey sits back on the massage table.

Johnny Nitro groans a bit as Joy's hands brushes against his budging crotch,
"Mmmmm..." Johnny moans as he closes his eyes a bit.

Joy looks up at Johnny with a soft smile "How does that feel sweetie?" Joy
asks as she begins to rub her soft, gentle hands at a much quicker pace.

"Ohh that feels great..." Johnny Nitro replies with a moan as he licks his

Joey smiles, "Mmm... that does look like it feels good..." Joey says casually
as he leans back on the table with his hands behind him. As he does this
again, Joey's Speedo slips down a bit and his thick eleven inch shaft pops
free as it continues to get hard.

Joy slowly glances over at Joey's free and hard cock " might need
some help now..." Joy says as she licks her lips.

Joey nods his head, "You are very right about that..." Joey says as licks
his lips.

Johnny opens his eyes a bit, "Hey Joy... you mind... if I take my Speedo
off... it's getting very tight..." Johnny says with a slightly smirk as
Joy's hands brush against the huge bulging crotch once more.

Joy smile slightly "Umm...sure go ahead..." She replies as she steps away
from Johnny Nitro and moves back over to Joey Mercury, who is completely
naked sitting on the massage table. SmackDown's talent massage therapist
licks her lips as she looks down at Joey's hard, thick cock "It looks like
you need some assistance..." Joy says as she bends over slightly and gently
grips Joey's cock with her soft, smooth hands.

"Uhhhhh... ohh yeah... I really need... a lot of assistance..." Joey groans
as Joy gently adjusts her grip on his thick, meaty shaft. Meanwhile, Johnny
Nitro gets up from the table and takes off of Speedo so that his own huge
thick cock is released from it's Speedo prison. Johnny Nitro sits back on
the table and watches as Joy begins to gently massage Joey's rock hard cock.
Joy presses her lips together before she surprisingly lowers her head down
towards Joey's cock and gently places her soft, soothing tongue against the
head of his hard cock. Joy Giovanni begins to slowly circle her tongue around
the head of his cock, gently patting her tongue as she does so.

"Ohhhh shit..." Joey groans as he closes his eyes and leans back on the
table as he feels Joy's soft, wet tongue caress the head of his shaft.
Johnny Nitro licks his lips as he wraps his own hand around his own cock
and he lightly strokes his cock as he observes Joy giving some loving
attention to his tag team partner's swelled up cock. Joy closes her eyes
as she gently traces her wet tongue around the head of his shaft. The
cute massage therapist moans softly as she opens her mouth and lowers her
head on his hard, thick cock. Once Joey's cock is inside of her mouth,
Joy wraps her lips around his shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head.
Joey lifts his legs up and sticks them straight out as he feels Joy's
warm, wet, soothing mouth moving up and down on his thick shaft.

"Ahhh... ohhh yes... ohhh damn..." Joey moans as he tilts his head back and
lets his mouth hang open while Joy's warm saliva drips down his cock whenever
she lifts her head up on his dick. Joy softly moan against Joey's hard cock
as she moves her head smoothly up and down on his cock. Joy gently laps her
tongue against his cock as she massages his shaft with her tongue and her
warm, wet saliva.

As Joy continues to suck on Joey Mercury's cock she lifts her left hand up
and places her hand around the hard shaft of Johnny Nitro and begins to
stroke his cock. "Mmmm... glad to see I get some attention too...." Johnny
chuckles a bit as he lets out a moan when Joy slides her left hand up and
down his thick shaft.

Joey licks his lips and he lowers his legs as he sits up on the massage
table. "Ohh... shit ohhh damn..." Joey groans as he watches Joy as she
continues to gently suck on his meaty dick. Joy gently taps her tongue
against Joey's shaft as she gently twists her head on his cock. While the
cute, adorable SmackDown Diva orally massages Joey Mercury's cock, she
moves her left hand quickly against Johnny Nitro's hard shaft, her smooth
palm rubs up and down against his cock "Ahhh... ohhh fuck... mmmmm..."
Joey Mercury continues to moan loudly as Joy gives him the best massage
of his life.

Johnny Nitro grits his teeth slightly as he lets out a bit of a groan,
"Hey... Joy... can... I get some of that attention too?" Johnny asks with a
moan as he closes his eyes slightly.

Joy gradually slows down her head bobs until she lifts her head off of
Joey Mercury's hard, saliva-dripping cock and then smiles "Oh...sure thing
sweetie..." Joy says with a cute wink as she looks at Johnny Nitro. Joy licks
her lips as she moves herself over to bend over in front of Johnny Nitro. She
removes her left hand from his shaft as she lowers her head on his cock and
begins to smoothly bob her head, sucking off the other member of MNM.

Johnny Nitro licks his lips and tilts his head back so that his long black
hair is hanging down behind him. "Ohhhh... ahhhh yeah... mmmmm..." Johnny
moans as Joy smoothly and tenderly bobs her head up and down on his long,
thick shaft. Joey Mercury wipes a little bit of sweat from his forehead as
he recovers slightly from Joy's gentle oral massage that she performed of
his now saliva covered cock. Joy places her soft, delicate hands flat on the
massage table on the side of Johnny Nitro's body as begins to gradually bob
her head at a quicker pace on his cock, lapping her soft, tender tongue
around his shaft as she forces more of his cock deeper into her soothing,
moist mouth.

"Ohhh... ahhh geeze yeah..." Johnny moans as he feels Joy easily takes his
cock past her soft, pouty lips. The younger member of MNM grits his teeth and
opens his eyes to look at Joy as she moans on his shaft which sends shivers
of pleasure through his hot, muscular body. Joy closes her eyes as she gently
taps her tongue against the underbelly of his cock as her warm saliva drips
down against his cock. The adorable massage therapist tightens her lips
around his shaft as she starts to slow down her head bobs, only taking his
cock deeper into her hot mouth.

Joey licks his lips as he watches Joy Giovanni slowly deep throat Johnny
Nitro's thick cock. "Mmmmm Joy... you're really a pro... doing this so that
we feel better..." Joey says, as he eases himself off the table and steps
behind Joy and he puts his hands on Joy's round, slender hips before he
starts to slide down Joy's short black skirt. Joy taps her tongue gently
against Johnny's shaft as she lowers her head completely down on his cock
as she perfectly takes Johnny's cock balls deep into her skilled, warm and
soothing mouth. Joy gently bobs her head against his cock as the head of
his cock gently slams against the back of Joy's throat.

Joey Mercury pushes Joy's skirt down her smooth tanned legs, and soon lowers
Joy's black lacy panties that she's also wearing. Once Joy's black skirt and
panties are down at her feet, Joey puts his left hand on Joy's ass just as he
bends his knees slightly in order to push his huge, saliva-dripping cock into
Joy's tight, warm pussy. "Uhhhh... Damn!" Joey groans as he feels Joy's pussy
tighten around his shaft before he starts to thrust his meaty cock in and out
of Joy's pussy.

Johnny Nitro leans back on the table completely so that he's laying down,
"Mmmmm... Ohh Joy..." Johnny moans as the beautiful, massage specialist of
SmackDown gently deep throats his cock as Joey pumps his shaft in and out of
her pussy from behind. Joy softly groans against Johnny Nitro's cock as Joey
Mercury enters her hot, tight pussy from behind. The hot, cute massage
therapist begins to bob her head at a much quicker rate as she laps her
tongue around Johnny's cock, while she pushes her hot, petite body back
against Joey's hard cock.

Joey grits his teeth as he thrusts his cock back and forth as he puts both of
his hands on Joy's round, slender hips. "Uhhh... ohhh yea..." Joey moans as
he begins to steadily pump his cock quicker in and out of Joy's pussy. Johnny
Nitro slides both of his hand through his own black hair as Joy Giovanni
continues to bob her head on thick meaty, saliva covered dick. Joy gently
twists her head around on Johnny's hard, throbbing cock as she begins to
casually deep throat his cock inside of her hot, wet mouth. Joy's warm saliva
drips down his cock as she gently pushes her body back against Joey Mercury's
cock as he quickly slams his cock in and out of her soothing, hot pussy. With
each one of his hard thrusts, Joy's petite body jolts forward only causing
her to take Johnny's cock deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhh... shit... ahhh yea..." Johnny licks his lips as he sits back up on the
massage table as Joy continues to orally massage his hot, thick dick with her
warm, wet mouth. "Mmmmm shit hey Joey... I could use... some of her pussy
man..." Johnny groans.

Joey nods his head, "Sure man..." Joey groans as he slows down his thrusts
and pulls his thick shaft out of Joy's pussy as Johnny has Joy lift her head
off of his fat, throbbing cock.

Joy licks her lips and smiles cutely "Mmmm...I'd love to work over you some
more..." Joy says as she lifts herself onto the massage table with Johnny
Nitro and as he lays down, the adorable massage therapist mounts herself on
top of his hard cock, taking him inside of her hot, tight pussy. Joy places
her hands on his chest and begins to smoothly rock against his cock
"Ohhhhh...mmmm yesss..." Joy groans.

Johnny Nitro puts his hands on Joy's black top and he lifts it up to reveal
Joy's black lacy bra covered round soft tits. "Ahhh yea... mmmm..." Johnny
moans as Joy rocks back and forth on his cock as the hot, young stud pulls
Joy's black top down her arms in order to remove it from her body. Joy closes
her eyes and tilts her head back slightly as Johnny Nitro completely removes
her top, followed by her bra to exposing her rounded, firm tits. Joy gently
grits her teeth together as she rocks back on his cock and begins to gently
bounce on his cock as he thrusts up into her tight pussy. "Ohhhh Joy..."
Johnny moans as he places his hands right onto Joy's round, firm tits as he
starts to thrust his cock up into Joy's pussy.

Meanwhile, Joey Mercury has climbed up onto the massage table behind Joy, and
he kneels between Johnny Nitro's legs. "Hope you don't mind a second one..."
Joey says to Joy as he puts his right hand on Joy's right shoulder as he
presses his thick cock against the tight asshole of Joy's cute, perfectly
round ass.

Joy grits her teeth tightly as Joey Mercury's cock easily slides into her
hot, tight asshole "Ohhhh fuck..." Joy moans as she instantly rocks back
against his hard cock while she bounces smoothly on Johnny Nitro's cock.

The two hot studs that make up MNM both grit their teeth together as they
begin to thrust their cocks into Joy at almost the same rate. Johnny Nitro
keeps his hands firmly on Joy's tits as he bucks his hips in order to
sharply drive his shaft up into the beautiful massage therapist's tight,
warm pussy. "Uhhh... shit..." Joey Mercury grunts as he puts his left
hand on Joy's left shoulder as he sharply, but slowly pumps his fat cock
in and out of Joy's tight asshole as she pushes back against him and
bounces on Johnny's dick at the same time.

"Ohhhh...mmm...ohhh...yesss..." Joy moans softly as the hot massage therapist
of SmackDown begins to sweat as she slams down harder on Johnny Nitro's cock,
while rocking back smoothly on Joey Mercury's cock.

Sweat slowly drips down Joey's arms and body as he continues to smoothly
drive his shaft in and out of Joy's cute, round ass. Meanwhile, Johnny has
begun to slide his hands down from Joy's round, firm tits and he puts them
Joy's round, slender hips. "Uhhh... ohhh fuck yea.... mmmm now... this... is
therapy...." Johnny laughs and moans at the same time as he starts to sit up
slightly so that Joy is sandwiched slightly between him and Joey.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh fuck yess!" Joy moans louder "Fuck that pussy!" Joy groans
before the sweating, hot SmackDown rookie diva begins to cum.

"Ahhh... ohhh shit..." Johnny Nitro groans loudly as he feels Joy's hot pussy
tighten around his cock as Joy's warm cum flows onto his thick cock. "Shit...
ohhh man..." Johnny moans as he starts to cum, spraying his hot cum deep
inside of Joy's tight pussy.

Joy licks her lips as her hot, sweating body slams down hard on Johnny
Nitro's hard, cumming cock "Mmmmm Johnny!"

Joey Mercury continues to drive his cock in and out of Joy's tight asshole
as the SmackDown's resident massage therapist. "Ahhh... mmmm ohh yea... mmmm
fuck yea..." Joey groans as he starts cum inside of Joy's asshole as he
continues to pump his shaft into Joy's backside.

Joy arches her back slightly as she feels his warm, sticky cum fill her tight
asshole "Ohhhh fucking...shit!"

Joey keeps thrusting his cock in and out of Joy's glorious ass until he's
finished cumming. "Mmmmm... that... was great..." Joey groans as he pulls his
cock out of Joy's cum filled asshole.

"Mmmm..." Joy moans softly as she smiles and looks over her shoulder "Now
Joey...or Johnny if either of you have pain again...come back and see me."

Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury both get smiles on their faces. as they say at
the same time "Oh we will... count on it!"


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