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Ooh Oui
By Punisher924 (

"Thanks honey," Maryse beams, leaning her back against the door to the diva's
locker room as she waves to the man known as Ted DiBiase. "I'll see you

She cranes her neck, watching until the million dollar son clears the corner
and disappears from view. Heaving a breath of relief, she enters the locker
room and carelessly drops her purse to the ground. The sound the shower
running brings a smile to her face.

She tugs her clothes off as she rounds a row of lockers until she can see
her. The frosted glass of the shower is hazily steamed and pelted with a few
drops of stray water but Maryse can just make out the silhouette of Eve's
lithe form glowing amongst the fog and vapor of hot water.

She sighs softly, pulling off her last sock before opening the shower door.

"I thought I'd find you in here," she says as she steps into the shower.

Eve chuckles. It's low and sensuous and makes Maryse's stomach tighten.

"What took you so long?" Eve asks.

Maryse closes the small gap between them, her body molding against Eve's back
as she leans down to place a kiss against the skin between Eve's shoulder


Maryse doesn't have to say another word; Eve's chuckling already, her body
quivering like a plucked bow string against the press of Maryse's.

Maryse brushes wet brown hair over one of Eve's shoulders as she licks a path
up Eve's neck.

"But I'm here now," she hums into the curve of Eve's neck.

"You are," Eve agrees, turning in the arms loosely encircling her hips until
she could face Maryse.

"Alicia's causing a distraction with the other girls," Maryse answers before
Eve can even ask.

"Good," Eve says, her voice brimming with seductive suggestiveness.

"Yep," Maryse agrees, leaning in almost hypnotically until her lips crash
against Eve's.

Eve gasps when her back hits the chilly tile wall of the shower stall, but
she has little time to react or even adjust to the combination of hot water
and cold tile before Maryse's lips press hungrily against hers again, robbing
her both of breath and awareness of anything that isn't Maryse.

Torrents of steaming water sprays from the faucet cascading down the very
little space between their joined bodies.

"Fuck, I've wanted you all day Eve," Maryse breathes the words like a
confession into parted lips. Her hands roam smooth, slickened with water
flesh. "I was watching your match all the while thinking about doing this to
you," Her lips skate over Eve's jaw.

"And God, I was trying to be polite and talk to DiBiase-" she forges a hot
wet path with her tongue down Eve's throat. "But all I could think of-" Eve
gasps, her body jerking forward as Maryse nips at her pulse point. "Was how
your body would feel when I finally got to touch you-" Her breath is
surprisingly cool against Eve's heated skin. "And how-" her fingertips skirt
across Eve's muscled thighs. "Wet you'd be," she drags her knuckles over the
coarse strip of downy hairs leading to Eve's sex.

"Are you wet for me Eve?"

"Fuck Maryse!" Eve groans as Maryse's soft fingertips part her pussy lips.
Maryse's touch is intimate and meaningful as she outlines Eve's clit with her

"God Maryse," Eve moans out, her fingers clinging to the tiled wall behind
her trying to find purchase on anything. "More,"

Maryse presses her lips against the flesh sheathing breast bone. "Hmmm?" she
murmurs against warm flesh. "Where do you want me baby?" She knows, of course
she knows, she just wants to hear Eve say it.

Eve gulps. Maryse's caress has grown intentionally lazy.

"Where do you want me?" Maryse asks again, tonguing the hallow outline of
Eve's collarbone.

"Inside," Eve murmurs between gritted teeth.

Maryse tracks lower, plunging her middle and index finger into Eve's tight
dripping cunt.

"Is that what you wanted?" Maryse asks, curling her fingers inside her lover.

"God yes," Eve breathes out, her hips bucking enthusiastically into Maryse's
eager fingers. "Feel so good," her clit throbs progressively beneath the
press of Maryse's thumb. She is so close. Maryse is filling her with hard,
sure thrusts.

Maryse bows her head just a bit and draws a hard wet nipple into her mouth.

"Oh fuck Maryse," Eve breaths out urgently as her orgasm plows through her,
the force of it rendering her limp.

Maryse presses tightly against her, keeping her steady as she slows the
progression of her fingers. She leans her forehead against Eve's, using her
free hand to brush damp brown hair out of her lover's face.

She strokes her cheek lovingly, gazing into deep brown eyes as they finally
flutter open.

"Maryse!" Alicia Fox's voice breaks through the obscure lusty haze. "There is
a minimal amount of time I can remain interesting to a group of girls,"

Maryse grins.

"Guess it's time to get out now," she says.

Eve grins, nodding her agreement.

"The water's getting cold anyway," Eve says kissing Maryse again before
turning the running water off.

Maryse leans in for one last kiss before reassuring her, "Next week after the
show you're coming to my hotel room, I don't care who sees us, oui?"

"Oui" Eve smiles at her lover as she can't hardly wait for the end of next
week's show.

* * *

Eve ran her slender fingers through her lover's long blonde hair as she
kissed her. Maryse, returning the affection, grabbed hold of Eve's hips,
pulling her closer and causing their toned, lingerie-clad bodies to rub
against each other.

They hadn't seen one another for seven days but it felt like years, and now,
in the comfort and privacy of Maryse's hotel room, they were free to express
just how much they loved each other.

Eve pulled her head away, desperately needing catch her breath. The two women
stared into one another's eyes. Maryse smiled, the same beautiful, endearing
smile that had first attracted Eve to her. The moonlight was shining through
the window, illuminating Maryse's face and lending it an eerie beauty. Eve
had never loved her girlfriend so much.

Eve pulled her lover in for another passionate kiss while her hands moved
around her body to her back. She undid the strap and, as their lips parted,
pulled Maryse's bra off, letting her boobs spring free. Eve's hands
instinctively reached out to caress them, drawing moans of pleasure from
Maryse's lips.

"I've been thinking about this ever since we last saw each other, waiting to
get my hands on that body..." said Eve lustfully as she pulled her own bra

Eve pushed Maryse back onto the bed and pounced onto her. Pinning her arms
down, she left a trail of kisses down Maryse's body, from her mouth down over
her tits, down her toned midsection to where her panties were. Eve eagerly
looped her thumbs under the fabric and hastily pulled them down, revealing
Maryse's dripping wet shaved pussy.

Eve slid her hands gently back and forth over Maryse's sensitive inner
thighs, causing her back to arch off the mattress from the pleasure.
Eventually, Eve's hands stopped moving, grabbed hold of the thighs, and
softly pulled them apart. She watched, transfixed, as Maryse's lips parted to
reveal tender, pink flesh. She got so horny that she couldn't restrain
herself any more.

Eve dove down between Maryse's thighs and trailed her tongue up and down the
entire length of her pussy lips. Maryse shivered at the sensation, eagerly
anticipating what was next. Suddenly, Eve thrusted her tongue deep inside her
lover, causing a load moan to escape Maryse's lips. As Eve's tongue eagerly
probed inside her, the moaning only got louder, turning into a feral scream
as Eve found her clit and flicked her tongue roughly back and forth over it.

Maryse was in ecstasy. She arched her back off the mattress and moved her
hips side to side, grinding her cunt into Eve's face, willing her tongue to
probe deeper. Eve loved knowing how good she was at making her lover cum, and
the thought turned her on even more. Her panties were now soaking wet, but
she didn't care - she was as engrossed in the moment as Maryse was.

Suddenly, Maryse began to grind her pussy into Eve's willing face as hard as
she could. Suddenly, she screamed out loudly as her body shook from the force
of her orgasm. A wave of pussy juice gushed into Eve's mouth, but her tongue
lapped them up and pressed against her clit once more, begging for more.

Maryse's clit was now ultra-sensitive, but it didn't matter to Eve. She loved
seeing her girlfriend orgasm so much that her tongue continued long after
Maryse's first orgasm finished. It didn't take long for her tongue to tease
Maryse's clit back to the brink, after which a few long, hard strokes sent
her over the edge. Maryse wrapped her slender thighs around Eve's neck and
clamped down, pulling her face in closer as another orgasm raged across her
body. Eve savored the delicious taste of her lover's pussy juices as they
flowed across her tongue, stroking Maryse's smooth midsection as if to say
thank you.

Maryse collapsed back onto the bed, her body exhausted from a double orgasm.
Eve crept up her body and lay next to her, resting her head on Maryse's tit
as they caught their breath.

Maryse looked down at the beautiful woman resting against her chest, and
wondered what she had done to deserve such a beautiful girlfriend. She was so
grateful to Eve for being such a loving, caring woman, and wanted to show her
just how grateful she was. She reached out with her hands and placed them on
Eve's cheeks, then gently pulled Eve's head towards hers until they were face
to face.

She stared into her lover's eyes, but words didn't seem relevant any more.
Instead, Maryse chose to express herself with actions. Leaning in, she
planted a soft, lingering kiss on her lover's lips, barely putting any
pressure behind her lips. The passion overwhelmed Eve, but Maryse wasn't done

Grabbing hold of Eve's waist, Maryse rolled her onto her back and straddled
her toned body. Leaning in and kissing her much more forcefully, Maryse did
all she could to pay her lover back. She moved down Eve's body and took one
of her nipples in her mouth while fondling the other breast with her hand.
She sucked hard on Eve's erect nipple, turning her on so much that it caused
Eve to get even wetter. Maryse took the nipple between her teeth and bit
gently at it, which got Eve so horny that she couldn't wait any more - she
pushed Maryse's head further down her body, and moaned loudly:

"Fuck, Maryse...lower....go pussy..."

Maryse obediently dove down her lover's body and pulled her panties off to
reveal a soaking wet cunt. Maryse's tongue eagerly lapped up all the hot
juices that were flowing, before letting her fingers take over.

Slowly, she guided her forefinger all the way inside Eve, feeling the
familiar warmth and dampness of a horny pussy. She thrust her fingers in very
slowly before pulling them out quickly and starting the cycle again. Eve was
so turned on that she couldn't even speak - she barely managed to tell Maryse
to use two fingers between moans.

Maryse happily obliged, thrusting her middle finger in and out as well and
doubling Eve's pleasure. Maryse got faster and faster as she saw Eve get more
excited, eventually going as fast as she could into and out of her lover's
soaking wet hole.

Eve started arching her back off the mattress, and Maryse knew she was about
to cum. Hurriedly, she pulled her fingers out and clamped her mouth around
Eve's throbbing cunt, just in time to feel Eve's warm juices flood her mouth.
Eve screamed, riding out her powerful orgasm as Maryse lapped up every last
drop of her hot cum and swallowed eagerly.

Eve, exhausted and satisfied, collapsed back onto the pillow and closed her
eyes. Maryse climbed up the bed and lay next to her. Eve's arms reached out
and surrounded Maryse's body, pulling her closer and holding her tight. The
women, naked bodies pushed close together, had never felt so secure. They
fell asleep in each other's arms.


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