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by GG Bayley


That was all Maryse had said.

Kelly Kelly sat on a chair in the hallway right before the entrance ramp,
silently fuming.

Maryse had walked in on her in the shower, getting an eye full of her
completely naked body, and all the other woman had said was "oops."

No apology, no explanation, just "oops."

It wasn't just the invasion of her privacy that bothered Kelly. She
considered herself an attractive woman, and when someone saw her naked,
whether it was an accident or not, she expected more of a reaction than just

She crossed her arms over her chest, feeling highly insulted by the whole
incident. She knew that Maryse was into girls, so why had the French Canadian
blonde not been interested in her?

Music coming from a nearby monitor caught her attention. She turned with her
gaze to the screen, her eyes narrowing when she saw Maryse walking up the

She brooded over the whole situation for a few minutes, then a crafty smile
spread across her lips. She stood up and hurried to Maryse's locker room,
knowing Maryse would just be getting in the shower.

She grinned wickedly as she went over her plan. She was going to walk in on
Maryse in the shower and embarrass her the same way she had been embarrassed.

She smirked as she thought about how Maryse, a woman who considered herself
nothing short of a sex goddess, would feel when she left after simply saying

Kelly quietly slunk into the room, pleased to hear the shower running.

She breathed in the pleasant scent of Maryse's shampoo, a flowery scent that
filled the room.

She felt a slight stirring in her abdomen as the lovely aroma filled her
nostrils, but she ignored it.

She was here to pay Maryse back for embarrassing her and nothing more.

Kelly Kelly tiptoed up to the curtain where she knew Maryse was behind. She
stopped just outside it, her heart skipping a beat when she looked up through
the nearly see-through curtain.

She could make out the outline of Maryse's body, not able to stop herself
from appreciating the lovely curves of the other woman's form, particularly
the jutting curves of her breasts.

She could feel getting uncomfortably wet just at the sight of Maryse's

Swallowing hard, she tried to push back her growing arousal, yanking the
curtain open before she had a chance to change her mind.

Her eyes hungrily took in the sight of Maryse's naked body. She gaze ran over
the other woman's beautiful thighs, the lovely curve of her back, her tight,
perfect stomach, and finally, her bulging, supple breasts.

Her stomach seemed to leap into her throat, rendering her unable to say the
word she had planned to use, "oops."

Maryse just looked at her for a moment, her hands finding her way to her

"Did you wahnt sumtheen, Kelly?" she asked, purposely thrusting her chest out
as she spoke.

Kelly Kelly opened her mouth, then closed it. "I - um - " she stuttered.

"I theenk I have idea o' what you want," Maryse breathed, surveying Kelly
through her long lashes. She brought her hands up to her breasts, gently
kneading the soft flesh.

"You want thees, oui?" she whispered, moaning softly as her ministrations
caused her nipples to harden into pert buds.

Kelly Kelly's eyes locked on the motions of the other woman's hands, her
desire overwhelming her. She felt more than uncomfortably wet, her body
getting more and more excited.

"You want it?" Maryse breathed sensually, sticking her chest out in offering.
"Come and taste one, baby."

Kelly Kelly licked her lips, hesitantly stepped forward.

She stood before Maryse, staring down at the other woman's perfectly shaped
breasts. Not caring that the water from the shower was hitting her fabric
enclosed back, she bent down and wrapped her lips around one of Maryse's

Maryse groaned tangling her fingers in Kelly's hair as the other woman opened
her mouth wider, sucking as much of Maryse's breast as she could into her
warm cavity.

On instinct, Kelly Kelly slid her hand down Maryse's flat stomach, coming to
rest in the place between her legs. Maryse's breath caught in her throat as
Kelly eased her fingers up into her warmth, pinching gently at her clit.

She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming as two of the other woman's
fingers slid up insider of her, thrusting in and out of her in a quick
rhythm. Maryse clawed at Kelly Kelly's clothes, quickly stripping the other
woman as naked as she was.

"Ohhhhh, god!" she moaned, throwing her head, similar to her trademark pose,
back in pleasure.
She ran her own hands up Kelly's body, finding the small blonde's breasts and
kneading them, delighting in the other woman's moan of pleasure.

She inched her legs apart wider, giving Kelly easier access. Her eyes rolled
back in her head as the other woman added a third finger, thrusting them into
her harder. She had to lean back against the wall of the shower stall,
feeling slightly dizzy with pleasure.

Maryse nudged Kelly Kelly's legs apart, slipping her knee between the other
woman's thighs and beginning to massage her wetness. Kelly groaned around
Maryse's breast, thrusting her fingers still harder.

Maryse backed them up slightly so she was leaning against the wall of the
shower stall, slowly sliding down onto the floor, making sure Kelly Kelly
came with her and didn't stop her ministrations. She moved on of her hands
from Kelly's breast down her stomach, coming to rest in the place between her

Maryse's mouth watered as she felt the wetness between the other woman's
quivering thighs. She urged Kelly to shift so that she was straddling
Maryse's face, causing the other woman to release her breast with a wet pop.

The loss of warmth barely even registered in Maryse's mind as she darted her
tongue out, collecting some of the wetness from between Kelly Kelly's legs.

Kelly moaned loudly, still thrusting her fingers, the other hand reaching
between them to massage Maryse's breasts, the way Maryse was still massaging

Maryse plunged her face into Kelly Kelly's pussy, quickly delving her tongue
inside the other woman's hot body. She delighted in the taste, running her
tongue over Kelly's deliciously inviting clit, alternating between teasing it
and thrusting her tongue up into Kelly's entrance.

Both of them felt their climaxes approaching, doubling their efforts on each
other as they reached the verge of orgasm. At the same time, Kelly Kelly
thrust her fingers far into Maryse's body, causing Maryse to jut her tongue
deep in Kelly's pussy.

Kelly Kelly gave a strangled cry, throwing her head back as she rocketed into
orgasm. Maryse dropped her head to the ground, screaming as intense pleasure
coursed through her veins.

They were both left panting, neither able to speak or even think after the
ecstasy they had just experienced. Kelly somehow mustered the energy to pull
her fingers out of Maryse, rolling off to the side of her and collapsing onto
the floor.

"Maryse?" Kelly Kelly managed to gasp at last.

"Oui?" Maryse panted, glancing at the other woman.

"Will you go out with me?" Kelly Kelly asked.

"I'll tell you when I can think again," Maryse replied, closing her eyes and
trying to catch her breath.

"Ok." Kelly Kelly closed her eyes as well; feeling completely and utterly


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