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Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire
by ForeverHardcore

Fandango's theme song hit the arena and he started dancing on the stage. He pointed to the Titan-tron, but this time not Summer Rae came out. Fandango's dance partner for tonight was Eva Marie. She came out in her red dance costume. Fandango noticed that she isn't the best dancer in the world, not to say...
She botched almost every step, and she accidentally hit him a few times. She even costs him the match. Fandango had enough and he left the ring. Eva ran after him, but he went into Stephanie's office. Eva overheard them.

Fandango: Stephanie, I want a new dance partner! This bitch is ridiculous! I want Summer back!

Stephanie: OK I will see, what can I do about it.

Eva started crying and she ran to the women locker room. There was nobody in, so she laid down on the floor and she still cried. She tore her skirt and her top down in anger. She accidentally fell asleep on the ground.

The women (Paige, Natalya, Emma, Nikki Bella) came in and they saw her. They started to wake her up:

Natalya: Eva, wake up! The floor is cold!

She didn't react.

Nikki: Great! Now what will we do?

Paige: Let's have fun with her!

The women: What?

Paige: She is lying half naked on the women locker room's floor. And It's make me horny.

Nikki: Me too!

Emma closed the door. Paige started to pull Eva's bra and panties down. The girls liked what they saw, so they undressed too.

Paige: I'm going first!

She said and she erotically laid on top of Eva.

Paige kissed her face, then her lips. Eva opened her eyes and she surprised. She wanted to stand up, but Paige didn't let her go. Eva started screaming, but Paige kissed her again. Eva resigned and she kissed back.

Eva: Why did I get this?

Nikki: You know the rules, If you're lying naked on the floor, then you will get fucked.

Paige kissed her again and she sucked her tongue. Paige went down on Eva's body and Nikki sat down on her face. Eva started to lick her pussy and Paige licked her. Eva wasn't in a good mood, but that was exactly what she needed. Nikki's juices flowed into her mouth as she sped up on her pussy. Paige liked Eva's little pussy hair. Eva didn't have much just a few little and red. Paige took her tongue in and she tasted her sweet hole.

Emma went to Nattie and she kissed her. Emma wasn't experienced so much, but The queen of Harts was. The two blonde made out, then Natalya grabbed Emma's luscious boobs. She started playing with them. She squeezed and licked them. The Austral diva stopped her and she kissed her again. Nattie was way more experienced than Emma, every time after a diva match, later the winner always fucks the shit out of the loser. But this was a special moment. In this, there weren't losers and winners. This was about fun.

The Canadian girl's tongue wrestled with the Austral girl's. Nattie grabbed her ass cheeks gently but a little hungrily, she spanked and played with them. Natalya laid down on the ground and the leader of the Emmalution laid on top of her. Emma started to tease Nattie's titties with her tongue. She went lower on her body and The Mistress of the Sharpshooter spread her legs. Her womanhood was shaved and ready for action. Emma didn't waste time and she went straight to it.

The first ever NXT Women's Champion enjoyed Eva's taste and also she liked the little red triangle above her pussy. Eva grabbed Nikki's ass cheeks as she swallowed her fluids. The Bella rode her face and she squirmed on the red haired total diva. Paige started to tongue fuck her clit and she inserted two fingers into her. The anti diva didn't show mercy and she was ruthless. She didn't has a good pussy like this since weeks and she finally had one right in front of her. The current WWE Divas Champion was close to explode and she moaned deeper than before. Paige played with her new fuck toy and Eva felt much better and comfortable than 10 minutes ago.

Nikki with a loud scream cummed on Eva's face and she stood up from her and she went to the blondes.

She laid down under Emma's pussy as Emma licked Natalya's love hole. Emma went lower on Nikki's face and Nikki took her hot tongue into her soaking pussy.

Emma was shocked as her tongue entered her. The surprise didn't leave her, It just grew. Emma inserted two fingers into Nattie. Nikki sped up and she massaged her own pussy. This scene isn't take long, because Paige ordered that everybody will sit on Eva's face after each other. Paige went first and her pale skin touched Eva's jaw.

Her white pussy produced a puddle around them. Paige forbade them to do anything whit each other. Everybody was wet and they barely could hold themselves back.

Nikki secretly sneaked next to Emma and she grabbed her bouncy ass. Nikki took two fingers into Emma's clit.

There was a knock on the door, then another, but they didn't hear it. Paige's screams filled the room. The door opened a little and a familiar head looked in. It was the head of The Billiard Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon's head. She saw the action and she was surprised. She saw that the British diva cumming on someone's face. Paige stood up and she went to take a shower. Eva spread her legs and Steph saw her wet pussy. Nikki Bella was the next, so she sat down reversed and she showed her ass to Stephanie. Steph started getting wet and now she wanted to join them, but she was scared.

She took her fingers inside herself and she moved them deeper. She tried to do it in the same rhythm as Eva so she needed to sped up. After a while nothing happened, she just got tired and she stopped. She had enough and she went in. They still watched the show and they didn't even notice her. She sneaked behind Emma, because she had the most beautiful ass out of them. Steph immediately took two fingers into Emma's pussy and of course Emma surprised. Natalya caught her and she started to undress Steph. Nattie kneeled down behind Stephanie and she pulled her wet panties down. Steph kissed Emma and Natalya joined Stephanie's Kiss My Ass club. The Princess loved Emma's naivete and her perfect ass cheeks.

Natalya haven't seen a wetter girl ever than her Boss.

Stephanie stopped and she went between Eva's legs. She hungrily ate the red headed diva's pussy, who still licked Nikki. Natalya was confused and she went straight behind Emma. She kissed her from behind and she grabbed her cheeks. There is something about Emma's ass, that everybody wanted. Nattie started to massage Emma's boobs and she took her nipples between her index and her thumb fingers. Stephanie stopped what she did and she went after Paige to the shower. She surprised Paige and she kissed her. Paige kissed her back and they made out in the shower.

Nikki with a loud scream exploded on Eva's face and she slowly stood up. Eva was tired and she couldn't stand up. Nikki didn't want a shower, because she hurried. She dressed up and left. Emma and Nattie stopped and they went to Eva, who was passed out. They each grabbed her legs and they kissed them all the way down. Eva didn't take a notice and she still slept. Their saliva flowed down on her legs and when their tongues met with her pussy, they both ate her out hungrily. They licked her in a steady motion and Eva started moaning.

They both inserted one finger and they kissed each other deeply. The girls tasted Eva's juices and they quickly went back to her red clit. Emma had an idea, she started to tongue fuck Eva. Nattie found out what she was doing and she did as well. Eva started to moan louder as her pussy let in two warm tongues. Sometimes, when their tongues met, both moaned.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Paige spread her legs. And Stephanie's head was between them. Her juices flowed all the way down on her chin. And her white, Brit clit made Stephanie grin.

After a rough licking, Paige cummed, and Stephanie sat down next to her. She was still horny, so she went back to the girls. They still did what they did. Steph went to Eva and she sat down on her face. Her hairy pussy tickled her nose, but she didn't care. She had her best sexual experience in her life. Eva was barely in a diva locker room, she always changed her clothes in a hotel next to the Arena. She enjoyed her drops and her aroma, but she couldn't concentrate, cause she was about to cum. The girls did a very good job, Eva squirted on their faces. Her explosion was bigger than ever, Nat and Em fell back by that. Emma laid on top of Nattie and they shared the result.

Stephanie stood up and she went to the blondes. She demanded them to do a licking train. Natalya was the first wagon and she laid down on her back. She spread her legs for Steph, who joined to the wagon. She laid on her belly and she started to tease Nat's pussy. Emma was the next, and she laid down on her back, under Stephanie. Steph slide down and Em could lick her clit. Eva was the last, she collected all of her powers and she laid between Emma's legs. As she joined the 'Train started'. They couldn't lick each other in the same rhythm, but 3 out of the 4 cummed at the same time. Except Eva, because she was the last wagon.

Paige came back from the shower and she started undressing. The rest of them went to take a shower after a long day of work.

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