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PB & J: Another Type Of Sandwich
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the May 12, 2006 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Jillian Hall and her
two new friends, Brian Kendrick and Paul London ambushed the unit of MNM in
the middle of the ring and striped Melina, Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro down
to their underwear. Shortly after making their way to backstage area, London
and Kendrick, both dressed in their long blue and black wrestling shorts,
start laughing very hard at what they did the WWE Tag Team Champions, "Oh
man... that was great!" London laughs as he high-fives his tag team partner.

"Yeah Paul, that was awesome," Kendrick laughs as he looks at Jillian, "And
that was a great idea Jillian, man we really punked them out tonight."

Jillian smiles and nods her head as she places her hands on her slender hips
as she dressed in a white skirt and a white top. Jillian laughs a little "I
knew it would work...Nitro and Mercury, and especially Melina got what they
had coming to them!" Jillian says proudly at the stunt her, Kendrick, and
London pulled on the trio of MNM.

London smiles as he stands on her right side, "Hey if anyone could've thought
up a great plan like that, it's you Jillian."

"Yeah, you're got a great mind for coming up with stuff..." Kendrick adds as
he stands on Jillian's left side, "I mean you got JBL out of that rut he was
in, and that had to take a lot of work."

Jillian nods her head "Exactly...and I did the same for MNM...and the thanks
I got? I was fired!" Jillian shakes her head "Anyway...I know at Judgment Day
you two will beat MNM...and I'll kick that stuck-up bitch, Melina's, ass!"
Jillian says with a confident tone in her voice.

"You're so right about that," Kendrick smiles, "We're going to be the new tag
team champions, and we're going to show the world how under-rated we're all,
c'mon we've beaten MNM like 4 times in a row..."

"That's going to be 5 and 6 times real quick," London replies, "We got a six
person tag with all of us versus them next week remember?"

Jillian nods her head with a smile "That's right and we're going to win that"
Jillian says as she verbally motivates her two new allies. Jillian turns a
bit so she's looking at both Kendrick and London " You know, Brian...Paul...
we make a very good threesome." Jillian adds in a professional meaning of
the word 'threesome'.

Being a bit on the immature side, London and Kendrick are not even close to
keeping a straight face after Jillian said 'threesome'. "Yeah we could make
a really good threesome..." Kendrick laughs a bit.

"We'll blow every other threesome out of the water..." London adds.

Jillian raises her eyebrow a bit as sees the smirks on the faces of Kendrick
and London "Ok...guys...what's with the smiles?" Jillian folds her arms "Was
it something I said?"

"Yeah... kinda..." London says as he starts to laugh so hard he has to wipe
a tear from his eye.

"Yeah... you said we'd make a very good threesome..." Kendrick explains as he
and London try to compose themselves.

Jillian nods a bit "Yeah...I" Jillian then realizes what they're
laughing at as she rolls her eyes " guys..." Jillian shakes her head
with a slight smile as Kendrick, London and Jillian start walking down the

"Man... that was so funny... you just said it with such a straight face..."
Kendrick laughs as he slides a hand through his light brown hair.

London shakes his head as he gets a big smile on his face, "But anyway
Jillian... if you meant we'd make a great three person team, I defiantly
agree with you on that..."

Jillian nods her head "That's what I meant..." Jillian says with a laugh
as the three pass by one of the vacant locker rooms "Did you guys want to
discuss any strategy for next week?"

"That sounds like a great idea..." London nods his head.

"Yeah, we need to be on our toes against them, Melina's pretty good in the
ring..." Kendrick adds as he rubs the back of his head.

"And Nitro and Mercury are going to want a win heading into Judgment Day,"
London replies.

Jillian smiles a bit as she opens the door open to the vacant locker room
"That's why we're going to come up with strategies.." Jillian says as she
holds the door open for London and Kendrick.

Kendrick walks into the locker room first, followed by London to grabs the
door knob from inside the room to hold it open for Jillian. "So Jillian, how
are we gonna work this out... you have all the brains," Kendrick says with a
smile as he sits down on a bench.

Jillian folds her arms once she's inside of the locker room "Well...I think
you two should focus a lot on double team action..."

London closes the locker room door and nods his head as he moves to get in
front of Jillian, "That's our specialty..."

Kendrick smiles, "Yeah, we were trained by Shawn Michaels, he showed us what
we had to do to keep an edge with team work."

Jillian nods and smiles "Great...that's what I always told MNM was
is they need focus with being two on one.." Jillian says as she looks back
and forth between Kendrick and London "Do you have a lot of experience doing
two on one work?"

London starts to laugh a bit but he stays professional, "Yeah we know how to
handle a two on one situation, we can work any one over no matter how big
they are..."

"Or what gender they are," Kendrick smiles and laughs, taking full advantage
of Jillian double-meaning question.

Jillian raises her eyebrow "What was that Brian?"

"Nothing..." Kendrick laughs a bit as he puts his hands behind his head.

London shakes his head, "Oh... Brian meant... we're like experts in two on
one double team action with the ladies outside the ring..."

Jillian raises her eyebrow even more "Really? What kind of ladies do you go
after for double team action?"

Brian shrugs his shoulders as he brings his hands from behind his head and
lays them on the bench, "All kinds really... we're not picky." London nods
his head and folds his arms as he smirks, "Yeah, Shawn said to make sure
every lady remembers ya for something, so we make all the ladies experience
a P and B sandwich combo."

Jillian laughs a little "A P and B sandwich combo...cute.." Jillian nods her
head as she unfolds her arms and places them back on her hips "You know...I
used to be the one to motivate Nitro and Mercury..." Jillian shakes her head
"It wasn't Melina, it was me..."

"Really? That's pretty awesome... I don't think Melina could motivate a
sloth..." Kendrick laughs and slaps his right knee.

London smiles and looks at Jillian, "So, how did you motivate Nitro and
Mercury? Those two are so laid back it's scary..."

Jillian smirks a bit "How do you think I motivated them.." Jillian replies
as she flips her blonde hair back.

"There's only one way I'm thinking..." Kendrick says with a boyish smile on
his youthful face.

London raises his eye brows as he gets a grins mischievously, "Hey Jillian...
since... MNM kinda sorta you know... kicked ya to side after you them back on
top..." London trails off a bit as he sees her looking at him directly.

Jillian laughs a little "You to motivate you two, huh?" Jillian
says as she folds her arms once again.

London nods, "Yeah... if you want too... I mean we're all ready a bit
motivated to beat them for the tag titles... but we could go all out to get
you some payback too," He replies as he slides a hand through his black hair.

Jillian smirks as she nods her head slowly "Ok...ok...I'll motivate you
two...but first.."

London and Kendrick broth get a bit of confused looks on their face. "But
first what?" Kendrick asks as he stands up from the bench he's sitting on.

Jillian licks her lips slightly as her eyes lowers to the area of London and
Kendrick's crotches "I...want to see what I have to work with..."

London and Kendrick exchanges looks before they look back at Jillian, "You
want to see what we got? Then you got it..." London replies as he and his
tag team partner start to lower their blue and black wrestling shorts down
their legs, plus the boxer-briefs they have underneath. Once they step out
of their clothing, they remove their wrestling boots as quickly as they can
before standing up straight to show Jillian what she has to work with.
London places his hands on his hips as he shows Jillian his thick nine-inch
long shaft, while Kendrick is packing a pretty fat eight-inch dick.

Jillian licks her lips with a smile "Mmmm...I think I like what I have to
work with..." She says as she steps towards London and Kendrick, lowering
herself down onto her knees a short distance away from her two new allies.
Jillian flips her blonde hair back as she sits on her knees and motions of
Kendrick and London to approach her.

"Man I'm already feeling motivated..." Kendrick laughs as he walks towards
Jillian and stands towards her right hand side.

London nods his head in agreement as he approaches Jillian to stands to
the left, as something pops into his head, "Hey Jillian, that's a pretty
expensive top... shouldn't you like, take it off so it doesn't get ruined
or something?"

Jillian smiles and nods her head "You're right...but I think you two should
take if off of me..." Jillian says with a wink as she looks at London.

"That sounds good to me..." Kendrick smiles as he and London bend over to
grab hold of the smooth material of Jillian's white top. The Number One
contenders do the WWE Tag Team Titles slowly lift up her top, and when
Jillian raises her arms up, London and Kendrick pull her top up her arms
to slip it off her body completely.

London takes the top into his hands to examine it a bit and when he sees
the label he laughs, "Damn it's a good thing we did take this off of you
Jillian... this probably cost you like $500..."

Jillian smiles "Only the best for me..." Jillian says as she leans forward
and takes Kendrick's cock into her right hand, while taking London's cock
into her left hand. The former Image Consultant of JBL begins to guide her
both of smooth hands up and down against the shafts of London and Kendrick.
Jillian licks her lips as she strokes their two pieces of thick meat.

Kendrick licks his lips and moans a bit as Jillian's right hand travels
along the length of his fat cock, "Ohhh I say... you got a real hand on the
situation here..." He says with a laugh as he looks down at Jillian's rather
large round tits and like his long time friend, Kendrick is surprised that
Jillian wasn't wearing a bra. Jillian smiles up at London and Kendrick as
she gently pulls both of their cocks closer to her face as she continues to
stroke their two cocks. Jillian leans her head into London's cock and flicks
her tongue against London's cock, before turning to Kendrick and doing the
same to his cock, while stroking both of their cocks at a quicker rate.

London licks his lips and lets out soft moans as Jillian works over his cock
at the same time she handles Kendrick. Seeing how she's turning her head back
and forth to lick her tongue against their dicks, London gets an idea, "Hey
Jillian... are you... really interested in 2 on 1 action?"

Jillian shrugs her shoulders and smiles "Sure...why not.." Jillian replies
before she opens her mouth and gently takes the head of Kendrick's cock in
her warm mouth, she wraps her lips around the head of Kendrick's cock and
begins to gently bob her head on his cock.

"Well... how about... you suck us both at the same time..." London grins as
he flips Jillian's blond hair back so it's not hanging over her face.

After hearing London's suggestion, Kendrick gets a wide smile on his face,
"Yeah Jillian, that'll be freaking awesome if you tried that."

Jillian slowly lifts her head up from Kendrick's cock and gently flicks her
tongue against the head of his cock a few times once again, before smiles
up at London and Kendrick "Ok...I'll open wide..." Jillian says with a soft
laugh, before she tilts her head back slightly and opens her hot mouth as
wide as she can.

"All right... now let's just free ourselves..." Kendrick says as he and
London peel Jillian's hands from their cocks.

"And then let's slide ourselves on in..." London adds as they both press
their cocks together as they move them towards and into Jillian's mouth.
Taking extra care to make sure Jillian gets a mouthful, London slides his
cock in a bit more than Kendrick, and within a few moments, Jillian has
almost half of each man's dick past her lips. Jillian's soft lips press
against both London and Kendrick's cocks as her two new allies begin to
slowly and gently thrust their cocks into Jillian's warm mouth. Jillian
moans softly as she starts to lap and lash her tongue against both cocks
as they thrust into her mouth.

"Mmmmm damn... I was right... this did turn out awesome..." Kendrick moans
as he places a hand on Jillian's head as he slowly moves his hips back and
forth to thrust his cock in sequence with London. London doesn't say anything
but he does moan as he focuses on Jillian, making sure that he and Kendrick
don't stretch her mouth too much with the combine girth of their cocks.
Jillian flicks her tongue back and forth between the heads of Kendrick and
London's cock as she starts to slowly move her cock-filled mouth along both
of their dicks. Jillian manages to tighten her lips around their cocks a bit
as they start to simultaneously thrust their cocks deeper into Jillian's wet

Kendrick then slowly starts to pull his cock out of Jillian's mouth, "Hey
Paul... let's show her some real team work..." he says with a grin as he
starts to lay down on the cold floor of the locker room.

London moans as Jillian closes her lips around his cock and bobs her head on
it. "That sounds good to me... what about you Jill?" He asks as he starts to
pull his own cock out of Jillian's warm mouth.

Jillian lifts her head away from his cock, causing some of her saliva to
drip out of her mouth. Jillian smiles "That sounds like fun to me..." Jillian
looks over on Kendrick "You want me on top?"

Kendrick nods his head and smiles, "Yeah... that'll be sweet... oh shit...
but your skirt is still on..." He says with a smile.

"It won't be for long..." London says as helps Jillian stand up for a moment
as Kendrick sits up and tugs her white skirt down her smooth legs. London
sees the red panties Jillian has on and he lowers them down her legs so she
can step out of them and her skirt that are at her feet.

Jillian steps out of her red panties and white skirt all at once, showing of
her clean and smooth shaven, glorious pussy. Jillian smiles as she moves over
to Kendrick and pushes him gently down, making him lay completely on his back
with the use of her soft hands against his chest. Jillian flips her blonde
hair back as she mounts herself on top of his cock "Mmmmmm...ohhh..." Jillian
moans as she gently comes down in his cock, taking him inside of her pussy.
Jillian plants her hands firmly on his chest and begins to gently rock back
and then forward on his cock.

Kendrick licks his lips and groans in pleasure as he feels Jillian's pussy
tighten around his shaft with every movement she makes. "Ahhhh... wow....
what... a... pussy...." He moans as he lays his hands on top of Jillian's

London smirks a bit as he kneels behind Jillian and places a hand on her
shoulder, "You might want to lean forward some..." He says with a playful
tone as he pushes Jillian forward so her ass sticks up as he rocks on
Kendrick's dick. Using his right hand to spread Jillian's ass open, London
slowly and firmly pushes his thick shaft into her anal cavity, and he
groans as he can feel Jillian's asshole stretch to accept his throbbing

Jillian grits her teeth gently as she feels London's cock penetrate her tight
asshole "Ohhhh god..." Jillian's groans as she gently digs her nails into
Kendrick's chest as she continues to rock and bounce on his cock, however now
with force having London thrusting into her tight asshole, makes her bounce
higher and rock faster.

"Awww shit... man... I think she's done this before..." Kendrick moans as he
starts to buck his hips to thrust his cock upward into Jillian's pussy as she
comes slamming down onto his dick.

London wraps his arms around Jillian's body and places them on top of
Jillian's large breasts as they start to bounce up and down when Jillian
pushes back against him. "Yeah... damn... Jillian... you... got an awesome...
fantastic... ass..." London grunts as he drills her ass with sharp swift

"Ohhhh...awww...yesss..." Jillian moans as her body is sandwiched and
rocking in between the bodies of London and Kendrick. Jillian bounces quickly
on Kendrick's cock as she slams back against London's cock "Ohhhh mmmm...
fuck..." Jillian groans.

As he pumps up Jillian's ass with his cock, London gets an idea and pulls his
cock out of Jillian's butt. "Jill... let's crank it up some..." He says with
a smirk as he taps her ass with his dick before he lies down on the ground.

Kendrick looks at his tag team partner as Jillian bounces on his own dick,
"Whatcha got in mind Paul?"

London smirks at Kendrick and grins, "Some double team action in her sweet

Jillian licks her lips and smiles "Mmmm...I can't wait.." Jillian says with
a laugh as she slows down on Kendrick's cock, until she comes to a stop.
Jillian lifts herself off of Kendrick's cock and positions herself to where
she's standing above London with her back to him. Jillian slowly comes down
and mounts herself on top of his cock. She reaches behind her and places her
hands on London's muscular chest and starts to grind her pussy against his
cock as he thrusts up into her sweet, tight pussy.

London puts his hands on Jillian's asscheeks instead of her hips to push her
upward slightly every time he thrusts up into her pussy. Kendrick gets to
his knees and moves in front of Jillian. "Just relax... you're gonna love
this..." Kendrick smiles as he places his right hand on top of Jillian's
shoulder as it to hold her still so he can lead his fat cock towards and into
Jillian's stuffed pussy.

Jillian tilts her head back, making her long blonde hair smack London in the
face as she grits her teeth "Mmmm...fuck..." Jillian groans once Kendrick's
cock is completely inserted into his cock. Jillian starts to bounce on
London's cock and then slammed against Kendrick's cock as her two new allies
start alternating thrusts as they fuck the beautiful blonde.

"Mmmm damn..." London groans as he thrusts his cock up into Jillian's pussy
and his dick grinds against Kendrick's as he plows his into her. Kendrick
lowers his head downward enough so he can flick his tongue against the
hard erect nipples of Jillian's tits as she grinds slams her pussy down on
London's cock and grinds it against London's at almost the same time.

Jillian closes her eyes as she slams down hard on London's cock and then is
thrusted quickly into Kendrick's cock "Ohhhh mmm...fuck...yess.." Jillian
groans as she starts to push back against Kendrick's cock on her accord.

"Fuck... hey... Paul... lets.... get horizontal..." Kendrick grunts as sweat
drips off of his youthful face.

"Sounds... like a plan Bri..." London says in between his own moans and heavy
breathing. Without either one pulling their cocks out of Jillian's pussy, the
young tag team specialists roll to the left so that they and Jillian are on
their sides. London lifts up Jillian's right leg and angles it so that it's
bent over Kendrick's left leg, making it easier for them to continue double
fucking her pussy.

Jillian grits her teeth as her large chest is pressed against Kendrick's
chest as she feels both his and London's cocks powerfully and quickly
thrusting her tight, sweet pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm...I love being sandwiched!"
Jillian moans as she does her best to thrust herself down against their
cocks, over with being on her side, it's quite difficult for the former
Fixer to MNM and Image Consultant to JBL.

"And... we... love... sandwiching... hot chicks..." London grunts as he
presses his sweaty chest against Jillian's back, slightly squashing the hot
Image Consultant against Kendrick. The two cruiserweights continue to pound
Jillian's tight pussy with well-timed thrusts.

Kendrick, licks his lips as another thought pops into his brain, "Hey
Paul.... you know... since... we're horizontal... you know... we gotta..."

London laughs, knowing what his best friend has in mind, "Yeah... let's get
vertical..." He says, cutting Kendrick off as he pulls out of Jillian's

Jillian laughs a little as she looks back at London with sweat dripping down
her face as he gently thrusts his cock into her pussy "Vertical?"

Kendrick laughs, "Yeah... Vertical..." He says as he pulls out of Jillian's
pussy and gets up to his feet. London and Kendrick then smirk at each other
before they do a quick game of rock paper scissors, which Kendrick loses,
but he smiles, "Well looks like I get her ass..."

"Yeah you do buddy boy..." London laughs, as they two sweaty young studs bend
down to take Jillian's hands to help her stand up.

"I will..." Kendrick raises his hand and laughs a bit as he turns Jillian
around so that she's facing London. Wrapping his arms around her waist,
Kendrick hoists her up high enough for London to help push her up higher.

London licks his lips as Jillian spreads her legs enough for him to step
between them and shove his cock into her pussy. Once his cock is inside,
London takes hold of Jillian's body as Kendrick pushes her towards him.
"Damn... this is hot..." London says to Jillian as Kendrick bends his own
knees a bit so he can slip his dick up into Jillian's tight asshole.

Jillian grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth legs tightly around London's
waist as starts to bounce quickly on the cock in her ass and the cock in her
pussy, slamming down equally hard "Ohhhh fuck!"

London and Kendrick wraps their arms tightly around Jillian's smoking hot
body as they thrust their hard fat cocks in and out of her pussy and ass
respectively. "Ahhhh uhhh God... fuck yes..." Kendrick licks his lips as he
and London lift Jillian up and down.

Jillian tilts her head back and groans as she slams down on London's cock
and then slamming down on Kendrick's cock, just moments apart from contact.
Jillian's skin smacks against London and Kendrick's skin as she feels a
climax building in her pussy "Mmmm...ohhh...I'm gonna...cum..." Jillian

"You're... not... the only one..." London moans as he grinds his teeth
together. He closes his eyes tightly and tilts his head back as he starts
to unleash his cum inside of Jillian's pussy.

Kendrick feels his body tighten as he suddenly starts to fill up Jillian's
ass with his hot spunk, "Ohhh... shit..." He says as he feels his knees
buckle as he cums and he falls towards the ground, pulling Jillian and even
London down with him, which causes London's cock to thrust sharply into
Jillian's pussy to send her over the edge.

Jillian arches her body back as she cums hard against London's cock that
remains in her now soaking wet pussy "Ohhhhhh....mmm..." Jillian moans as
drips of sweat.

As Jillian cums on London's cock, all three have landing perfectly on their
sides, with Kendrick and London's dicks still inside of Jillian's ass and
pussy. Kendrick is breathing heavily as he closes his eyes and rests his
head down on the floor, "Fuck... now... that... was... wild..."

Jillian smiles and closes her eyes a bit "Mmmm...I just love being

London smiles and closes his eyes as well, "I think... we gave... new
meaning... to a P B and J..."

Jillian laughs as she tilts her head back against Kendrick's chest "Yeah...
except we're the better kind of sandwich.."


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