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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: John Cena (WWE), Lucy Pinder (UK glamour model)

Page 3 Meets WWE - Lucy And The Champ
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Birmingham, England. April of 2005. As the taping of WWE Smackdown in the UK approaches the main event of the night, the current WWE Champion, the handsome and muscular John Cena, is heading back towards his locker room having earlier in the night successfully defeated former rival Rene Dupree in a match.

As he heads along, clad in the same trademark shorts he was competing in earlier on that show off his ripped, muscular upper body, and with his title proudly resting on his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye he spots something that makes him stop and turn. What appears to be the WWE Tag Team Champions of the duo known as MNM are making a hasty exit, but more surprising to him is what looks to be a stunning and curvaceous blonde leaving with them that he doesn't recognize.

"Man, Melina is gonna be pissed... Well, more pissed than she usually is, if she finds out those guys have picked up a hottie to take back to the hotel." Cena says to himself, watching the group leave. "With Rey and Paul leaving with that hot dark haired woman earlier, it must be take a hottie home night in Brimingham!" He chuckles to himself before he turns to continue on.

Only a step later and he bumps into an extremely pleasant sight indeed in the form of another one of the Daily Star Page 3 girls who had taken part in a recorded segment to air on Smackdown, one of the UK's rising glamour model stars and a woman who would become over the years the most successful glamour model in British history - Lucy Pinder. The gorgeous brunette is dressed like her fellow Page 3 girls have been in short white shorts that hug to her nicely rounded ass, and a truly eye-catching sight of a very tight white top with the Daily Star tabloid logo on the front that strains against her massive, round breasts.

"Oh goodness! Sorry about that!" Lucy quickly apologises as she takes a step back, caught off guard both by the bumping and the sight of the muscular, half naked stud in front of her.

"Hey, relax! Around here, happens more times than you'd imagine." John says with a reassuring smile before he offers a hand. "John Cena, WWE Champion."

"Lucy. Lucy Pinder." Pinder smiles back, relieved as she shakes the hand. "I'm with the rest of the Daily Star Page 3 girls, if I can bloody find them. We taped a video segment earlier for this show for... William Regal I think his name is?"

"Oh yeah, that's definitely the guy." Cena says, taking a brief look over her. "Page 3 huh? Sounds pretty important... Are pages one, two, and the rest not important enough for you?" He playfully teases the busty brunette.

"Well, for the male readers it is." She smirks. "Considering it's on Page 3 where women like me pose topless! Well, at least, I would if I actually did Page 3. I'm more of a model for the centerfold I guess you'd call it in America?" She laughs a little.

"So... A Page 3 Girl, who isn't a Page 3 girl?" John smirks. "Personally I'm not about being something I'm not, but seeing how you look right now? I think you can make any page work just fine." He says with a flirty tone.

"Well, I'm still kind of new to glamour modeling, but I know one day I'll more than happily pose topless." Lucy states, taking a moment to check out the stud in front of her. "You're the Champion around here then? Since I'm a guest here tonight at your show... Maybe you can show me what the WWE is all about, and why it's all so special?"

"Show you? Lucy, I can do you one better. My locker room is just down the hallway and there's a saying I love to use around here - If you Want Some, then Come Get Some. I'll show you exactly what being the WWE Champion is all about."

Glancing to the side, she bites her bottom lip for a moment, mulling over the offer. "I should be trying to find the other girls... But goodness knows where they went to..." Looking back, she gives him a nod and a smile. "You know what John? If you're offering, then I bloody do "want some"..." She says, taking another approving look over him.

* * *

Moments later in his private locker room, the handsome WWE Champion is kneeling between the spread legs of the gorgeous and now bottomless Lucy Pinder, who lets out a groan as John Cena runs his tongue along the outside of her neatly trimmed pussy, a sly smirk on his face as he works over the outer folds of her snatch.

"Mmmm... I always said I wanted to eat something over here... Pretty sure this will beat fish and chips..." John jokes as he slowly and steadily runs his tongue around her snatch in a clockwise motion, looking up and seeing her watching intently with a groan, now just dressed in that tight white top that's stretching against those magnificent breasts, starting to eat her out as her moves along and briefly touches the outer folds of her snatch.

"Mmmm! Oh fuck! Mmmm..." The stunning glamour model moans as she relaxes back into the luxury couch of the locker room, running her hands along her own thighs as she feels the tongue of the WWE Superstar runs his tongue just against her snatch in a slightly teasing, but obviously experienced manner that's already making her wet just moments after getting started.

"Mmmm... Ahhhh... Ooooooh John! Mmmm..." She groans as she gazes down to see brief glimpses of his tongue as he licks away around her pussy, making her lick her own lips as the effects of his initial oral action are clear as the clear outline of her hard nipples of her huge breasts can be seen from her already straining top, but when he finally moves his tongue properly onto her tight looking snatch to make her noticeably moan out.

"Mmmm... Mmmmmph..." The reigning WWE Champion smirks into the pussy he's eating out again, hearing her erotic moans that are encouraging him to give her the kind of treatment it seems she's not used to, flicking his hungry tongue against her nicely damp folds and keeping his mouth close to her twat as he grips her tanned thighs.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmm..." Cena moans a little himself, a tent pitched in his own shorts as gets turned on by orally pleasuring the beautiful and busty model, slightly tilting his head back and forth as he slides his tongue around her sweet pussy, glancing up and seeing the mixed look of pleasure and surprise at skill, further making the hunk smile to himself at her approval.

"Mmmm! Oh fuck John! You know... Mmmm... How to treat a guest right..." The British babe moans as she bites down on her bottom lip, slightly rocking her hips forward towards the American hunk's face as she feels that tongue working over her pussy at a controlled, savouring pace, unable to help herself as she places a hand onto the back of his head.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Most bloody men just start off... Mmmm... Sucking my tits for ages... Ahhhhh!" The woman who would go on to be known as the UK's most successful glamour models moans again as the wrestler who would go on to be one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time laps away at her now slick hole, his talented tongue slipping in further inside to keep her moaning out.

"Mmmm... I'm not the guy to boast, but I like to think I'm not like other men." The former United States Champion says with another smirk before he dives back in, placing his lips onto her damp lower ones as he now sucks on her snatch, causing her to groan and arch off the couch slightly as he gets back into eating the stunning model out in his own locker room.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmph..." Slurping on that wet and tasty pussy, his mouth, lips and chin are getting a little stained with her juices as he drinks them down, working his tongue far into and around her at a steady pace, feeling her grind that snatch into his rugged facial features to make it further clear how much she's loving this oral treatment.

"MMMM! Ohhhhh John! I wish every bloke... Ahhhh! Could go down on me like this..." Lucy groans with a slightly dazed smile from how great her pussy had been eaten as he moves back to stand up. "You've bloody earned a go on my tits now!" She says with a sexy smile, pulling her top up and over her head as her fantastic, round and juicy breasts bounce free before she sits back.

"That sounds like great British hospitality... But I've got an idea we're both going to like..." John chuckles as he reaches down, undoing his shorts to let them drop to the floor and reveal the mouth-watering sight of his long and thick cock complete with a set of heavy, balls.

"Holy shit!!" Pinder exclaims in a priceless look with wide eyes and an open mouth, staring at his big dick that's obviously the biggest she's ever seen. "That's... That's fucking huge!!"

"You Brits have a fine way of giving compliments..." Cena smirks as he moves back in, lining his cock up with her wet snatch as he penetrates with a firm thrust.

"MMMM!! Oooooooooh FUCK!!" The Winchester, Hampshire born stunner gasps, still with that look of shot on her pretty face as that lengthy tool enters, feeling her tight snatch clamping around the invasion to make this both the biggest cock she's ever seen and ever taken, proven by how snug her twat is as she still can't take her eyes away from between her legs at the dick being lodged right into her.

"MMMM... Ahhhhh!! Oh fuck!! That's... That's so fucking big!" She groans as he begins to thrust that meaty pole back and forth into her snatch, quickly breaking into a firm rhythm as it appears he's getting used to the tight feeling all around his cock as the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud pumps forward into the busty brunette to already make her arch noticeably off from the couch she's getting fucked on.

"Mmmm... It's a pretty tight fight... Ahhhh... At my end..." The current WWE Champion admits with a moan, not alone in feeling exactly how snug that nicely wet snatch feels but like a seasoned pro he's keeping control, using a series of long strokes to send his member into the beautiful model's pussy to make sure she gets used to such a vast size going deep into her.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... But I'm always up for a challenge..." He adds with another moan, giving a testing stiff thrust to see if she can handle it, and hearing her moan out and lock eyes with him makes him smile handsomely, taking the hint to deliver another, and another, and rewarding himself in the process as his dick gradually works further into that hot snatch with each one of those firm pumps.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes John! Ahhhhh! More!!" The gorgeous babe who would be voted the Daily Star's Favorite Page 3 Girl of All Time moans out again, desire in her eyes as she grips onto the arms of the muscular hunk in front of her, and to her moaning delight gets exactly what she wants in the form of several more stiff and swift thrusts to send that fat shaft deep into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck! That's bloody amazing! Oh shiiiiiiit MMMM!!" She groans again as the stud who would go on to hold the WWE title many more times shows more of his sexual ability as he uses a perfectly paced and forceful motion to send his dick in and out of that tight, wet snatch, making her tanned body bounce on the couch so her incredibly large and perfectly rounded tits jiggle in time with the rest of her desirable frame.

"Ahhhh... You ain't so bad yourself... Mmmm!!" The muscular hunk states as he shifts himself to lean forward and over her, now plunging his hard rod right up into her tightness, causing him to groan out every time he slides his prick in and out of her wet hole, still feeling her walls wrapped around his manhood as he keeps himself stuffed deep to the point that his balls are smacking into her skin when he drives in.

"Mmmmm... Awwwwww fuck!! MMMM... Most Divas around here... Take a little longer to be able to take... Ahhhh!! All of me in..." The WWE Superstar groans out as he keeps up this steadily but forceful thrusting pace, going in balls deep into her snug, wet snatch when he thrusts forward and makes her jolt back as she moans away, and even for a humble but handsome man like he is, he can't help but take a long look at those luscious, huge breasts of the gorgeous Page 3 babe as they bounce away in front of him.

"MMMM... Guess that means... Ahhhhh! I'm not like other women..." Pinder states with a moan and a smile, catching him unawares as he stares at her large tits to press her full lips against his, tasting a little of her own snatch off of them as they start to make out, moaning into each other's mouths as he takes all of his inches deep into her snatch over and over again.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm!! MMMM..." Their tongues slap against each other as spit gets swapped along with muffled moans of pleasure, and her massive chest continues to jiggle sexily from the rocking motion she's being made to do every time the curvaceous Englishwoman takes another pump from that fat and long American cock.

Pulling back from the kiss, he smirks back at her as he eases his dick out of her pussy with a groan. "Like I said Lucy, you'd fit right in with the Divas around here..." Cena says as he moves now to take a seat on the couch of his locker room.

"I bet you bloody say that to all the women you invite back here!" Lucy says with a laugh as she takes the opportunity to swing a leg over and straddle his muscular waist.

"Well usually it's just Divas who stop by..." John starts to respond, cut off by a moan as he feels her reaching back to take his dick back into her pussy. "Mmmm... But the WWE Divas are known for being a lot more physical... And I don't just mean in the ring."

"Mmmmm!! Fuck... That sounds like you're making a challenge to me now..." Pinder grins back, again using his words against him as she grinds her snatch down onto him for a moment before taking a hold of his shoulders and starting to bounce on his dick.

"Mmmm! A little trash talking in the sack... Ahhhhh! Never hurt me before..." The reigning WWE Champion states with a moan, holding the stunning Page 3 girl by her toned waist as she gets right to work riding his massive dick, dropping her body down with a loud slap onto his chiseled frame as her thick ass cheeks smack into him before she smoothly lifts herself up to repeat the action.

"MMMM! Ahhhhh... Maybe I just wanted to see... Mmmm!! What you could really do..." He groans out, mesmerized by the sight of those fantastic, large breasts of hers bouncing in time with the motion of her sexy body, making him lick his lips as his eyes move up and down in time with her motion, adding to the pleasure of his dick being stuffed right up into that still tight and sensually wet pussy.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! AHHHHH... MMMM... Oh yes John!!" The beauty who has become a sex icon already in just the couple of years of being a professional glamour model shamelessly moans out, tossing her long brunette hair back as she briskly bounces her body on the thick, rock hard shaft of the stud she's on top off.

"Ahhhhh!! You're so fucking big!! MMMM... Oooooh, and you can... Mmmmm... You can last..." She only lifts herself up to about the half-way mark on that lengthy pole, and then sharply rocks back until her crotch connects with the bass of his rod to make the erotic smack of flesh hitting tanned flesh ring out around the locker room they've been fucking in despite having only met about half an hour ago.

"Ahhhhh! Ask around Lucy... MMMM... I ain't no damn minute man..." The sports entertainer smirks with a groan as he slides his hands up onto those big, tempting tits to squeeze them, causing her to further moan out as she swiftly rides his cock and he gets to marvel at the sight of his fingers easily digging into the vast flesh of those perfect, Page 3 quality breasts.

"MMMM!! Awwwwww... Mmmmm shit!! You got some fucking skill yourself..." He happily admits, letting out another moan as he gropes and feels up perhaps the greatest pair of breasts to ever grace UK Lad's Mags, while she continues to skillfully bounce away on the still rock hard dick of the stud who would go on to have one of the most accomplished careers in WWE history, and both of them moaning loudly with delight each time she moves up or down on that meaty length.

"Ooooooooh!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH!! Holy fuuuuuuuuuck!!" The big-breasted English beauty groans out, sweat forming across her already stunning facial features as she keeps up this swift and steady bouncing pace on the long and fat American cock lodged deep inside her snug and soaking wet snatch, showing she's not just able to look sexy but able to bring it, especially with a huge cock like this.

"MMMM... OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! You bloody love those... AHHHHH... Big tits of mine, don't you?" The woman who would star in the UK version of Celebity Big Brother in 2009 is able to groan out, placing her hands on top of his to aid him in squeezing those fantastic, rounded boobs while she manages to keep on riding the future movie star with brisk and forceful motions, taking him in balls deep each time she sharply drops down into his crotch.

"MMMM... From what you've told me about your line of work... Ahhhhh... I'm not the only one who loves them..." The current WWE Champion smirks with a moan, more than happy to sit back and let her have a turn in the driver's seat, while he feels those tight walls still clamped around his dick as her snatch raises and lowers with speed time and time again, and allowing him to focus on feeling up her incredible breasts that still bounce away even within his grip.

"Awwwww SHIT!! Mmmmm!! And that's no damn bad thing either... MMMM!!" He grunts out as the drop-dead gorgeous model rides his shaft with the sort of skill expected more from professional porn sluts, but it only further shows that the beauty who would become also known for her topless photoshoots doesn't just know that sex sells, she clearly practices it, and that's to both of their moaning pleasure as she gives a couple more balls deep bounces onto his dick.

"MMMM... Too bloody right it's a good thing!" Lucy states with a lick of her lips, coming to a stop before she lifts herself up and off with a groan. "So, now you ready to see if you can handle my tits yet?"

"Again, really tempting Lucy... But how about you get yours before I get mine?" John says with a smile, moving up to his feet and then positioning her to rest on her knees on the couch, her shapely backside pointing out towards him.

"Wow... A bloke who actually wants to make me cum, and says no to my tits?" Pinder can't help but grin herself as she looks back over her shoulder at him. "Please tell me you're bloody single!"

"Ah... That's a little, what's the word? Complicated?" Cena says, perhaps foreboding to his future relationships, but for now he's focusing on the stunner in front of him as he moves up close and presses the head of his shaft into her snatch. "But let me show you why around here... Ahhhh... I say that The Champ is Here!"

"OH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMM!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH..." The beautiful Page 3 girl yells out her moan as the stud behind her wastes no time in driving his thick cock hard into her snatch, making her frame rock back and forth as she has to grip the back of the couch they've been fucking on for support, already feeling her snatch getting filled up with his cock once again.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! YES JOHN!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMM..." Tossing her long brunette hair back, she bites her bottom lip again as she takes this balls deep thrusting into her still pleasurably tight but now soaking wet twat, resulting in an effortlessly smooth in and out motion for him, and making her keep on moaning away as sweat continues to form over her stunning, curvy frame.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMM... Yeah... You take damn better... AHHHHH... Than some Divas around here can..." The current WWE Champion groans as he watches her nicely rounded ass smack off of his muscular waist when he drives forward into her with a deep pump, in turn making her rock forward so when she comes back he's there with yet another stiff to say the least thrust to make the stunning model continue to loudly from the effects of his top notch pounding.

"MMMM... Awwwwww FUCK!! MMMM... Yeah, take all that fucking cock..." He's able to grunt out, starting to sweat now himself but not planning on relenting for a moment as he works his meaty rod in and out of her dripping wet and nicely snug snatch, giving the gorgeous English beauty the kind of treatment she deserves as he sends every thick inch of his American cock deep into her pussy each time he rams forward to fill her up unlike anything she's ever felt before.

"MMMMM YESSSSSS!! UHHHHH!! Fucking fill me up!! AHHHH!! Don't bloody stop John!!" Shameless, needy begging escapes along with moans from the woman who would go on to be a glamour modeling icon in the UK, but for now is looking more like a horny slut as she rocks back and forth against the hard and fast pounding from behind from the WWE Superstar who would become one of the most decorated champions in history.

"AHHHH... MMMMM!! Oh fuck!! MMMMM FUCK!! UHHHHH..." Her hands grip and dig into the couch she's getting banged on as her shapely backside continues to slap back against the hunk taking her from behind, making the ringing sound of skin meeting sweating and tanned skin ring out around this locker room, as her large, magnificent tits sway back and forth from the jolting way she's moving against those stiff pumps into her snatch.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Hot body, hot tits... AHHHHH!! MMMM... And a real nice ass... AHHHHH..." Cena comments in between groans of his own as he keeps on delivering thrust after hard and quick balls deep thrust straight into the busty babe up almost on her hands and knees on the seating in front of him, feeling no sting at all from his muscular midsection colliding with her sexy ass each time he pumps forward to fully stuff himself into that fantastic feeling twat of hers.

"MMMMMM FUCK!! You'd be a damn shoe in... AHHHHH... To be a WWE Diva..." He's able to smirk before he moans, taking a long look over the now sweat soaked and stunning UK model that's being bounced along his length thanks to how powerful his thrusting motion is but since it's just helping him to stay lodged deep within her hot and nicely tight box he's not planning on letting up just yet.

It's perhaps just as well, as having never experienced sex quite as intense as this, let alone with a piece of man meat as long and fat as his, it all becomes too much even for an expert at knowing how to turn men on as she would become to be known as.

"OH FUCK! OH YES JOHN! YES!! AHHHHH MMMMMM!!! OH FUUUUUUUUCK AHHHHHH!!" With another loud, erotic yell, Lucy Pinder starts to cum hard all over this pistoning cock of John Cena as her large tits swing away and juices flow out of her now more than simply well fucked snatch to further drench that big dick that continues to keep on thrusting deep into her, working to make her feel every moment of a sexual high she's likely to never forget.

"MMMMM!! AHHHHHH... Oooooooooh FUCK... MMMMM... Bloody Hell!! AHHHHHH..." She groans and gasps, sweat dripping from her nose as she hangs her head down, grunting with each thrust that makes her body rock forward as she starts to come down from that sexual peak, a lick of her lips showing she loved every moment of it and is still made to moan as the stud behind her eases off to deliver a couple more pumps for good measure.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! Mmmmm!!" Cena groans as he pulls his cock out from her dripping wet hole, seeing himself unsurprising pulsing now after such an intense fucking session with a beauty he'd only just met an hour ago. "So... You still up for letting me have some fun with those tits?" He asks with a handsome smile.

Turning herself around and tossing her sweat-soaked hair back, she smirks at him and answers first by slipping down to her knees in front of him. "You've more than bloody earned this!" Lucy grins as she takes a hold of her chest. "You'd better blow all over them too!"

"MMMM!! I think... AHHHHH... I can do that..." The current WWE Champion moans the moment she captures his throbbing cock between her fantastic, large tits, his member almost vanishing between her massive mounds but as he quickly starts to fuck her breasts the head of his cock appears from up between them before soon disappearing back down as he doesn't hold back with a swift and stiff pumping motion.

"MMMM... AWWWWW SHIT!! Mmmm... Holy fuck Lucy!! Those tits feel... MMMM... So fucking good!!" The West Newbury, Massachusetts stud groans out, loving the feeling of the soft and more than ample flesh all around his cock that's coated with her pussy fluids, meaning along with the sweat all over those large English breasts he can pump up and down into her rack with as smooth a motion as he was using to make her orgasm moments before.

"Mmmm... I've been told that before..." The gorgeous woman who would go on to become the UK's most successful glamour model says with a sly smirk, gazing up at the sweating, groaning WWE Superstar whose cock is rapidly pumping back and forth into her cleavage as she keeps her magnificently large and perfectly rounded breasts tightly presses against and around that thick piece of man meat.

"But never by someone who can shag as good as you can." She adds, glancing down so she can spit onto the head of his member when it pops up, making him groan again as he feverishly fucks those big boobs with rapid fire pumps, causing her to groan from the sinful sensation of that long cock sliding up and down in between her own breasts as she pushes them up and against that thrusting rod that minutes ago had been balls deep in her snatch and making her cum.

"MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK... MMMM... Thanks Lucy..."The hunk who would go on to hold the WWE title he currently holds several more times is only half listening as he stares down at the set of breasts that would become the most legendary in British glamour modeling history, moaning at the sensations of all that soft and luscious tit flesh around his throbbing tool as he briskly fucks her breasts.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM SHIT!! Here it comes Lucy!! AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMM..." Cena's able to warn, delivering a couple more thrusts before she quickly releases his dick from between her boobs, sitting up straight and then cupping her breasts in order to push them up and together to offer an unmissable target for the handsome wrestler who had made her cum hard what already feels like a lifetime ago.

No sooner does his hand grip that pulsating length and start to stroke than the first thick blast of spunk shoots outs as John Cena starts to blow his load across the massive breasts of Lucy Pinder, making her grin as she watches the hot streams of jizz land onto both of her large tits as she keeps them up and together, resulting in one shot landing down to disappear into her cleavage.

"Mmmmm... Fuck, that feels good..." She admits, watching as both of her breasts get a more than decent amount of his cum, the swift jerking off not stopping even the large bursts end and it's just the last few drops being eased out and down onto her tanned, rounded, and big tits to give them and her the kind of covering they truly deserve, and from the approving smirk on her pretty face she loves every moment of getting her chest coated.

"Looks like someone was really bloody wanting to get off!" Lucy exclaims with a laugh, using her hands to scoop up some of the cum from her tits so she can lick it clean, moaning at the taste. "Doesn't half taste good as well! You should have let me blow you first!" She says as she gets up to her feet.

"Well, if you feel like going for another round, I can make a call and get us to my hotel room in a couple minutes." John boldly offers with a smile.

"This still not enough for you?" Pinder smirks, motioning to her jizz-covered tits.

"Nope! And from the way you're looking at my cock, I think you feel the same way..." Cena states, catching her openly checking him out again.

"Hmmm... As tempting as that sounds, I really have to go check on the other Page 3 girls that are here tonight."Pinder sighs, obviously showing what she would rather be doing instead. "Michelle, Sophie, and that new girl they placed us with must be around here somewhere."

A thought strikes, making John glance to the door to his locker room before back to her. "Say, would these other girls be dressed up like you were? The white shorts, the tops with the logos on them?"

Perking up, Lucy smiles. "Exactly that! You bloody saw them??"

"Well... I saw a woman with jet black hair who appeared to be leaving with Rey Rey and that crazy Paul London guy earlier, and about a minute before I ran into you I saw those MNM boys looking like they'd upgraded their company with a blonde who blows Melina clear out of the water." Cena explains, watching her reaction as her jaw drops.

"Those bloody sluts!" Lucy laughs with a shake of the head. "Figures they'd fine some dick around here!"

"Well, I know where we can find them, and that dick..." John says, smirking again. "We're all staying at the same hotel for this show. So... My offer still stands, and something tells me we'll find your friends no doubt going for round two, or even three with those guys as well."

"Let's get going then John!" Pinder says with a smile. "I never would have imagined a night just turning up to do one segment would have turned out like this!"

"Guess that means when Page 3 Meets WWE, some damn good things happen!" Cena states.

* * *

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