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Paige And Velvet
by PreciousJessica

The scene started with Velvet Sky visiting some friends as she had a fight with her boyfriend and just wanted to get away from it all and forget about the fight or try to forget about the fight as she and her friend Paige was drinking and laughing Paige would look into Velvets eyes as she soon got up from her seat and walked over to Velvet.

"I think I have a better way to make you forget about that fight. "

Velvet looked at Paige not sure what she was talking about since Velvet stopped messing around with women to please her boyfriend as she bit her bottom lip.

"How since I stopped messing around with you and women."

"That's the thing you stopped making yourself happy when you started making him happy and look he accused you of messing around with another woman and you both got into a fight."

Velvet nodded all the fight was about was her wanting to spend time with her friends and of course he went off the deep end thinking she was going to sleep around on him and fuck her best friend Paige as she sighed when biting her lip.

"You know what he already said I was doing it, so I am going to do it... "

Hearing that Paige just smirked as she took Velvet by the hand and lead her out to the car as they soon took off and headed to Paige's hotel room as they got to the room Paige and Velvet started kissing and taking off one another's clothes as Paige pushed Velvet down to the bed as she started to kiss down her leg to her breast as she stopped sucking on her breast taking turns twirling her tongue around her nipple as Velvet moaned "Tie me up Paige please."

Paige hearing that she got the handcuffs from her bag and soon handcuffed velvet to the bed as she wiggled herself down her body so their skin rubbed against each other as she found her head between her legs smirking when seeing that fresh shaven pussy as Velvet moaned for Paige as Paige soon placed her legs over her shoulders brushing her tongue against her clit.

"Oh god please Paige please take care of me."

Begging Paige to please her and take care of her Paige would soon slide her tongue into her pussy thrusting her tongue in and out as Velvet whimpered and moaned for her as Paige purred into her pussy as her tongue just thrust and wiggled flicking against her g-spot. Soon there was a knock on the door as both women ignored it as it would get louder and louder and soon hearing a man's voice to let him in as Velvet screamed in pleasure for him to get lost he soon busted the door down and stood there watching what Paige was doing to Velvet..

"You fucking liar I told you I knew you was doing it.

Paige pulled away but in replacement she placed a toy inside of velvet and made sure the vibration was on as Paige looked at him she shoved him against the wall.

"She wasn't fucking doing anything till you said she was then she said fuck it so let her be who she fucking is and be happy or get out of her fucking life."

Paige would look down and seen he was forming a bulge in his pants she just laughed as she turned around getting on all fours between Velvet's legs as she started to thrust the toy into her as Velvet moaned out he just watched seeing that pale ass teasing him as he looked at Velvet who was enjoying herself as he was getting harder by the minute soon taking his jeans off then his boxers he set in the chair watching them as he started to stroke his cock biting his lip.

Paige thrust the toy in and out then taking it out as it was covered in her juices and lick it off as she smirked when seeing Velvet's boyfriend stroking his cock to what she was doing to his girl she soon moved off the bed as she undid Velvet as she took Velvet and set her down on his lap making sure his cock slide nicely into her pussy as Velvet started bouncing up and down on his cock.

Paige would get between both of their legs and start licking at her clit and his cock just taking turns as both Velvet and her boyfriend moaned out for Paige and Velvet as Velvet was cumming nice and hard over his cock as she whimpered for him as he would groan out for both of them as he couldn't take it and started to cum as Velvet would get off his cock seeing the cum cover the head of his cock as both women would start to lick his cock clean as the scene faded out.

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