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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Paige(WWE), Seth Rollins(WWE, Tyler Black in indies), Joey Mercury(WWE), Luke Harper(WWE, Brodie Lee in indies), Jimmy Jacobs(ROH, indies)

Paige Of The Fall
A WWE/indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the dual live WWE event that saw episodes of Main Event and a special Super Smackdown Live air on December 17th 2014, the gorgeous former WWE Divas Champion and upcoming cast member for the new season of Total Divas - the British beauty known as Paige, is heading along backstage having earlier in the evening competed against a beaten fellow NXT alumni Emma. She's clad in a familiar, form fitting to her sexy pale body attire of black shorts that hug to her shapely ass with fishnet tights and black boots, and a black top that fits nicely to her perky tits with a black leather jacket to go with it.

As she heads along, a sight in front of her catches her attention as a group of men are having a picture taken on a cell phone. She recognises three of them as her fellow WWE co-workers - reigning Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins in his tight black wrestling tights, the imposing and bearded Luke Harper in casual attire (a far cry from the stained shirt ring gear he has) and backstage agent and on-screen security for Seth Joey Mercury in a black opened shirt. The fourth man she also knows from watching and keeping track of the indy scene, as its current ROH worker amongst other indy promotions Jimmy Jacobs in a white suit-like get up with purple shirt, working perfectly for the part of one of Adam Rose's Rosebud party posse from Smackdown.

Getting an idea that makes her smirk and lick her lips, she changes course to head towards the four as Mercury is handed back his cell phone and the group looks over the picture taken. "Hello there boys... Not up to any trouble are you?" She teases as she eyes up the four men.

"Naw, that's your department to cause trouble." Seth says with a smirk as the men quite rightly turn their attention towards her. "From that look in your eyes, I know exactly what trouble you're after."

"Who? Me?" Paige fakes shock as she tosses her long, dark hair back. "Never... I just stopped by to introduce myself to your friend here... Jimmy Jacobs, right?"

"Yeah, that's me alright..." Jimmy says with a smile. "Did you see social media explode over me appearing on Raw last night to remember my name?" He jokes a little.

"Hey, I came from the indies so I keep tabs on ROH and all the rest of it. I've got to! Otherwise my mum will kick my arse for not watching SHIMMER still!"Paige replies as she glances between the men. "So... What's all this about anyway? Got a bit of "one of these things not like the other" deal going on here..."

"Something that might make the Internet freak out..." Joey says with a chuckle. "An Age of the Fall reunion here in the WWE... Well, backstage at least, but it counts. Going to send it to the old booker who knew what he was doing with ROH back in the day just for old times' sake."

"It also might not happen again, if they finally figure out if they are properly turning Rose heel to kill off the party gimmick or not!" Harper adds which a laugh of his own.

"So... A one off special huh?" Paige smirks as she puts her hands on her shapely hips. "Sounds to me like you guys should make sure this a special night... One to really remember..." She says with a rather openly seductive tone.

"Like I said, you came here to cause trouble..." Seth shakes his two-tone haired head slightly with a smirk. "But if it's that kind of trouble that leads to you with no clothes? I'm not going to say no, how about you Jimmy?" He asks, looking to his long time friend and former tag partner from the indies.

"An open invite for a fuck? You must really have forgotten the good old days we used to have if you think I'd say no." Jacobs says with a big smile as he gives Paige an approving look over.

"Good, but when I special, I mean special... That means I want to get shagged by all four of you..." She states, casting her gaze onto the other two men.

"Some things never change around here..." Mercury says with a smile and a nod, showing he's more than happy about this.

"Don't you worry girl... I'm more than ready to give you want you're looking for." Luke states with a similarly wide smile to the other men here, jumping at the chance to get a piece of the red hot Anti Diva.

"That's what I fucking hoped to hear..." Paige says with another lick of her lips. "So... Where's the nearest locker room?

* * *

Minutes later in one of the locker rooms set aside for WWE Superstars, the sultry Diva of Tomorrow is licking her lips with wide, lustful eyes as she sees the four naked wrestlers in front of her, each displaying mouth watering sights of hard cocks with all of them being far better sized than average. Tossing her leather jacket aside, she wastes no time in peeling her black top up and over her body to show off her perky, pale tits, and hauls her black bottoms down to step out of them, allowing her gorgeous, rounded ass and shaved pussy to be seen as she stays in only fishnet stockings and black boots.

"Somebody get the fuck on the floor so I can get my twat stuffed!" She demands with a grin, reaching down to her crotch to eagerly rip a hole in them so her pussy is fully available. "Then someone stick their fucking cock in my mouth, because seeing all these dicks have got me hungry..." Paige adds with a lick of her teeth.

"Since I'm the guest around here, I might as well take the ride..." Jimmy says with a smirk, moving down to lay on the floor and immediately Paige mounts him with her backside sticking out towards him, making them both moan as she sinks down and takes his dick up into her snatch.

"I ain't gonna pass up this kind of shot..." Harper states with a chuckle, moving right in front of the horny beauty and fulfilling her request as he pushes his fat rod into her open, groaning mouth.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmm..." The British Diva groans as she gives a lustful gaze up at the three Superstars in front of her now, her hands reaching up to grab and pump the two at either side while she wraps her lips around the moaning male in front of her, leaving her handling four big American cocks at the same time with two already in her holes just moments of starting. Beginning to work her pussy up and down on the shaft she's on top of, she also gets to work using her head with a rocking motion, feeding Luke's dick deep into her nicely damp and warm oral hole.

"Mmmm... Mmmmmph!! Mmmm..." She groans as she sucks on Luke's member, keeping her lips perfectly pressed around him as she runs her mouth back and forth over those inches, and making sure to pleasure the two groaning studs she's stroking off to make sure they stay nice and hard for her.

"Ahhhh shit... Mmmm... That's the stuff right there... Ahhhh..." The former Intercontiental Champion moans with a nod of his bushy bearded head, watching sexy raven haired beauty sucking him off with steady and smooth motions along his tool, showing great skill already as she's able to take him in deep without even gagging for a moment.

"Mmmm... Guess all the stories about here... Ahhhhh... Are damn true after all..." Harper chuckles, staring down at that pretty face as she slurps away on his man meat, getting him nice and slick with her saliva with frisky slaps of her tongue on his underside as his dick passes in and out between her pouty lips. He's not along in moaning from her actions, as she keeps on sucking him while delivering swift handjobs to the other two WWE stars on either side of her, while keeping a flowing and firm riding pace on the cock of the handsome indy star she's mounted on top off.

"Mmmm!! I don't know about that... She feels... Mmmm... Real fucking tight to me..." Jacobs states with a moan, pumping his cock up into that bouncing, snug pussy that's being moved quickly along his entire length, her fishnet tights covered ass smacking down into his toned midsection when she drops down to take him balls deep, now further helped by the thrusting that's making them both moan out.

"Ahhhh... And that's no bad thing at all..." The former and current leader of many stables across the indy scene moans out as he matches her all too eager riding pace on his dick, already a sharp of skin meeting skin ringing out when he pumps up and she lowers herself down to bounce away on his shaft. Even while taking a dick like this, she's still able to multi-task as she delivers a couple more deep sucks onto Luke's cock before lifting her head away, barely stopping to take in breath as she turns her head, now taking Rollins' cock into her hungry mouth and using a hand to jerk off the rod she had been blowing.

"Mmmm... Too damn right it's not a bad thing..." The current Money in the Bank contract holder says with a smirk and a moan, staring down to lock a gaze with the smoking hot and lust filled eyes of the former WWE Divas Champion as she bobs away onto his tool, her own muffled groans bouncing off his inches while she blows him firmly and jerks off the two just as lengthy pricks in her hands.

"Ahhhh! Especially... Mmmmm... When it's someone who knows what they're fucking doing..." Rollins adds, seeing how deeply she's pushing her head down onto his cock before quickly lifting back up to about the head and then pushing straight back down, making him have to reach down and push her long dark hair out of the way as the effort of her motion is making those long locks sway greatly when she bobs her head.

"Mmmm... You guys should have been there at the Performance Center... Mmmm... And seen how Paige prefers to get trained by an NXT locker room..." The former member of the MNM tag team says with a groan, getting plenty of pleasure out of just being jerked off by the gorgeous Diva, as she jerks him and Harper off while sucking away on Seth's dick and bouncing her pale and desirably curved body onto the dick of Jacobs underneath her. Hearing that line, Paige smirks around the dick she's sucking off, pulling her head away and switching her hands to grip Rollins now as well as Luke, allowing her to turn her head the opposite way and now start to blow Mercury with a passion.

"Ahhhh!! Oh shit... Mmmmm!! Yeah, I remember now..." Mercury grins down at the naughty stunner as she now slurps on his man meat, her full lips gliding back and forth along his tool while she strokes off the other two standing studs, and makes her ripe breasts bounce as she keeps up a steady riding pace on the forth cock she's handling to clearly show that despite her young age she knows how to fuck.

"Mmmmmphh!! Mmmm... MMMMMPHHH!!" The first Diva to have been the champion of the NXT and WWE Divas Divisions, let alone at the same time, lets out a loud muffled moan around the cock she's sucking off, making sure to leave it with a nice coating of her saliva just like she's done to the other two she's blown rather shamelessly as the locker room gang bang has only just gotten started.

"MMMM!! Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm..." She casts sultry glances at the three Superstars in front of her while she blows and strokes their lengths, leaving her fingers sticky with her own spit that's also beginning to seep past her lips from the repeated motion she's been doing on whichever dick has been taken into her talented oral hole. At the same time she's showing no favoritism to the talented wrestler not currently in the WWE, bouncing away on Jimmy's dick as he thrusts right up into her already noticeably wet pussy, ensuring they both moan as she takes him in to the hilt with pump after steady pump that alone would make any red blooded woman feel more than just good.

Lifting her head up and off, she gives Joey's cock a quick flick of the tongue across the tip while giving Seth and Luke a last stroke. "Mmmmm fuck yeah!! Big hard cocks... That's what I fucking love!" Paige moans with a grin, giving a couple more bounces before she lifts herself up from Jacobs to stand up. "You ready to get fucking blown or what stud?" She invites with a smirk, turning around to bend over forwards as she licks her lips invitingly.

"I'm definitely down with that..." Jimmy states as he stands up from the locker room floor to stand in front of her, groaning as she grips his cock by the base to pump him a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Harper has moved up behind her, tearing a further hole in her fishnet tights for a better view of that sexy, pale ass as he lines his cock up with her wet snatch. "You're sure you're gonna last at this rate?" He questions, noticing beads of sweat already forming over her backside as he pushes his dick into her twat. "Mmmm... Because I know I ain't finishing any time soon..."

"Mmmmm!! Just you fucking worry about buggering my bloody brains out!" Paige grins back at him, before turning back to gaze up at the hunk in front of her. "I just get really fucking horny when it comes to nice, big cocks..." She adds before hungrily pushing her face down to take his dick right up into her mouth.

"Mmmmm!! MMMMM... MMMMMPH!!" The former WWE Divas Champion moans with sinful delight as she feels the former Wyatt Family member start to pump deeply into her wet and snug snatch from behind, his waist soon connecting into her now barely-covered with tights ass as he bangs her as she demanded, with stiff pumps in a steady rhythm.

"MMMMMPH... MMMM... Mmmmm!!" She groans around the cock she's sucking, her head swiftly moving back and forth effortlessly as her long, raven hair sways in time with the back and forth motion she's using, letting him feel how soft and made for sucking dick her lips are to make him moan out as she handles those thick inches with ease. Just as she's going to work between those two, she's reminded of the other two sports entertainers involved in this as her arms get brought up and to the sides, and with glances to each man she's soon gripping their rock hard lengths to stroke them both off, and yet again pleasure four hung men at the same time.

"Mmmmm!! Looks like it doesn't matter if it's around the WWE... Ahhhh... Or across the indies..." Jacobs groans, holding her hair back behind her head so he can get a full view of her gorgeous face moving back and forth over his length, already applying plenty of saliva onto his rod as it trickles past her lips and down her chin, only serving to make the horny Anti Diva look even hotter than usual as she slobbers all over his shaft.

"Mmmmm... Female wrestlers... Mmmmm!! Will always be up some fun back away from the fans..." The former multi-time ROH Tag Team Champion says with a groan, loving the feeling of his manhood being taken so deeply into her soothing and warm oral hole, her lips still perfectly wrapped all around his meat as she steadily and forcefully rocks her head along almost all of his inches, putting on a pornstar performance just from sucking dick.

"Hell Jimmy... Ahhhhh!! I think it's even worse around these parts..." The former Brodie Lee of ROH and CHIKARA grunts as he drives his cock deeply forward into her tight and already very wet pussy, able to stare down at her ass cheeks that jiggle when he thrusts forward to go balls deep with his pumps, and she pushes back sharply to make double sure that every part of that fat cock is stuffed into her needy cunt.

"Mmmmm... Or better, depending on how you look at it..." He adds with a smirk, putting his size and strength to great use as he slams his dick forward stiffly into the wonderfully tight box of the former SHIMMER and Pro Wrestling: EVE starlet bent over in front of him as she rocks her body back and forth between the two former Age of the Fall stablemates while stroking off two other former members of that group at either side of her.

"Oh it's a good thing... Mmmmm... A damn good thing around here..." The former full time WWE Superstar turned backstage agent moans as his cock continues to be expertly stroked with quick hand motions, the other hunk getting jerked off smiling and groaning with pleasure as the getting gang banged Diva the men are sounding lets out muffled groans of her own as she takes a bent over spit roasting like it's an all too regular occurrence for her.

"Ahhhh... How about we switch places... It's nice to have a Diva who won't whine and complain about other Divas on the roster while she's getting nailed..." Mercury says as a stab to an apparent former valet of his from years ago, but for the moment the Diva currently getting stuffed full with dick in two holes isn't quite ready to stop this motion for the moment. She delivers a few more deep slurps onto the cock she's got deep in her mouth to coat it with spit, and rocks back against the pumps going straight forward into her sweet pussy that's very wet even after only taking a few cocks in her since this locker room encounter got started.

"It's fucking fine by me... Haven't met a Diva yet that I could turn down a hook up with..." Seth says with a smirk as the grapplers move around her to take up positions, not letting her move out from behind bent over forwards as now Joey is behind her, pushing his cock into that snug pussy so he can start to bang her while Rollins feeds Paige his meaty length that she all too eagerly starts to quickly blow.

"Mmmmm!! NXT, WWE, or back in the indies... Ahhhhh... There's plenty of sluts waiting to be pleased..." He groans as he grips her long, dark hair, opting to thrust his shaft in and out of her warm and wet mouth even as she bobs away onto him, just causing them both to groan with delight as even when the crown of his cock touches the back of her mouth the increasingly whorish-looking Diva doesn't gag for a moment.

"MMMMPH!! MMMM... Mmmmm!!" The first ever NXT Women's Champion lets out loud, muffled moans of lustful pleasure as she once again rocks herself between two hung hunks to take their shafts deep into her mouth and her tight but very wet now twat, and at the same time jerking off two other long cocks at either side of her that leaves her fingers coated with saliva and her own pussy juices off of those respective shafts. It doesn't bother her one bit, nor does the dirty talk made by the men surrounding and using her, as she focuses on sucking away on the dick in front of her as she gets face fucked by it, and has her snatch filled up from behind with firm and quick thrusts that she forcefully pushes back against.

"MMMMPH!! Mmmmm... MMMM!! MMMMMPH!!" Paige continues to groan out sinfully around the dick she's sucking off while its being pumped deep between her lovely pouty lips, saliva dripping off that rod and down her chin while she just as sluttily works her pale and gorgeously curved body against the man pumping her from behind, and still jerking off the other two men involved in this already steamy locker room fuck.

"Mmmmm!! Oh shit... Ahhhhh... Yeah, she's fucking good..." Joey confirms the obvious as he plunges his rod in balls deep into the stunning WWE Diva's wet snatch, his nicely muscular waist connecting with a slap into her rounded backside as she pushes herself backward hard to meet everyone of his pumps, showing she knows exactly how to get the most out of a cock being given to her even in a gangbang like this.

"Mmmmm... Can't wait... Ahhhhhh... To tap this hot fucking ass of hers as well..." He adds, giving her butt a spank through the semi-torn fishnet tights she still has on to go with her black boots, the only clothing the woman once dubbed Miss Hell in Boots has on as her pale, sexy, and now starting to be covered with sweat body continues to rock back and forth between the two hunks pumping away into her holes to make her sandwiched.

Hearing that, she lifts her head away from the dick she'd been deep throating, grinning and glancing at all four men as she stops pushing back against the fucking she's taking. "I was... Mmmmm!! Fucking wondering when you wankers would get to the good stuff!" Paige says with her voice dripping with desire. "There better be some fucking lube around here..." She adds with a groan as Joey pulls out of her snatch.

"Lube? In a WWE locker room? Never heard of it..." Mercury says with a chuckle as he moves over towards a locker where a couple of travel bags are.

Back across the room, Seth has pulled a bench over to the middle of the room in order to lay down on top of it, in turn allow the gorgeous, horny Diva to mount his cock with her tight, wet pussy as she rests her hands on his desirable chest. "Mmmmm... I'm amazed at how you still keep yourself tight... Considering how much of... Ahhhhh... A locker room slut you are..." He says up to her, his point proven by the fact she doesn't waste in starting to bounce away on his dick, her legs on either side of the bench and rocking back with her feet and tiptoes to work that big cock into her needy snatch.

"MMMM!! Damn... AHHHHH!! Fucking right I am!!" Paige shamelessly moans with a grin. "I'm a filthy fucking SLUT!! MMMM!! When it comes to big fucking cocks!!" She's able to groan out, before her cries are muffled by the imposing Harper grabbing her hair to turn her head towards him, allowing him to stuff his member into her eager to pleasure oral hole.

"Mmmm... And here I was thinking... MMMM... It was huge personality getting me some action here..." Lee moans with a chuckle, watching as the pretty facial features of the slutty beauty move smoothly back and forth along his fat and lengthy shaft, as the first woman to have held the WWE Divas and NXT Women's Championships sucks him off deeply and swiftly, showing the kind of oral talent veteran porn stars could only dream about possessing. While she handles that cock and rocks herself on the pistoning member being sent right up into her dripping wet but snug snatch, the feeling of her ass being spread and lube poured onto her asshole makes her groan as she gazes lustfully back, seeing Jacobs behind her with a smirk on his handsome face.

"Ahhhhhh!! Mmmm... But I'm glad as Hell to be getting a piece of this..." The recently former I.C. champ groans, keeping a hold of that sexy long, dark hair as she moves her head back and forth onto his pole, soon closing her eyes as she moans loudly upon taking another cock now that forces its way past her extremely tight asshole, leaving her triple stuffed but still moving herself between the trio of former members of the Age of the Fall stable.

"MMMMM!! Oh shit!! Damn... For a self-proclaimed slut... Ahhhhh!! This is one fucking awesome, tight ass..." The former five time ROH World Tag Team Champion moans his approval as he thrust his dick back and forth into the pale, gorgeous ass of the former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion as she pushes her sweat-covered body back against his steady pumps, craving as he is to get that long rod even further into her tightness.

"AHHHHH... Awwwww fuck!! This one... She's one of a damn kind, that's for sure..." Jimmy notes with a groan of pleasure, as even with all three of her holes being filled up, it's clearly not enough for the whorish sports entertainer as she bounces on the dick being thrust up into her snatch, rapidly bobs her head on the saliva drenched dick stuffed into her mouth, and now has her ass getting banged from behind all at the same time.

"MMMMMPH!! MMMMM... UHHHHLLLLKKKK!! MMMMM..." Her deep moans of shameless joy remain muffled as she slobbers away on the dick of Harper while getting her lower holes fucked by the tag team once known as D.I.F.H., her soaking wet snatch getting filled up with cock while her shapely, desirable backside is getting firmly fucked while she keeps on rocking between the three hunk grapplers.

"MMMMM!! MMMMPH!! MMMMMPHHH!! MMM MMMMM MMMMMMM!!!" Paige lets out another long and loud groan, her eyes rolling up almost back into her head while she bounces and starts to suddenly cum hard on Seth's cock, sending a flood of juices down over his length while pressing her face right down to deep throat Luke's dick, and all the while having Jacobs tapping that ass with stiff pumps. Her orgasm isn't making her stop though, as even as she cums she continues to grind her pale and beautiful frame against the thrusts still coming quick and hard into her rump and twat, ensuring they keep moaning as well as no sooner does her sexual peak start to fade away, the dirty Diva of Tomorrow is right back at it with a swift and sudden riding motion.

"MMMM!! Holy shit... Ahhhhh... She doesn't go for rest periods it seems..." The two-toned haired hunk moans as he slides his hands up onto her jiggling breasts, squeezing them while she bounces away onto his thrusting member that he delivers right to the base into her so the slap of skin meeting skin sounds out around the locker room along with the rest of their moans from all involved. While the slutty British stunner might not be stopping, the other hung Americans are switching things up as Jacobs pulls out of her ass, allowing the lubed up Mercury to push his dick into that booty, and Luke now takes a break in order for Jacobs to feed her his cock.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM... Fuck!! She gets better and better... MMMMM... With each damn fuck as well..." The former ROH World Champion groans as he rams his manhood right up into the riding snatch of the horny to say the least WWE Diva that's mounted on top of him and is once again working over three long dicks at the same time to make all three of her pleasurable, fuckable holes be filled up and taking deep and firm thrusts.

"Mmmmmm... Awwwwww FUCK!! She doesn't mind going ass to mouth either... MMMM!!" Jacobs moans as he watches the former Britani Knight of SHIMMER sucking him off with almost deep throat motions, showing little concern about the taste of her own back passage she's getting from his rod as she swiftly works her lips back and forth along that member that had just been fucking her up the ass.

"I don't... MMMM... I don't think that's what... AHHHHH... Death Ray taught her students at that Performance Center... " The multi-time former singles and tag team champion across the indies groans out with closed eyes, loving the feeling of his member being taken in deeply into such a warm, damp, and hungry for cock mouth as once again her saliva is dripping off of his inches even just a few minutes after starting to blow him.

"MMMM... You haven't... Ahhhhh SHIT!! MMMMM... Seen what I have down at the P.C. Jimmy..." The former three-time WWE Tag Team Champion smirks with a moan, sliding his shaft into the sexy and toned ass of the former two-time WWE Divas Champion, making her moan and rock back against his smooth and steady motion as he looks to get as much of his cock into the stunner who already has her mouth and snatch more than filled up with dick at the same time.

"AHHHHH... You can walk into... MMMMM... Some pretty awesome stuff around there... Ahhhhhh!! Here... Any fucking where these days..." He grunts, drops of sweat forming on his face and head as the effects of matching the lust-drunk Diva start to appear on him and the other men involved in the locker room gangbang as the Diva of Tomorrow continues to show both her sexual ability and desire to be taken hard as she keeps on bouncing her pale and gorgeous body between the three men she's currently getting nailed by in her ass, snatch, and mouth.

Giving a few more deep sucks onto Jacobs' length, she pulls away with a moan and a gasp, biting down on her bottom lip again as she rocks between the thrusts into her lower holes. Looking to the side at Harper watching on and stroking his member, she licks her lips with a lustful gaze at that dick. "More... MMMMMM FUCK!! I need... AHHHHH!! More... FUCKING!! COCK!!" She almost screams as she grits her teeth, glancing at all the grapplers around her.

"AHHHHH... In that case... MMMMM... Get her off of me guys..." Seth says as he stops his pumps up into that wet snatch even though she still bounces on him for a few more moments. "I've got an idea... MMMM... That should give her what she fucking needs..."

"Hu... Hurry! I need those dicks inside me!!" Paige begs like a filthy slut as she's lifted off of Rollins by Mercury and Harper, but it's not long before she's got cock back inside her as Seth directs traffic, having Joey laying on the bench and the sweat covered eagerly mounts his dick with her snatch all the way to the base. Made to lean forward, her head gets turned to the side as Luke stuffs her open, groaning mouth full with his rod and starts to pump her, distracting her as the two remaining men lube their cocks up as they approach the others.

"If this doesn't put out that fire, then we need more guys in her to stuff her up..." The first ever NXT Champion says as he squats over her, pushing his dick into the nicely toned and pale ass of the first ever NXT Women's Champion but instead of starting to bang her, her waits as the long time ROH star comes also comes up, pushing his dick alongside his former partner in the indies in order to double stuff her sexy ass.

"Awwwwww FUCK!! Been a long time... AHHHHH!! Since we've done a proper double team... UHHHHH!! On a babe like this..." Rollins grunts as he begins to ease his dick in and out of her filled to the max back passage, groaning from the pleasure of the increased tightness around his length and having no issues with his cock grinding against another man's shaft as Jacobs also pumps himself in and out of that stretched asshole, showing that indeed the two long time friends have done this before.

"MMMMPHHH!! MMMM!!! MMMMMPPPHHHHHH!! MMMMMM..." The slutty beauty lets out a moan that's impressively loud even with her mouth being filled up with dick as she takes a face fucking while still managing to bob her dark haired head along Harper's shaft, and able to rock herself against the trio of thrusts into her lower holes with one shaft driving deep into her dripping wet snatch while two work in and out of her shapely backside.

"UHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM... MMMM!!" She groans as her body sharply jolts back and forth against the stiff pumps ravaging her backside as sweat drips off her pale but sexy frame, her perky breasts bouncing as she moves against those deep thrusts into her lower holes and she fights her best to keep her lips wrapped around that fourth just as long and fat prick while its crown smacks repeatedly into the back of her damp and soothing mouth.

"AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMM... Holy fuck!! So... UHHHHH... So fucking good..." The current on-screen member of J'N'J Security groans as he tries to match the still impressive and lust-driven pace the second generation Diva is using to bounce on that pistoning shaft with her still nicely tight but dripping wet cunt that feels built to be fucked hard and fast like this, and like she has been all through this locker room gang bang.

"Ahhhhhh... MMMMM!! Ahhhhhh SHIT... Got to fucking love... AHHHHH... The Divas these days..." Joey says with a deep groan, sweat dripping from his face and nicely muscular for a retired WWE Superstar body, his pole driving up balls deep into the alluring, raven haired beauty who is taking three other cocks along with his at the same time to make her look more like a filthy, desperate whore than the talented pro wrestler she is.

"MMMM... Must be something about... AHHHHH FUCK... The water around here..." The former Brodie Lee of the indies moans as he feeds his man meat deep into the swiftly bobbing oral hole of the stunner who carved a career for years across Europe as Britani Knight, but for now she's showing she could make a killer career as a porn actress from the way she's handling taking four cocks at the same time.

"AHHHHH... And damn does it ever feel great..." He adds with a groan, gasping in air as he enjoys the amazing feeling of his length being surrounded by her damn and pleasurably warm mouth, the sensations all the more better by her sucking off that thrusting dick at the same time as her saliva drips from her chin and off of that cock, landing down onto her pale and perfectly rounded tits as she continues to deeply suck him off.

"MMMMM SHIT!! Feels... AHHHHHH FUCK... Damn fucking good back here too..." The only non-WWE contracted wrestler involved in this hard and hot gang bang moans as he shows he's more than capable of hanging with the others here as he uses a steady and firm thrusting pace to work his cock forward into her made to be pounded backside alongside the shaft of his former tag team partner in the indies.

"Ahhhhh... AHHHHH FUCK... Fuck yeah!! MMMM..." Jimmy grunts as he stiffly pumps his dick into that shapely, pale, and gorgeous rump, her cheeks jiggling erotically as her body rocks roughly in response to the dual pumping her ass is taking along with the balls deep thrusting her soaking wet snatch is taking at the same time to go along with the rapid sucking she's doing on the cock that's stuffed right into her mouth.

"MMMMM!! MMMMMPH!! MMMM... MMMMM!!! MMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" The sweat soaked Diva screams out around the cock she's deep throating, once again grinding down hard on the cocks slamming into her lower holes as her eyes roll upwards in another slutty and shameless display as Paige yet again starts to orgasm, this time from the four thick and long American cocks driving into her stunning British body.

"MMMMMPH... MMMMM!! MMMMPHH... MMMM!!" She keeps her body rocking back and forth, still craving those pumping rods as two stretch and stuff her ass from behind and the shaft underneath keeps slamming balls deep into her snatch that sends out another flood of fluids to coat that prick, and it's only as she comes down from that sexual high does her bobbing motion start to finally ease up on that last but not least dick.

"AHHHHH... Awwwww FUCK... Oh man, this is too much..." Jimmy groans with a gasp, having to pull out of her back passage as he feels his dick starting to throb noticeably.

"MMMM... I'm right there with you Jimmy... AHHHHH... Just like old times..." Seth says as he also steps back from fucking that pale butt, her asshole now left gaping from the hard double stuffing she'd just taken.

"MMMMM... Mmmmmph!! Oooooooh fuck!! Ahhhhh... So fucking good!!" Paige groans between long gasps of air when Luke steps away to finally free her mouth, still in a daze from another intense orgasm so she offers no resistance as she's lifted off of Joey and then set down onto the floor of the locker room, soon finding herself surrounded by the four wrestling studs who have been pounding her brains out.

"Mmmm... Fuck yeah... Wank those fucking cocks for me! I want to be fucking covered with all that cum!" The still horny for more WWE Diva demands, sitting up on her knees, closing her eyes, and brushing her long, sweat drenched dark hair back as she licks her lips, gazing up and looking between all of their dicks as she watches them rapidly jerking off, eager to take a creamy finish to top up a fantastic fucking that's left all of her holes more than simply just well pounded.

She doesn't have to wait long before that starts to happen as first Joey Mercury starts to blow his load, a thick shot of jizz firing out and splashing onto Paige's left cheek and across to the nose, the next couple of shots hitting the side of her face and her chin before the rest strokes out to land down onto her perky, pale tits which makes her run her hands up to rub the spunk over her already sweat-covered skin. Moments later it's the turn of the imposing Luke Harper with the first couple of shots missing her forehead and instead landing in that sexy, long raven-hair but it's still enough to make her moan, but the following shots hit the mark as more warm spunk splashes down onto her forehead, over her right eye and eyelash and down onto her cheek, making her smirk as she feels him rubbing the crown of his dick to properly clean off his cock.

Staying down on her knees like a good little slut, she keeps her head tilted back just a little in order to take the final round of loads, as the former ROH World Tag Team Championship duo now come forward to blast away as both Jimmy Jacobs and Seth Rollins splatter spunk all across her pretty facial features to leave her further coated with jizz. She can't help but lick her lips as streams of jizz land over her cheeks, her nose, her chin and onto her forehead, leaving her looking like the end of a bukkake porn film due to the massive amount of cum that has been sent out all over her face and staining her hair, but the slutty smile on her face shows she loves the feeling as the studs stroke out the final drops of their big loads onto the stunning former WWE Divas Champion.

"Mmmm... That's... That's what I was bloody hoping for boys!" Paige says with a dirty laugh, reaching up to wipe away spunk from near her eyes before promptly putting the collected spunk from her fingers into her mouth, sucking the digits clean and swallowing down that spunk.

"Shit... Talk about wild..." Jimmy chuckles as he wipes sweat from off his forehead as he draws in breath.

"An Age of the Fall reunion to always remember, right?" Seth laughs as he also breathes deeply to recover from the intense fucking they've all been involved in.

"You say that like it's all over with..." She smirks up at them, rather shakily but still impressively able to get up to her feet to stand under her own power. "I was hoping that maybe we can hit the showers, and get even dirtier rather than cleaner..."

"I don't know... I should be, you know, being a proper agent around here and all that..." Joey says with a smirk that shows he doesn't exactly plan on leaving any time soon.

"Hell, I didn't get to pound that hot little ass of yours yet, so I'm ready for another round..." Luke states as he runs his hand through his sweat-drenched hair.

"And you two?" Paige invites as she looks to the duo formerly known as D.I.F.H.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jimmy smirks. "If we're playing the Las Vegas card, with what happens in WWE stays in WWE? I'm damn well happy to do this again..."

"Sorry to sound corny, but fucking you again sounds fucking best for business..." Seth adds with a chuckle.

"That's what I fucking hoped to hear..." She says with a lick of her lips. "Now get those cocks fucking hard again and let's do this! And if any other Superstars pop in here, they can join in...

* * *

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