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Paige's Confession
by WWEFanatic

During recent week's of Total Diva's filming Paige and Rosa's flirtation has gotten stronger and stronger. The two Diva's where at Paige's apartment after a long days filming, They were just lying back in there onesies and watching some TV.

Paige looks to Rosa and says, "Now we are alone I want to clear something up."

"What is it?" Rosa asks with a strange look on her face.

Paige sits forward, "That time you kissed me I acted weird."

Rosa just laughed and said, "Its fine if you didn't like it you didn't like it."

"The strange thing is I actually enjoyed it" said Paige.

"Is that why you have been flirting with me for a few weeks?" Questioned Rosa with a slight grin on her face.

"Its just I have never done anything with a girl other than Emma and that was just fooling around." Explained Paige.

Rosa looks shocked and sits forward to look directly at Paige and says "Hand on a minute you have fooled around with Emma and not even told me?"

"Emma and I just got bored one time and things happened, I don't want to talk about it I want to talk about me and you." Said Paige.

"So what you feel guilty about not kissing me back is that it?" asked Rosa.

"Well kind of Yes, But I sort of feel things towards you now its not just guilt that's making me say this". Paige continued to try and explain thing's to Rosa for a few minutes.

"So what you invite me round to tell me you have feeling's for me and that's it, You made me look like an idiot when that came out on TV." Rosa said as she got angry with Paige.

"You don't understand Rosa!" said Paige.

"Paige, its quite simple you break up with your boyfriend and now you want to use me as a scapegoat!" Rosa said as she stood up to leave.

"Sit back down please!" Asked Paige.

"I'm giving you a few minute's to explain yourself." said Rosa.

"OK, From the moment you kissed me I haven't stopped thinking about "what if" I didn't no if you were trying to make me feel awkward or if your doing it for the camera's or what, It just confused me that's why I reacted the way that I did. I didn't no what was going to happen if I kissed you back. I no it sounds stupid but I truly do have a lot of Feeling's for you Rosa." Paige explained.

"And your not just saying this because you broke up with "him." asked Rosa.

"I promise you." said Paige.

"I want you to tell me about you and Emma and how it happened." asked Rosa.

"Well as you no Emma and I lived together for a while before she moved out and started living with her Boyfriend. And it was like a week after you kissed me we got back home after the gym or something and I walked in on her while she was showering and I ran to my room with embarrassment. See came into my room and we talked we ended up kissing and then we done some other stuff" said Paige.

Rosa sat back and the two Diva's sat in silence for 30 minutes.

"When you say you have feeling's for me what do you mean by that?" asked Rosa.

"I am falling for you, And its not a nice feeling knowing that its happening and you don't feel the same way." said Paige, Rosa looked at Paige and smiled at her.

"Rosa, I feel embarrassed enough so I'm going to bed. Feel free to sleep on the couch or go into Emma's old room her bed is still there." Paige said and stood up, Rosa and Paige hugged before she went to bed. Paige went into her room, She slipped out of her onesie and took her bra off. She pulled on a black vest top and a pair of shorts to sleep in.

Paige got into bed and tried to sleep. Paige eventually got off to sleep, Which left Rosa sitting alone watching TV. Rosa sat watching TV and began thinking about things and how much Paige has helped her since her recent stint in Rehab, and how good of a friend she has truly been. Rosa turned off the TV and went to bed, She got out of her onesie and got into bed with her bra and thong on. She was lying in bed wriggling about and was just generally uncomfortable. She eventually got off to sleep.

3 hours past and it was currently 3:15am, Paige woke up and went to get a glass of water from the kitchen, She walked passed Rosa's room and into the kitchen, She got her water and went to go back into her room

"You can come in here if you cant sleep." Said Rosa. Paige was confused and opened the door.

"So your awake too then?" asked Paige

"Yeah I sleep until like 2am and have been awake since." Said Rosa. Paige walked over and set her water glass on the bed side cabinet, and lay in the bed with Rosa.

"So is this were it happened?" asked Rosa.

Paige sighed and said "No it happened in my room."

Rosa looked at Paige and asked "Do you truly have feeling's for me Paige?"

"I wouldn't of said it if I didn't mean it." Said Paige.

"What is it you want then?" Asked a very confused Rosa.

"I want you Rosa" Said Paige, "I want to wake up to you and go to bed with you!"

"So why are you only telling me all this now?" Asked Rosa.

"I was scared what people at work might think about us being together if it ever happened, I don't even know if you like me or anything like that." Said Paige.

"If your asking if I have feeling's for you then the answer is yes, Or else I wouldn't of asked you to come in and sit with me." said Rosa. The two Diva's got below to duvet and faced each other.

"So do you want to give it a try and see if it works out?" Asked Rosa

"It's the only thing in the world that I want right now." said Paige.

"Really the only thing?" Asked Rosa as she leaned in for a kiss. Paige and Rosa began to make out in bed.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Paige.

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life." said Rosa. Paige climbed on top of Rosa as the two continued to make out, Paige took of her vest and let out her nice perky tits

"I've always wanted to see them." said Rosa. Paige started to kiss down Rosa's neck and chest, She unhooked Rosa's bra from the front and let out Rosa's huge boobs. Paige started to rub them with her hands while kissing around her nipple's.

"Oh fuck" said Rosa as Paige sucked on her sensitive nipples.

Rosa was rubbing on Paige's ass and took off her little shorts she was wearing and threw them on the ground along with her bra and Paige's top, Paige continued her way down Rosa's body kissing her stomach and licking her abs, As Paige edged lower to Rosa's thong Rosa grabbed her own boob's and began rubbing her nipple's and moaning. Paige got Rosa's thong with her mouth and pulled it off. Paige looked at Rosa's pussy and she was already dripping with wetness, Paige got her fingers and spread Rosa's wet walls and gently slid her tongue inside her.

"Oh god" moaned Rosa as Paige went deeper inside her. Paige started to lick Rosa's wet pussy, She was going nice and gently and then started to pick up her pace which made Rosa moan more and more.

"Oh fuck right there Paige!" Moaned Rosa as she pulled on her nipples, Paige continued this for a few minutes and then pulled her mouth away.

"Fucking come here and kiss me!" said Rosa, Paige and Rosa began making out for a bit.

"Fuck I taste so good!" said Rosa as she licked her lips to taste her own juices. Paige lay back down on her back beside Rosa and the two began to make out and finger each other at the same time. This went on for several minute's and then Paige climbed back on Rosa but got in the "69" position and planted her wet pussy on Rosa's face.

Rosa proceeded to Lick Paige's pussy and Paige did the same to Rosa, "Oh fuck yes, uh yeah fuck!" Moaned Paige, As Rosa worked her magic.

Paige slid 3 fingers into Rosa and began to finger her.

"Uh yeah uh fuck yes yes yes" Screamed Rosa as much as she could with a mouthful of Paige's pussy, Paige was furiously fingering Rosa as fast as she could and slipped in another finger, Paige eventually got off Rosa and began to lick her pussy again but was also fingering it giving Rosa complete satisfaction.

"Oh fuck yes I'm cumming Paige I'm cumming of fuck!" Rosa screamed as Paige went faster.

"Oh my god yes of fuck oh yea!" Rosa screamed one last time before cumming on Paige's fingers.

Paige went back up and the two began to make out again, Paige lay with her legs open and Rosa fingered her tight wet pussy which has a little hair on her, Rosa was biting on Paige's tongue as well because Paige loved a little pain too.

"Go into my room and the second drawer down and lift the first thing you see." said Paige, Rosa got up and walked into Paige's room, Paige stood up and got a drink of her water which she previously poured, Rosa came back in with a vibrator in her hand.

"Paige you're a dirty girl now lie down you little slut." said Rosa.

Paige lay down on her back and spread her legs wide, Rosa got the vibrator and stuck it inside Paige as deep as possible and then waited to turn it on, She turned it up to max.

"Holy fuck yes!" screamed Paige. Rosa moved the dildo in and out in sharp motion's and Paige was enjoying it

"Oh god go harder!" yelled Paige. Rosa continued this for a while and Paige enjoying it so much.

"You like that?" Asked Rosa.

"Oh my god yes baby do it more!" said Paige, Rosa pushed the vibrator in even deeper until it wasn't visible.

"Ahhh fuck yes oh my god its so good!" Yelled Paige, Rosa got the palm of her hand and began to rub Paige's pussy very very furiously

"Oh my god I'm cumming!" Screamed Paige, Rosa continued doing this.

"Oh fuck yes!" Suddenly Paige let out a huge burst of Juice from her pussy along with a vibrator all over Rosa.

"Well I didn't expect that!" Said Rosa.

"Its never happened before." laughed Paige.

"So shall we go to your bed then?" asked Rosa.

"Yeah we will clean this mess up tomorrow." said Paige.

The two diva's got up and walked to the bedroom, Paige grabbed Rosa's arm and said "I meant what I said you know I want to be with you."

Rosa looked at Paige, kissed her and said "I want to be with you, Plus I'm the only person that's made you squirt and I doubt anyone else will make you do it again so you sort of need me. They both laughed and got into Paige's bed naked and wet.

The End

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