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Paige's Mysterious Invite
by YusYusYus

It was the end of another episode of Monday Night Raw, Paige had just left the shower after a match with the WWE Women's champion, Charlotte. "I could have sworn I left my clothes right there, I always do," she said to herself looking down on the bench in the shower stall. She peaked out of the shower stall to see if anyone was still in the shower area. From what she could tell there was a few people still in the showers, but no one else was out yet and she couldn't hear any voices. She reached for her towel and wrapped herself in it. When she stepped out of her stall she heard another shower turn off. Not wanting to be seen, she started to run out of the shower area and into the locker room, but she slipped on a puddle and the towel fell off. Just then Charlotte stepped out of a stall, completely naked with no towel and saw her laying on the floor.
Charlotte helped Paige to her feet and said, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I-I just fell," Paige replied.

Charlotte handed Paige her now soaked towel and said, "I just wanted say that our match earlier was a lot of fun, it's always a good time wrestling someone else with a big wrestling background, like me."

"Yeah, thanks," Paige replied. "Why don't you have anything on?"

"When I'm the champ, I like to feel like I can do what ever I want, like walking around the locker room naked," She explained.

"Ummmmm, okay, I got to go now," Paige said when she turned around and put her towel back on.

"Paige wait, one more thing!" Charlotte called out.

"Yes?" Paige answered back.

"Nice ass!" Charlotte exclaimed.

Paige walked to her locker and saw that Sasha Banks and Natalya were still there. Sasha was wearing a T-Shirt and skinny jeans, while Natalya had on see-through yoga pants with no underwear and nothing on top. She was also digging through her bag trying to find her shirt or bra or something. Paige dropped her wet towel on the ground next to her, not even caring anymore after seeing Charlotte and now Sasha and Nattie she opened her locker and a note fell out with a hotel key taped to it. The note said, "Hey, saw your match earlier and I just wanted to hang out, come by my room tonight if your interested " The room key had a hotel room number written on it. Paige looked around trying to figure out who it could have been, but most of the other wrestlers had left by now. She dug through her bag to find out that her underwear was missing.

"Hey, who took my bra and panties?!" she yelled out.

"You too?, all of us lost our underwear, I think one of the guys must have taken them," Sasha told her.

"My shirt is gone too," Nattie told her.

"Charlotte did you do this?" Paige asked.

"What, no I can't find my shit either," She said.

"What did the other girls say?" Paige asked.

"They all said the same thing," Nattie said.

"Whatever, as long as I have my shirt and pants," Paige said.

"I don't have a shirt!" Nattie said. "Even my ring gear is gone!"

"You can have my shirt, I'll just wear my ring gear," Paige offered.

"No, you keep the shirt," She said.

"But how are you going to get out with no shirt?"

"I'll just use a towel I have another shirt in my car, Nattie said. "But thanks for the offer."

Paige and Nattie hugged then Paige turned back to her locker and got dressed.

Paige walked out to her car and drove her hotel. As she entered the elevator she reached for the button to her floor but then the key from the note fell out of her purse, she looked at it and pushed for the floor on the note. She walked to the room, took a deep breath, then walked in. There, she saw Nikki Bella sitting on the bed, watching TV she was wearing a shirt that was just long enough to cover her big ass.

"Oh, hey, I didn't think that you were going to come!" She said. "Come in, shut the door."

"Why did you invite me here?" Paige asked.

"Because I wanted to hang out with you!" Nikki replied as she took a big sip out of a beer bottle.

"Okay I don't want to stay, sorry," Paige said.

"What, why not?" Nikki asked.

"It's late, you're drunk, I'm tired," Paige said.

"C'mon we could have fun!" Nikki said.

"No I'm sorry," Paige said.

"Wait I want to show you something!" Nikki said.

"Fine," Paige said.

Nikki grabbed a black bag and unzipped it. In it was all the other girl's underwear.

"Oh shit, wrong bag!" Nikki said.

"It was you?" Paige asked. "You took everyone's clothes! Why?"

Nikki started crying. "I just miss being on the road with Brie. every night after an event we would come to our hotel and we would fuck! I still see her sometimes but it's not the same. We would always take each other's underwear to sniff them when the other was not around, but when she retired she took all her underwear back. I just needed to find something new, so I took all the other girl's underwear to try to help me feel better," She explained.

"Then why did you take Nattie's shirt?" Paige asked.

"Brie gave me a shirt once, and Nattie smelled the best." Nikki said.

"Well, you know I have to tell everyone," Paige told her.

"No, please, don't," Nikki said.

"Why not?" Paige asked.

"Just give me tonight to convince you!" Nikki said.

"Fine," Paige said.

"Great!" Nikki said as she took off her shirt and exposed her big breasts and cleanly shaven wet pussy.

"Why did you just take your shirt off?" Paige asked.

"Paige, I want to fuck you," Nikki said.

"This is how you're going to convince me?" Paige asked.

"Yes!" Nikki said.

Paige reached for a beer. "Okay," she said and chugged the whole bottle.

Nikki grabbed Paige by the shirt and tore it in half exposing her pale white perky tits and started to nibble on them. Paige let out a soft moan. soon Paige grabbed Nikki's hair and gave her a violent kiss, the two of them fell on the bed and continued to make out as Paige removed her pants. The two broke the kiss as Paige sat down with her legs spread open as Nikki leaned in and started to eat Paige's some-what hairy pussy.

Paige let out a loud moan, "Oh, fuck, Nikki, FUUuuUUUCCCccCCCCK, Oh FUCK YES!"
Nikki noticing that Paige was enjoying herself, stuck a finger in Paige's ass.


Nikki stopped eating her pussy and started to finger her pussy. "You like that, you little English slut!" Nikki said as she spat on Paige's tit.

"OH FUCK YES! DON'T STOP, HARDER. FUCK ME HARDER, BITCH, FUCK!" Paige said as she spat back at Nikki hitting her in the face. Nikki went back to eating Paige's pussy. "I WANT SOME OF YOU, BITCH!" Paige exclaimed as she turned Nikki around into the 69 position so now Paige could be eating Nikki. As Paige was eating Nikki she was grabbing her big, tan asscheeks.

Nikki got off of Paige but continued to finger her, But at the same time she reached off the bed to grab another black bag, "This is what I wanted to show you before." She said. Paige was enjoying the pleasure so much she only nodded. Nikki unzipped the bag to show her collection of dildos. "All of these have been used by me and Brie, all have been used, none have been cleaned, except this one." She pulled out a long, purple, two-sided dildo that had "For Paige" written on it. She stopped fingering Paige and put one end in Paige's pussy and one end in hers. The two crossed legs and started to thrust in and out. Paige stuck two fingers up her own ass as the two moaned as loud as they could.


"MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!" Nikki yelled. Paige came more then she had in her whole life, and Nikki soon followed. The two removed the dildo then flipped it around and deep-throated the other end sucking up the other's juices and kissing in the middle. Once they were done Nikki put her hand on her own pussy to get some of her own cum, and Paige licked the fingers that were in her ass.

"So, you're not going to tell anyone, right?" Nikki asked.

"About the sex or the underwear?" Paige asked as she winked at Nikki.

"Both," Nikki said.

"I'll keep the sex a secret, but for me to not tell about the underwear, I want your underwear, half of the underwear you took today, one used dildo that you and Brie used, for you to never take anyone's underwear again and for this to be a regular thing." Paige demanded.

"I'll do all of that, but I get to steal underwear from the people who you are taking from me, and I get to keep your underwear" Nikki argued.

"Fine, but I get to come, and I get two dildos," Paige offered.

"Okay, that's fine" Nikki said. "I love you."

"I know!"

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