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Paige's Old Man Problem Part 1
by Younglover1124

Paige looked next door and cringed. Old man Scott Hall was really moving in next door. Paige had feigned liking him in public but really she couldn't stand the old man, he was a pervert always trying to grab her phat ass whenever he would see her at the arena or try to get her to sit on his lap.

She knew her ass was perfect, phat and well rounded it truly was an amazing site so really she couldn't blame him for being a lecherous old pervert around her. Still she was pissed at the fact that Alicia Fox had let slip to Scott that the house next to Paige was for sell. Now whenever she was home from the road she would be next door to the old man.

"Better get this over with." Paige muttered to herself and walked over to the house next door. She was wearing her yoga pants with a black tank top.

"Paige!" Scott Hall said loudly, slowly walking toward her. Paige went for a light embrace only for the old pervert to grab her close to him so he could get a nice grab of her ass. Paige had to sit the for a moment before forcing herself out of his bear hug.

"Hey Scott saw you were moving in thought I would say hi." Paige told him really uncomfortable being around him.

"Yeah it was a good buy, and it has a pool. You should come over for a dip some time." The old man said staring at Paige's tits barely being held in her black tank top.

"Yeah sure maybe. Well I got some stuff to do but I'll see you around Scott."

"Yeah... Ok it sucks to say bye but I just love watching you walk away." He said drooling over her ass jiggling in her yoga pants. Paige got back to her house and closed her curtains so the old pervert couldn't see inside.

A few days later Paige was upstairs looking for her keys when she saw Scott Hall lounging by his pool. She noticed all he had on was a speedo. Normally she would be disgusted but she saw what the speedo was unable to cover. Scott's big cock it was soft but looked thick as her wrist and maybe 6" long. " Oh god how big is it hard?" She decided to head down to her fence and get a better view.

She bent down and peeked through the fence and tried to get a good look through the fence and got a better look at the monster under the yellow speedo. "So big." Paige thought. She went back to the house. She had to get a hold of his massive cock now. Quickly Paige ran upstairs and put on her most revealing bikini and put on some shades and walked over to Scott's house.

"Hey Scott." Paige said sounding a lot nicer than usual Scott noticed. "I came over to take you up on that offer to take a dip." She said in a more flirtatious way than she meant.

"Of course you are always welcome especially when you dress that sexy." Scott said licking his lips. Paige walked over to the side of the pool and purposefully bent over to let Scott see how perfect her ass really was in a thong bikini. Scott was barely able to contain himself Paige sensed.

She went over to the chair next to his and sat on the side facing him. Her shade hid her eyes from Scott as she examined his crotch. "God I bet it gets up to 10 inches when hard." Paige thought.

Here was a man older than her father sitting not five feet from her and she was barely able to keep herself away from pulling his big cock out and sucking on it.

"You want to see it?" Scott asked letting her know he knew what she was doing.

Paige was startled. "See what?" She tried to play it off.

"Oh come on you come over here teasing me in that little bikini with that phat ass, only because you want to see the monster in this speedo right?"

Paige could barely get the words out. "Yes." Scott sat up and turned to face her as he tore his speedo at the side to get it off. Paige stared in amazement at the size of it as it dangled there so thick and long still soft. And his balls were as big as tennis balls. Paige's mouth hung open.

Scott smiled to himself feeling victorious after all these years he was about to have this girl he lusted after himself wanting him just as bad. He took her shades off and motioned her get on her knees between his legs. She did as instructed and grabbed his cock at the base and lifted it up. It was becoming hard in her hand and she could feel the blood rushing to the tip as it thickened. Paige began to jerk it with her left hand slowly watching it get bigger and bigger she the put her right hand under his balls and began to lightly squeeze them.

"Damn girl you really know what you're doing." Paige felt excited that this old pervert was complimenting her on her sex skills. Paige then lowered her mouth toward the tip of this cock and put it in. The head was so big it was barely fitting in her mouth only three inches in as she kept trying to stretch her jaws. She then stopped and licked up and down the shaft from base to tip while jerking it faster til finally it was hard as a rock and too big to fit her hand all the way around. Scott stood up and his cock pointed outward but it curved to where the tip would point a little downward.

"Lay back on the chair sweetheart." Paige did as commanded as Scott got on his knees and pulled her thong to the side revealing her tight shaved pussy and ass. Scott licked his lips as he inserted his left index finger into her pussy. Paige felt his finger and began to moan her pussy was super tight and the finger was having trouble getting in. Scott the put his middle finger in and slowly began to open her up then he pushed his tongue in.

"Holy shit!" Paige nearly jumped from the chair as the oral assault hit her pussy. "Right there Scott don't stop." Scott had no intention of stopping as he continued eating her pussy. Paige had been eaten by a few guys but this old pervert knew what he was doing.

A few days ago Paige never would have guessed that she would be sitting poolside letting the old pervert Scott Hall eat her pussy after she had sucked his cock. "Oh fuck!" She screamed as she came on his face. Scott then stood up and led her into his house. They went into his bedroom as she laid down on his bed he got on the bed and sat between her legs as she took off her bikini top revealing her nice sized A cup tits. Scott leaned over and grab each one and sucked on her left tit.

"Holy shit!" Paige yelled as he lightly bit the nipple. He then reared back and settled between her thighs as he slowly pushed his horse cock to her pussy's entrance and slowly he rocked back and forth as he pushed into her until finally he was in a whole inch. Paige was sweating she got on her elbows and looked Scott in the face as he began to push more into her. "Fuck Scott it will tear me apart."

"No it won't baby I promise." Paige was believing the old pervert as he pushed more into her he could feel the walls of her pussy clutching his cock gripping it like nothing he had ever felt.

After several minutes half his cock was in and Paige was on her back panting clutching the bed sheets. Paige was fuller than ever before and it was the man she had been disgusted by the most. She looked up to see his angry glare as he pushed another inch in causing Paoge to whelp. "Eeep!"

He then pulled his cock out. Paige felt very empty and sad. "Why are you stopping."

"Oh you know I feel okay stopping here." He said smiling confidently.

"What no you haven't even cum yet." Paige was desperate want his big cock back in her.

"You really want it bad don't you baby?"

"Yes please." Paige knew Scott was in control but she didn't care she just wanted his cock.

"Tell you what if you are a good girl from now on then we can continue."

"Ok just put it back in."

"Ask like a good girl."

"Please daddy put it back in." Paige said feeling slightly humiliated that this old man had this control over her. Scott then drove his cock back in and began to work faster than ever forcing more and more into her while leaning above her. "oh fu.. fu.. fuck... yes.. daddy!" Paige tried muttering in between his thrusts. After what seemed like eternity it was done all 10" were stuffed into Paige's tight pussy. He then leaned up grabbing the back of her head as she sat on his cock with him facing her. Slowly she began to bounce in short strokes up and down his cock. While he grabbed both her ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck daddy I'm so full." Paige was in heaven as Scott laid her back down and pulled her to the edge of the bed pulling her legs up his body and began to fuck her with reckless abandon feeling his balls slap her cheeks as plowed hard into her.

"Oh daddy not so hard umph..." Scott wasn't listening she was too tight and he was going to enjoy this.

Paige continued moaning and looked worried as she held her hair she felt she would be ruined for sure when Scott's big cock was done with her. Each thrust felt harder as he kept pulling more cock out before pushing back in until finally he was pulling all the way to the tip before slamming back in again. After several minutes Scott began to feel his balls tighten he was close.

He quickly pulled out and his first shot hit Paige in the face then a steady stream began landing on her stomach it felt like a whole can of whip cream had landed on her naked body. Scott grabbed her left tit and played with it while she laid there totally spent. She didn't even notice him put his softening cock back into her pussy.

He teased her with the tip until she came again. "Oh fuck daddy yes."

"Well sweetheart I suppose you will be back later right?"

"Yes daddy I wish I knew about this cock sooner." Paige leaned up and gave it a kiss as it softened completely.

... to be continued.

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