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Paige's WrestleMania Journey
by dadud

"Please, can I borrow some clothes?" Page asked her former best friend.

Alicia just laughed, and walked away. Paige couldn't believe the Bella Twins had been so petty has to steal all her clothes. She was now searching around in the hallway outside the locker room in nothing but a towel trying to find someone who would lend her some clothes for her match with Summer Rae tonight, but she didn't exactly do her best at making friends backstage. In fact, most people back here hated her. It was close to Wrestlemania season and she couldn't afford to flake on a match this close to it. She had done her best to remain at the forefront of the division, and she knew how close she was to getting to wrestle her first match at Wrestlemania. It had always been a dream of hers growing up. Paige had gotten into the business early, and she always wanted to walk the grandest stage of them all, and she was so close to achieving this dream. If she just missed a match that she was scheduled for though, she could lose this opportunity, and have to work her way back up.

Paige then rounded the corner, and came face to face with The Authority.

"Why are you out here wearing nothing, but a towel." Triple H asked.

"The Bellas stole all my ring gear." explained Paige. "Is there any extra gear I could borrow before my match tonight?"

"All of our Superstars and Divas are responsible for their own gear." Stephanie said. "We won't be providing you with anything to wear, it's up to you to keep track of this stuff."

"Well it be okay if I don't wrestle this match then?" asked Paige, looking for a way out of this.

"Absolutely not." Said Kane. "In fact, because you were so irresponsible, I'm having a hard time believing you should even be in this business. If you don't wrestle tonight and win, you will no longer have a job here."

Paige couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"How am I supposed win a match in nothing but a towel?" Paige asked.

"Actually, only sanctioned ring gear is allowed in the ring." Stephanie explained. "You can't actually legally wrestle in a towel."

"Wait, but that means..." Paige said, as it slowly dawned on her what they were implying.

"Yes Paige." Said Stephanie. "You're going to have to wrestle and win this match, naked. That is, if you want to actually have a job here."

* * *

Paige stood backstage waiting to make her entrance still wearing the towel. Summer Rae was already in the ring, so she was just waiting for her music to hit. She couldn't believe she was actually about to go out in front of this whole crowd naked. Everyone in the crowd, and everyone watching at home was about to see her bearing it all. Paige was petrified with fear at the thought, but how could she just let her childhood dream slip away when it was so close?

Before she could think about it anymore, she heard her music hit. Paige dropped the towel to her feet, covered her pussy with one hand, and her boobs with the other, and took her first step of the longest walk of her life. As soon as she came into view of the crowd, they exploded with cheers. All Paige could think about was all the guys who would be wanking to her naked body, and she got even more embarrassed. How was she going to face everyone after this?

"Nice ass, Paige!" shouted a voice from the crowd, as Paige realized how exposed her pale backside was.

Her theme music, normally bad ass and empowering, now only served to taunt her, as Paige realized that the image did not match the music. She took a look at the crowd and for the first time, felt all the cell phones on her body, recording every inch of her to be spread around on the internet where they would stay for the rest of her life. To her surprise, she was actually getting wet because of her thoughts.

"Why is this happening?" Paige thought. "I've never been more humiliated, so why am I so turned on."

Summer Rae couldn't help but laugh at the raven haired diva. Summer Rae had no pity on the poor girl, and would gladly take this opportunity to humiliate her and end her career. Summer Rae always felt she was overlooked. Paige was the first big star out of NXT and the crowd fell in love with her. Then, after Summer moved up to the main roster, all of a sudden NXT exploded with popularity, and were now more popular then almost every girl on the main roster. It wasn't fair. She had come from the same place and worked just as hard, yet the crowd didn't give a shit about her. She was going to change all that today. She might even get to be on Wrestlemania, if she ended Paige's career right here.

Paige managed to get into the ring while still keeping herself mostly covered. As she stood facing Summer, she quickly realized that she hadn't even thought about how she was going to win this match. If she was actually wearing clothes, this would of been easy, but how was she going to do this while covering herself? Before she could think about it, the bell rung, and Summer came at her with a clothesline. Paige managed to duck the clothes line, but started realizing how slow she was moving while covering herself. She turned around and caught a kick from Summers tanned legs right to her head, and dropped to the floor.

Paige knew she could of avoided that kick, but she was completely out of it. She tried to think of a plan as she was sitting up. As she was doing this, she all of a sudden felt her arms get yanked away from the parts of her body that she so desperately wanted people not to see. Summer was pulling both of her arms behind her back while also pushing her chest forward with a foot on her back.

"No!" Screamed Paige, as she realized that the crowd could see everything. "Please don't show this to everyone."

"Then give up." Responded Summer. "Say you quit right here, and then you can leave and never show your face here again."

Paige considered the offer. She watched the cell phones of the audience flash, capturing her at her most exposed. Then she looked at the tron, which had a close view of her, that was being broadcasted to everyone watching on live TV. Then she glanced at the Wrestlemania sign. Her entire life had been dedicated to this one moment. She couldn't just give up when she was this close to achieving her goal.

"I'm not going to give up." Said Paige, firmly.

"This is about to get a whole lot worse then." Said Summer, as she grabbed both of Paige's wrist with one hand.

Summer then took her boot off of her back and moved closer to Paige's backside, until her chest was pressing against Paige's back.

"What was she doing?" thought Paige, as she saw Summers other hand reach around her front. "No way. She can't, can she?"

Summer stuck two fingers into Paige's pussy and started moving them in and out as the crowd erupted into a massive "YES" chant.

"I can see you're already wet, you slut." whispered Summer. "Are you ready to cum in front of all of these people?"

Paige was stunned. She was ready to wrestle naked, but she couldn't cum in front of all these people. She knew she wouldn't last long at this rate with how wet she was before she even started the match. She thought about everyone that was watching this, her family who got her into the business, her friends that were supporting her, and watching the WWE every week to see her reach her dream, all the enemies that wanted to see her lose her dignity. Could she really let all these people see her cum? How was she going to look everyone she knew in the eye again knowing they had seen her at her most intimate? At this point, Summer had let go of Paige's arms, she knew she didn't have the fight in her to resist anymore. Summer used her free hand to grab one of Paige's perky tits in her hand. Paige took one last look at the Wrestlemania sign, and tapped out.

The crowd let out a groan as the bell rung. Paige let out a cry when she realized what she just did. Her dream would never come true now, and her career was over in the most humiliating way. She couldn't believe it was going to end like this.

"Smart move, bitch." Whispered Summer, with her fingers still in her pussy. "You're still going to have to cum in front of the world though."

"Wait, no! you can't! Please don't do this Summer." Pleaded Paige, but it was too late.

Summers speed increased as she continued to finger bang her in the middle of the ring, as the crowd cheered. Paige couldn't fight it any longer, and gave herself up to the orgasm. Her body arched and toes curled up, as she started moaning loudly. The crowd got a good look at her pale boobs as her chest pushed out into the air. A few seconds later, Paige collapsed on the floor.

She tried to catch her breath as she realized what had just happened. The entire world had seen her cum naked as the day she was born. Her career and dignity were both ruined. Her life was over.

Summer stood up and looked at her handy work. She couldn't believe how easy this girl was to ruin. Now she was going to make the exclamation point on this brutal humiliation. She grabbed Paige's defeated body, and dragged her out of the ring.

"You don't work here anymore, bitch." She yelled, as she threw Paige into the crowd. "So you should leave with the rest of the fans."

Paige didn't have the energy to resist as Monday Night RAW went off the air with the fans groping her naked body.

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