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Pain And Pleasure
by Surfomaniac

It was Monday Night Raw on the 23rd of February, 2004 as the self proclaimed
CLB Christian made his way into General Manager Eric Bischoff's office.

"You wanted to see me Eric? Hey,but how about this? I know Chris Jericho is
out with a knee injury but he's a quick healer. So, Christian and Chris
Jericho v/s the Tag Team Champions at Wrestlemania. What do you say?"

"Christian, I appreciate friendship. But Chris Jericho? Chris Jericho is no
friend of yours. He never has been, never will be. Now, I don't appreciate
Chris Jericho for walking out on me in WCW and I sure as hell don't
appreciate him now. Now I hope Chris Jericho is watching tonight, cause
Christian, you are gonna have a match tonight against Chris Jericho's other
best buddy and that's Christian v/s Trish Stratus!!!"

Christian was totally taken aback, he had to compete against Trish Stratus
tonight? Walking out of Bischoff's room, he started thinking about the match.
He would be one on one against Trish Stratus, his best buddy Jericho's love
interest and the sexiest diva on the RAW roster. Christian always had the
hots for Trish. Trish's big, heavy chest all credit to her double D size
boobs, her round, firm ass, beautiful face and long, silky, blonde hair often
made him horny. He was so jealous of Jericho that he could be with a girl
like Trish. As he kept thinking about the match, he got hornier and thoughts
started flowing through his mind...

As Trish Stratus watched what Eric Bischoff just put her into she was totally
lost. How could she compete against Christian. Now, Christian had been all
kind to her the past few weeks, coming to her aid and getting her roses and
all but still she was in no position to get into the ring and compete against
him. She started to change into her ring attire as she stripped off her
current jeans and tee-shirt. As she stood there in her black pushup bra and
black thong panties looking at herself in the mirror, running her hand
through her sexy, long blonde hair, she kept thinking about what she could
possibly do to get out of this situation. Trish put on a tight black top, a
typical top that exposed her ample cleavage due to the pushup bra. She
adjusted her top so that the boob flesh oozed from it, not wanting to
disappoint her fan's cocks, no matter what the situation. She flipped her
hair back and admired her own beauty. Perfect. She then put on her tight
black wrestling pants, slipped it over her fabulous ass. She jumped a couple
of times, getting used to the attire as her boobs heaved. Thinking again, she
got goosebumps of entering the ring to face Christian and so with a huge sigh
she left her dressing room to meet the Creepy Little Bastard.

Christian was in his locker room, checking his hand gear, getting ready for
his match against Trish Stratus. He heard a know on the door and as her
ordered the person to enter, the blonde bombshell Trish hurried inside in a
frenzy, tits heaving due to the heavy breathing.

"Oh my God, I can't believe this" Trish splurted.

"I know".

Trish started listening to Christian, as she brushed her left hand through
her hair, her boobs right in front of Christian's gaze.

"I don't want you think that it was my idea for this match, it was Eric
Bischoff's idea".

"No, I know, I know. What could we do?"

"Hey, hey, Trish, don't think of this in any way as a competitive match,
please. I think we both know what would happen".

"God, yeah, uh-uh".

Christian took a hold of Trish's bare sexy arms as he leaned closer to her
and continued with Trish clearly not too happy of him touching her, "Listen,
Trish, the last thing I wanna do is hurt you okay? It's the complete opposite
of what I wanna do."

"Okay, okay, so what do you wanna do?"

"Oh, we'll just go out to the ring, I'll lay down and you just cover me 1-2-
3, and that's it. It's that easy, okay?"



"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive".

"Oh, thank God, oh..." Trish blurted, running her hands through her lovely

"We'll go do that, then take a shower, go back to the hotel and do whatever
you wanna do" Christian managed a quick look at Trish's ass, with her not
noticing as he continued, "and since I laid down for you, maybe you can lay
down for me"

Trish, listening to Christian's last words was foxed, "Excuse Me. What did
you just say? You're kidding right?" Trish threw a concerned glance at

"Oh, yeah, I got you. I got you. You just passed the CLT".

"The what?"

"The CLT, the Christian Love Test, you get it? I just wanted to make sure you
weren't gonna two-time my best friend, yeah? I now that I know you're not
gonna hurt Jericho, Trish, it makes me feel a lot better, okay? Alright?
Everything's gonna be fine. I'll see you out there. Okay?"

"Okay, see you out there" Trish said as she turned and left Christian staring
at her awesome rear.

"Huhhehuhehuh!!!" Trish's laughter filled the arena as she came out to her
music for her match against Christian in her hot black wrestling attire and
her long black overcoat pointing and waving to the fans.

"The following is an inter-gender match scheduled for one-fall. Introducing
first, TRISH STRATUS!" Lilian Garcia announced.

Trish entered the ring, bending down between the middle and bottom rope,
further exposing her cleavage to the wanting fans. She started her
traditional point towards the fans in the ring.

Christian's music then hit the arena as the CLB made his way to the ring.

"And from Toronto, Canada, CHRISTIAN!" Lilian completed her part.

Trish stood in the ring, hands over hips, a concerned look across her hot,
sexy face.

Christian entered the ring and straight away mentioned to Trish and the ref
that he is just going to lay down for the pin. The ref declared to ring the
bell, as Trish and Christian once again discussed the routine. Christian laid
down on his back in the middle of the ring as Trish kneeled down to cover him
with her sexy and voluptuous body. As soon as Trish's boobs rested on
Christian, his cock tingled. The ref started the three count and as he
reached two, Christian kicked out ferociously causing Trish to fly off his
body. Trish, scared shit, stood up straight and stared at Christian,

"What happened, bitch, you scared? Scared to face a man, Trish?"

"Hey, you're sick. You were supposed to help me out. You, you, know what,
forget it, am out of here".

Trish started walking out, disgusted, as the CLB slapped her perfect butt on
her way out.

"Whaaa..." Trish turned, infuriated, holding her slightly smarting ass. "You
wanna do this eh..."

Before Trish could complete, Christian took her out with a huge clothesline,
knocking the wind out of the bombshell. Trish lay there in the centre of the
ring, dazed. Christian stood over her fallen, curvaceous body as he grinned
wickedly. Trish groaned in pain as the effects of the clothesline were felt.
Christian, after mocking the babe, picked her up by the head and got the
dazed Trish back on her feet. Getting a good hold of Trish's beautiful face
in his hands he leaned over and whispered "I'm gonna get you, bitch. This is
my day. I'm gonna fuck you, Trish". Saying this, he let go off her haed,
grabbed her feat and pulled them as Trish tumbled backwards on the mat.
Inspite of Trish screaming for mercy, Christian rolled her over and locked
her in the Walls of Jericho, Chris Jericho's submission move. Trish started
screaming in agony as her lower back felt the entire pressure of the
submission move. She valiantly tried to reach for the ropes as Christian
pulled her again to the middle of the ring and increased the pressure. Trish
not able to withstand the pain any longer, tapped out. Christian, filled with
lust, continued to keep the hold on as he trapped Trish in the submission
move, almost snapping her back apart and hurting her legs. Trish kept
slamming the mat with her hands, holding her head in her hands, screaming as
the pain was unbearable. Christian increased the pressure, wanting to hurt
Trish as hard as possible. Trish, moaning and screaming, thought she would
pass out from the pain when finally Christian let go off her, but Trish was
already broken in half. As Christian wickedly grinned at her broken body
before leaving the ring, Trish laid there in the ring, helpless, before the
paramedics helped her back to her locker room, Trish barely being able to
walk straight.

* * *

Trish found herself waking in a hotel room barely able to move as her lower
back and thighs hurt bad. Trish looked around the unfamiliar room as the door
open and Christian walked in. Trish, a bit groggy through the medication,
yelled "Help, go away, help, please, go .. Help".

"Relax Trish, relax. Am not here to hurt you anymore, just pleasure you babe.
The pain is past, it's time to now pleasure the three time Babe of the Year.
Relax" Christian reached across Trish and ran his hands through her hair.
"Now, Trish, now you will know what it's like to be fucked by a real man, not
a lousy piece of shit like Chris Jericho. Bet he couldn't satisfy the sexual
needs of a woman of your nature. Just relax Trish as I fuck you senseless and
pleasure your body".

"No, no, get away, go, Help" Trish's cries die down as she was still feeling
the effects of the medication and Christian's touches on her face and arms.

"Relax Trish, Relax!" Christian slowly started ripping the gown that was
covering Trish's perfect body. He ripped it right through the middle and
exposed Trish's nude body, her huge tits pointing upwards and perfectly
shaven pussy perfectly pink. Christian lifted Trish on her feet as her back
ached again. Christian took Trish's face in his hands as he kissed her lips
and smooched the blonde bombshell. Christian sucked and licked Trish's lips
as he feasted on her face running his hands through her hair, feeling the

"Hmm...hmmmm..." Trish moaned a bit, clearly not thinking right due to her
numb mind as she kissed him back. Christian thoroughly enjoyed Trish's face,
kissing her pouty lips, inserting his tongue in her mouth. He got his hands
to rest on her big firm tits as he caressed her tit-flesh, pinching her brown
large nipples making them hard. He felt all over her tits and back as her
pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her neck all over.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." Trish moaned as the pain in her
body was now being mixed with pleasure from Christian worshipping her 5'4"
curvaceous and voluptuous body. Christian moved to Trish's back and ran his
hands along her boobs, abs and crotch as he kissed her neck and inhaled her
hair. With his left hand he massaged Trish's knockers as he moved his right
hand against her perfect ass cheeks and slapped them hard.

"Aaaahhhh, Aaaahhhhh" Trish moaned her numb mind confused in between pain and
pleasure. He rested Trish's body back on the soft bed. Trish, clearly lost,
moved around the bed, moaning. Christian moved in on her crotch and spat over
her pussy as he inserted his index and middle finger inside her cunt and
started finger fucking Trish. "Aaaaahhhhhh, Ooohh, Aaaaahhhh" the busty diva
moaned as her privates were invaded. Christian continued rubbing Trish's
pussy, flicking her clit, pushing his fingers deeper and deeper in the pink
Stratusfying flesh. Trish had her eyes closed and her face had the mixture of
pain due to the earlier ass-kicking and current sexual pleasure. Christian
looked into Trish's beautiful face, her hair framing the sensual expressions
as his cock rapidly hardened to its full 10 inches. Christian spread Trish's
legs apart exposing her pussy and ass completely. He started finger fucking
faster as he lowered his head to lick Trish's asshole. He started rolling his
tongue round and round Trish's anal hole while massaging her pink pussy with
his fingers.

Trish moaned loud. Christian inserted another finger inside her cunt as her
pussy started to moisten. "Yeah, Trish, yeah baby, let me pleasure you, you
teasing bitch" Christian started talking dirty as he resumed his ass licking.
Removing his fingers from her cunt he lifted her right leg over his shoulder
as he licked her delicious pussy and started a slow and steady tongue
fucking. He lapped all the initial juices that Trish's turned on body were
emitting and feasted on her pink pussy. Trish lay back on the bed, grabbing
her right boob and playing around with it, her head rolled back. She was
feeling the pain in her lower back and thighs but the activities being
performed on her sensitive vagina were taking control over her as she kept
letting out her loud moans. Christian returned his attention to Trish's
perfect, tight ass licking the hole again, round and round. Trish, suddenly
aware of her now free and wet pussy started rubbing her cunt with her right
hand, massaging it thoroughly. As Trish continued pleasuring her own pussy,
Christian slightly invaded her ass further, slipping his left index finger
gently through her butt hole. He started a slow finger fucking on her ass
inserting his finger deeper into Trish's ass. Trish, seeming to like this
latest feeling on her ass let out another moan as she fastened her own
masturbation. Christian turned his finger around Trish's ass, digging into
it, fucking it fine. He finally had his cock aching, checking Trish's
expressions, seeing Trish masturbate, with him having control of her ass. It
was such a sight. The overly proud Trish Stratus, the desire of millions, the
sexiest woman on the planet was in his control.

Trish, laid back on the bed, continued massaging her clit as her pussy was
now very wet. Christian, enjoying his full control over the blonde haired,
big boobed tease started his dirty talks again, "There Trish, there, take it
you slut, oh hear your moans, you like it don't you, bitch. You're just
another babe whoring her tits around you can't resist some good hot fucking.
I have my fucking finger up your ass Trish. You're getting violated by the
CLB, you tease".

Trish, now completely into the sexual frame of mind, moaned in total
pleasure. Christian now inserted two fingers up Trish Stratus' ass fucking
the perfect rear. As he kept violating her perfect ass Trish could only moan
MMMMMMMMMM AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". Trish's legs were up in the air as Christian
took out his tongue and started licking the underside of her left thigh. He
licked her thigh flesh all over, continuing to finger fuck her ass. He licked
and tasted Trish's thighs and ass cheeks hearing her moan in her sexy voice.
Taking his fingers out he held them in front of Trish's inviting mouth
causing her to suck on them, tasting her own gorgeous ass, getting Trish's
mouth ready for a blowjob. Christian rested himself on the edge of the bed as
he positioned Trish on her knees in between his legs, his hard cock pointing
straight at her pouty lips, her beautiful, long, silky, blonde hair gribbed
by him in a ponytail. Trish, now fully turned on, opened her mouth and took
Christian's rock hard cock in as she wrapped her large and beautiful lips
around it and started to bob her head up and down. Trish caught the base of
Christian's cock in a tight grip as her head was being handled by him getting
the perfect, wet blowjob he'd always desired from Trish's hot, sexy, fuck
face. Trish wrapped her lips tightly around his cock, sucking and blowing
perfectly on his cock, taking it deep inside her mouth.

Christian's time to moan as he saw Trish's perfect face taking his entire
cock in, down her throat. Pulling her head off his cock, he took hold of his
large, hard cock and started to slap it on Trish's lips and tongue, her
cheeks and over her face. He treated Trish's entire face to some hard slaps
from his hard cock enjoying the sensation. Again slapping it around her
tongue he pushed his cock back in Trish's mouth and laid flat on his back,
making Trish to all the work. Trish Stratus rested her hands on each side of
Christian as she hammered her free head up and down Christian's rock hard
cock. She ferociously started sucking on his cock with her experienced mouth
as her pretty eyes stared at Christian. Christian used his left hand to slide
it inside Trish's hair, getting a god hold off her head, holding it steady as
he held the base of his cock in his right hand and thrusted his hips in order
to give Trish a good face fucking. Trish's pretty face was with her mouth
wide open as Christian freely fucked her face. Christian stood up to fuck
Trish's face harder as the blonde babe just kneeled steady in front of him,
her mouth wide open, allowing Christian to fuck her divine face. Christian
invaded the inside of her cheeks before finally withdrawing his cock,
slapping Trish's face again with it. He then again laid back on the bed, his
rock hard cock pointing straight up.

"It's time for the ultimate pleasure Trish, c'mon and fuck yourself on my
cock. Sit on it, Trish".

Trish Stratus, extremely horny, climbed on the bed, turning away from
Christian, positioning her pussy over his cock as the blonde cocktease
lowered her body on his cock taking in inside her wet, pink pussy. With her
legs spread wide apart, one on each side of Christian, she held his legs with
her hands and started to rock her body on Christian's cock. Her back ached
but she didn't care. All she cared about was that she had a long, hard cock
in her pussy and needed to fuck it good. Trish maneuvered her body up and
down hard over Christian's cock, slamming her pussy on his cock. Her pussy
tightened over his cock as she started jumping up and down his shaft in a
great rhythm, her boobs bouncing, her hair flying. Christian grabbed Trish's
ass as he helped her body up and down as Trish was getting herself fucked

"Oh Fuck Yeah, Trish. Yeah, slam that body over my cock. Told you I'd
pleasure your fine body, you sexy slut. Always, knew you were a slut Trish"
Christian started, forcing Trish on his cock harder by her ass.

pleasure as her body slammed against Christian's dick. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM went
Trish riding Christian's pole, her beautiful hair framing her face, her boobs
glistening in the sweat. Trish, taking 10 inches of cock meat in each thrust,
was totally lost in the sex. The sound of the bed creaking loudly due to her
movements were accompanied with her loud moans and Christian slapping her ass
hard. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP he went turning her round, perfect butt
red. Trish's long hair was all over her face as Christian grabbed her hands
and held them behind her back as she continued to get her pussy fucked by his
large cock. "AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH" she moaned as the rhythm of
their fucking was perfect, 10 inches of man meat entering and leaving the
cavity of sex that is Trish Stratus' love hole. With her hands in Christian's
hold, the sensations going through her pussy were putting her over the edge
as she gritted her teeth and moaned in pleasure as she approached her first
orgasm of the night. Trish' pussy exploded over Christian's cock, her juices
flowing freely drenching his cock in her cum.

screamed in pleasure. Christian had a look of determination on his face as
Trish's latest screams made him fuck her harder pulling her arms down,
screwing her wet cunt.

Getting Trish off his cock, he positioned her on the bed as he lifted her
right leg in his hands and pushed his cock back in her sensitive and open
pussy, leaving Trish pulling at her hair. Trish grabbed the edge of the bed
with both her hands as Christian started fucking her cunt at an amazingly
fast pace, he was all charged from the fact of fucking Trish. Trish bit her
lips and was so filled with pleasure that her moans were now almost silent.
Christian was fucking her cunt with all the force he could gather, rocking
her world with his 10 inches of man meat.

"HMMMMPPHHH, HMMMPPHH, HMMMPPHH" he grunted as he slam-fucked Trish Stratus.
The impact of his body hitting her ass was making loud noises as Trish was
totally fucked up. She just laid back and enjoyed the fuck she was getting
with silent moans and the occasional grunt. Wanting to now seriously fuck the
senses out of Trish, Christian turned the tease on her hands and knees, then
pushed her down so that it was only her ass and pussy facing up, the rest of
her body leaning against the soft bed. With this he positioned his cock and
pierced her open and now fucked up pussy as he started slamming his body
against Trish's rear, fiercely fucking the multiple time Women's Champion
doggy style. He stood up on the bed and used all his power to fuck Trish's
pussy putting a lot of force in every thrust. He got a hold of her hips as
her pulled her body towards himself fucking her with a fast pace.

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Trish could only moan as her eyes rolled
above, her mouth left wide open. Christian pushed on her back so that her
stomach and tits were pushed against the bed and slammed her wet pussy with
such a force, that Trish couldn't control it and her body let out another
huge orgasm. Trish rocked against Christian's cock as her body shook hard.
Christian grabbed her left shoulder with his left hand and pulled her head
behind grabbing her beautiful hair in his right hand as he totally screwed
her now thoroughly dripping pussy. Pulling her hair back he positioned her in
a kneeling position in front of him, he kneeled as well, his cock right up
her pussy, grabbed both her hands behind her back and started his fierce
fucking again as Trish's world rocked against his cock. Pulling her hair
behind he thrust inside her fucked up pussy.

As Trish's body rocked again and again on his cock, he felt his need to cum,
quickly turned Trish around exiting her pussy and pointing his cock against
her sexy face.

..." he screamed as he unloaded a large amount of cum right on Trish's pretty
face, covering her eyes, nose, chin, lips and some in her hair. As he
climaxed over Trish's face she took all his cum over her face not protesting
a bit.

positioned his cock in between her large tits, held them together and fucked
them a bit, cleaning his cock in the process.


Trish could only mutter a submissive moan as she lay on the bed in pain and

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