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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Scarlett Bordeaux (Indies, ROH), Adam Rose (WWE), Dolph
Ziggler (WWE), Zack Ryder (WWE).

Party Like A Rosebud
A WWE/indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage following the taping of the episode of WWE Superstars to air on June 12, 2014, the resident Show Off of the WWE, Dolph Ziggler is smirking following a victory over Titus O'Neal on the show, making his way backstage towards the locker room area. He's clad in his tight trunks that only the
ever-cocky hunk could pull off, a layer of sweat over his athletic body from the hard fought contest.

However, as he heads along, he's suddenly cut off when coming bouncing past him is a giant bunny rabbit. Specifically, a person clad in a big rabbit costume that is a signature member of the Rosebuds - the party posse of Adam Rose. Pausing to watch the bunny rush down the corridor, Ziggler sees it entering the locker room just down the hall way. "I'm gonna save the JBL and Cole Show some episodes and do some rabbit hunting myself..." An annoyed Ziggler says to himself, making his way down towards that door.

Just as he's about to enter, something else grabs his attention as the distant humming of a catchy sounding tune rings out down the hall-way. Turning, Dolph soon has an answer in a sight he didn't exactly expect, but is pleased to see anyway. Indeed, it's the party-animal of the WWE himself,
the handsome and flamboyant Adam Rose, fresh off a victory himself and still clad in snug black ring attire with rose decorations and a lollipop hanging from his mouth.

The person with him is who Ziggler is focusing more on however, as she's one of the Rosebud posse who accompanied Rose to the ring for the match, herself no stranger to the wrestling world in the independent circuit. The former Hoopla Hottie for ROH, and a valet and wrestler for many other
promotions in Scarlett Bordeaux, the gorgeous beauty with long two-toned hair of bright red and blonde is clad in cut off jean shorts that fit to her juicy, shapely ass, and a starts and stripes bra-top that shows off her sexy, perfectly sized tits.

"I like the looks of this party..." Dolph says to himself, watching her breasts bounce away with every step she takes as she energetically walks alongside the leader of the Rosebuds.

Coming to a stop in front of Ziggler, Rose gives him a smile, turning and giving Bordeaux that look before back to the other Superstar. "Hello there mate. We're looking for a furry friend of ours. Giant rabbit, big floppy ears. Plays Hungry Hungry Hippos like a champ." Adam says as a smirking
Scarlett hangs off his arm, giving Ziggler a seductive look over. "Can't have a full party without him, so me and the lovely Scarlett here.

"Rabbit huh..." Ziggler pauses, acting like he's thinking over the question when he's really just checking out the stunning Rosebud. "Oh yeah, that guy! I saw the guy, the rabbit... Whatever it is, just go into here..." He motions towards the door.

Gleefully, Bordeaux rushes forwards and pushes the door open with the two Superstars following behind. However, instead of any rabbit or costume, they find only another WWE Superstar in Zack Ryder, clad in only a pair of jeans with his nicely muscular upper body exposed as he appears to be
dressing, quickly dropping a bulky travel bag down to the floor.

"Bro? Are you serious?" Ryder questions to the group. "Not knocking before you come in? That's just rude..." He says, trailing off slightly as he locks onto the gorgeous sight of the female in front of him that makes him start to smile. "Second thoughts... You're more than welcome in babe." He
adds with a nod.

"Awwww... I wanted to party with the bunny!" Scarlett pouts cutely, folding her arms over her sizable chest.

"It was here! I swear!" Ziggler claims, moving into the room and looking around, before turning to Ryder. "You saw him right? The giant damn rabbit!"

"...I have no idea what you're talking about, Bro." Zack says, rather suspiciously pushing his travel bag under the bench in the locker room with his foot.

"Hmmm... Sounds to me like you..." Adam says, taking his lollipop and using it to point at Ziggler. "Need to stop being such a lemon, and try being more of a Rosebud." He states, pointing towards the smirking babe beside him as she looks over both the other two studs.

"Being a Rosebud?" Dolph smirks for a moment, then sees the look that she's giving him. "Looks to me like she doesn't want to be Rosebud... She wants a piece of the Show Off..."

"Well, that is what I said..." Rose says casually, giving her a firm spank on the ass. "Go on love, let's show these two how to really party."

"Absolutely!!" Bordeaux all too eagerly agrees, moving forward and up to the WWE Superstars, lowering herself down to her knees in front of Ziggler as she reaches up, boldly pulling down his tights to reveal an already lengthy looking dick that she takes a hold of, starting to pump it up and down.

"Mmmm... Now this is a damn party I can get into..." Dolph says with a smirk, moaning as her quick jerking motion is getting him hard in no time at all.

"No way a Broski like me is gonna turn down a piece of this!" Zack says, as he pushes his jeans down to let loose his equally lengthy tool, and is pleasantly surprised when she reaches up and takes a hold of him so she can jerk him off at the same time.

"See lads? When you're a Rosebud and take a trip on the Exotic Express..." Rose states, almost skipping over to the group as he's now also used the time to get undressed, still holding onto his lollipop as his hardening cock that is also nicely fat and lengthy is shown off. "It's party time..."

"All the time!!" Scarlett gleefully says with a smile, licking her lips as she gives both Dolph and Zack a couple more firm pumps to make sure they are nice and hard before she shifts herself, now reaching over to grip the leader of the Rosebuds with one hand and still hold Ryder in the other.

"See? Lovely girl..." The resident party-lover of the WWE says with a grin as the busty babe takes a hold of his and Ryder's cocks, stroking them as she leans her head in and slaps her tongue against the tip of Ziggler's dick, so there's smiles all around as she works over all three hunks at the
same time with smooth hands and her nicely wet tongue.

"You see, once you're a Rosebud... Mmmmm... You're always a Rosebud..." He adds, placing the lollipop back into his mouth to swirl it around his mouth, watching as Scarlett pumps her head briskly up and down his dick and the one of the Long Island Iced Z, while doing some swirling off her own as
she drags her tongue all the way around the crown of the shaft of the Show Off to make them moan and be rock hard.

"Mmmmm... Buddy, trust me... Ahhhh... I'm already the Show Off around here..." The former World Heavyweight Champion states with a moan as she parts her lips, taking his thick length into her mouth as she starts to suck him off, groaning around his meat as she bobs her two-toned, strawberry blonde haired head along his shaft.

"I don't need to be anything else... Mmmmm! But the show stealer I am..." He groans, smirking as he watches her raise and lower her head onto his rod at an already quick and steady pace, showing how much of a fun loving, party girl she is as she's quickly gotten into blowing him, more than
easily handling half of his size already as she works herself back and forth along his inches. At the same time, she keeps her soft hands stroking away at the other two men around her, not missing a beat as she handles all three of their cocks to deliver a couple of handjobs and a hot blowjob all
at once.

"Ahhhh... She's a total babe bro! You've got to love it..." Zack states, groaning as her hand slides back and forth along his shaft as she jerks off Rose with her other hand, and keeps her lips tightly wrapped around the just as fat and long member she's sucking on in front of her, her long hair
slightly swaying from the steady motion her head is doing to blow him.

"Would never have gotten footage of this... Mmmm... On my online show I used to do..." He adds, taking a look at her nicely sized tits filling out her stars and stripes bra top as she keeps her hands pumping along the rods in her grasp, while at the same time bobbing her head up and down on the
cock she's taking deep into her damp and warm mouth, leaving a layer of saliva on Ziggler's tool in the process.

"Broski, I mean seriously? Ahhhh... What are you rabbiting on about?" Dolph questions as Bordeaux switches targets, now taking Adam's dick into her soothing mouth and placing her hand onto the man meat she'd just been sucking off, her fingers getting sticky from her own saliva as she starts
stroking him and now working her head up and down on the length of the man who "tours" on the Exotic Express.

"Nobody even remembers that show... Ahhhh... Any more man..." He adds, his attention more on the gorgeous beauty kneeling before him as she jerks him and Ryder off while blowing the smirking, party-loving Superstar with an energetic pace to take his inches deep into her mouth, showing she doesn't
seem to be a stranger to taking on a group of hung guys on before.

"Mmmmm... Relax now lads... Ahhhh... I don't want any lemons ruining this party..." Rose states as he points his lollipop at the two hunks being jerked off by the busty babe they're surrounding, before he moans and smiles down at her, watching as her pretty face pushes down smoothly onto his manhood before swiftly rising back up and all too eagerly repeating the motion as she groans around his tool.

"Oooh! I know... Mmmmm... Maybe you chaps would like to share my lollipop?" He offers, even as he's made to groan in delight from her pouty lips grinding back and forth along his impressive size, his shaft now also getting a pleasurable coating of her saliva from how experly she's been dishing out this blowjob.

"Mmmm... No offense bro, but I'd rather just share this babe between us..." Ryder says, stepping back slightly when Rose moves the hand holding is sweet towards his face, leaving the former Hoopla Hottie of ROH to move her hand to brush back her long, stylish flaming hair as she continues to bob
her head up and down on the dick of the Superstar she accompanied to the ring for the night's taping of WWE Main Event.

"Hey bro! This is supposed to be a party? I'm dying to let this babe get a taste of the real Long Island Iced Z!" He states, licking his lips with a grin as he watches her suck off Rose while keeping her hand steadily jerking off Ziggler to keep them both moaning, her own groans bouncing off of the man meat that's she's stuffing into her mouth while she keeps her full lips wrapped firmly around him for a top notch, clearly experienced blowjob.

"Awwww... What's the matter mate? Mmmmm... Feeling left out?" Adam pouts as he looks over to Ryder, stepping back to pull out of her mouth before prancing in typical style over to him. "Go on then mate, go over and get your dick sucked. Hop to it!" He adds with a big, toothy smile.

"Bro... I don't know what you're talking about..." Zack denies as he rather quickly moves back across, finding Bordeaux now positioned on her hands and knees as Zigger has taken the initiative to slide her jean shorts down her smooth legs, revealing her stunning ass and shaved pussy.

"Hope you're not just going to stare..." Scarlett teases as she sways her stunningly rounded ass from side to side as Dolph moves down into position behind her, before she turns her attention to the front as Ryder also moves down so his cock is pointing right at her face. "For me? Don't mind if I
do..." She says with a playful smile, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue for an open invitation.

"My thoughts exactly... Time to Show Off..." Dolph states with a smirk as he guides his dick into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." The indy scene valet and wrestler moans, feeling one WWE Superstar dick entering into her snug but already wet pussy from behind while she another slides into her mouth from the front, spit roasting her with thick, sports entertainment cock that she's all too eager to take and
making her groan with pleasure before of them begin thrusting into her.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmmm!" She moans again, not giving either stud the chance to begin as she jump starts this threesome position, rocking her body back and forth between them as she bobs her head along Zack's cock to take him between her full, pouty lips, and pushes her shapely ass back against
Dolph's shaft to work him in and out of her snatch.

"Mmmmm! Awwwww yeah bro... This is siiiiiick!!" The former Tag Team and United States Champion nods his head with a grin, performing his signature fist pumping gesture as he watches the red and blonde-haired beauty work her head smoothly up and down on his fat pole, keeping her tongue sliding along the underside for that added pleasure.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh! Sign me up for a trip... Mmmm! On the Exotic Express any day!" He adds between moans, watching the starlet for ROH and AAW effortlessly suck on his rod while at the same time keeping her tanned body sharply working back to take the steady pumps from behind, another show of
how much she loves to "party" as she handles a cock in both ends yet manages to move herself against their shafts like this is second nature to her.

"Ahhhh... I'm sure you've got a free pass... Or make that a costume..." The former Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner states as he grips her toned waist and uses a series to stiff and steady pumps to send his cock deep into her wet and snug pussy, watching her sexy ass moving towards him and them smoothly away as she keeps herself rocking between him and the other hung hunk who is sandwiching her.

"Mmmmm!! Wouldn't it be hard to screw a chick wearing... Ahhhh! That get up anyway??" He questions with a smirk, only half caring about a response as he's quite rightly more focused and driving his shaft deep into the fantastic feeling pussy of the occasional ROH ring announcer on her hands and knees in front of him, showing his own skill as he uses this swift and forceful motion to work most of his inches right up into her to keep them both moaning.

"The Hell Bro? You trying... Ahhhh! To throw me off here?" A clearly aggravated Ryder says, even as he's still groaning thanks to the plump set of lips that are sliding back and forth along his pole, staying tightly pressed around him as she keeps her head bobbing on his man meat, leaving
him with more than a generous amount of saliva all over him from her skilled blowjob.

"Mmmmm!! Not cool Bro... Ahhhh... That's worse than Bad News from Barrett..." He moans, watching as the stunning babe in front of him continues to take his member deep into her mouth, rocking her body against the pumps she's taking balls deep now into her snatch from behind before moving herself sharply forward, working her head down further onto the cock she's sucking off and then repeating the motion.

"Now now lads... Don't be a couple of lemons... Be a couple of Rosebuds!" Rose says with another toothy grin, more than happy to stand back and watch as one of his latest Rosebud posse beauties is double teamed by two of his fellow WWE Superstars, as she's fucked doggy style from behind while she
blows the other one and all the while giving as good as she's getting.

"Maybe you want a lollipop now? I've got raspberry, strawberry... Oooooh, I've got a carrot one too! They're awfully healthy you know..." He rambles on, just about heard over the moans that Ryder and Ziggler are letting out as the former feels the head of his dick touching the back of Bordeaux's
warm and wet mouth, while the latter gets the erotic sensations of his balls smacking against her tanned skin when he drives in all his inches into her still snug but quite noticeably wet pussy.

"Mmmmm... What? Uh, no Bro... I uh... Ahhhhh... I'm good Bro..." Zack says, giving the party-loving Superstar a weirded out look as he enjoys another couple of deep sucks the babe in front of him.

"Ahhhhh... Fucking hot pussy..." Dolph says with approval, pulling out of her snatch as she moves back to stand up. "Hey Rose, how about you show us how a Rosebud like this "rides" on the Exotic Express?" He says to Rose as he moves across the locker room, moving over to his travel bag.

"No way a lemon could think of a party trick like that..." A grinning Adam says as he moves forward, already going to lay down and suddenly finding his Rosebud now moving over onto him.

"I was hoping I'd get a chance to ride the Exotic Express..." Scarlett says with a seductive lick of her lips, lowering herself down onto his tool with a moan as she places her hands forward onto his chest.

"Mmmmm!! Yes, just like that... Oooooh look Zack! She's bouncing up and down, just like a bunny!" The flamboyant and handsome grappler states, resting his head in his arms behind his head as he watches the tanned body of the two-toned haired beauty moving smoothly and swiftly on his thick shaft and she rides him, causing herself to moan out as she soon takes him all in to the base, her skin crashing into his to make a sexy slapping sound ring out around the room.

"Ahhhhh... I love bunnies! Always have one at a party... Mmmmm... That's what I say..." He adds with a moan, again putting the lollipop back into his mouth as he lets the Rosebud do all the work, her large breasts bouncing away in her tight bra top in time with the quick up and down motion she's using with her tight, slick pussy as she moves herself up to just over the half-way point on his member before sharply dropping right down with a groan.

"MMMM!! Ooooooh Adam!! Mmmmm yes! I... MMMPHH!!" Bordeaux's moaning cry was soon muffled when Ryder stepped back in, sliding his dick back into her mouth to be blown again, and she's all too happy to wrap those full lips around his meaty length, slurping loudly and without shame as she gets her head rocking steadily one more time. As impressive as it is as she rides one hung stud while blowing another, she soon has a third sensation to deal with that makes her groan deeply. Ziggler from behind the group has begun to lube up her juicy booty, smirking as he pours liquid from the bottle of sex lubricant he got from his bag onto his finger, and is working that digit in and out of her vice-like feeling asshole.

"Mmmmph!!! Mmmmm... MMMM!!" She still moans away, eyes closing as she keeps on bouncing on the former NXT star underneath her and keeps her head rocking back and forth on the the former Edgehead she's sucking off, but now is pushing her ass back against the finger-banging she's taking, a sign that she certainly doesn't object to some anal play during sex.

"Yeah, I can damn well tell this chick wants to "party"..." The former United States and Intercontinental says cockily, stroking his length to rub in some lube onto himself as he moves in, pushing his dick into her stunning booty, letting out a moan as the head is forced into her very
tight hole, causing her to groan and rock back in response to the invasion.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Guess she doesn't party... Mmmm... With Superstars much..." He adds with a smirk, gripping her full cheeks as he eases his tool in and out of her asshole, his moans showing how much he's loving how snug her back passage is as he starts to steadily work his member into her juicy ass, the task made that much more easier and more pleasurable as she pushes herself backward against his pumps.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh... Bro, she can come down to Long Island... Ahhhhh! And party any time..." The man who once claimed to be the WWE Internet Champion moans out, grinning as he watches the beautiful indy scene worker bob her bright, long and stylish haired head along almost all of his meaty pole, leaving it lathered with her saliva from the repeated, quick, and clearly far from novice motion. She's moaning herself, her beginning to sweat body rocking between the three hung hunks that she's taking in all of her holes as she bounces on the one deep in her snatch, sucks on the one she's near deep
throating, and is firmly pushing back against the one pumping into her ass from behind.

"No joke... Mmmmm!! I'm not being bunny... Funny! Ahhhhh..." He groans as he enjoys the feeling of her pouty lips grinding back and forth along his inches as she all too easily takes his pole deep into her oral hole, her saliva dripping down onto his balls and off his shaft as she briskly works
her head along his rod, her own groans of lust muffled around that fat cock she's blowing hungrily.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh... Lovely girl isn't she?" Rose smiles, his gaze following her large, bouncing tits as they look ready to burst out of her stars and stripes bra top as she continues to use this impressive, intense pace to ride his cock while she also handles another dick with her warm and wet
mouth, and takes one into her booty as the hunk behind her stuffs himself deeper with every firm thrust into her.

"Tells me she does a trick with Hoopla... Mmmm! I love a good party trick..." He adds between groans, raising his head up to shake his hair a little as his cock is taken all the way to the base by one of his Rosebuds who accompanied him to the ring, and is now driving herself with a swift rhythm up and down on his manhood as two of his fellow sports entertainers have their cocks deep into her sexy ass and soothing mouth at the same time.

"Ahhhh... Fuck, that's an ass I could hook up with... Mmmm! Any night..." Dolph says with a groan, pulling his cock out of her butt and giving it a firm spank for good measure.

"Mmmm!! Bro... Let me tap that ass... Ahhhh! And I'll show her how we party over in Long Island..." Zack says, wiping sweat from his forehead as he steps back to take his dick out of her moaning mouth.

"MMMM!! Oooooooh Adam!!" Scarlett groans with a gasp as she comes to a stop, grinding her snatch down onto Rose's crotch. "MMMMM... No one throws a party like you!!"

"Ahhhhh... So nice of you to say so..." Adam says with a smile. "Now pop your top off love, and go let these lads get a full Exotic Express experience." He adds, helping to push her all the way up and off of his tool.

"My pleasure Adam... That's what a Rosebud does best!" She says with a seductive wink, unclasping and peeling away her bra top to reveal her gorgeous, tanned and nicely sized tits as she moves over to Ryder who's now laying down on the floor, grinning as he quickly used the break to lube his dick up with some more of the lubricant from the bottle. The woman nicknamed The Perfect Ten lowers her certainly perfect and then some body down to ease his dick into her asshole with a groan, leaning back with her arms as her long, red and blonde hair hangs down as she spreads her legs wide for this squatting position to take him in deep.

"MMMM... Oooooooh FUCK!! AHHHHH..." She moans as the former host of Z! True Long Island Story kicks this position off, starting to thrust up into her stunning, juicy ass as he grips her waist, groaning himself as he experiences just how tight her back passage is, despite the previous deep fucking she'd just taken back there moment ago.

"Now now, a true Rosebud doesn't just play with one guest all on his own..." Rose says as he wags his lollipop at her, moving in to lift her smooth legs up over his shoulders as he pushes his lengthy tool back into her snatch, still holding the sweet in his fingers as he begins to thrust his shaft deeply and firmly into her still nicely snug but dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmm... You can't have a party... MMMM... all on your lonesome ownsome..." He sighs with pleasure, placing the lollipop back into his mouth as he steadily plunges his cock in and out of her love tunnel, making her groan and jolt as she's suspended off the floor completely now with just her
hands placed back on the hunk with his cock deep in her ass underneath her, and now her legs draped over the stud banging her pussy with clearly experienced thrusts.

"No need for you guys to keep rabbiting on like this..." The WWE's cocky but handsome Show Off says as he moves back in at her side, turning her head and taking advantage of the ROH ring announcer's open moaning mouth so he can shove his meaty pole straight in, groaning with a grin as she doesn't hesitate to wrap her full and pouty lips right around him and start to suck him off.

"Awwww fuck!! She's going... Mmmmm... Straight ass to mouth?? AHHHHH... You can sure pick these Rosebuds, Rose..." He groans again, watching as she shows no issue with blowing the cock that's just been banging her deep up her ass, her cries of pleasure muffled by the man meat as she takes him
deep and tastes her own booty off of those thick inches. He reaches down, taking another open opportunity to feel up and squeeze her sizable breasts as they bounce from the jolting motion her body is doing, as yet again she's stuffed full in each of her holes with dick, her ass and pussy
getting hammered while she sucks away on the cock she's already almost deep throating even just moments after starting on it.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh FUCK!! Quit it with the wise cracks Bro!!" The proud native of Long Island groans as he keeps his dick pumping straight up into the juicy, very tight ass of the Chicago, Illinois beauty, keeping a firm grip of her toned and tanned waist so she stays suspended up above him, both her
lower holes being stuffed full with thrusting, fat dick to make her moan and sweat.

"AHHHH... Can't we just... MMMM... Nail this hottie and party on??" He's able to moan out, sweat also coating his muscular frame as he grunts with every deep pump into her booty, trying to fit every inch of his length into her that he can, seeing her ass cheeks jiggle in response to his pumps and her own jolting motion from getting fucked in her wet snatch and rocking her head back and forth on the dick she's sucking on at the same time.

"MMMM!! Quite right mate!! No need... MMMMM... To be hopping mad about nothing..." The stud hailing from Musha Cay in the Bahamas grins and groans as he steadily slides his tool in and out of the now more than just well fucked but still nicely snug pussy of one of his Rosebuds, still rolling his signature lollipop around in his mouth as he keeps his hips steadily moving to plunge his shaft into the moaning beauty.

"AHHHH... Mmmm!! Just like I told "Jackie Boy" and old man Zeb... MMMMM!! Don't be a lemon! Be a... MMMM... Be a Rosebud!!" He grins even as he sweats, ploughing his length all the way in and out of the indy scene wrestler and valet as he also aids in keeping her lifted off the floor, her legs still secured over his shoulders as he thrusts his cock in and out of that soaking wet snatch with the kind of skill that shows renaming his bus to the Erotic Express might be a better name.

"MMMMPH!! MMMM!! Mmmmph!! MMMMPH!!" Her moans muffled by the dick she's swiftly and deeply sucking off, and her tanned, curvy body rocking between the strong and steady thrusts she's taking into both her snatch and her thick, sexy ass, it's stunning that she's still got any energy left to taking this three-on-one fucking from the trio of handsome WWE Superstars. However, even the gorgeous independent scene worker has her limits, and with a low, deep groan Scarlett Bordeaux can't stop a massive orgasm
flowing through her sweat-drenched body, cumming all over Adam Rose's cock as he keeps on driving deep into her snatch.

"MMMM... MMMPHH!! MMMM..." Her eyes almost roll into the back of her head, somehow still managing to slightly slurp on Dolph Ziggler's cock in her mouth while Zack Ryder continues to ram his shaft right up into her juicy, desirable ass from underneath as the three hunks ensure she feels every moment of an outstanding sexual peak.

"MMMM!! Looks like this babe... Ahhhhh! Is all partied out..." Dolph comments with a groan, feeling his dick twitching as he pulls out of her mouth, seeing her gasp for breath as she comes back to reality.

"Nonsense mate... MMMM... Just means we move on to the next stage of the party..." A similarly worn down, but still grinning Rose states as he slides his tool out of that dripping wet snatch.

"AHHHHH... MMMM!! Bro... I'm ready to finish this off..." Ryder groans, his shaft throbbing as he helps to lift her up and off his cock.

"Mmmmm... Oooooooh fuck Adam... What a fucking party!!" Scarlett laughs as she takes in some much needed air, not resisting as she's set down on her knees on the locker room floor. "Mmmm... And it's not finished for me yet..." She smiles, eyes locking onto the dicks being stroked in front of her as she's surrounded by cock once again.

"Mmmm... Lucky me... Don't hold back on me now..." With sweat coating her pretty face, the starlet of AAW and ROH brushes her long, red and blonde styled hair back over her shoulders, sitting up and licking her lips as she glances over the three shafts being rapidly stroked off right in front of
her, but ultimately her gaze falls onto the leader of the Rosebuds she was a part of tonight.

"Mmmm... I can't wait to show you what a Rosebud I am Adam..." She shamelessly states, tilting her head back slightly so she can open her mouth up wide, sticking her tongue out for another clear target as she intends to finish this off by getting a creamy treat to taste to top off an
outstanding orgasm she'd received from being hammered in each of her holes from the sports entertainers.

She soon gets her wish, as first it's Dolph Ziggler who's blasting his spunk across Scarlett Bordeaux's gorgeous facial features, sending shots of jizz across the left side of her cheek, across the nose, and some into her open mouth as well to plaster than side of her face. As he's exploding,
Dolph Ziggler also starts shooting his load, the first blast shooting high and landing into her stylish two-toned hair before he aims downward, coating the right side of her face with similarly some ending up on her lips and into her mouth to make her groan. Both the cumming hunks gasp,
groan, and grin as they watch her take their jizz across her face and into her mouth, and as they stroke out the last drops onto her she can't wait any longer and has to gulp down their collected spunk with a greedy, loud and proud swallow that leaves her moaning in satisfaction.

"MMMM... Lovely, lovely girl... Now drink up honey! I'm sure... AHHHH... It does a body good!" The party-animal of the WWE states with a grin, quickly jerking off with the intention of finishing himself off but is pleasantly surprised when she leans forward, taking the head of his cock into her
mouth so she can wrap her lips around the fat bell end of his man meat.

"Oooooooh MMMM!! I do love surprises..." He groans, giving himself another pump before Adam Rose starts to cum inside the mouth of one of his Rosebuds for the night Scarlett Bordeaux, feeling her groan around his tool as she swallows down every thick shot of jizz he fires into her mouth, as she
isn't bothered at all by her face being coated with the cum of other men as she makes sure she sucks out every last bit of his sizable load straight down her throat.

"Ahhhhh... Bro! That was so siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!" Zack states with a nod and a grin as he takes a seat on the locker room bench next to his travel bag.

"Yeah, not too damn bad... Shame we can't keep a hottie like her around every week..." Dolph says with a shrug, already getting himself dressed to leave even as Bordeaux gives that final cock a last suck for good measure. "I mean, after we just fucked like rabbits? Who wouldn't want to tap that
ass again, right?" He adds with a smirk, ignoring the pissed off look he's getting from Ryder for another animal related comment.

"Mmmm... Now that was lovely babe..." Adam states with a nod, spinning his lollipop around in his fingers as he helps her off the floor. "Now come along! We've still got to find our rabbit and head off! There's parties to be had still, and you know why? Because it's party time..."

"All the time!!" Scarlett happily says, grinning with her face plastered with cum as she all too quickly moves to get dressed again, seemingly humming Rose's theme music as she does so.

Taken aback by this, Ziggler and Ryder just watch as the two get clothed in record time, and then skip their way out of the door, even with Bordeaux's face still covered with spunk but neither she nor the leader of the Rosebuds seems to care at all. Suddenly, a buzzing sound distracts them, as
Dolph reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone, answering it. "Yo? Oh hey, you again babe!!" Ziggler says, making a dismissive motion towards Zack as he heads towards the door now to leave. "No no, you would not just believe what just happened here... No, not that, that happens all the time!
No, that party guy Adam Rose? He walks in with this chick, and I mean she was stacked..." Dolph continues as he leaves the locker room.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Zack Ryder glances around the room to ensure the coast is clear before he reaches into his travel bag, and pulls out a regular carrot from it. "What's up, Doc? With all this talk about rabbits I mean!" He says to himself with a smile, taking a bite out of the carrot as
his bag falls open enough for a large costume rabbit head to fall out of it, exactly similar to the one seen in Adam Rose's Rosebud posse...

* * *

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