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Pass The Gravy
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

Trish Stratus, fresh off her successful title defense against Stacy
Keibler, steps into her locker room with the smell of gravy emulating from
her sexy body. Her horrible stench simply repels her.

She stands in front of a full-length mirror, admiring her liquid-soaked
frame. It was disgusting. Once long and beautiful blonde hair was now a mass
of flocked, indistinguishable hair, filled with a different array of scraps.
She quickly flips her hair back, sending gravy and other assorted items
barreling behind her.

"Gee, thanks," a voice resounds from behind Trish.

Trish glances in the mirror. Stacy Keibler, the self-proclaimed Duchess of
Dudleyville stands behind her, wiping off reminisces of the garbage that
Trish had just flung behind her.

"Stace, I'm so sorry," Trish replies, turning to face her former
opposition. She assists Stacy in the removal of the scraps that were
propelled from Trish's soaked blonde locks.

"It's quite all right," Stacy retorts. "I was already covered in it

Trish laughs, combing her hair with her fingers. "It's amazing the shit
they'll make us do for ratings."

"Yeah," the slimmer blonde agrees, "but ratings should be great after that
one. I mean, with my thong showing most of the match, your breasts nearly
popping out, and your tight little ass in those black satin panties..."

Stacy stops. This was far too much detail. She can't believe that she went
off on such a tangent about Trish's backside, even though what she said was
true. Luckily, Trish either didn't hear the comments or pretended not to.

"You know," Trish starts, "speaking of my undergarments..."

Stacy swallows hard. Apparently, Trish did hear her ramblings and just
didn't mind... or, felt similar feelings.

Trish pulls her dress over her heard and disregards the soaked clothing.
She admires herself in her black satin bra and matching panties, the ones
Stacy so adequately mentioned. "I must have gravy in places I can't even

Standing back, Stacy watches in awe as Trish reaches behind her back,
fiddling with her bra strap. This was it. For months, the young Stacy Keibler
had admired Trish Stratus from afar. She felt undeniable lust toward the
buxom blonde whenever she was around. Stacy was ecstatic each time she heard
that the two would tangle in the ring; not because it was a chance for her to
appear on television, but it was a chance for her to get closer to Trish. It
was a chance for her to feel those enormous breasts pressed against her
slender frame; it was a chance for her to stroke that beautiful blonde hair;
it was a chance for her to sense the intriguing aroma that emitted from her

Glancing at the mirror, Trish smiles wickedly as she watches Stacy admire
her from a short distance. It was amazing that Keibler hadn't picked up on
her subliminal hints. Afterall, Trish had been fingering her bra strap for a
good minute and a half now. Even in their battle, Trish purposely rubbed her
body against Stacy's, hoping to spark some sort of action between the two.
Alas, she was too young and thus blind to such latent advances.

"You want to help me back there?" Trish calls back to Stacy, hoping to
make her sexual advances a bit more obvious.

"Oh, yeah... sure." Stacy breaks from her trance and steps behind Trish.

Keibler reaches out, her shaking hand slowly approaching Trish's bra
strap. This was the moment she had been waiting for for months-finally, a
chance to see those beauties that kept nudging up against her. Suddenly,
Trish's hand jolts out, taking a grasp of Keibler's. Her requested action
was halted with out warning.

"What's going on?" Keibler asks. "You told me to..."

Trish turns and places her index finger across Keibler's satin red lips.
Still holding the blonde's hand, Trish leads Stacy across the room toward
an awaiting shower stall. Still silent, she presents the stall to Stacy and
releases the grasp on her hand. Trish reaches inside and pulls the valve.
Steaming hot water emerges from the showerhead, barreling toward the tile
floor in an irresistible stream. With their stench and filth, both women
were itching for a shower. However, neither imagined it would be together.

"How about a hot shower?" Trish blurts out, breaking her silence. She
inches closer to Keibler with a crafty smile across her face.

Stacy's lips part in a reply, but Trish interrupts. She plants her lips
against Keibler's, kissing her passionately. At first, Stacy is dazed; she
doesn't know what to think of the whole situation. These two could be fired
if someone were to find them. Then again, this was her dream and was an
opportunity she didn't want to miss. Full of passion, Keibler bends the
blonde back over her knee and returns the favor, smothering her lips against

Trish breaks free of the kiss; her smile seems to cover her entire angelic
face. "That a girl. Now, let's jump in this shower while we're still hot."

Stacy peels the red and purple sequent dress from her body and lifts it
over her head. Trish takes the dripping wet article of clothing in her hands
and tosses it aside. She recognizes the familiar bright red thong that the
entire crowd had become well acquainted with after their match. However, as
she tilts her head upward, she comes across a pair of perky nipples on a pair
of even perkier, bra-less breasts.

"No bra?" Trish asks, taking a moment to fondle Keibler's bra-less tits.
Each breast more than fits into each of her hands. "No wonder you seemed a
bit `perkier' in our match."

"Yep," Keibler laughs, "it was actually not as bad as you'd think. That
gravy, as disgusting and horrible as it was, felt WONDERFUL against my

"Hmmm..." Trish ponders, "I'll have to try that some time."

"Well..." Stacy rests her hands on Trish's mammoth breasts. Stratus' satin
bra felt great against her palms. "Practice does make perfect."

Trish giggles as she reaches behind her back and unsnaps her bra. Stacy
peels away the material and nonchalantly throws it aside.

"That didn't take you a minute and a half that time, did it?" Keibler

Trish flutters her eyes. "So, are you just going to stand there and make
me do ALL the work?"

Stacy wraps her arms around Trish's slender waist and buries her face in
her monstrous cleavage. Kissing Trish's breasts, Keibler reaches behind and
wraps her fingers around the waistband of the blonde's black thong panties.
She continues to indulge in Trish's magnificent rack--kissing and licking her
hard nipples-while slowly pulling down her panties. Trish steps out of her
fallen undergarments and kicks them aside. She lifts Keibler's head from
between her breasts and kisses her on the lips. Their tongues wrestle for
what seems like hours, intertwining to convert the taste of Trish's lovely
breasts. Trish parts from Keibler's grip to step inside the shower.

Inside the women's locker room, the shower stalls were quite large, enough
to fit a few people. The WWF Divas often wondered if Vince's intentions were
to have the ladies shower together. However, none of the divas ever did,
until now. The stall was lined completely with tile and featured a small
ledge in the back corner, able to seat someone. Hung from the showerhead was
a basket containing an oblong bar of soap, a cloth, and a bottle of shampoo.

Trish steps beneath the running water and moans as the hot liquid touches
her body. Filth immediately drops to the floor in a heap of water and drains
from the shower stall. Trish rubs her breasts, showing extra attention to her
nipples as she tweaks them slightly. She releases a deep and heavy moan as
she tilts her head back and shuts her eyes. It felt good to get all of the
Thanksgiving garbage off of her gorgeous body.

"Oh..." she coos, "Stace... this is the greatest feeling in the world. You
need to get in here."

Stacy waists no time in dropping her panties and stepping into the shower.
Trish steps aside and positions Keibler beneath the stream of hot water.
Liquid falls upon Stacy's magnificent frame: long blonde hair, small, perky
breasts, and moistened crotch with a small patch of hair. Her cuffs
definitely matched her cufflinks. Gravy nearly covers the tile floor that
both ladies stand upon. There is a sense of relief as the women wash away
reminisces of their filth.

"Now that we're clean..." Trish starts, wringing out her hair. "I think
it's time we have a little fun."

She places her hands on Keibler's shoulders and turns her around. Trish
kisses the back of her neck, emitting a strain of moans from the Duchess of
Dudleyville. Stratus continues, moving down to her knees and kissing Stacy's
lower back. Keibler wiggles her cute little butt, hoping to attract her
sultry lover. Playfully, Trish slaps Stacy on the ass.

"Torrie was right," she comments, "you do have a nice ass."

Trish pulls Stacy's buttcheeks apart and slithers her tongue inside. She
vigorously licks and lashes at the inside of Keibler's tasty butt. Stacy
moans as she reaches behind her back and presses her hands atop Trish's head.
She pushes the eager little slut further into her anus, almost smothering
her. The WWF Women's Champion never misses a beat, continuing to spit and
slobber all along Keibler's puckered hole.

"Tastes good too," Trish remarks, lifting her head up. She works her index
finger into Keibler's butt to keep her in the mood, for Trish has far more
intentions for the slender blonde.

Stacy grinds her hips erotically, strumming her damp hair as she moves.
Trish feels her finger being forced into Keibler's anus, all the way to the
second joint. Stacy moans as she feels her butt being probed with each crafty
gyration of her hips.

"Oooh... Trish..." Stacy calls, bending at the waist. "Trish... slide your
finger in and out of my butt. It'll feel so goddamn good."

Trish fulfils her demand, slipping her finger in and out of Keibler's
bottom in smooth, gradual strokes. It did feel great, as the expression of
both women's face could explain. Trish has a devilish smile across her face
as she continues to anally assault her blonde lover. Stacy, on the other
hand, seems alm ost on the verge of orgasm with her jerking movements. Her
eyelids are completely shut and her pink lips form a slight part in which
orgasmic moans escape. She pushes back with full force, driving Trish's
finger into her like a nail in a coffin. On her knees, Stratus is almost
barreled over by Stacy's sudden movement.

Stacy Keibler, with her rapid movements that nearly knocked her Trish
over, seemed to be controlling this whole sexual adventure. This did not bode
well with the WWF Women's Champion, who wasn't about to let a younger woman
dominate her. She had been having sex well before Keibler and she was the
master at this game. Trish was not about to sit on her knees and take the
constant bombardment that Keibler gave to her. Afterall, this was her idea,
not Keibler's. It was time to make the "Duchess of Dudleyville" her own
personal bitch.

Trish rises to her feet with a newfound confidence in her eyes. Her finger
continues to piston between Keibler's soft buttcheeks. Trish forcefully
pushes down on the blonde's lower back, bending her forward slightly more.
Stacy's long, sexy legs were now spread even further apart. As a result, her
buttcheeks part ever-so more. Immediately, Trish forces her finger deeper
into Keibler's ass, twisting the entire thing inside her puckered hole.
Stacy's moans are ear piercing. She begs Trish to be gentler, but the focused
buxom blonde continues her heavy backside assault.

"Come on, Trish, this really hurts." Stacy nearly comes to tears as Trish
tears into her jiggling ass.

"This is for your own good," Trish states coldly. "Trust me, you'll like
it soon enough. You need to relax, bitch."

Stacy couldn't believe the way Trish spoke to her. It was degrading,
demeaning, cruel, and it definitely turned her on. She tried to follow her
orders and relax her muscles, but Trish's finger was wedged too far for that
to happen. Her ass muscles contracted slightly before the far spread
buttcheeks act as a roadblock and close her chances at relaxation. As a last
resort, the struggling blonde reached behind her and attempted to pry Trish's
finger out of her anus. Quickly, Trish reacted and slapped the diminutive
backside of Stacy Keibler. The Duchess of Dudleyville let out a yelp.

"You like that, don't you?" Trish asked. Her hand was poised for another

"Yes!" Stacy cried out. She knew that if she had denied it, Trish would
spank her anyway.

Trish slammed her hand down across Keibler's backside, emitting another
caterwaul from the Duchess of Dudleyville. She squirmed to avoid further
punishment, but Trish was relentless. Her hand struck the delicious backside
of Stacy Keibler several more times, each one more unforgiving than the last.
It seemed that the more Keibler moved, the harder the shots became. Trish
switched to the back of her hand and slapped Keibler on the other side of her
ass. Alternating, Trish spanked Stacy with reckless abandon, striking her
with the front and back of her hand--on the left cheek and the right cheek.
Deep red blotches appeared almost immediately after each strike. Keibler
cried out, pleading with Trish to stop.

"Please, Trish... stop..." Stacy cried, almost in tears.

Manically, the diva laughed and dropped her hand to the side. Stacy sighed
in relief, but knew that her "ass"ault was far from finished. Trish's finger
was still wedged pretty deep within her buttocks, which, surprisingly,
Keibler had forgotten about. She was becoming tolerant to it. Trish continued
to piston her finger in and out of the cheeks of Keibler's delightful butt.
Stacy moaned in delight. Now that she was becoming tolerant to it, it felt as
good as she had predicted. Trish sighed, disappointed.

"Looks like it's time for you to repay me," Trish declared. Her finger
slid from Keibler's asscheeks with a resounding pop.

Trish proudly strutted to the opposite side of the shower, shaking her
bulbous rump in a sexy sway. She sat down on the triangular piece of tile
that jutted out from the wall and spread her legs. Seductively, she ran her
fingers over the inside of her legs, enticing the panting Stacy Keibler.

"Come here," Trish called as she snapped her fingers.

Keibler dropped down to her knees, and then fell forward on her hands. She
crawled along the shower floor to Trish's feet, waving her still sexy, yet
beet-red ass. Trish received the blonde eagerly and wrapped her legs around
Keibler's neck. Stacy buried her face between the diva's thighs, brushing her
lips on Trish's sweet pussy. Trish shivered as she felt the cold, wet lips of
her blonde ambitious lover nibble on her moist labial lips. Keibler continued
to munch on the tasty treat without remorse. She licked the pink inner walls
that lined the honey-laden sexpot, spreading the lips with her crafty tongue.
This was driving Trish absolutely insane.

"OH, YES! YES!" Trish cooed, pressing down on Keibler's head. "GIVE IT TO

Keibler reached beneath Trish's seated frame and massaged her rounded
butt. As she did so, she continued to munch on the wet pussy that sat between
her lips. Trish was amazed that this transformed eager slut could manage both
tasks at once, and do each so well. Stacy seemed content on bringing this
lovely diva to an orgasm. Her hands traveled from Trish's smooth rump to her
hips. From there, Keibler slid her fingers up to Trish's chest and wrapped
her palms around the enormous masses of flesh. She cupped Trish's breasts and
ran her smooth fingers over the blonde's hardened nipples. Still, the Duchess
of Dudleyville never missed a beat downstairs, still furiously tugging at
Trish's labia with her teeth. Trish's deep, bellowing moans reached an
uncanny height. Her fingers wrapped and tightened around Keibler's, pinning
them to her chest.

"Stace... I'm going to... I'm going to..." she panted.

Keibler knew this was the beginning of the end. Furiously, she worked at
Trish's two pleasure points, slipping her tongue in and out her moistened
cunt while kneading her large breasts with her ha nds. Trish couldn't
withstand the pleasure for a minute longer. She nearly crushed Keibler's
hands beneath her grasp as she came. Stacy devoured the juice that oozed
from Trish's contracting hole with pleasure. With one final gulp, Stratus'
liquids were completely drained and Keibler lifted her head up with a smile
across her sweet angelic face.

"That was amazing," Trish stated, still panting like an animal in heat.
"I have to admit, you were absolutely wonderful."

"You were magnificent," Stacy admitted. "Those breasts, that pussy, that
ass... marvelous. That was definitely better than something any guy in the
back could give me."

Trish smiled at the compliment. She tapped her thigh with the remaining
energy she had left. Keibler lifted herself up off the ground and straddled
the WWF diva. Passionately, the two lock lips, running their hands all over
each other's gorgeous bodies. Trish cradled Keibler's soft butt in her hands
as she continued to press her lips against the blonde's mouth. Meanwhile,
Keibler squeezed Trish's mammoth breasts with her small hands as she returned
the meaningful lip-lock. This undoubtedly was the beginning of a beautiful
friend ship...

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