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Passion From The Far East
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown Television taping in the late August of 2004, the
WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Billy Kidman are walking near the
locker room area, dressed in their white wrestling trunks and white
sleeveless ring-vest. They both have their tag team titles strapped around
their waists. Kidman looks at his young tag team partner, "Hey did you hear
about that team Teddy Long is putting together for us to face next week in
a title match?"

"Yeah I heard..." London nods his head, "Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree...
Talk about an odd couple..." London laughs a bit as he slides a hand through
his fairly long black hair.

"You know, it won't be too bad... when we beat them we can probably check out
Hiroko..." Kidman says with a smile as the two Tag Team Champions make a turn
to head to their locker room.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing what's under her kimono..." London says with a
bit of a laugh as they both walk past a locker room Hiroko is opening door,
and lovely Geisha diva hears the passing comments by the WWE Tag Team
Champions. London and Kidman stop a short distance down the hallway, totally
unaware that Hiroko is eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I wonder if it's true about Geishas... that they are like... really
passionate about what they do?" Kidman asks as he folds his arms.

"I'd love to find out... " London says with a smile, "I bet it'll be
incredible..." London says as both men think about what it would be like to
have a wild time with the lovely Japanese Geisha, while not realizing that
she's walking towards them.

The petite Geisha and valet of Kenzo Suzuki, slowly approaches the SmackDown
Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Billy Kidman. Hiroko slightly clears her
throat as Kidman and London both turn around to face the stunning Japanese
Geisha. Hiroko slowly cups her hands together and bows her head down to
Kidman and London, while she's dressed in her red and white kimono with her
soft black hair styled up into a bun on top of her head "Ahhh...Mr. Kidman...
Mr. London" Hiroko says as she bobs her head to the two Cruiserweight studs
"Excuse me...But I...heard...talking about me..." Hiroko says in her broken

"Oh you did?" London asks with a smile as he seems a bit stunned at the
unbelievable beauty of the Japanese Geisha.

Kidman smiles, "Oh well... since you heard us... you know we were saying nice
things about you..." Kidman says as he puts his hands behind his back.

The alluring, innocently sneaky Geisha blushes slightly as she lowers her
head and pushes her slender shoulders as she slowly needs her head "Yes...
Yes...nice...very nice..." Hiroko replies while presses her soft, pouty
Japanese lips together.

The two handsome WWE Tag Team Champions exchange looks for a moment, and then
Kidman clears his throat, "Uh Hiroko... I got a question..."

"You're not gonna ask her..." London says as he sounds a bit surprised, but
Kidman slightly ignores him.

"As I was saying... we were wondering... if it's true about Geishas being
really... you know... passionate about what they do..." Kidman says.

Hiroko raises her eyebrow as she slowly her head ""
The Geisha replies, slightly confused by Kidman's question as she glances
back and forth between London and Kidman "Please...explain..." Hiroko says in
her broken English.

"Oh you know... I heard that Geishas... are really passionate... about
pleasing men..." Kidman says as he takes his time and says each word slowly.

London shakes his head, "Oh boy..." London says as he can't believe the
boldness of his veteran tag team championship partner.

Hiroko embarrassedly lowers her head "Oh..." Hiroko then slowly nods her head
"Yes...Yes...very my job..." Hiroko replies as she glances back up,
locking her alluring eyes with Billy Kidman and Paul London "May...I ask...
why? You...need...plea-sure?"

London is about to reply to Hiroko, but Kidman cuts him off before he can say
a word, "Uh yeah... we do..." Kidman replies with a smile, "And... we'll...
give pleasure to you as well..." Kidman says as he slightly licks his lips.

Hiroko shakes her head " my" Hiroko
replies with a smirk "It my duty...I am...a Geisha..." Hiroko replies as the
petite Geisha takes a step towards London and Kidman and begins to untie her
kimono dress.

"Ok... whoa... hold on..." London says as he holds his hands up, "Shouldn't
we go some place private..." London asks as he looks up and down at both ends
of the hallway.

"Nah... we don't have too..." Kidman says as he unstraps his tag title belt
from his waist, "Right Hiroko?" Kidman asks her as he watches her untie her
beautiful kimono dress.

Hiroko slowly nods her head "I plea-sure..." Hiroko
replies in her broke English as she finishes untying her red kimono, before
stripping the kimono from her body revealing her petite, firm black bra
covered tits and her black panties.

Kidman licks his lips, "See Paul, she's willing now get into it man cause I
really want to see what a geisha is like up close..." Kidman says as he puts
his championship belt down on the floor before he takes off his ring vest.

"Ok... ok..." London laughs slightly as he stares at Hiroko's beautiful body
as he takes off his ring vest and then removes his championship belt. He lays
them both down near Kidman's, "Damn... you are... sexy Hiroko..." London
says, a bit bluntly as he licks his lips.

Hiroko lowers her head and smiles " my
plea-sure...both." Hiroko replies as the eager Geisha kneels down on the
floor in front of Kidman and London. Hiroko presses her lips together as
she looks up, locking her soft, sneaky eyes with London and Kidman.

"Yeah it is... but you're going to have fun too..." Kidman replies as he and
London begin to lower their white wrestling trunks from their waists. Both of
the WWE Tag Team Champions step out of their shorts at almost the same time,
so that they stand in front of the gorgeous Japanese Geisha completely naked.
Both men's dicks are really thick and long, both around twelve inches long
and are quite a pleasant surprise for the lovely Hiroko.

Hiroko licks her lips as her alluring, Geisha eyes lock on the hard cocks of
Kidman and London " plea-sure..." Hiroko says as she scoots
closer to Kidman and London while on her knees as she reaches forward and
wraps her soft, small hands around the shafts of Kidman and London. Hiroko
begins to smoothly stroke her left hand against Kidman's shaft, while
stroking her right hand against London's shaft.

"Mmmm... the pleasure... is alll ours...." London says with a slight moan as
Hiroko skillfully strokes his shaft with her soft, gentle right hand.

"Mmmm... mmmm show us... how much pleasure you can give Hiroko..." Kidman
says as he puts his hands on his waist as he watches Hiroko's left hand move
up and down his fat cock.

Hiroko obediently nods her head "Yes...yes...for you..." Hiroko replies as
she leans her head in towards Kidman's shaft, closing her eyes, before she
flicks her soft tongue against the head of Kidman's cock, before she turns
her head to London's cock and flicks her tongue against the head of London's
cock as well.

"Ohhh... shit..." London moans loudly as Hiroko's soft, wet tongue grazes
against the head of his thick shaft.

Kidman licks his lips and closes his eyes with Hiroko turns her head back to
his shaft and flicks her tongue against the tip of his shaft once again.
"Mmmm... that feels good..." Kidman moans. Hiroko gently slaps her tongue
against the head of Kidman's cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her
head on Kidman's cock, taking him deeply into her warm, wet mouth. The Geisha
wraps her lips around Kidman's shaft as she begins to bob her head on his
cock while she strokes her right hand against London's cock at a quicker,
smooth pace.

"Ahhh... yes... mmmm... that's it..." Kidman moans as the stunning Japanese
Geisha bobs her head smoothly back and forth on his thick, long hard shaft.
The older member of the WWE Tag Team Champions puts his left hand on Hiroko's
head and he moves his fingers against her smooth silky black hair as she
sucks on his shaft.

"Fuck... damn... that's incredible..." London moans as he closes his eyes and
thrusts his pelvis forward, pushing his cock against Hiroko's right hand as
she pumps his fat shaft. Hiroko gently moans against Kidman's cock as she
laps her tongue around his shaft while she quickly bobs her head along the
length of his hard, thick cock. The alluring Geisha twists her head on
Kidman's cock before she lifts her head off of his saliva-dripping cock and
turns her head to face London's cock before she opens her mouth and lowers
her head, inhaling London's cock.

London open his eyes and moans as Hiroko takes his cock deep into her warm,
soothing, moist mouth. "Ohhh shit... yeah..." London moans as Hiroko pats
her tongue against the bottom side of his cock as she just holds it in her
mouth. Kidman licks his lips as he removes Hiroko's left hand from his
saliva-dripping dick and he steps around behind her and kneels down. He
unclasps her bra and then he reaches around her with his hands and slides
his right hand underneath Hiroko's now loose bra so that he can rub her
stiff right nipple with his fingers. Kidman also slides his right hand down
against Hiroko's panties and rubs her Japanese pussy through the material
of her black panties with his right hand.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." The stunning Japanese Geisha moans as she begins to bob
her head quicker on London's cock as her warm saliva drips down against his
shaft. Hiroko gently presses her teeth against the skin of London's shaft,
and gently rakes her teeth as she moves her head along his shaft, taking him
deeply into her hot, Geisha mouth.

"Ohhh... mmmm... ohhh damn..." London moans as he places both of his hands on
Hiroko's head as she sucks onto his thick shaft.

Kidman smirks, "Mmm... you do give great pleasure Hiroko..." Kidman says as
he peels off the Geisha's black bra with his left hand. He then puts both of
hands on Hiroko's waist and pulls her lower body up so that he can lower her
black silk panties from her waist. Hiroko lifts her soft, alluring Geisha
eyes and locks them with London as she slaps her soft, wet tongue against the
underside of his shaft while she grinds her mouth against his cock. Hiroko
steps out of her black panties after Kidman guides her panties off of her
hips and down her smooth, hot legs

Kidman licks his lips as he looks at Hiroko's smooth ass as he grips his
shaft with his right hand. "Mmmm... this is going to be great..." Kidman says
with a bit of a sly grin before he pushes his thick, hard shaft into Hiroko's
tight, Japanese pussy.

"Ohhh shit..." London groans as he looks down into the alluring, soft eyes of
Hiroko as he feels her moans vibrate over his shaft just as Kidman begins to
fuck her from behind.

Hiroko begins to push back her hot, petite Japanese body back against
Kidman's cock as she begins to thrust his hard cock in and out of her tight,
warm Geisha pussy. "Mmmm... mmmm... ohhhh... mmm..." Hiroko moans against
London's shaft as she quickly bobs her head on Paul London's cock, devouring
his entire cock into her warm, wet Geisha mouth.

"Uhhhh ahhh yea... mmmmm..." London closes his eyes and tilts his head back
as Hiroko deep throat his entire shaft with her warm, soothing Japanese
mouth. The young WWE Tag Team Champion slides his hands through her silky
hair and removes it from the bun that it's in so that her hair hangs down

Kidman puts his hands on Hiroko's slender waist and steadily pumps his shaft
in and out of her pussy, "Ahhh... mmmm... oooo yea..." Kidman moans as he
moves his shaft smoothly into Hiroko's pussy as he assists her by pulling her
back towards him.

Hiroko slowly lifts her head off of London's cock as her warm saliva drips
down his long, hard shaft "Ohhhh...mmm...ohhh yesss..." Hiroko moans in her
broken English as she wraps both of her hands around London's slick cock,
coated her own saliva, and begins to stroke his cock as he body rocks back
and forth due to Kidman's thrusts into her hot Geisha pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm... you're so hot... Hiroko..." Kidman moans as he starts to
increase the pace of his thrusts, giving Hiroko some fairly sharp and deep

London licks his teeth as Hiroko pumps her hands up and down his
saliva-covered cock. "Mmmm... ohhh man... I can't wait to fuck her Billy..."
London moans as Kidman gives Hiroko a forceful thrust that makes her jolt

Kidman licks his lips, "Paul... I think she said... she can take us both at
once..." Kidman says as he slows down his thrusts and pulls his hard, thick
cock out of Hiroko's hot Geisha pussy.

"Yeah I got that..." London laughs as he lays down right in front of Hiroko
with his thick saliva covered shaft pointing straight up.

Kidman then pats Hiroko's smooth Japanese ass with his left hand, "Go a head
Hiroko... crawl onto Paul..." Kidman says as he licks his lips.

Hiroko nods her head "Yes...Yes...will do..." Hiroko replies as she kneels
down to the floor and crawls towards London as he lays on the floor of the
hallway. The alluring Geisha, Hiroko, mounts herself on top of London's cock
firmly, taking him into her tight and warm pussy "Ohhhh mmmm..." Hiroko moans
as she closes her eyes and gently rocks back on his hard cock before she
begins to smoothly bounce on his cock.

"Ohhhh... mmmm... fuck..." London moans as he puts his strong hands on
Hiroko's waist. He closes his eyes and thrusts his shaft up into the Geisha's
warm tight pussy as Hiroko rocks back and forth on his shaft so smoothly that
he gasps every time she bounces on his dick.

Kidman moves forward so that he's again directly behind the stunning Japanese
beauty, and he puts a hand on her back to have her lean forward. "Let's see
you... pleasure both of us..." Kidman says as he gently presses the thick
head of his cock against Hiroko's tight, cock filled pussy, and he gradually
pushes his shaft deeper into Hiroko's pussy while grinding his shaft against

Hiroko grits her teeth together as she places her hands against London's
smooth, muscular chest "Ohhhh yes...pleasure both..." Hiroko moans as she
gently rocks back against Kidman's cock, while she bounces slightly on
London's cock in her cock-filled, tight pussy.

London grinds his teeth together as he feels Kidman's cock move against his
cock as both men begin to thrust their cocks together into Hiroko's warm,
tight pussy. "Ahhhh... mmmm fuck... she can sure... pleasure two at once..."
London moans as he slides his hands from Hiroko's waist and places them on
her slender arms. Kidman puts his hands on Hiroko's waist as he starts to
once again move his cock in and out of Hiroko's pussy as she moves back and
forth between the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Hiroko tilts her head back as she begins to sweat "Ohhh...mmmm...I once..." Hiroko moans as her hot, Geisha body rocks back
and forth in between London and Kidman as she grinds her pussy sharply
against both hard, thrusting cocks.

"Ahhh... mmmmm and you... get pleasure as well..." Kidman grunts as sweat
rolls down his body. The veteran of the two men starts to thrust his hard
cock faster into her pussy along side London's shaft.

London licks his lips as he sits up on the floor so that his sweat chest is
almost pressing against Hiroko's petite firm tits. "Mmmm fuck... she's...
so... passionate about... what she does..." London moans as he praises Hiroko
as they both fuck her tight Geisha pussy.

Hiroko's hot, sweaty Japanese body arches as she cums suddenly on London and
Kidman's hard, thrusting cocks "Ohhhhhhh...yessss...mmm pleasure..." Hiroko
moans as her petite body weakens and rests against London's smooth, muscular

London and Kidman both grit their teeth as they feel Hiroko's warm cum
flowing over their dicks. Kidman pulls his shaft out of her pussy and stands
up, "Ahh Hiroko... we... want... a little more pleasure..." Kidman says as
he gently lifts Hiroko off of London's throbbing cock so that his tag team
partner can stand up. Once they are both standing, London and Kidman help
Hiroko lower herself down to her knees in between them.

Hiroko licks her lips as she locks her soft, alluring Geisha eyes with
London and Kidman as she reaches up and wraps her soft, small hands around
the throbbing cocks of Kidman and London. Hiroko guides her hands smoothly
against their shafts before she opens her mouth and impressively pushes both
of their hard, throbbing cocks into her warm, wet mouth. Hiroko closes her
lips around both cocks and begins to gently bob her head against Kidman and
London's cocks.

"Ahh... mmmmm... ohhh shit yeah..." Kidman moans as he wipes sweat from his
forehead. Kidman closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he starts to cum
inside of Hiroko's warm, wet Japanese mouth.

"Mmm... whew... ohhh yea..." London also moans as moments later, he also
begins to unleash his cum, and together, both of the WWE Tag Team Champions
fill Hiroko's Geisha mouth with a large amount of warm cum. Hiroko closes her
eyes as she gently twists her head against both cumming cocks inside of her
warm, wet mouth before she lifts her head off of London and Kidman's cocks
before she tilts her head back and swallows the large load of warm cum.

"Ahhhh shit... looks like we got the answer... to that question..." London
moans as he watches Hiroko lick her lips after swallowing every drop of cum
that filled her mouth.

"Yeah... Geisha's are passionate about what they do..." Kidman smiles,
before he says to Hiroko, "And passion... from the Far East... is very


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