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Paying Dues Part 1
by Jayden Stiles

Paige rolled her neck as she tried to psyche herself up for what lay ahead. She knew she couldn't be afraid of these people, or at the very least not show it. Any sign of weakness would be an excuse to bury her and effectively end her career. A good way of showing her guts, she was told, was to dress casually, which is why, despite the extremely formal appearance of everyone else in Titan Towers, she went for a hoodie and jeans instead, completing the ensemble with a snapback mounted backwards on her head. Though, it was more the fact that she was there, rather than her dress sense, that was getting her sideways looks from passersby. Eventually, the youngish, rather nervous-looking secretary stepped out of the office, and carefully informed the woman professionally known as Paige that she was wanted now, and that it wouldn't be a conference, but rather a one-to-one conversation. She stood, ready to face whatever they could throw at her, not fearing a damn thing...

But let's rewind just a little.

Seraya-Jade Bevis' life had been a bit of a torrent lately. Trying to juggle an extremely difficult and demanding profession with a newly-formed relationship, she'd painted herself into a dark corner. Made some hasty decisions. Having quit in the midst of a wellness policy scandal, being involved with certain 'other talent' and having a large following across the internet, everyone was wondering what her next move was. Which is why she felt like such a rat picking up the phone and asking if the WWE would take her back. Thankfully, Hunter had answered her call, and seemed more receptive to a return than she was sure anyone else would be. He had arranged this meeting so that they could discuss the terms of re-engagement of employment, should that occur. He chose his words very carefully, as she knew he always did when he had to manoeuvre around an awkward situation. He did his best to assure her but he wouldn't promise her a thing. For all she knew, whoever she met at the office would tell her to leave without even calling her a taxi. Being told that she would only see one person, however, put her in two minds. If it was Hunter, she'd be in luck! If it was his father-in-law... Well. She'd heard the stories. All the women in the locker room had. Best if that didn't happen.

As she stepped into the double-wide corner office, she could see out the glass windows. It was said that you could see all of Stamford from that office, and she despised it. Too much like home, she thought. A whole lot of nothing but crap as far as the eye could see, with nothing much of anything interesting going on, and not a whole lot of people to witness it. The sky was dull and grey, and she was, as of yet, unsure whether or not that was a sign of good luck. Looking towards the large oval conference desk at the end of the room, it became clear that it really wasn't. Even though it was dull and dark outside, the lights hadn't been turned on, making it difficult to see what exactly awaited her. She knew, however, by the shape of the figure, who it was, and she cursed herself for allowing her mind to think that some sort of sick humiliation would be the worst possible outcome. "Ah, Miss Bevis." The voice was flat and monotone, and yet somehow had a frustrated twinge to it. It had never made any sense to Paige, but then again, very little about this person did. "Take a seat." They motioned to a leather desk chair at the table. Even though it was the closest to them, the size of the table meant it was still some distance away. Paige wasted little time sitting down, abandoning her plan to recline and look disinterested as she straightened up her back and extended her hand.

"It's... Good to see you again, Stephanie." Paige did her best to ensure her voice did not waver or even slip for a second. She kept her hand out for a handshake, but the only reaction the heiress showed was to divert her icy-cold glare to Paige's outstretched hand for a few seconds of awkward silence before going back to disregarding it, leaving the British bombshell to go paler than usual as she retracted the hand demurely. Stephanie took a slight breath before speaking again.

"I'm not going to bullshit you, Ms Bevis." She explained in the same voice as before, though sounding markedly less frustrated. "We didn't bring you in just to play petty games of revenge. We're a multi-million dollar company known around the world, and without a doubt, you contributed to that. We have to be professionals here." Stephanie's words almost felt reassuring to Paige. The problem was that she must have let that show somehow, because in a fraction of a second the ice was back in that voice. "However." She continued sharply. "Part of being professional is discussing the sort of matters you've come to talk over today with a degree of frankness and honesty that some people find uncomfortable. I am not one of those people and I hope for your own sake that you aren't either. Tell me you understand this so that we can actually get down to brass tacks."

Paige gulped. She did her best to keep it silent but she was sure McMahon would notice it anyway. She did her best to look Stephanie dead in the eyes, which was... difficult, to say the least. "I'm aware of what I did." She spoke confidently, though she did shake a little. "But don't think I have so much to lose here. You don't intimidate me." Some people couldn't take her seriously in America, it was thanks to that accent of hers. That certainly must not have helped, as Stephanie couldn't help but stifle a giggle. "Mm, Ms Bevis." She answered promptly, cutting the Brit off as she stifled it before going back to the voice of unwavering steel. "Actually, I'm going to call you Paige. Because that's the name we gave you, isn't it?" She spat, seeming to take a sick, sadistic pleasure in what she was saying. "That's our little trademark on you. For as long as people look at you and call you that, which, by the way, will be for the rest of your life and beyond, they're going to think of us." Paige winced. She should have just agreed with the boss and spared herself. They were always so keen to lord their prominence over the talent. And as much as she hated to agree, everything Stephanie said was true. "You have everything to lose here, Paige." She continued, sternly explaining the situation. "You don't really have anywhere else to go but a long way down. If not for us, you'd be back in some run-down warehouse in your shithole of a country wrestling in front of 40 fat, overexcited virgins." Stephanie was in a fervour now, eager to put the younger woman in her place. It seemed to be working. Paige bit her lip and closed her eyes, hating having to endure the overzealous 'pep talks' of the billionaire princess. She'd had a few of them not long before she quit.
It was Paige's turn to cut off Stephanie. "I want to speak to your husband." She was doing her best to sound firm, but couldn't help coming across as a little desperate. "Hunter assured me that he would be here." This caused Stephanie to roll her eyes. "It was decided that his presence would be a conflict of interest." She answered, explaining the situation sardonically. "He oversaw a lot of your early employment with this company and he personally went to a lot of lengths to ensure your success." Stephanie stood, looking down at Paige. She lowered her voice, speaking quietly and calmly. "However you might have convinced him to do that is between you and him. We all know how this game works." Paige looked down. It was never nice to be reminded of the shame she'd forced herself to go through in the past, even if the shame itself was pretty damn nice. "Having you back is not a good look for us, or for you." Steph continued with the understated tone. "We look bad. Needing to bolster a floundering women's division on Raw by bringing you back. The marks are going to think we begged at your knees to keep you." This brought a small grin to the corner of Paige's mouth. The idea that there would always be doubt to the circumstances of her return, and that her fans would believe in her. This didn't seem to be the case to her employer. "You look bad because you came running back to us. You didn't have anywhere else to go and the entire internet knows it. Orlando? Pleeeeeeaseee, let's not kid ourselves here. You haven't a hope in hell of getting a payday anywhere else in the world."

This was the God's honest truth and the whole world knew it. Paige wasn't sure what had compelled her to speak, be it Steph's schizoid changes of tone or her own nerves, but she blurted out nervously. "I-I need the work, Seriously, Ms McMahon." Her boss seemed intrigued at the strong, independent fighter breaking down and finally being honest with herself. More of her native accent carried through as she continued. "I don't want to go back to shitty, dirty locker rooms and wrestling in school gyms. I can't DO anything else. I'm not going to take any risks this time, I'm going to keep my work and my private life separate... You know? And if you can forgive my... backstage indiscretions as of late, I'll take whatever spot you give me and stay there. I don't care if you want to have the fat bitch pin me in half a minute every week." When she finished, Steph seemed to make a mental note of what she had said, already formulating some sort of grand plan. "Very interesting." The heiress said, almost more for her own benefit than Paige's. "Well." She reached to a clipboard with a few documents on it that had been sitting on her end of the table, setting it down in front of Paige. "These will be the terms of your new employment. You're not in any sort of position to make a counter-offer of any kind. You sign now or you make the biggest mistake of your life." Far from being the sadistic bitch of beforehand, Stephanie had settled into pragmatic business mode. Though Paige knew that would last about five seconds.

The pale grappler read over the contract a few times. It all seemed to work out. A similar rate of pay to before, access to all the standard company facilities and privileges, the usual caveats and stipulations... There was just a couple of issues. "Er.... Miss Steph." She referred to her boss the way the entire women's division were permitted to. "There's a couple things missing... I don't have a travel itinerary, or a booking schedule, not even the release form for injury sustained during performance." She chuckled a little, trying to add levity to the situation. "You leave those in the folder, or something?" Paige was trying to be informal, but Stephanie's body did not react in any way at all. "No." She explained matter of factly. "We won't be using you in any such capacity until the beginning of the next year." In fact, Paige's only on camera appearance would be a exclusive with Cole (Who, she admitted, was a really nice guy) where she'd basically have to beg her fans for forgiveness.

It was Paige's turn to be angry and incredulous. "You... I'm sorry, what?!?" She asked rhetorically in a fit of rage. "If you expect me to take a paycheck to go the performance center and sit on my arse-"


Shot down in a second flat. Her anger evaporated instantly, replaced with a disturbed calm. "I'm sorry." She mouthed quietly, as Stephanie fumed a little. The Princess would have none of her insubordination. "We're the ones who make demands here. You're the one who follows them." Paige tried looking down at the ground again, but Stephanie gripped her chin firmly and cranked it up, forcing the Brit to look her in the eye. "Stop being a coward." She hissed, despising the very notion she would employ someone so timid. "It's not like we were using you on TV anyway, was it?" She laughed a little to herself. "You taking the next few months out is a part of our plan. I wanted to throw you to the goddamn wolves. You know when he first told me you were coming back in, I wanted to let my own Father have the meeting with you? On the condition that Daddy let me watch." She snickered. Paige shuddered at the horrific thought, and Steph enjoyed that a lot. "Fortunately, Hunter came up with something that works for you, him, and me." She went back to business mode to explain, though taking a little more pleasure in it this time. "He gets to play with his shiny toys, you get to be a star again... And I get to use your time off, working out, as your excuse for coming back showing a little more Ruthless Aggression."

Paige had been gulping, shaking and shuddering like a kid the whole time, but this was the one thing that made her actually exclaim. "Awwww, Jesus!" She whined, head in her hands. "It's fuckin' 2016, Miss Steph!" She pleaded, knowing exactly what Steph meant by the codeword. "Nobody's gonna buy that story! And besides! It's not like I, of everyone, needs it!" Her protests fell on deaf ears as Stephanie smirked a little. "Come on. We're all growing as human beings everyday. Everyone has room to develop." She spouted the empty platitudes as Paige sat there sulking, before eventually piping up again. "Alright. But just a little Ruthless Aggression, yeah?" She asked, ready to put pen to paper. Stephanie seemed amused once again. "It's your money! You're an independent contractor, remember? You pay for that sort of thing."

After much uhmming and ahhing, Paige did what she always knew she would and signed on the dotted line. Everything else was a waste, of course. She could have had a clause in the contract telling her to eat barbed wire and she still would have signed. Stephanie smoothed down her pencil skirt, taking the pen and putting it back in the pocket of her suit jacket and setting the clipboard to the side. Paige stood, extending her hand again. "I'm glad we could leave on better terms than I entered." She tried to sound diplomatic and formal here, ready to move on. Stephanie, as before, only looked at the hand with an icy glare. This time, however, she spoke. "Get that damn hand behind your back. Paige. And the other one."

Paige's pupils dilated. Her breath became cold and her throat closed up. This was the effect that, after a while, McMahons weren't supposed to have on employees, but when it came to Stephanie and her husband, something different was going on, and Paige knew exactly what was coming. In the end, all she could do was comply, and sigh. "Yes, Miss Steph." She exhaled, crossing her hands behind her back, which she kept straight. She was in the snake pit now. She knew it would happen, probably today, and probably at Stephanie's hands. The Billionaire Princess stepped right up to Paige, looking her in the eye from the side and snarling. "You make me sick, you fucking whore." She whispered as she spat in Paige's face. "Coming back to us on your hands and knees. Why the hell did you have to crawl on back to us, Paige? Why not... walk tall?" Paige had to stop herself from crying. Stephanie had a way of making you say what she wanted to. She couldn't stop herself from speaking. "Because I have no backbone." The Southern English accent rang through when she said that. "Because I'm dependent on you and haven't got a hope without your support. And I'm ashamed of that." She looked down again, biting her lip. This was what Stephanie and Hunter liked to call Full Disclosure. No lying, no consequences, issues were dealt with here, and whatever happened was never spoken of again. Stephanie and Paige were physically close at this point, intimately so. "Go on." Stephanie hissed. "Tell me what you were hoping for. You're a beggar wanting to be a chooser."

Paige couldn't even dispute that. And she wouldn't. But this was full disclosure. "I wanted a big comeback!" She blurted out. "I want to be your top woman, and I deserve it! I'm young, I have the ability, and I am so much better looking than any of the bitches you want to push. Seriously, people fucking want me." Another condition of this little game was that anything you said couldn't be told to anyone else. It was never repeated again on pain of termination. Stephanie's face was blank. "You were always so overconfident." She told the buxom brawler. "You think you're hot shit, but you know how to prove it." Paige lit up at this, since it reminded her of her last 'session' with Stephanie. "Miss Steph! You mean...?" She asked. This got a nod of apparent approval from her boss, and Paige knew the deal. She took her snapback off to remove her top, before donning the cap again. She was grinning widely now, standing, almost posing in her black bra and jeans. Following the example from last time, she leaned in to make out with Stephanie.

And was greeted with a firm slap to the face.

It wasn't expected, if she was honest. But Steph knew this, and played her like nobody's business. Paige recoiled, leaning against the table. "Wh... What was that for?! You gave me a sign, Miss Stephanie..." The Boss held up her hand. "You're NOT to speak again." She explained sternly. "What is going to happen is this. I'm going to tell you just what you're going to do and how you do it. Quite frankly, I think even you're going to have a hard time screwing this up. If I hear any backtalk, I'll take that contract of yours and burn it. Am I clear, bitch?" She put particular venom in the last word as it escaped her mouth. It elicited a nervous nod from Paige, who, fully aware of the situation, took Steph's nodding to mean what it had done before, and removed her jeans. Black bra, black panties, black sneakers. "Take that damn hat off." The billionaire bitch ordered. "You look like a goddamn kid. Or, even worse, Nicole." She joked. Paige had to admit, she was jealous of the 'romantic evenings' Nikki got to spend with Hunter and Stephanie. Or, she would be jealous until John found out. That was one fight that wouldn't end well for anyone.

Paige complied, setting her snapback aside on the table and moving up to sit on the desk herself. Steph moved to be in front of her, roughly groping at her well-formed breasts through the silk of her bra. "You've been well sexed?" Stephanie asked of Paige's time away and on suspension. Paige shook her head, as things had been... turbulent. This elicited no sympathy from her boss. "Poor thing." Stephanie snarled, gripping Paige by the hair and yanking it down. She knew she wasn't meant to make noise, but she could hardly stop herself yelping suddenly. This, however, seemed to please Stephanie. "I'm glad it hurts." She said casually before leaning down to lick and bite at Paige's neck. Every so often, she'd bring her mouth up near Paige's, leaving the bombshell to desperately hang her tongue out in hopes of getting a taste from her mistress, but it was not to be. "Normally, I'd be mad at you for being so thirsty on the job." She yanked Paige's hair back to force her chin up and fully expose her neck, eliciting more moans. "But, well, it's me, and I can't blame you..." She went to bite Paige on the neck, clamping down so hard that her mark would be there for all to see. Whether Paige wore her shame like a true slut or not was never in any doubt. And that was one of many reasons she 'chose to walk away' not long before. Paige moaned the whole time like a cheap, desperate whore, panting by the time Miss Steph was done with her neck. It was as if she was trying her best not to speak, panting like a bitch in heat, arms shaking with the effort to not move since touching herself would clearly anger Stephanie. This did not go unnoticed, and neither did the dampness that had now reached the table.

Steph grinned. "You're wet, huh?" She asked, causing Paige to nod furiously, sweat soaking her hair, biting her lip as she looked at her boss pleadingly. "Well, that's all my fault. I'm not an unreasonable woman, as you know." She yanked Paige's panties down and off her, setting them aside, but not before taking a huge sniff of them. "These were clean when you walked in." She laughed to a grin and a nod from Paige as she moved between the Brit's well-toned spread legs, closer to her tight cunt and tightly shaved small triangle of pubic hair. Paige giggled as Stephanie removed the same pen from her pocket that Paige had used to sign her contract, laying her back flat on the desk. She whined sultrily as Steph used the end of the pen to work away at Paige's clit, only making her wetter and wetter, which proved to be useful for Stephanie, since she then worked two fingers in between Paige's tight pale cuntlips to pump away at her. As Paige's moans became more solid, more confident, she turned over, putting herself up on all fours on the table. Steph leaned in, adding a third finger. "You can at least say SOMEthing, you know?" She quipped. Paige wasted no time. "HIT ME!" She yelped. "Come on, Miss Steph, hit me, spank my arse! Spank my arse!" Stephanie did, of course, oblige, taking her free hand and giving Paige several slaps across both thick, firm, bubbly asscheeks that left her body red and her voice bottoming out, struggling to even moan or whine. "Fuck..." Paige coughed at this. "S-So close..." Stephanie had no complaints getting that formal business suit wet, and propped herself up, leaning up on the table to lean down to Paige. "You're a fucking whore, you know that?" She whispered in the buxom brit's ear, making her nod and whine. "You came back to us begging for work and now you're getting bent over and fucked by a woman who can ruin your life at the click of her fingers." Paige could only say one thing in reply. "And it's soo hottttt..... ANH!" And as she screamed, she squirted, her thick, hot pussy nectar spraying itself all over Steph's black leggings. Paige collapsed on the desk, panting heavily and struggling to breathe after such an intense orgasm at the hands of the Queen Bitch of Stamford. Stephanie was totally unfazed, choosing to gather some of Paige's juices on her own fingers and shove them in the former superstar's mouth. Paige licked at them hungrily, loving the taste of herself, though she could swear some of Stephanie's pussyjuices were in there too. Eventually, Stephanie moved backwards, allowing Paige to go a little limp as she lowered herself off the table and on to shaky legs. "You did well... Ms Bevis." Stephanie said, cold as always. "We have a lot of work to do on you but you'll make it." She took Paige's contract to another desk near the conference table as Paige began to dress herself, pulling on her soaking panties and crumpled jeans, having to go looking for her shirt and hat. "Th-Thank you." Came the nervous Englishwoman. "You won't regret having me back."

Steph grinned at Paige, confusing her yet again. Stephanie was never very consistent, Paige knew, but it wasn't like her to be as changeable as she had been today. "You're to report to the Performance Center by the end of the week." Stephanie explained matter-of-factly before hitting Paige a slap on the ass. "From now on, these are your future endeavours, and nothing else. Am I clear?"
Not really, Paige thought, but if there was any more in store where today had come from, she wouldn't mind at all. "Yes, Miss Steph." She smiled as she left. "I won't let you down."

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