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Paz De La Resistance
by Jack Rotten

Sylvan Granier and Rene Dupree strolled back behind the curtain after another
successful title defence. Now off camera, Rene sheds his phoney accent and
speaks with his partner.

"It's great that we're champions and all," he begins "But they seriously need
to do something about our competition. I mean this Dudley Boyz thing is
getting fucking stale, quick."

Sylvan looks up at his younger teammate "Hey," he begins with his genuine
foriegn accent "We're not writers. We have no room to complain, only to be
grateful for the opportunity."

"Whatever, man. I'm getting dressed up and then I'm going out."

Rene quickly showered and dressed while Sylvan watched the rest of the show.
Rene joins him but out of the corner of his eye he noticed something bright
red. He turned and saw shoulder length red hair with blonde and pink
highlights in it. The right shoulder her hair was resting on had a tattoo of
a dragon's head. The straps of her white tank top were buried under her fiery
locks. As she flips her hair to the side it's confirmed, Lita was in the

Lita looks over and sees Rene staring at her. A bit humble, she walks over to
the young superstar.

"Hi, I'm Amy."

"I'm Rene."

"Really? I could hardly tell without you sounding like Pepe LePew." Lita
sarcastically says.

"Well madame," Dupree says reverting back to his character dialect "If it
makes you more comfortable, I shall speak like this."

Lita laughs at Dupree.

"Madame, what is you're last name my I ask?"


"You know, that is a French last name. Are you French?"

"My mother is half French."

"Matt Hardy should be grateful to have a lucious French beauty such as
yourself by his side. But grateful or not, he knows nothing of love. We are
French. We invented love. And only a French man can pleasure a French woman."

Lita walks up nose to nose with Dupree.

"But I'm an American girl. And American girls want one thing."

"What is that?"


Lita grabs Dupree by his arm and takes him into the locker room. Before he
can say a word, Lita undoes his pants and drops to her knees. Rene responds
by pulling out his dick and dangling it in front of her face. Lita opens her
mouth and accepts his member between her lips. She starts to bob her head on
half of his 8 1/2" length at a medium pace. Dupree lays back against the cold
locker room wall, his head spinning from the incredible pleasure and the rate
it all happened. He looks down at the red-head and watches as she slides her
lips along the shaft of his prick. She looks up at him and stops with his
dick still in her mouth. His spine nearly melts as he feels her toung studs
lashing at his head while the action out of her mouth is still at rest.

Lita slides her hand up his thigh and onto his cock as she slowly slides his
prick out of her mouth. She tightly wraps her fingers around his shaft and
starts to jack him off at a feverish pace. She sticks her toung out and laps
at the tip like an animal while she pumps her fist along his length and then
vigorously sucks on the head while she beats his member.

Rene was being dominated by her sexual prowess and he would have it no other
way. He finally comes to his senses enough move and he places his hand on the
back of her head. Lita doesn't let up at all and keeps giving Dupree her A+
blow job.

Lita slows down a bit and lets go of his shaft. She tentativly sucks on the
tip of his dick and slowly moves down his cock. She takes more and more until
her chin is resting on his crotch. She quickly goes back up and then back
down again even slower this time. She looks up at Rene who looks like he is
in a dream world. She holds his prick in her throat a bit longer this time
before she comes back up.

Dupree rests both of his hands on the back of Lita's head as she gives him a
long, slow, deepthroat blow job. The pleasure weakens Dupree who returns his
hands to his sides as Lita comes up one last time and slides his cock right
out of her mouth.

"You didn't cum once. That's impressive for a kid like you."

Dupree still looks like he's in a trance but manages to respond.

"I'm shocked to hell too. You are good. I mean it, that was simply amazing."

"I know I'm good but how about you?" Lita says as she takes off her tanktop
and slips out of her pants.

"You'll just have to see."

"Fuck seeing, come over here and eat my pussy." she commands as she sits on
the bench with her legs spread open. Rene oogles the underwear clad red-head
as he gets on his knees. He immediatly dives in at her neck and nibbles on
her collar bone. He kisses her neck and slowly moves down to her bra clad
breasts. He undoes her bra and lets her tits free. He immediatly takes her
left nipple into his mouth and sucks on it. Lita grabs a handful of his hair
and pulls him off her breast.

"I said eat my pussy." Lita complains as she stands up and slides her thong
down to her ankles. Rene is at eye's height with her bald cunt, it staring
him in the face. Lita turns around and bends over, her pussy in plain view
and Rene with the best seat in the house. Dupree sticks his toung out and
begins to lap at his goddess's snatch.

Lita lets out a soft moan with the first touch of his muscle on her sex. He
grabs her by the waist and pulls her in deeper as to make sure she can't
escape even if she wanted to. He sucks on her labia between heavy lapping
and manages to penetrait her with his toung. He shoves his toung in as far
as he can force it and begins to rock her back and forth.

Lita spreads her labia open further to give Dupree better access to her hole.
She begins her own rocking motion on Dupree's toung as he fondles her C-cup
breasts. Dupree slips his toung out and shoves two fingers into her box.
He slowly pistons his digits inside of her making her even hotter. He finger
fucks her and takes little laps at her clit as she grinds herself down harder
on his index and middle finger.

Lita pulls his hand out of her and picks him up. He takes off all of his
clothes as Lita makes herself comfortable on the locker room floor. She lifts
her legs into the air as Rene gets on the floor with her and begins to ease
his prick into her snatch.

Rene starts off slow to get well adjusted. He gradually picks up the pace as
Lita lies there in a euphoric state similar to Dupree earlier.

Dupree retains his steady pace to fully enjoy himself along with Lita. Her
opening is stretched out to handle his girth and his near 3/4 of a foot long
dick leaving no nerve untouched inside her tight pink walls.

Rene forces his cock in to her physical limit and proceeds to baby thrust her
tight pussy.

Lita spreads her legs into a full missionary position and takes cock to the

Dupree readjusts himself and starts to fuck her with long deep thrusts that
nearly breach her uterus.

Rene keeps pace going until Lita once again regains control. She wraps her
legs around his waist and rolls him onto his back.

Lita momentarily pulls his dick out to lower herself back down on it while
balancing on the balls of her feet.

Lita takes the very tip into her moist twat and then takes it all back in on
one bounce.

Rene lays back as Lita jumps on his dick at a similar pace to his humping a
few moments earlier.

Lita steadily fucks herself with Rene's dick as his orgasm nears.

Lita throws back her head in ecstacy and lets out a loud moan that gets
muffled by a dick.

Lita continues working over Dupree as she sucks the voyeur off.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Dupree yells. Lita stops in her tracks and gets down
on all fours in front of Dupree. The stranger enters Lita from behind as
Lita finishes off Rene by jerking him off all over her face. Lita licks the
remaining cum off of Dupree's cock as she continues to get fucked doggy

Finally her curiosity gets the best of her and she looks behind her to see
who's fucking her. Sylvan looks at Rene and Lita as he continues to pump her

"What?" Granier asks "We are French. We invented the three way."

Dupree uses his cock to wipe the cum off of Lita's face as his partner fucks
her from behind. Lita looks at the jizz covered tool and licks it clean.

Dupree gets up and leaves Sylvan and Lita to each other.

Granier pulls out and Lita spreads her ass cheecks wide open. Sylvan rubs the
head of his dick against her asshole and then shoves it all in.

Lita hisses but quickly adjusts. Granier takes a moment and starts to fuck
her silly.

Sylvan slam fucks Lita's asshole with reckless abandon. Lita howls in pain
and overwhelming pleasure.

Suddenly Granier pulls out and fires a load across her back. Exhausted,
Sylvan takes a seat and tries to catch his breath.

Lita takes her shower as La ResistancÚ try to come to terms with what just

"It was amazing." Dupree tells Granier "She just for no reason took me back
here and fucked my brains out."

"She is something else. I only got it with her for like five minutes and she
had me done."

Lita emerges from the shower and begins to get dressed.


"Yes Rene."

"Not that I'm complaining or anything but what the hell was that all about?"

"Haven't you ever just felt like fucking?"

"Sure but, as if the sex wasn't amazing enough, you just took me back here
and made me your bitch."

Lita puts on her top and starts on her way out.

"I've seen you kids wrestle so you might want to get used to being made into
someone's bitch."

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